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Someone says, and so I wanted to ask like how you mentioned a little bit about like healthy assimilation. And one of the things you mentioned was that a lot, how voicing ourselves is surged on us. So what are some other types of like healthy assimilation that you would encourage us to engage in

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different levels, different layers of stimulation here, so be involved with the academy members, if they're not Muslim, and taking good care of looking after their needs,

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or her way of balance that's extremely powerful and profound. And it would pay off too much rather than seeking because

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they unlike the film, to show them the character, there's

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kind of a century for you today to become a better person, a better product with our son, a brother, brother, brother have anything. And there are different levels of sublimation. Basically, the whenever we talk about separation, and whenever we talk about Muslim activism, and involvement, and so on, we're always talking about running for office or the economy

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or being involved in politics on the grassroots level.

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if you're a Muslim on the board of education, and particularly

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the people value your contribution to the discussions or the various discourse of other people see the wisdom that you're bringing to the table, having a perspective values, protect them and keep ranking for the discussion that is healthy a simulation that is valid in and of itself.

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Well, in Java as a community will reap the benefits of this form of now. It is really sad and distressing to know that what how many like the new statistics 70% of Americans that are

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on discussion, will not Muslim in the past one year, I guess, he sort of

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came out. And 70% of Americans do not recall having a discussion with him

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for the past year.

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So that that if if you asked us that we are a million people here, 6 million people for five years, all sorts of numbers for free all the way up to well, you can have a guy who's, you know, talking, but even if we're 3 million people here, we should have made a greater impact

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on the 7% of Americans should have had some discussion with a Muslim in the past year. Now, the office