Omar Suleiman – Angels In Their Presence S2 #21 – To Be Washed by Them

Omar Suleiman
AI: Summary © The transcript describes the history of the Prophet sallavi and the upcoming battle between the Muslims and English. A woman named ham ham is being hit by a horse and killed. A character named Shud publications tries to stop Islam and causes trouble with Shur pressed hamoniia on a tub. A woman named Conanie gives birth to her son, who later dies by angels. The shud publications are later described as being so thirsty and drunk that they do not drink water.
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Some of the most wicked people had some of the most righteous children. And we talked about Dora are the Allahu anha bint Abu Lahab. And what's Subhanallah very beautiful when you read about Medina is that the children of the chief hypocrites, love No babe and setuid his children were righteous Muslims, his children were devoted followers of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. So here you have a beloved No babe in saloon, and he is trying to do everything in his power, to dismantle the home of the Prophet slice allow them to undermine the profit slice of them to stop Islam, all for his seat of power, right? And in his own home, ALLAH SubhanA which Allah brought guidance to his

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and so his daughter is named Jamila, Jamila didn't Abdullah obey even saloon and his daughter is married to a man by the name of hamdulillah will the Allahu Tada and who had been a be Omri hamdulillah event of Yom now this humble Allah is not the same as the humbler that is in the famous narration about the angel shaking your hands in the street kisses a different humbler while the Allahu hamdulillah was a young man in Medina, who embraced Islam. And his father is not like the father of Java. Right, so the father of Java righteous companion, elderly Companion of the Prophet slicin, his father actually went to Makkah to join the enemies of the Prophet slicin. So, that'd be

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Omer went to Mecca to help the kuffaar of Mecca against his own people in Medina, because of his hatred of faith handle a lot of the a lot of time and who instead became a righteous Muslim. And imagine the situation of this young man. His wedding day was the day before he got married the day before the battle, to who to the chief, the daughter of the chief of the hypocrites, who is cutting up the army of the Prophet slice Allah, you know, bringing the hypocrites back to Medina trying to leave the Prophet slice Allah and the believers on their own to be killed in the battle ahead. The night before he gets married to Jamila, the daughter of the love No babe and so now the day of ahead

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comes, he is immediately out the door when he hears the call to come to the battlefield. So he has his wedding night, he comes straight to the battlefield. And he lines up where the prophesy son tells him to line up. And hamdulillah is not you know, doing these calculations, his mind like you know, let me let me sit this one out. I just got married. Let me kind of stay in the back here. hamdulillah is ambitious. He looks to the heads of the enemies that are coming forward and he sees at the head of them is above Sofia. Right? I will Soufiane has the most senior personnel on the other side. And hamdulillah decides he's going to pursue a blue Sofia on the day of hurt. So as the

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battle starts, handler goes forward, and he's able to even knock Abu Sufyan off of this hoarseness, Paola mercy to Abu Sufyan that Allah subhanaw taala would instead bless him with guidance later on in his life, and he would die fighting on the side of the Muslims, but he was about to die right there. hamdulillah knocks him off this horse. And as hamdulillah is about to strike him, he had no horse he was a foot soldier. He got them off of his horse as he's about to strike him. A man by the name of Shuddha had been a swerd comes to him and stops him from behind. Okay, so handler or the Allahu Tada and who dies literally the day after his wedding night. Now as the prophets lie Selim

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and the companions are going through the corpses on the day of hurt, this man has a very interesting situation. He is soaked in water, and they're saying to the Prophet sys. Amiata so a lot we don't even have water to drink. We have no water, but hamdulillah we'll be a lot of time and who looks like he just took a bath. This makes no sense to us whatsoever. You know, we're seeing mutilated bodies, we're seeing all of these different things, but hamdulillah while the Allahu Taala and who looks like he just took a bath and the prophets license that's panela to acetyl Mala you can add up the bath in admin Fiddler being a summary that he is being washed by the angels between the heavens

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and the earth. His Wilson is being done by the melodica The angels are bathing your companion on this special tub between the heavens and the earth. So even the prophets like Selim is amazed by the site, and also la sigh some says Ask his family, what happened? And they go to Jamila. And they say that Subhanallah it was the wedding night and they were intimate. And when he heard the call in the morning he was so quick to the battlefield that he didn't even do holstered. He didn't take his shower in the morning to to answer the call of the Prophet slicin quickly. And Allah Subhana Allah to Allah instead made it so that the angels were doing

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hustled. And so he becomes known as famously plus Elan melodica. His nickname amongst the Sahaba is Placida. And that is the one who was washed by the angels. On top of that, from that one night that he was with his wife, ALLAH SubhanA, Allah blessed him with the sun. So she realizes sometime after heard that she's pregnant, and she gives birth to his one son that would survive him from SubhanAllah. This one night of marriage, and she names him Abdullah, and Abdullah grows up being known as vanilla see, the son of the one who was washed the son of the one who was washed by the angels and SubhanAllah. On top of that, actually, if you keep going forward into the history, you'll

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find that Abdullah lives long enough to also become a Mujahid FISA beat Allah and he fights alongside and Hussein will be allowed to Allah and who and he was also murdered by has either been Wow, yeah. So his son even goes forward. And he dies in a very similar fate he dies as a martyr. So you see this incident and the scholars say, you know, it's it's not just the fact that the hosel was done for him as a virtue. It's that Allah subhanho wa Taala sends these angels to take care of things that only Allah subhanaw taala knows about, right? Only Allah subhanaw taala knew that he was in a state of Geneva still and his wife who was at home, and Allah Subhana Allah sends the angels to

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wash him but all the Allahu Taala and who and to honor him and this is also a part of anything, literally anything that you give up for the sake of Allah subhanaw taala in this dunya Allah subhanaw taala will compensate it more generously in the hereafter.

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