Akram Nadwi – Are Student Loans Permissible?

Akram Nadwi
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the need for people to have a better understanding of their degree to get job opportunities. They note that people need to have a stable income and family members as well. The speakers emphasize the importance of paying one's tuition fees and living expenses towards pursuing further education.
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Yeah, cuz he just wants more to continue the study. And there's a no, you know, financial support, they can't take a loan. People said that they don't need they need real people don't understand degrees in our time they are needed because when you marry, you got to have wife You got to have children you got to have family, you need to look after them and degrees give you a job.

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If you don't have a degree how good to have job do you really want all Muslims to be taxi drivers? Nothing is do really what what you know, in our degrees are actually provided with people Good job that have you know, to undefeated horses to get degree to have a loan and there's no other way you can have a loan. So there's certainly a need to people can take these loans. Because for the degree for a study purpose, you make a distinction between the tuition loan and the Maintenance Loan, tuition loan is to pay your fees and Maintenance Loan is for living expenses while you're studying anything really whenever whatever they need because how can you have a steady without maintenance,

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you know people need both. You need to pay the fees and you need to also to to live to eat and drink and accommodation towards him.

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