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Are Vaccines Haram?

Hatem al-Haj


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I was distressed to hear from all my colleagues work in school that they were encouraging people,

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parents of children to go to school not to get back and to vaccinate their children, because it was beneficial, but also because

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of ICT issues.

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not beneficial non beneficial,

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we are supposed to be

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very safe.

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I just wanted to say that 99% of the experts

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there is

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you will not get that sense. If you go to

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the website and basically get your information from the internet,

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you will not be able to judge this issue objective.

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But it is not about

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this or that it is about who you know, CDC, Center for Disease Control.

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National Institute for Health, most

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are working.

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vaccines and vaccines turned out to be a lot of vaccines that turned out to be beneficial for me.

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You won't regret it a little bit more because you followed 1% of let's say that this 1% are also it's for argument's sake sake of the highest, but he called 1% of the expert experts against the advice of 99%.

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If the vaccines are harmful, and you get your child Lexi's

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children, then you will

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say to yourself, I follow that advice of 99% of us from a logical viewpoint, when I'm watching getting into the details of why

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zone permanence my standpoint, I don't know why.

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But basically,

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camera as well.

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So ever

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eats for breakfast, seven days of the season, you know, he will not be harmed by a man and you will not be harmed by sources. So

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this means what it means that preventive medicine, medicine for prevention is also good health.

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If you don't understand what's happening, please, please don't rush to making judgments.

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But we can talk offline about what

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the right understanding is because

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we are on the same page.

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So it's very easy to

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do things proactively to prevent harm.

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And that's my boy