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At the time of the prophets have a lot of Essendon there was a man who had a camel and that camel

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like sat down and wouldn't get up.

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And then the man said, in the presence of the prophets of Elijah, he said, get up. Lana, Allah. He said, Get up, oh camel, May Allah curse you.

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So the prophets of Allah, Allah is seldom said,

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Get off your camel

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and do not come with us do not.

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And the word is, come.

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Do not follow us in a writing animal that you've cursed. Okay? Get off your camel. And don't follow us. Don't be in our procession. Don't be in our gathering with an animal that you've cursed. And then the prophets of Allah, Allah, as Adam said, do not make dua against yourself, which is a curse, do not make dua against your wealth. Do not make dua against your family. For it may be the prophesy sound continued, it may be that your dog will happen at a time when Allah answers all Dora.

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And your dog will be answered and you would not want that. Okay, so this is the statement. And like I said, I don't know how this is going to land. But think about it. So there was a boy.

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There was one she asked, he was telling the story about a woman who actually came to him and told him the story. So I was listening to this Islamic lecture, the woman came to the chef and her son was in those kind of like those late teenage years where he wants to borrow the car.

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And you know, he's always bugging his mother, you know, let me borrow the car. I want to go out, let me borrow the car. Let me get out. My mother got really frustrated with him. And then she shoved the keys to him. And she said to him,

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take the car, May you never come back.

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Ken, what are you guys thinking right now when I say

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take the car, May you never come back.

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And yes,

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the next person to knock on the door was the policeman

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telling her that her son indeed will not be coming back.

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The prophets of Allah they said um said, do not make dua against yourself. Do not make dua against your family. Do not make dua against your wealth, your wealth is, is things like don't curse your television, or don't curse your house, don't curse your car, don't curse your bicycle, those kinds of things to your wealth, don't make dog against your, your wealth, for it may be that your dog matches a time when all the dogs are answered. And Allah answers that dot and it's not some in you will be regret, you will live in regret for that type of

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So it's an interesting start to today's session, right? Here's, here's the, here's the angle that I want to tell you.

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Your DA is something incredibly powerful.

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Your DA is something incredibly powerful. Da is what's power, not necessarily words, it's da, that's powerful. And so you accept that how dangerous cursing is and making dog gains, I want to tell you that that same power exists. When you make good dog.

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When you make good dog the same power is there. Just like when you make a bad thought. It's very scary. And when you make good dua it's also there. And so that's how I want to start off with that's the kind of power to shift and change destiny is this dot that you have in your hands on your tongue as you prepare for it. I've said many times and Visionaire that I'm not here promising you that your drawers are going to be answered. That's a lost promise. Allah promised but rather than sitting around saying dumb things and cursing family, I'm like let's think of the best things to make dua for because double edged sword. This da can work for you or if you don't clarify your tongue or if

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you're always swearing or something like that. It can work again

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stew so Lafayette