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This lecture was given on May 17, 2017 at the ISGH River Oaks Islamic Center.

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The transcript discusses various topics related to the Bible, including a federal investigation into a judge's actions, a man who committed a sin against Allah, and the shakergy and shakergy titles in India. The speakers also touch on various arguments against the idea of the Father as an excuse for sin and the confusion surrounding predictions of a woman who committed a crime. They end with a woman expressing her love and expressing her desire to kill her brother and have a baby.

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Those for you. Okay, good, good.

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Excellent. All right, so Ali,

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Haman hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa salatu salam ala rasulillah. I mean,

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he was talking about. So as you know, today's the last day, and

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sorry, next week.

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Yet most likely next week, I'll be driving to New York at this time inshallah. So, yes, I wanted to have a little early on. But we can still plan something to be happening, right.

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There's some good models backing down, there's some good things that could happen.

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All right. So that's why I want to end today. Today we're doing we're just finishing a little bit of the height that we were talking about last time, and we're going to discuss where Adam Madison, um, came down on earth and Hawa. And just a little bit about just a few comments, a few comments on whether the sin was whether it's being sent out of agenda as a punishment or not. And more or less, that's it. The others, the only other two things I was going to discuss was

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it was basically the fitrah. And it's,

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it's a discussion related to the story of Adam because when all the offspring of Adam and Sam came out and alone made them testify that his their Lord, and so on, and that's the result of that is the fedora. The only reason I wanted to get into the fedora, which we're not really going to do anymore. The only reason I wanted to get into the fedora is that

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there's some dispute on whether the fedora can be corrupted or not. And I was I wanted to make the argument that some aspects of the fedora can be corrupted. But that your fitrah where you believe in Allah subhanaw taala, that you cannot corrupt that.

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And I just decided to leave that discussion. Maybe we'll continue it sometime in the future, or because it may be a bit longer and deeper than then the time would allow for today. So we said the federal for those who are wondering the natural inclination and natural disposition. But before we start, I want to acknowledge some of the online folks and some of their commentary here. So I've just found those after the fact Jani we have and I don't even know if they're on today or not. But we have

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I mean, some some nice quotes. His sister Salma Yunus wrote, do not teach someone to repent if you're not going to forgive them. Make sense? To put it nicely in a nice quote, succinct, don't teach on to a benefit are going to forgive them. Why will the larger Gil teach them how to repent? just for the fun of it, Danny, obviously is going to forgive him.

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For the safe for the fact that they've said God taught us how to ask for forgiveness, because he already wanted to forgive us. Very true, right.

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There is what Ibrahim brought up from Montreal, Braemar. Bob says, could it be that Allah Subhana Allah forgive Adam, however, he still came to earth as a result of his action. You can forgive a person but they might still have to go through the consequence of their actions. Did we kind of mentioned this last time when I was talking about Yeah, but I know we're gonna elaborate on that a little bit more, but a note to bring up. You should think, again, that you're on my page, and I didn't ban you. Okay.

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All right. He's a friend of mine. He'll get it.

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But let's just finish off a little bit on higher Why were we discussing higher because the Melissa lamb because of a number of things. One of them is that I'm felt ashamed in front of Allah for the sin he committed and to also the higher of covering the privates and all that so it is very relevant to the story of Adam and his Sunnah.

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So we spoke if you remember, we mentioned the Hadith that mentioned a man has 70 odd branches and then the highest is a statement the lowest is removing an obstruction or something harmful from the road. And then we said the president then just gave one example of the many different branches of Eman And he just said here is a branch of EMA and who remembers the scholars explained why just higher as the example of so many branches, why higher only

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Yeah, the higher the scholar said, the higher is the one quality that if you have it, all the others will come naturally.

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And, but and we said higher from higher which is life, and as if to say that whoever has higher will have the essence of a good life and life itself.

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Then we said there are many types of scholars mentioned like six different categories of health, but we said the one we want to focus on is the higher of the center and we mentioned the other day, that if you do not is lm tester, if you don't have higher than do as you please, we said two explanation of this hadith one.

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Yeah, nothing will stop you. If you're not ashamed of Allah. If you're not ashamed in front of people, you're not ashamed in front of yourself, then what will stop you? And that really is the case, isn't it? And that's why sometimes you see things happening around you from lack of higher anything, how could they do that, but nothing will stop them. And they will just continue to do that, because they're not ashamed of Allah did not assumed of each other, and no self respect to not do that. All right. And we said, the other explanation is that the Hadith is a, it's a threat. It's saying, Yeah, do whatever you want, but you pay for it later, you pay for it later.

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We said all sins major or minor, they share one basic feature, and that is having no higher, which as we said, higher is a word that does not have a direct translation into English, but it's a combination of modesty, bashfulness, being shy being like that.

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You have no higher up from the fact that law sees you while committing the sin.

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And if you completely were aware, that allows we'll see usually, then you wouldn't commit the sin. You wouldn't commit it.

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It will play him a whole lot. He mentioned that he says your happiness with committing a sin is far more condemned by Allah than the sin itself because of your lack of hire, to commit a sin and be happy that you're committing it. And there's some people oblivious to this degree May Allah protect us from that. They're so oblivious that when they commit a sin, they don't even realize the thought that goes to the head, they're just happy that they're committing a sin. And it's not the thought of disobeying Allah azza wa jal or that Allah subhanaw taala is watching. Scholars mentioned that from the early Muslims if you would have told someone if you were set to someone it tequila, Fear Allah,

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He tears would come to their face immediately, just from saying it tequila. Today it tequila is like an insult. When you tell someone to duck a lie gets angry you tequila as if you call them any foolish and he says you're foolish or something like that, you know.

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So the fact that you can be happy with committing a sin can be more of a sin than the sin itself, you're committing.

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And we mentioned a story last time last weekend after Asia, but the online people didn't get to see it. And whoever missed it, we just going to repeat it. And it's a very scary story of a man who were saying the warning is that you get so used to a sin that you can only enjoy yourself if you're sending I guess a lot or if you believe you're sending against a laws origin. So the story is that a man needs to go and commit adultery with this other woman his wife found out and she went and switched places with that woman. And you know, the homes didn't have electricity and so on. So the man comes in the dark thinking it's that strange woman. And he

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continues that night with that with his wife now and in the morning. And I'm not gonna just use your imagination. Okay. And I don't I don't have to explain how did he not know and maybe there were the same build same Hi, fellas. It's not my business. They put the same colored perfume one, whatever. Just it's a true story either way, and he didn't realize it wasn't his wife. It wasn't that. Firstly, that it was his wife, his wife traded places with that woman at night did the same thing. And in the morning before light came she quickly came home. So when he comes home in the morning, she says that woman you were with last night that was me. I traded places with so and so. So he said

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something really really scary to her and he said rosabella malaki Phil haraam woman, aka hockey fan Hannah. He said oh the villa how wonderful you are, when it's hot on and how horrible you are when it's hella Same, same everything. But for the man, he can only enjoy himself when he believes he's sinning against Allah subhanaw taala. And that's the danger of not having higher, that's the danger of not quickly rushing back to Allah. And repenting and seeking forgiveness for a sin, that it becomes so normal, that you become one addicted, you only find pleasure if you're disobeying a lot or believer disobeying the law. And to you start to publicly talk about it. And the President said

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the worst of my own are the ones and he described the ones that committed sin at night, or basically in seclusion, and only Allah knows of it. And Allah kept secret, and then they come in the morning until everyone will need it. And we're in that day and age now. When people justify their sins and argue for the sin and explain the sin and make all kinds of excuses for the sin instead of just realizing it's a sin, repent and keep it between you and Allah.

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Okay, so

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an enum is the type

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of discourse there's a hadith that mentions the people shame on the Day of Judgment. So it behooves the believing men and women to to be aware of dealing with Allah subhanaw taala having to speak to a lot of them without Hadith says without a translator between you and a lot less of a no bueno toward human nature.

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translator between you and Allah. And he's going to ask you about things that if the community No, you wouldn't be pleased with that. On the day of such and such, when you did this, when you looked at that on this day when you did this on that day, nobody's looking forward to that. So trying to remember that day before.

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before it comes. So as a way to stop the sense.

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That was what we wanted to finish off with hyah. Then where did Adam and his Salam come down to earth,

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but a number of issues. And

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it says one, naturally, Adam and hynd was so harsh. Adam came down in India, and he felt lonely. So started looking for what, but all the opinions we're going to mention right now are the opinions in the books of history and what have you and Heidi, but they're all not authentic, none of them are 100% one of them says Adam came down in India and what came down in Jeddah one another opinion says they both came down in India. And other one said that Adam came down in the land between mechanic boy called Donna, Donna, Donna,

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some of them came down said the album came down at a Safar and her work came down at

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it because they mentioned that they came down Adam came down in India and with with the Blackstone, and a handful of leaves from Paradise came down with him and his scattered these leaves from Jenna in India, in a perfume tree grow which is the origin of what comes from India of perfume.

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You know, especially back then India was famous for the good perfumes and spices and all that. So it says this is the origin of what came from India of perfume. From the handful of Liza Adam brought down and Adam Addison I'm only brought them down because of his sorrow for living paradise when he was expelled from it. Some souvenirs Jani from Paradise right

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another said Adam came down from Paradise Indiana in the land of India. Others said that Adam came down in Atlanta called the hanabi Tanaka path who mentioned that

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the other in India and Hawaii in Jeddah and and that's why they did that because that means the grandmother so because that's where she came down and and the blaze came down in this room the

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the to me son a few miles from Basra and the serpent came down as vahagn

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and I think we discussed something said the serpent had four legs and as a punishment it came down with no legs and and so on anyways, all these there is no clear evidence for that not

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so many opinions on India

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India straight up

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I don't know. I don't know.

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Yeah. Did I speak about that? I didn't speak about that. But I didn't Okay, there's something called Adam speak in Sri Lanka. And he basically go up 1000s of steps and then you finally get to this area and you will find this rock and actually instead of going up the steps just YouTube tonight and so on.

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Someone economy in Sri Lanka help help you like right? Yes. So when you get to the top of this mountain there is this rock like I don't know something like this bigger so and in it there's a footprint that looks very human very detailed about this big or so. So realistically, it's smaller than the the footprint of Adam that was described in the Hadith so it would not be big enough for Adam it sound like this. Now, isn't there a similar footprint on

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Never heard of it, if there's anything that a judge would have destroyed by now,

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because if you remember some of the some of the earliest scholars the macabre him the rock where his feet sunk, sank into the rock. It used to be very, very clear, like some of the earlier scholars said wish to see that all the toes everybody came down into the rock, but the judge would come and they would rub it so eroded and just became these two indentations, basically, until late, then it was too late after by the time they covered it, call us was all rubbed out. But it was very, very detailed.

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And even until now, it's not that huge. And this is Ibrahim allyssa. Good while ago It wasn't that they're not that huge. So this one is quite big. It's like a big, really, really big human being. And there's some interesting things like

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you can look you know if you're let's say a human being is walking on mud, when they suffer

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When they lift their their foot from the mud, their toes are going to push away on the mud like that, right. So it literally has all these clear markings on it. If you were to analyze it, it really does look like that. And then it could be that this soft mud in the right conditions hardened, fossilized, everything became rock, and so on.

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It is weird that it's like this, though, not like that. So I don't know what could have happened to that. But it's not big enough to be out of medicine. Um, it's called Adams peak. It's still worth going up to see and going up the mountain and the exercise and burning the calories but don't go because you think it's Adam Allison's footprint. Right.

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let's, let's finish up here.

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One so much about India.

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I don't know why so much about India.

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Yeah, I mean, one, two,

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was just a just a border, essentially. I mean, anything on the other side of the river, they called him. And so it just indicates that it was far away. It wasn't, it wasn't close to the comments, because it was

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another name for India. It is now it is now before it was everything on the other side of the

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That's a good question.

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I mean, realistically, if you look at it, there's almost a tie between between Arabia and hence just probably a difference of one and

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and we could ask the same question, why so many, so many opinions are in Arabia in it for every opinion of Adam landing in India has landed in Arabia. And so therefore, I just kind of look for,

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for saying Adam landed in India and three saying Adam landed in India, in Arabia, and for each one where he landed in India, Hawaii is still in Arabia. So and the first one was that Adam and Hynde was so harsh as Adam came down in India and felt lonely it's a life or death anyway, so.

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So it's like just it's like counting things that don't exist the old week and they're all authentic. So why so many false narrations about Indian

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I don't know.

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I gonna throw accusations.

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Okay, now, just wanted to go back to it. Okay, now I want to mention this hadith mentioned in Muslim Imam Muhammad Rahim Allah, Allah Allah Buddha, Muhammad Allah

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and inshallah widowed. It's the under the chapter of killing snakes, the chapter of killing snakes.

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And the process of them said Mohsen Salam now hoonah mundo harab, nahoon, matara cache and young woman Tara cache and min Han, see fatten felice, Amina. The Hadith says, We have not made peace with them since we've we've gone to war with them. What is it talking about? There is no dispute that this hadith is talking about snakes. So some scholars see that this hadith is what what is when did we have animosity with them? When did we go to war with snakes? And remember a time when we declared war against snakes?

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What is what is the little friction that happened between humans and snakes?

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Musan? Yeah, we're going to musasa we're doing otherwise.

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So some, some scholars, even though we don't have clear proof, some scholars are quite comfortable with this being alluding to the serpent, a blaze coming in, in the form of the serpent or in the mouth of the serpent, and using that to get them to eat from the tree. We said we don't have clear proof against it, and or clear proof for it. But some scholars see this as an as an indication that that is the incident. And

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one of the great one of the early scholars they've been around he says the animosity since what happened with Adam Allison, and Allah says, you only go down from it, but then I'll do as enemies to one another. And they're saying that includes Adam and Hawa the snake and

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the shaitaan. And they also mentioned some interesting things the only dimension for example, humans natural fear from the snake, but you might say well, people are also afraid of spiders. But there's something interesting for example, if you if you have a cobra as a pet, and you can keep that Cobra for years, but it will always be trying to bite you. Always and it will feed it for years. It's

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Trying to get you and you see snake handlers and they'll get bitten so much. Some of them will recognize you at some very weak level. You know, and sometimes they won't even recognize you, even Python, Johnny, I just don't want the the reptile people to argue but, but,

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you know, I used to go to these reptile shows, and I would ask them, we'll get to know you afterwards. No, this is like Ball Pythons. One of my friends, his friend has a huge Python at home. He went to sleep and he woke up in the Python is this far up his arm.

00:20:32--> 00:20:56

So what kind of a pet is this, that things your dinner. And it says, like basically put this 200 pound Python in the car he's had stuck inside and he drove with one hand to the hospital to the emergency room. Because the Python teeth they've shaped this way. So they go in this way, but you can't come out. So he couldn't pull his arm out, you know. So this animal doesn't even recognize its own is trying to eat him, you know, or, and like we said,

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this not being able to tame like the Cobra and stuff like that. And also, but, and also scholars also mentioned remember that when the gym gin, they come in the form of a snake, you find the snake in your home, it could be a gin. So he asked you to leave, just get by a lot to leave and you give it three days. Now, do you have to do that today. And I'm sure some of us in this room would be too terrified to keep a snake for three days.

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And by the way, I forgot I was bringing, I was bringing a snake to class. My wife reminded me after we were on the road, I have this little snake, which we found in the house. So I was gonna bring it just for the sake of making this thing's crazy on me. But I forgot it. And I'm actually bringing it to this to display how some people will be afraid of it. Okay. And that's that true. We anyways, but maybe we don't need to prove it like that. Then so you understand why some scholars saw that this thing what animosity, it's that first one that the only incident they could go back towards the Something happened between humans and and snakes and allows you instead you're going to be enemies

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to one another. We said like even Abby on says this with Adam Isola, they mentioned that they come in the form of snakes, the jinn. They mentioned that they never tamed always have this issue with humans. And the natural fear people have from them. So we have not made peace with them since we went gone to war against them. Then the person said woman Tara cache and min Hannah, satin finish. I mean, it's literally saying and whoever's leaves something from them out of fear is not from amongst us. What does that mean? And the scholars explained that this hadith is encouraging to kill them.

00:22:39--> 00:23:21

Because there's also another Hadith that mentioned five things you should kill at any point, even if you're in Iran. And amongst them is the snake. And amongst them is the rabid dog because the rabid dog that's gonna end in a bad situation no matter what. It's not gonna go let someone pet it, it's gonna bite someone who'll be infected with rabies, it's a disaster situation, and then the rat or the mouse, which would inevitably get into, you know, some supply or food or cause some damage and, and then what are the other ones the kite, the Crow, like the Crow, and the crows, you know, interesting. And they do some interesting things and accros steel, for example, they like to take

00:23:21--> 00:23:36

sharp, natural, shiny objects. So if the crow finds a diamond ring, I'll just take it and fly away with it, or a watch or something like that. And a very, very clever animals, we're coming back to the crows to the inshallah. Alright, that one.

00:23:38--> 00:23:50

So we said, Allah subhanaw taala, before creating Adam and Adam said in Nigeria, and without the Khalifa, I'm going to put a being on earth that will, one generation will replace the other, right?

00:23:51--> 00:24:07

But also largely just says, follow your agenda. Luke nakoma mila genetti Natasha, and do not let him take you out of agenda and you will suffer or other. So it's saying clearly that he will take you out of agenda.

00:24:08--> 00:24:20

So didn't the sin actually take them out of agenda? And I know we kind of touched on this last time, just wanted to make it clear. Oh, are a lot of concerns come up about a common agenda as a shutdown took your parent, your family and your

00:24:21--> 00:25:00

forefathers moving you from an agenda. So she wanted I mean, the Quran, Quran is clear that the shaitaan did take them out of agenda, or that if you do it from it, you will be kicked out of agenda. So how do we reconcile that Adam was created to live on earth? And yet that kind of clear in the Quran that eating from the tree did get you set out of agenda. And like we were alluding to last time, and as some people online said, that one the effect of the sin doesn't disappear just because the sin is forgiven. If you remember, last week, I gave the example to the woman metaphor.

00:25:00--> 00:25:41

that a woman from that committed Zina, okay. fornicated. And she got pregnant as a result of that, but she repented sincerely, the baby with, as we said, doesn't just dissolve, because she was forgiven for the sin, the consequence of the sin will still remain. That's one. Not only that, but the the rule also remains. I mean, if you eat from this tree, you will be sent out. He ate from the tree, he was forgiven for eating from the tree, but the rule is still there, you will be sent out that was the law. That was the rule. Other examples of that. I mean, you are forgiven you, let's say you ate during the day in Ramadan. You broke your fast. you repented sincerely, Allah forgive you

00:25:41--> 00:26:19

for it. Do you have to make up that day? Yeah. Or you swore an oath. And then you repented sincerely and you were forgiven for swearing the oath that you're not going to, but you still have to offer the photo exhibition. Yeah. So the rule is still there, whether you're forgiven or not. So the rule was, if you eat from this tree, you're going to be sent out here from the tree. He was forgiven, but the consequence of the sin was still there. Make sense? Okay. And then the last thing we wanted to discuss today was the Hadith, a famous Hadith in Bukhari, and Muslim, narrated by Abu huraira also in sunanda Buddhahood narrated through our laptop

00:26:20--> 00:26:25

in one of the narrations. moosari salam says, show me Adam, where's he going to see other medicine?

00:26:27--> 00:26:35

In the during the Islamic era journey many, many scholars believe this happened during the ascension journey, where the person I met all the prophets. So

00:26:36--> 00:26:39

in this narration, we're looking at Carlos de la Salaam,

00:26:41--> 00:27:09

WA Moosa. So basically, it means Adam and Musa almost like had a debate or a discussion for Karla Moosa. Musashi lamps idea, and a boon. Hi, yep. Tana, you're our father. And you let us down. Well, Amina Jen, and you got us kicked out of agenda. So Nadine says hi, yep, Donna and he basically kind of strong words. And one narration Burslem says

00:27:11--> 00:28:06

later on. So then Adam Addison avocado Adam, and Moosa Lady stauffacher. La gente can be calamy will help the Torah. So you're the Moosa that Allah subhanaw taala singled you out by speaking to you directly, and gave you the Torah. File surgeon fee Ha, ha ha. And who Kaaba Alia kubla and Yolo County barbarina. Sana, do you not find that the Torah that Allah decreed this before creating me with 40 years before creating me, the Lord decreed that Karna samosa said yes, it was in the Torah, that before creating you a lot decreed this, then the alum said Sahaja Damo Moosa Sahaja, the moon moves. So Adam basically had this nanny had the job, which is the stronger argument against Musa

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because it's here it shows that Adam was the one that defeated musala Salah

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the other notions of how you have done our agenda, you let us down and you got us kicked out over Jenna.

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And then then other Muslims will have like a terracotta bat and Allah wrote down the core of the Torah with his own hands, which was what was amazing about the tablets of masala Salah they weren't sent down on humans wrote them that Allah subhanaw taala wrote them and sent them down.

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And that's why when musallam was angry, and he threw the the tablets, it's specifically mentioned in the Quran, because of how sacred they were. Yeah.

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Then utter loony. Do you blame me? Allah? amarin Katara who aleja kubla Yolo County, the arbaeen escena? Are you blaming me for an issue that Allah had decreed for me before creating me 40 years, 40 years before they created creating me and then if I had demo Moosa, so, right. Now, the problem there is not a problem. But the issue is that some people have misunderstood this Howdy, and they thought it was Adam. I said, I'm using Qatar as an excuse for his sin. Okay, because that would be very problematic if you can use God as an excuse for your sin. An example A man came to Omaha top, they brought him into a hot tub and Omar was the halifa. And the man had stolen so um, I said, Why

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did you steal? And the man said,

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under law or federal law,

00:29:41--> 00:29:59

the federal law was decree that I would steal. That's why you stole because the law wrote, you're gonna steal that you were just sitting at home minding your own business, but suddenly found yourself walking in a direction and taking someone's money and putting it in your pocket and running. So Allah made you do it, because he gave this answer or not give him 3030 stripes.

00:30:01--> 00:30:13

Yeah, just for this answer, let alone the other punishment just just for saying that. Why did he say that? Because as a ruler, he's also preserving people's Deen. He doesn't want to open this dumb door for the woman every time someone would say

00:30:14--> 00:30:15

that I'll do it.

00:30:16--> 00:30:37

But we already discussed that that's not how father works Anyways, what what Allah writes, doesn't force you to do it a lot wrote it because he knew you were gonna do it. Remember that example we did with the teacher? Right? So is this hadith using Qatar as an excuse? So Adam and Islam is saying Allah wrote that I'm going to commit this sin, how could you blame me for it?

00:30:38--> 00:31:03

So then, six different opinions on number one, that some scholars said that the Father always wins the argument against the son. That's why Adam won. But this other scholars commented, they said, This is nonsense. explanation is they said nonsense straight up. And they said Ibrahim, Salah, won the argument against his father. He won the argument so well against his father that his father could only threaten him.

00:31:04--> 00:31:11

That's what happens when you lose the intellectual argument. Right. So he said, German naka woodstone, you said was Jordan Amalia?

00:31:14--> 00:31:47

geminiani don't speak to me. But Melia for a long time Carlos, go away. Want to talk to you ever again, like that? So who won that argument? It wasn't the Father. It was the son. So they said that's nonsense. Number two, they said the sin was in another Sharia and another time period. Okay, just trying to explain away the Howdy. Let's call it also said this doesn't make sense. And it also doesn't prevent this is sometimes things interlab from different time periods. And they gave proof on the Day of Judgment. Added to specific on sale Buhari, noted but I would say the hungry.

00:31:49--> 00:32:05

No holiday Sarah will come on the Day of Judgment. And Allah subhanaw taala will ask him, did you not convey the message? And he will say yes. Then Allah will ask the people of North did this prophet conveyed the message to you? And they will all say no. Why are they going to say no.

00:32:08--> 00:32:17

And he's been 950 years talking to them. That wasn't his age. That was the time he spent talking to them. Can you believe they're gonna say no, he never said anything. Because why would they say that?

00:32:18--> 00:32:38

Because it's the day of judgment, they're in trouble. But they say he never spoke to us all okay, for guys who didn't know? No, they know. So then a lot of you will ask No, ma'am. Do you have anyone to testify for you? And no, Elisa Lam said Mohammed will say Mohammed and his oma. So Allah

00:32:40--> 00:32:43

Subhana Allah. And that's one of the other wisdoms.

00:32:44--> 00:33:29

What when Allah subhanaw taala just mentions a prophet by name in the Quran. And we don't have any story of this prophet in the Quran, like Elisa, for example, is mentioned in the Quran. Right? But Elisa is not even in the authentic hadith. History is not even mentioned at all. Someone might say what is the value of mentioning just the name of Elisa? Because it's in our Koran, and we can testify for him on a day of judgment that he did. So our Alma will testify for no, Allison, I'm saying yes, Allah, our prophets are suddenly told us that he did testify to his people, and conveyed to his people. Anyways, this is different eras, different time periods, different Sharia, and the

00:33:29--> 00:33:53

testimonial, and the argument works from one nation to another. So why couldn't musasa ask this question to other Muslim so that number two doesn't make sense either. Number three, that Adam won the argument because he repented for the sin, it is not permissible to reprimand someone with a sin that they repented from. So they can see there's some heavy reaching happening, and he's trying to find any way to explain why Adam won the argument.

00:33:55--> 00:34:31

So it's getting better, but it's still not good. Because Adam alayhis salam, he was the nicest reputation to this opinion. Adam and Sam didn't say, I repented from the sin. They're saying, You can't ask someone about a sin he repented from Adam would have said that then, the minute Moosa would have asked him that he would have said, Hey, you can ask me about a scenario printed from I repented and I was forgiven? Like you should have read that in the Torah. He didn't say that. He said, Are you going to blame me for for something that was written before 40 years before I was created? So he didn't make the argument. And then and then also the scholars also said musar sam

00:34:31--> 00:34:37

would know better than to reprimand someone with a sin that was already forgiven if that rule was real. musasa wouldn't have asked

00:34:39--> 00:34:59

for they said this was spoken in the world after dark, leafy and in a world after they were Dr. Cliff this world where you have restrictions and commands and, and orders and board any you know, what I'm saying to cliff is when you have to do something, obligations, all these things, restrictions, this is in a world after that

00:35:00--> 00:35:36

Because Adam and Sarah musasa, they had already passed on. So they're in another world now. And so because of that, there is no tech leaf. But the scholars said this, this also doesn't make sense. Because there is tech leaf meaning things you should do, and are commanded to do. Even on the Day of Judgment itself. There's the cliff, which is after this world. And there's the cliff, when you move down a lawsuit, when Allah commands everyone to make sure you everyone of humanity to make food for a stock to own and, and the evildoers won't be able to do. So. That's the cliff, that's a command, that's something you have to do after this world. And on the Day of Judgment.

00:35:38--> 00:35:56

Also, the people who will fetch raw data will be will be tested on the Day of Judgment, because they didn't receive the message of a profit, they will be tested on the Day of Judgment, that's tech leaf, and so on and so forth. Opinion number five, this is even up to the bar, one of the great scholars of the past, he said that this

00:35:57--> 00:36:12

this answer was specific to Adam and Eve, Adam could use other as an answer, and it was just specifically for them. And this quarter said for him, and they said this week also, number six, which is inshallah the correct opinion that

00:36:14--> 00:36:31

they're arguing, yes, Allah subhanaw taala created Adam for Earth, or new Adam was coming down to earth, Jenna was not supposed to be his permanent home. So he has to come down there arguing that and we can reconcile that with the arguments we just gave in the beginning of class. But they said, and this is really the part you want.

00:36:32--> 00:36:37

That Adam, to use the argument of elkader for his,

00:36:39--> 00:37:19

for the, for the calamity, not for the sin. You see what I'm saying? He's saying that he's not saying Allah decreed, I'm going to eat from the tree. He's saying Allah decree that he's going to leave agenda, see the knowledge and other I'm not saying I'm not using other as an excuse for what I did. I'm using color as an excuse for the plan that it was already planned that he was not mentioning this in whatsoever. He's saying it was the plan that was going to come down to earth. And you knew that a large budget was going to put me down to earth before he even created me. So don't ask me about something Allah decreed for such a long time ago, he's never mentioning the sin at all.

00:37:19--> 00:37:43

He's not saying that because Allah wrote the sin. And you know that a profit would be too wise to say something like this, which as we learned, is not proper understanding of God anyways. So it can't be the other medicine doesn't understand how to properly and we got it better than him. So he's not saying mentioning the sin whatsoever, he's saying the effect of the sin which is that was what was a lot.

00:37:44--> 00:37:49

So so for example, and you know, that in the Hadith, when they were asked about

00:37:51--> 00:37:53

in Brazil and described that

00:37:55--> 00:38:06

the companions that the any soul Allah wrote to be that will be created will be created no matter what you do. So when they were talking about how do you say that? or whatever?

00:38:08--> 00:38:09

Yeah, any

00:38:12--> 00:38:51

data about birth control, basically, we're just gonna call it now abortion, birth control, and someone doesn't want his spouse to get pregnant or something like that. Okay. And they use methods. And they asked about that. And he said, there's not a soul that Allah intended to be or decreed to be great, except there will be it will be created. So based on this understanding, a child of Xena, the mother will look at this child and say, well, Allah subhanaw taala. Before creating this, the heavens and the earth, decreed that this human being will be born. Is she using that as an excuse for committing Zina? She's saying no, this is the effect of that sin, but I'm not using that as an

00:38:51--> 00:38:55

excuse. Anyways, that's the last of the discussions. How much time do I have?

00:38:57--> 00:38:58

15. That's it.

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But because we aren't stopping time smoking, so I'm almost done now.

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Okay. Very good point. Yes, very good point.

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yes, the problem is that there are some people and scholars who specifically refer to them as added a bidder. They tried to play games with this Howdy, and say, he's using Qatar as an excuse for his sin. But you're good. You're right. Yeah, you could tell them musasa was even talking about this. And he just said, Kristen, I mean, agenda goddess, you took us out of Paradise, because they might argue with you and say, Yeah, but what God has autopilots the sin. So essentially, they are talking about the sin, but in the end, they're incorrect in their understanding of the

00:40:01--> 00:40:01


00:40:03--> 00:40:05

Basically, that

00:40:06--> 00:40:10

let me just in five minutes, let me time it here. Okay.

00:40:12--> 00:40:46

Basically, that what we have left Adam and how we come down to earth, and Hawaii, then they're going to reap, they're going to populate the earth. There are two options, a little grid, another Adam and Hawa, whatever their names are, and then the families get to know each other. And then every time they have children, the families can get married, and so on. Or because we only have two people, one male, one female, temporarily for those early generations of Lowell allow siblings to marry each other. But what would give birth to twins, and every pregnancy will be a boy and a girl. And in the sharing of Adam,

00:40:47--> 00:41:09

in the city of Adam, this boy would not marry the girl he was born with in that same pregnancy, he would have to make the opposite growth. A lot of times you explain this and people are like, wow. Like, who makes things halal and haram? Allah subhanaw taala. And in this case, there is no other option. So it will be temporarily permissible at that point. Obviously time today

00:41:10--> 00:41:16

or create another pair. And here the good news is your your mother in law's your mother so it's good.

00:41:18--> 00:41:22

Like a good thing. It's your own Mom, it's your mother in law. So that's the advantage and

00:41:23--> 00:41:25

another woman that she's mean to your wife?

00:41:28--> 00:41:31

Yes, only have four minutes go for now.

00:41:35--> 00:41:36

I'm getting to them

00:41:37--> 00:41:40

in a hurry for but

00:41:41--> 00:41:46

so the first born, the first born, the first set of twins was

00:41:49--> 00:41:50

what's the oldest one called?

00:41:51--> 00:42:33

Cain copied? Yes. Now interestingly, we don't have this name in the Quran and the Sunnah ever, but we got it from Australia. So we take it at face value. Kirby was the firstborn. And he was when he was born. The sister that was with him that was born with him was very beautiful. They said her name was liova liova. Then her bill is born. And the sister was born with him. They said very unattractive. very unattractive. So cabin now thinking, I have to marry her. So I don't want her I want the one I was born with. So other mothers said um, tells him that that's not permissible. And he says I have more rights to do that because I was born within the same womb. And he says that my

00:42:33--> 00:42:38

son tells him that Allah Sharia insists that I want her. So it says it lets him

00:42:40--> 00:43:12

take your argument before a lawsuit. So both made an offering have been being the shepherd he brought his best round hobby being a farmer brought a bushel or a bunch of wheat. And they say he didn't bring his best piece best bunch. And they said on the way he found some good pieces on and he ate him quickly. It may be exaggerations and probably wasn't that bad. But who had the right anyways? Hubby, the younger brother. So when they both made their offerings how in those days How did you know if I'll accepted your offering?

00:43:13--> 00:43:52

Yeah, so so lightning fire would come and consume it. I know that sounds strange to now because today we don't have direct communication like that but you finished Lord prayer you get an email your Salah has been accepted. Right? Doesn't happen now. But remember for them just a few years ago, the father was speaking to all and agenda so the fire consumed the ram of hobby and some say that this is the same ram that was brought down from the heavens later when it's my ala was going to be slow. No, they were and it's shorter. This one got burnt anyways and there's no shortage of rams. I needed that to recycle Rams and stuff. So now it just sounds really romantic and nice people like Oh

00:43:52--> 00:43:53

wow. No.

00:43:56--> 00:44:30

Then so but Kabila is still angered now. And he does get married and everything that explains further anger. He's very angry. And he, he threatens his brother that I'm going to kill you and your brother his brother is in the Quran. As mentioned, he says that if you extend your hand to kill me, I'm not going to extend my hand to kill you. One day he comes while his brother's asleep with a big rock and he smashes his head and he kills him. After he kills him, it feels so guilty. Some say that it's weak, but it's weak, nourishing that he took his body and for 40 days roamed the earth not knowing what to do with it. But what is authentic is what Allah mentioned in the Quran that Allah

00:44:30--> 00:44:49

sent a crow and the crow disposed of another crows dead body like that by digging a grave and putting it in there. And for years, you always hear people talking about crews always do that they always bury the dead and everything. When you search you don't find any proof of that. And crows and ravens are part of an

00:44:50--> 00:44:57

they're basically from from the group known as corvids group of birds known as corporate crows and ravens and

00:44:58--> 00:45:00

Okay, so basically, I have not

00:45:00--> 00:45:24

I found this whole burying thing. And I'm personally very interested in corvids. So there's a nice book that I have. It's called gifts of the Crow, if you're interested, it's kind of a relatively new book. There's another one called in the company of crows and ravens also, and it's about their intelligence and what some documentaries, they're very smart, but there's no evidence about them burying bodies. So it could be that allows you to just use this bird, this intelligent bird to teach this lesson.

00:45:28--> 00:45:29


00:45:31--> 00:45:36

and you can of course, learn from animal just like Sulaiman learned from the Hood Hood, and the hoopoe, bird and so on.

00:45:39--> 00:45:55

Let's just get to, we're not going to get to what happened with me was how a bill becomes so ashamed. He takes his wife, his children, and he goes up to the mountains, he can go to Adam alayhis salam now, and the rest of the children of Adam and the children have had been there remain on earth. And

00:45:59--> 00:46:43

yeah, there have been on earth and then Allah subhanaw taala replaces have been with another his name was scheef, which means Allah His gift, which is set in English, and he was a prophet who lived during the time of Adam II salah and the only Hadith only have one authentic hadith about sheep. And that's the person who mentioned that a large region revealed 104 scrolls, sent down 104 scrolls 51 were sent just a sheep Elisa. And in his Sherry are the people of the mountains couldn't mix with the people of the flatlands. So the children, the Austrian had to say separate. In the end, when Adam alayhis salam was on his deathbed at the age of 1000. Now, not the 960 we covered that 1000.

00:46:44--> 00:47:22

The he wanted to have from the fruits of agenda. So he asked his children and they want to ask the angels and the angels came to them and said that your father's already passed away, they came back then this narration says they came back and the angel taught them how to wash and shroud and pray over and said this is how you do with the deceased or the dead bodies. And the scholars say this is not only a weak nation, but also doesn't make any sense. Because they say it's not possible that for 1000 years, no one ever died. I said him as a prophet, he might even if nobody died, he would have told them if someone dies, this is how you behave. But it's not possible that 4000 years no one

00:47:22--> 00:47:50

slipped and fell or got sick or anything like that. So they're saying on top of that, it's a weak nation. Anyways with that, this is where we are going to stop because we want to give people time to have from the snacks and all that stuff. So it's up to you. However you want to do it we can just end here you can get the snacks if people want to ask questions formally informally that's fine with me. So come on again for bearing through sincerely thank you for bearing through and with the whole series.

00:47:51--> 00:48:03

Obviously once again for Ramadan. I'm not going to be here but we'll I don't know what's happening after Ramadan if you want to reconvene after Ramadan, I'm fine if you want to get someone else to get a breather refresher.

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Thanks so much.

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You have good taste. So

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in that case, then we'll see you within after Ramadan.

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