70,000 Without Reckoning or Torment

Hatem al-Haj


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AI: Summary © The speaker discusses a video they were watching and their experience with poker. They mention their experience with a certain type of treatment that is invasive and they do not see any excantations. The speaker also talks about people they have to beat their bias on.
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So, um

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and I wanted to ask

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about so yesterday we talked about how it shaped me. So there's this video I was about

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any sort of pain or something of that sort of gamma, and I wanted to like, like learn more about it because I play poker and I thought that it would be beneficial.

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I see Mr. Strauss and I tell you who are those and then

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people that run I see a power struggle. Huge, enormous.

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Who are those and they will say this is your own man with them and 70,000 70,000 for the enterprise nice without threatening or torment, without the sap or without reckoning or Corbyn and the profits on the line someone was asked Who are those?

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And he said Marina last

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year is different descriptions. They don't see propia incantations they don't see you know,

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when I

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practice for

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treatment that is invasive, by very by heat, what are

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they about pessimistic?

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And the unavailable so those are the people you have to beat your bias on.