Tafseer Surah Al Kahf Part 17 Story Of Dhul Qarnayn

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Episode Notes

Shaykh Yasir Qadhi divulges information from verses 83 too 98 that deal with essentially the story of Dhul Qarnayn.

“And they ask you about Dhul Qarnayn. Say: ‘I will recite unto you a remembrance of him’.”

The beginning of this verse shows that the story of Dhul Qarnayn was being discussed among people before they came to the Prophet SAW. why was it such an interesting topic? The Tafsir by Shaykh Yasir puts to rest many questions that intrigue us and deserves a fair listen.

Some pointers from the Tafsir are as follows:

  • This story teaches us that no work can be fully done in this world without its means. Therefore, Allah gave the means of success to Dhul Qarnayn.
  • No government can embrace victory without encouraging people and punishing the evildoers. This is the very principle which Dhul Qarnayn utilized.
  • A vast just government cannot turn away from the varieties of the life of people and their different conditions.
  • Security is the foremost condition of a safe social life which is why Dhul Qarnayn undertook the most laborious works to provide it with them.
  • An able leader must be content with what Allah has bestowed upon him and should not be greedy for wealth.
  • Power, vigour, cleverness, wealth and authority should never shroud greatness in works which was beautifully shown by Dhul Qarnayn.


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Salam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh hamdu Lillah wa Salatu was Salam ala rasulillah Allah Allah, he was so happy when

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we move on today with ourselves sudo su tilaka have and we are now going to talk about the final of the four stories if you remember. So teleca house was composed to four stories. The first of them was the story of the young men in the cave. The second half of them was the story of the man and the two gardens. The third of them the story of Musa and Hodder and the fourth of them now is the story of the ordination. And again, just a brief refresher, the first story dealt with the fitna of persecution for the sake of religion. The second story dealt with the fitna of money. The third story dealt with the fitna of knowledge. The fourth story deals with the fitna of power, the fitna

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of power, what happens when a person becomes powerful? It is a documented historical fact brothers and sisters, that in the history of humanity, every single power, every single person of power almost every single person of power and every single nation of power, desired more power, and every superpower desired even more power than it had. And Allah subhana wa tada never allowed any nation or any person of power to flourish in this world. Why? Because a moon Cooley Law what is the law, every single nation that tried to gain more and more power, Allah subhana wa tada brought about their own demise at their own hands. And all you need to do is to look at history, where are the

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great Pharaohs? Where are the great tyrants of old? Where is that mighty civilization of Rome that once upon a time ruled the world. We don't even have to go that far back. 100 years ago, a civilization boasted that the sun never sets on us. And this is the British Empire. The British Empire was perhaps the largest in terms of land mass, they controlled places around the globe, including this country once upon a time, and they would boast to the nations that our the sun never sets on our empire. And yet, where are they now and where were they used to be such as the son of Allah Subhana Allah to Allah. So Allah subhanho wa Taala and the last of these four stories, he

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tells us the story of a righteous King, a king, whom Allah had blessed with power, and he was still righteous. Now, the general rule that history has told us that Islam tells us is that power corrupts, power corrupts This is the general rule. And by the way, that is why our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam warned us to enter into the palaces of the Emperor's, he said, I warn you from above of subtlety in from the doors that open up to the chambers of the Sultan's or the leaders. Why, because flirting with power, being involved with the powers that are it gets to a person's head, there is nothing that is more destructive to a person's ego than power, because power

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gives you fame, power gives you wealth, power gives you fortune, power gives you access to everything else, all of the other fitness that a man has, when you have power, they are all underneath you look at the scandals that we see around us, involving women involving money involving this and that such as the nature of power. And so our profits are some warning, just be careful when it comes to power. And that is why our Prophet system said never seek power never seek to be in charge of others never seek to be in charge of others. Why? Because if you want to be in charge of others, Allah subhanho wa Taala will let you alone whereas if others ask you to be in charge, if

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others want you to be in charge, then Allah subhana wa tada will help you the entire system of Islamic government. The whole concept of Islamic political science is so radically different from the western concept or from any other concept in the Islamic concept. The Amir does not stand up and say vote for me. I'm the best candidate rather, the real Amir will be like Abu Bakar who says Omar is better than me and I will obey there is better than me you to choose between Mr. Abu Zubaydah and almost has no law he You are the best among there's a fight going on verbal fight, then who is the better one, this is the real Islamic sense of power. This is what the real halifa is. He doesn't

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want that position. He wants to run away from that position.

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He said How I wish I had never ever had this position, how I wish that I had never been put in charge of the affairs of the believers. And there are so many stories from the earliest generations and from the Islamic leaders that shows that the real Islamic qualifier of all that shows that they used to run away from this so a person in power who is sincere and pure is the excellent

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And not the rule. And that is why our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, three are the people, when you meet them, you must show them respect. Three are the people when you meet them, you must show them respect. Number one, a Muslim of age Subhanallah, a person who's 78 years old, he has the shape that means white hair, a Muslim of elderly age when you meet somebody of this it is how from Allah subhana wa tada that you show respect to that Muslim. Number two, our Prophet system said Hamad Al Quran, the one who's half of the Quran who acts upon it. So someone whom Allah has blessed with memorizing the Quran, you should show him respect. And number three, he said the salt on that

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is just the ruler that acts in accordance with the shediac because that's a rarity. And somebody who has power and he still is just that is truly something that is worthy of a laws, respect that Allah has obligated upon us. And also it is one of those whom the Prophet system has said he will be sheltered under the shade of Allah subhana wa tada is the ruler who acts justly in accordance with the Shetty. So Allah wants to give us an example of one such ruler. Well, yes, Luna can do Cornyn, they asked you about the kernel. Now remember, what was the reason why so that that gap was revealed? they asked about three questions right? They asked about the people of the cave. They

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asked about the coordinate they asked about the rule. And Allah revealed in certain Islam the response to the rule, and that's just one line. You don't know anything about what you're asking and it is a mystery only Allah knows. And then it sort of till can have a lot began and finish the story with begin and finish the surah with the two questions that he was asked the two questions and that is, the first story is as haben can have, the last story is the codename so they asked you about the coordinate say, I will narrate to you set Lu la caminho dekra. I will recite to you something about him some things just to tell you that I know who this man is now, who is the Quran, Allah says in

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McKenna who fill out they were at a Naumann coalition in sababa. Indeed, we gave him power in this earth McKenna. We gave him power, he could have controlled meaning he was a type of King, and we gave him the path wherever he wanted to go, meaning he had an army he was able to go to any land he wanted to go. Some scholars have said that though coralayne was the Prophet, but when you look at the story, and you look at this ayah it doesn't look like it because when Allah describes, how did Allah subhana wa tada says, We gave him a knowledge from us, that is profited. When Allah describes the terrain, he says, We gave him power. And power is something Allah gives to righteous and

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unrighteous people. And if you look at the story, there's nothing that little corny did that really stands out as being something a prophet only could do. And so the majority position is that the coronation was a righteous King, though coronate was a good man, as as you've been said he was Rajan in solid. He was a righteous man whom Allah subhanho wa Taala had given power to a type of Kingdom, and the store will coordinate the coordinate is not his name, though corniness, his title. And current means horn. So they'll coordinate the one of the two horns, the one of the two horns. Why is he called the car name. Many other stories given some have said he was the only person to rule over

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both Persia and Rome. So each of them is a current. So there's a little codename. Right, this is one opinion. So he's a mighty king that maybe sometime he controlled both of these lands. Another have said that though coralayne is called Volker name because he would have his hair tied up into a few like ponytails, if you like. And each one in the Arabs they call a tail of the hair, they call it a cotton. So though coralayne he has these two ponytails, maybe in some cultures, they had the men have this the historic is called Blue coordinate, and others have given other stories as well that he controls the east and the west. And in reality, we do not know. Also, there is this Islamic

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legend that is very popular, that will coordinate is somehow Alexander the Great. And the fact of the matter is that there is not a shred of Islamic or historical evidence that links Alexander the Great with the coronation. In fact, quite the contrary, there is a number of things that do not fit at all with Alexander the Great, or nine, the most important of them. Allah describes the codename as being a pious Muslim, a good man has origin soil, there hasn't been a bad set. And we know historically beyond the shadow of a doubt that Alexander the Great was a pagan idolatry. He was an idol worshipper. His teacher was none other than Aristotle. Aristotle was the tutor of Alexander the

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Great. This is literally historically, Alexander the Great was tutored by Alexander by Aristotle. And these people were not believers in Allah subhana wa Tada. They believed in a pagan religion. So Alexander the Great has nothing to do with the story of little coronate. Who was he then? Allah Who are the people, if you look at the books of Tafseer, they give all of these stories, and it really in the end of the day, these are simply Islam

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legends there's no shred of evidence in the Quran and Sunnah. And the more details we go into that are unnecessary, the more trouble we put ourselves into. Let's stick with the Quranic story and don't go too much into the details that Allah did not care to tell us about because they're not relevant. So Allah says, We gave him power, and we gave him away to all places, meaning he had an army with him and he could march to any land that he wanted to. He had the qudra to go wherever he wanted to go. So for advice, Ababa, his army goes and follows away they're going and following in one location Hata Bahama hurry by shrimps when he reached the setting place of the sun, meaning he

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reached the westernmost lands imaginable, and some have said this is China. Some have said some are on some of that Azerbaijan, whatever it might be, he reached some type of lands Allah knows where where the sunsets were very far in the lands hot data by the commodity by shamcey. What are the hotter woofing i inhemeter. He found that the sun was setting in there's two restitutions here iron and Hemi amines, cloudy water, and then there's another kettle in adhamiya boiling hot water. And both of these are valid. So it was a strange type of Lake It was not a regular lake. It was the lake that was muddy and very hot. And some have said this might be lava or something of this nature.

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Allah knows best it was something different rather than regular water. It's something different. I didn't have any water there in the coma. And they found he found over there a group of people. Polina Yeah, the coordinate we said, although her name now somebody can say, Allah is saying he is speaking to the Quran. This means Luca name must be a prophet. And the response is no, the phrasing does not necessarily indicate this Why? Because Allah subhanho wa Taala can speak in different ways. direct speech, you become a prophet, indirect speech, indirect speech in Arabic is called in ham, and in ham is given to nonprofits. One example of in ham is the mother of Musa Moses mother is not a

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prophet, Prophet test, she's not a prophet, but Allah subhana wa Taala gave her a lamb that she should do this to Musa and that is to put him in the, in the to put him in the little if you like cradle or the ship that was made by hay and the basket and to throw it into the river. Where did she get this from? Right? Allah says we told her meaning how through in ham, and also Allah subhana wa tada says, we said to the mountains, mountains don't become prophets. Allah says, we said to the bees, these don't become prophets. So speech of Allah subhana wa Taala only makes the recipient a prophet when that speech is direct when it has heard a direct speech from behind the curtain or

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revealed through an angel as for indirect speech, which is called enhanced, this does not make someone a prophet. So this could be enhanced, and there's references in the Quran to this. So we said through Ilham, oh, they'll coordinate you have two options, meaning it came to the Corning's mind I have so much power, what can I do with these people, I can either punish them or I can be good to them. And this is what every king when they conquer a new nation, they have this option. So Allah is demonstrating what is the nature of the codename. He had the option of massacring of killing of being harsh and the option of being good. So what did he do? Little coralayne said,

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among vanilla for cellphone was the Boo tomato to a lot of people, you know, whoever has done wrong, if he is a criminal, a murderer or rapist, this person, we will punish him and we will give him what is due to him and then Allah will punish him even more in the next life. Well, I'm an amateur amateur. But whoever believes in does good fella Pooja and in krisna, he shall have the ultimate reward, which means of course, Jana was an older woman, Emily, now you throw and ask for us, we will be gentle and easy with him. Now this is the sign of adjusting a true ruler, that you're strict with the criminals and you are gentle with the good people. So the first there's three stories of local

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933 people that he met. The first incident demonstrates for us the nature of the coronation, that though coralayne was a righteous King, that the power did not corrupt him that the power did not get to his head, he had the option of enslaving of killing of looting of plundering and he had the option of being generous and good and he chose the option of being a good king. And that was, those who do wrong will be punished and Allah will punish them even more and those who are good, we will reward them. So this shows us the nature of the codename some advice Ababa then he followed another road.

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Now he found the sun rising so this is some land in the East he found the sun rising. Well, what are the hottest homie lemenager Ullman dunia cetera, he found that this group had nothing to protect them from the sun. Some have said this means that they did not know how to build buildings. They were still living in the open and they were just using the trees as shade. Others have said this means that they were a group that didn't wear clothes. So a lot is just using a canal or

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A reference and indirect reference here that they were a group of people that were so uncivilized they did not even wear clothes. And this is also plausible. We didn't make a sitter. And because Allah says in the Quran, we are the ones who have revealed a garment for you that Allah says we have sent down Libous for you to cover yourselves. So here is a group they don't have that Libous so Allah says kazanlak healthnet demanda de hombre. This indeed was the case, and we encompassed all that he had in knowledge now, the purpose of this is to really lay the foundations for the third story, the final story of Luke coronae. And this is a rather long story, I've just begun it today

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and will continue tomorrow, some advice Ababa, then he followed all along, in another way had either been have been a sedan until finally he found a passageway between two mountains, the set or two mountains, and he found there a group of people they could not speak to him Leia Cardona Kahuna, Hola, what this means is they were cut off from all civilization, because every civilization has their translator has an interpreter, every civilization you go to, you will find somebody who speaks your language if the civilizations interact, only if you go to a civilization that is cut off, if you go to, you know, they just discovered a tribe in the the jungles of Brazil, right? There's not

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going to be any translator for the language of that tribe. So Allah is indicating that little carnation went to a far away land, cut off from human civilization cut off from contact with other groups of human beings, they couldn't even communicate. And this is the the height of being cut off from other civilizations. So they communicated through other than speech. And they communicate through their hands. So they said, which is everybody can do this. You can always communicate basic stuff, images and whatnot. So they said to the RNA that Yeah, Jews and Jews are causing a lot of evil on this earth. So this means that this tribe, and yeah, Jews and Jews were interacting with one

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another. And yeah, George and George, some have said were related to the stripe. So yeah, George and George are causing evil, they are plundering they are killing us. They're raping, they're causing our damage. They're causing much evil in the land. So if we pay you, you are such a mighty king. You have this vast army, you clearly are from a superior civilization. You seem to be a good man because you're so nice to us. Take this money and protect us from Yeah, George and Matt George, can you build a wall between us and them? They come through this valley build a wall, rather than obeying Him sat down and said there's like a barrier a dam so the Quran says remember kidney fee here will

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be higher. Whatever Allah has given me is better than your money. I don't need your money. I don't need your money. I will do it. See sebelah Tada. I will do it for the sake of Allah subhana wa Tada. But what I need from you for a new newbie who watching you helped me with your manpower. I need a lot of help for what I'm about to do my army wants to fight me you help me with your physical strength for I need to call I don't need your money. I don't need your gifts. You come and work with my army for anyone who was in a job in a coma in a home rajamma I will make a regime now in Arabic the word Rajan is very similar to said but random is a more fortified said. So look, they asked for

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build a said between us and them, right, Ben and Obama who said De Luca said I will do something even better, I will build a origin and it's there is no English equivalent, but it's like a fortified dam. It's like a barrier that has been fortified so little coordinates and I will do something even better than this. So the local nine says, to new bald headed bring me pieces of iron ore sheets of iron Zubat is the nuggets if you'd like nuggets of iron, bring the Iron Head to either sour been a sort of pain when he had laid it between the two mountains. So he's building a type of barrier with Iran which is right now cold, Oregon for who he said blow and the blowing here is with

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the bellows with the fire. So once he's put the iron there, a massive fire is being built a fire that is so hot that all of this Iran will become molten or and stick together. So this is the help that he needs from these people. Allah knows how they built such a large fire. Allah knows what they did, but they'll coordinate had the technology to do that harden for who had either Giada Hunan until when he had made it fire meaning when he had made the Iran as hot as fire until the Iran had become so hard it becomes or on to neoflam la yukito he said now bring me glitter and glitter is molten copper. So the, the the regime that he built it is composed of iron and copper. It is

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composed of iron and copper. And it was so massive that it is between two mountains. So apparently the people of Judah and Jude were trapped inside an area where they had no escape.

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And Allah says in the Quran, famous star and yoshiharu Hua Mustapha Allah who nakaba they could neither climb over it, nor could they dig underneath it, this is really what it translates into from a star and Yahoo, they couldn't go on top of it. Well, I still don't know who nakoda nor could they dig a hole, nor could they go underneath it. Now, for for those of you that are a little bit of Arabic here, notice, there's a difference between start and stop, all right, and in reality is star and the star is the exact same word. And it is allowed to simply cut off the top. In order to make the pronunciation easier, like we say cannot becomes can't do not becomes don't. So we have in

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Arabic as well we have have, we have the cutting off when things are a little bit difficult. So because there's a scene and a thought, and that is so difficult to pronounce between the two. So you can say to it's the thought is far you allowed to say this right is Stefan you can say his star. Now notice Allah uses both verbs his star and his star, even though they're exact, they're exactly the same word. And there is an element of Bonanza here and with this, we'll have to pause and continue tomorrow. There's an element of Bonanza here element of Quranic eloquence here, and that is Xia, de todo Rufus and babina having extra letters in the structure to do louella zyada tyranid it shows an

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extra emphasis on the verb, right? When you have more letters. This is a rule of Arabic. When you have more letters, there's an emphasis on the verb. So which one is more difficult climbing over or digging through and breaking through a molten barrier. Obviously, breaking through trying to dig through the barrier is more difficult than climbing over so the easier of the two Allah subhana wa tada said famous thorough, and the more difficult one must stop. And the reason why the both verbs are different. Another one of the scholars has said is so that the listener does not become irritated or tired of the same verb using twice in the same sentence, put a little bit of difference

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so that the listener can appreciate the that the same verb is being used, but it doesn't sound the same. So there's no melon or there's no boredom or there's no repetition because repetition nobody likes it. Repetition generally speaking is not of the best thing to do so by bringing the same verb but using both different structures is thought and it's thought and then using Stata for the one that requires more emphasis, Allah subhana wa tada brings more eloquence to the ears of the listener from a star on Yoda, who almost thought would have who nakoda and then the Coraline said all Rama to me Robbie, this is a mercy from my Lord. And according to one interpreter, he actually fell into

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such the thanking Allah that He was able to do this. So this shows us though codename realizes how evil Jews and Jews are and he sank to LA for blocking them up tomorrow in sha Allah to Allah we will talk about who is Jewish and Jewish and why are they mentioned here and then they're also mentioned in one more suit in the Koran suited to MBR they're only mentioned twice at the beginning of the story and the end of the story about Judah Mojo inshallah that will be for tomorrow was set on wanting to work out you