Mohamad Baajour – Surat Yusuf lessons and Exhortations #11 And She closed the doors

Mohamad Baajour
AI: Summary © The transcript discusses the shaping of Islam and the importance of mixing sex and sex within men and women, as well as caution against shaping things like sex and people's behavior. The segment also touches on shams and shameless behavior, as well as the use of "hamster" in English to describe men and women and the importance of keeping the eye on timing events. The segment also mentions a video about a woman who attempted to come to a woman named Zina and was treated by a woman named Zina.
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Salam Alaikum Wa Rahmatullahi

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smell loud hamdulillah salatu salam ala Rasulillah from aluminum and fauna when finally my lamp Tana, was it not in your camera he mean, ask Allah subhanaw taala teach us would benefit us benefit us from what he told us and increase us knowledge. I mean, you're right I mean, ask Allah subhanaw taala to put Baraka in this gathering in sha Allah, and make us from the people at the end of the gathering, there will be taught Kumar for a nickel, get up, all your sins are forgiven. I mean, you're behind me.

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So hamdulillah datamine we are continuing with the story of Yusuf Alayhi Salam.

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And last week, we finished apart when Yusuf Ali Salam was bought and moved to Egypt. And Allah subhanaw taala told us, but I'm Bella I should. We said that now he's an adult and the age around 3540. He's a mature man

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the test

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the test of use of insulin will be switched from

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the raw to Sara.

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The test of use of ARIA salaam he will be it will be switched from hardships that he was going through

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now to be tested with Nam

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or to be tested with Schauerte with desires.

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First he was tested.

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Families trying to kill him being in the well.

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Both sold and bought and you know, now the test is going to be different because all the through the most of through the story use of Islam is being tested.

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Allah subhanaw taala said wherever that one lady who if he Beatty

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Nipsey see, we have an effort in

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love and effort in the work on hate corn and

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corn and

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in the cinemas.

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In your fleet of Ali moon.

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This is a very

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important story.

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They used to make the boys memorize Surah Yusuf and study it to learn all the lessons of life from the solar

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and they used to make the girls memorize Surah

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so to know

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norful sisters use of four brothers. Of course the Quran is old Baraka, but those two stories, two sewers, especially useful for the for the men. It teaches them a lot of lessons, especially this lesson.

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Where are the two we are going to take it word by word in sha Allah. Maybe we'll finish one idea today. What are the two rather means

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to seduce.

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But at the same time rather than means someone who is doing something over and over again. It's not like something done once. It is said in Arabic

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or our the EBI Rwanda label he did referred to the label to the camel that means he took them to drink water and brought them back and he keeps doing that. So here we are over that who let he who are fee based here. So we understand that this is not the first time

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the wife of the Aziz tried to seduce use of Allah His Salah

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it's not the first time it might have been the time is before she hinted

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but this time, call us she decided this is the time obviously ALLAH SubhanA wa

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As mentioning this time while he did mention all the times and he mentioned this one, this is it. This is where he decided I'm gonna go all the way and this is it because this is going to be the last time right where our that who let he who are fee based here.

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Allah subhanaw taala did not say what our the tomb rattle Aziz, because in other places it says in Latin as he is the wife of the disease. So, he he did not say, and the wife of the disease seduced him.

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No, he said one hour that will let he who are fee based here, and the one whom he is living in her house seduced him

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living in her house.

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This is number one,

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to show how hard it is how hard it was to use of Ali Salam.

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He's living in that house for a very long time.

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And also to insult that woman but in submit in such a big word, to humiliate that woman that if he's in your house, usually when someone in your house, you respect them so much. So in her house, she did that in her own house.

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why would someone someone would ask themselves, why would someone in this position do something like this?

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First of all, she's old.

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Second of all, she's very rich. Third of all, she is the wife of the disease. She has a she's very high status. Why would someone in this position at that status do something like this?

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There's a main lesson Yeah, come on. Please lend me your ears.

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Now let's assume that use of allegiance Saddam was around 1617 When he was thrown in the world when he was found, okay. This what they say approximately.

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And we learn that Belarusian means 3545 following me. So they got him at 17. Now, let's say for the calculation sake is 40.

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So he lived in that house for 20 something years.

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So when she took him, she took a guy a young man and let's say teenager.

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And let's assume that she was she was married Danny at least she was 2530. And yet, at least Allahu Allah, but she was married.

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So now you're talking about she's very close to 50

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know what, 50 now if he's 40 She is around 60 something right? 65

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She says she's older woman. And she's beautiful.

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The lesson here one that we always emphasize on is the mixing between the genders. There's a major lesson here.

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That free mixing that we take it very easy. Look at this. A woman in her 60s with a man alone is haram.

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Someone was saying that she grew up in my house. You know how sometimes our aunts or our you know, somebody? For example, my mother is very close friend. Oh, come on. Every time I visit my country, you know they come they want to kiss you and hug you. Yeah, Mama. Yeah. Auntie Falco, you can? We can kiss her hug. Come on. I used to change your diaper. We can but not anymore.

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You know, does not work like that. Does not work like that. She is a stranger to you. You are an adult. She's an adult prosumer sigh sallam said and this is why this is such an amazing delete amazing evidence. He's living with her she saw him grow up. But don't even be let some to say that. You know what? She's older now. Doesn't matter. Look at this. Just because they were alone. She already plotted and planned to do something haram. And this proves the hadith of Rasulullah Salam, no man and woman alone except the shaitan is the third.

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Doesn't matter. How old is she? How ugly is she? Or he does not matter.

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The Shaitan is the third. The Shaitan will make her look the most beautiful woman on earth and will make him look the most

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A beautiful person on earth when they're alone

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and we set the formula last time. Don't ever say that she's like my sister, the only person that is like your sister is your sister

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hola Jaquan we are you know we take that issue of mixing very easy and until something bad happened to our family or our masjid or our this then we will say

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so my salon was right.

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It's very dangerous. Allah is putting it as stolen the Quran, who would think a woman she saw Yanni there is some automat said that she because what did he tell her the husband a creamy mitzvah. Maybe he would become like a son to us. She's like getting his mother.

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Right. Didn't he tell her either he will help us or honor

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or he become like a son. So he was like a son 20 something years in the house 20 something years, maybe he was running chores and doing things for the house and working. But still, for 20 something years someone's living with you to show you how the shaitan plots shaitan does not tell you go ahead and jump on a woman know step by step one is shaitan step by step text.

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Text then the text with a smiley face.

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Then a text with a red cheeks.

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Then maybe blowing a kiss. Then let's make that kiss raelia Shaitan could what steps he can waited 20 something years chicken by the way. Shaitan is extremely patient,

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extremely patient. He plots for 1015 2025 years. We all know the story of bruxism was discussed before he waited for such a long time to make an MC suit for him. He was the best tablet

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mixing yeah one be extremely careful about the mixing issue. When somebody visits you in their house, the woman go in one place the men go on another place and a lot of I mean they would have fun together and the men would have fun together looking at each other and this is how the shaytan comes through maybe a smile

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the sister maybe laughed a little bit and you like the laugh

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You don't know

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some sometimes because I am very nice guy and you are a very nice guy you think everybody is just like you pure thinking No, there are some sick people around us that they take any look Allah annum. So this Shara so beautiful to avoid any of this stuff.

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Then let's be a separation.

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Yeah, sure if you are extremist.

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Allah says in the Quran.

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Allah is talking to the best woman ever created. Which are the

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our mothers, the wives of the Prophet sallallahu Neilson he's talking to the best woman ever created. He said, when you talk to the best men ever created after the prophets, who are the Sahaba for Switzerland, speak to them from behind the hijab.

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at her, Allahu Akbar, you know, it's a very common name. What does that mean? That is more pure for you. He's talking to the purest woman ever, ever. And the purest men after the prophets said when you talk to each other, it's better to speak behind the hijab. Lama

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Allahu Akbar. So don't say that oh, shoot, he's very good people. We are all hamdulillah there are a lot of good people, but to cut the the source of any fitna, the source of any Shayateen let me just follow the Kitab and Sunnah and I feel secure and, and pleased. hamdulillah branding Allah here when there's no other way. There is no other way. Except this way. There's no other way. And this story is what what do we Why did I mention the story? No details what happened? What did she do? What was she wearing? We don't care. He did not mention any of that. But he wants to tell us this thing. No matter how old is a woman and no matter how he was so beautiful. And his salon. Right? He was the

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most beautiful.

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I don't know what

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is considered beautiful to you.

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I don't know.

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Maybe what I think is very ugly is gorgeous in your eyes. And what you think is gorgeous in your eyes, I think is very ugly. Allahu Allah. I don't know. So

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this is the first lesson second. Look at the situation of use of Alia Salam, look at the this is what we want to teach our men.

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Yusuf Ali Salam, how many things are going on? young very young.

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Men, beautiful, handsome, right? Not married single stranger. And if he did something wrong, who knows him nobody knows and no no family no son, no brother, no father, nobody in that area knows him alone with a woman with a locket and above the doors are all locked, sealed.

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Beautiful woman, his boss, all that stuff. If one of them happened to us, we will fall. A pretty woman, rich woman alone. Nobody's here. All of them gathered on Yusuf Ali Salaam and the first thing he said man is Allah Hola.

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Listen to this word, work a lot in Abu Lahab

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Allah subhanaw taala used to cut with a shudder

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because the word that is supposed to be used is anybody knows a little bit of luck, right?

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The Behala

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close the door as lick run laka

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extra locking.

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Maybe a bolt here. Double Lock here and not bad. A bribe? What does that mean? Doors the first door the second door the room door this door all the doors are closed. Everything is the plan is perfect. And the shaitan is sitting down and waiting for the furniture to take place. Every part of the scheme is

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We're called a hater luck.

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is not an Arabic word. Some of the automat said it's not an Arabic word. But the meaning of it is here you go. I'm ready.

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There was no

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temptation. Nothing she's ready. Yala. Let's go all the way.

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Go back. And remember, as men, you're in that situation. Everything is locked. The husband obviously is not there. Right? Beautiful woman. You haven't had any relationship you're a young man, stranger.

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All the atmosphere is ready.

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you can

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run away. Right? You can run away.

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This is something that we all do any the first thing that comes to our mind, call us any This is the most pious person amongst us here. What he would do is he would run away

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but there's something before that.

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Might Allah

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then you run away.

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Always, always seek Allah's help first, then do the action. Ask Allah first. Listen to this. Yeah Musa Allah subhanaw taala

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go to frown in who Tara

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Musa go to frown. He is a Toria he is a criminal. And usually if you and we all know how much Allah loves Musa alayhis salam he loves Musa

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usually is supposed to be a Musa Be careful frowns.

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Right surrounds a tyrant frown is very bad as even be careful. No, go to frown. He is the worst.

00:18:44 --> 00:18:45

Will frown say

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what did Musa alayhis salam say

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of this rally somebody was suddenly Emery

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melissani Kulkarni then he was similarly you seek the help of Allah first. Then you go ahead. So use of Peninsula young law come on. I'm ready for you. Go ahead. Do whatever you want. I'm all yours

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in rugby, send MF

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your fleet of on a moon

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now here I want to

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to think

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about something very important to you

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that when you are alone

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on your phone or

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on your laptop

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in the office.

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When you're alone, the doors are closed. Maybe

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It's dark parents are not home wife is not home

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and the shaitan comes to you and tells you hated luck

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so Tom comes and tell you here I am gonna

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go ahead, open that link.

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Click on that the lesson here

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the lesson here if this ever happens to you, man

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the main lesson

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because this is here a woman

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it could be in my situation in your situation

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bribe man Allah could be a bribe is 5000 Does that deal go through

00:20:59 --> 00:21:00

it could be

00:21:02 --> 00:21:03

a dirty thing on YouTube

00:21:07 --> 00:21:14

could be anything shaitan comes in all different forms. Hey Tell us when the shaitan tells you say Allah

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we are used to out of Allah here man of Allah is even stronger

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while your use of you that that now he said use I said in who rob be

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here the other man said rugby here. Rugby is one of to someone said he's saying

00:21:41 --> 00:21:48

how can I do this hola Robbie and here means Allah have to kill me for all these years all my life

00:21:50 --> 00:21:52

saved me from the weld and saved me from my brothers.

00:21:54 --> 00:21:58

How could I do something like this as a factory shop as a major sin.

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The other element which is the majority they said, No Rob be here. He's telling the woman man has Allah in no rugby and your husband. The father of the house is called herbal medicine. Right? The father you as a father you are the rub of the house in Arabic is called Rob. Right? Sure you sleeping bed by the smoke here. Still earlier.

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Rob means you're the Lord of the house. You're the man of the house. So here he is telling her Rob be your husband Rob of the house, cinema thrive. He took care of me all these years How can I do this to his wife. So some said that and some said the other room.

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Rub the asset number three. It took care of me for 20 something years and spoiled me and he told me that showed us how use of other use Rob did not forget that statement. At premium a thorough take care of him when he was a kid. When she when they picked him up from the well and they bought him. He told her a creamy Mithra take care of even his place where he rest. I take care of him really good care of him. Yusuf Ali Hassan did not forget that. That shows you when someone does something good to you. Don't ever forget that. Don't go there and backstab them when someone does good. If like they say in Arabic, if you see me with one I see you too.

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So use of did not forget that in the whole rob the asset and that's why

00:23:30 --> 00:23:40

my rob your husband, Rob of his house, he have treated me with utmost respect and it will be volume.

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In law, your flair, a valley Moon, the valley Moon will never be successful here. It could be that if he committed Zina docket volume and EFSA, he will have committed violence against himself. And if he committed Zina, he have committed also against a man who has been so kind and loving and caring to him. So it is done on both ways. So he did not do anything. And the next area, which is one of the area that

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many many many other Matt talked about the use of actually attempt Welaka the handmade be Warhammer via

00:24:25 --> 00:24:49

Lola robber Han Robbie, she has attempted to come to him and he has attempted to go to her if he did not see the delille the evidence from his Lord. What is that evidence that he really do something? This will be our topic keep you excited for next week in sha Allah Allah, Allah He. I was telling my my son I cannot believe that today's Thursday.

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Tomorrow's Friday.

00:24:53 --> 00:24:58

Have you ever seen days go by so fast? Yesterday? I was telling you brothers tomorrow July. Let's come to Fraser

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By year one this is the from the signs of accurate. How time is going by like, like crazy like crazy. It's Pamela. So when as usual tomorrow, Zuma, please come to Fraser and Gemma and make them out of salaat and Rasulullah sallallahu sallam, he asked us for this axial Mira salata Ali make a lot of salad on me on this night. This is a special night, make a lot of salad and Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam May Allah subhanaw taala accept from all of us. May Allah unite our hearts may Allah increase us an email, may Allah make our last deeds our best deeds and in Erbil Alameen wa salam ala Nabina Muhammad by early he'll remain Subhana Allah Mohammed Masha Allah in the

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