Addressing the False Accusations of Pedophilia

Hatem al-Haj


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The negative impact of pedophilia on people's perception of the church's actions is discussed, including the shift from mechanical birth to mechanical birth and the importance of certainty in the process. The speakers emphasize the need for young people to be informed about their history and give them time to change, avoiding giving them a simple report. They also touch on historical backstories of people coming to the Islam world and the importance of giving them time to change.

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Before I, because I promised people I will seek your permission and the permission of Twitter for me to just take five minutes to wrap up the issue of pedophilia that was raised yesterday because I don't like to leave any loose ends when you address some people don't just get it or not have this.

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I'm sorry, it just it causes me pain, the feeling that someone may have some balance in their heart, or someone may question the status of the practice on the lobbyists and the for the character of the Prophet sallallahu a sentiment or have the slightest, you know, concern about

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the conduct of the Prophet Coronavirus. And so

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way that we can eat a pie and the profit one could

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keep in mind, can I stay

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keep in mind that the Prophet stayed married to one woman who was 15 years senior from age 25, until age 50, and above any other woman, and then she died. That means what? You know, it just means something to you. You know, he waited until 25. To marry.

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uncommon, he married a woman that was 15 years his senior and stayed with her alone for 25 years, until

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now, the prophet was from the divinity of Christ, and he was not somebody who would not be able to marry you just sit at the side of life. That means he's got the mind to that after 30 divide, how will that impact in the life of our own came to the prophet SAW settlement and said to him, why don't you marry.

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And then he asked her, you know, whom should I marry? She said to him, if you want a big, then you marry that the daughter of the most beloved person you have a buck for if you want a previously married woman, then you can imagine some of the benefits on the purpose of someone ended up taking her advice and marrying both.

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But this is a 50 year old man. So to America are a shot, given the authentic reports that we have at age six can be constructed and wait for three years. This is someone who whose wife died. So to get contracted, and wait two or three years to consummate the marriage. This gives you what tells you something and then to marry.

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Who was someone that you would wait for? And someone who's pretty old, you know, you know, sounds pretty old.

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And not to marry someone like a 50 year old who wants to marry someone who's 25 you can approximate the marriage with her now, or 30 or something. And then it was suggested to him by follow that he said to her Okay, so talk to talk to somebody, how will I wait and talk to the honorable man the mother of

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equals present.

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Keep in mind that under a man says that the mother is

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already engaged.

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in mind, however, I think you already engaged she was engaged to today, they will not

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do it and then move on.

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She was already engaged, was available.

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And when I look back, the way to move on and ballet was not defined was not a Muslim, came back. And you know,

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he basically confessed to that. It was not appropriate to show off to devalue, who was not Muslim edified and felt through this country discomfort in breaking his promise for

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engagement. Then

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no one else could. I said Look, he's married, marrying with us this year. And then the cancellations happened

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later and no one of their who said Look, he is fascinating with Vickery despite the fact that he said, Look, look, look, look every time he did something, they said look what

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What's happening, and I'm going to be married clean up. And he just said,

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He's not a good the previous life, obviously.

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So but he did not because it was pretty established. And we talked yesterday about the age of marriage and one safety and 14 in Indiana State being at a minimum wage to consensual sex in California in 1800, being 20 years at the change in cultures,

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across five different times, and across different places, even different states. And we talked about puberty and outskirts, you know, hey, 10 x by 14 on the marquee ends by 16. We talked about their age, and we talked about how an eight year old could be, you know, stronger than a 14 year old and heavier and so on. Keep in mind that I'm Shane particular, there is a report in Bahati from Amazon, the bottom line, that I wish I was carrying the water skin in the back of the book of the year after consultation with the province over one year. The Battle of often happened in the third year after major transformation happened in the second year after one year, she was saying the water is seen on

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her back running around pouring water in, in the in the mouth of the

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Muslims, can you carry on my skin and run with you as a man, you don't mind if I carry a water seal or not be able to walk with it. So she was mature enough to be able to do this just one year for the transformation of the marriage.

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There are many other points that that you could stop at. However, this is the one thing that I wanted to tell you.

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And I know that many of you will not agree with me. But this is if you can tear up your head around this hobbies. This hobby according to the majority of the scholars, except for a few scholars, a few notable scholars such as Katarina, such an unknown thing. Yeah, well, it's said that the heavies have already pointed them behind most of them on a clock It is simple, meaning that they are safe in their transmission. But for the vast majority of those Saudis, that are hobbyists, the simpler reports the singular reports are sticking with the regular presentation. So someone who read who came to Islam through certainty should not use it on the basis of doubt or suspicion, meaning what

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how did you arrive here through certainty

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that there has to be young, who created this and God has to have communicated the message in throughout the process. The last Coronavirus says to the leaders, sector Mohamed Salah loja Sunday, say for the disbelievers contact will be

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available in Cancun Southern Come come up with a book from a law that is more guidance than them before and the parameters are the following.

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So there is not and then will you indicated before and the Torah you will find, particularly this issue in particular the other issues that we addressed yesterday, like multiple marriages, you'll find no differences

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between the poor and the Bible. So you can hear it's true certainty. One thing that I report if you can't top of your head around this, and you accept this level as a value, if you let him accept this, without accepting this one of these, I would call him a feather meaning innovator. I'm sorry, I have to do this. Why because he is sort of creating a hole in the sun out in the son of a profit center, creating a whole infrastructure in the foundation of the structure of it. Because the center has to be protected as a body, the entire Center has to be protected as a body. Without that you wouldn't ever be able you will never know how to pay for medical bills or how to do anything. There

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is no nothing about the port records in the port.

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So you will never be able to do anything. So if you attempt to discredit one singular record, that is that came through the collection with a Muslim, then that is agreed dangerous.

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But at the end of the day, we're also saying that bc forests were a foreclosed by a few people in every layer of the change America in the Americas, there is a logical possibility that's one of them Earth. There is a logical possibility that one of them are

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there are those people who are trying to come up with a fourth term

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historical reports about the age of them is dependent upon some someone married her, compared to the age of this man compared to the ages compliment. You know, there are some reports that sort of a common was revealed, because those are not established reports and they do not sort of meet up the Hadith in Bukhari and Muslim by, by any means, according to the scholars of Islam. But from a historical perspective, what are you addressing other Muslims who want to address skeptics historically?

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Alright, so many have been historically, based on these two forms. There are of course, as Matt was saying, US law is just senior and that was 27. When I say 90 of the conference on the low, some of them based on the fact that it's used by in the media 73, after major and the historian of academia tonight of age 100. So if he was 27 on the sheet, when the Prophet marry the Irish and she was alive, so she was 10 years is just senior. There are other reports of all I should say, that's one of the primer was revealed when I was a young child in Mecca, and read their articles in custody, who said that sort of a primer was revealed in the year after five after hedger. So from a

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historical perspective, historical perspective, those people who cannot come to terms particularly people that are coming into a smell, and you know, the profit accepted sort of lucky food.

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But because as the prime on what you're inviting people to slam, your inquiry in, particularly led to La ilaha illAllah, Muhammad Rasul Allah, do not let an issue like this get in the way. We know what we teach when we teach orthodoxy. But leave the crack open the door, to tell the people that you accept Islam, because of the certainty the necessity, that to believe in Islam, in the presence of God that is disappeared in the presence of messengers that Mississippi that you know, but after studying the seven comparing it to other religions accepted as the one true religion that actually came down from God. Do not let one simple report stand in the way of your conversion to a smell.

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Except this time, we're going to talk about the 10 if you accepted this lab and continued cannot access the best one singular report, according to the vast majority of the sellers, you will be better off not gaffer, which is a much better place to the second book.