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Hasan Ali
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hamdulillahi Rabbil alameen wa salatu salam ala nabina Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi wa

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salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.

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Are all the winner him in a shape on the screen here?

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musta left

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Nikita in a bad image,

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man, Rooney masala foofy human and how to be in La Jolla de Mang

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the knowledge

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by the respected brothers, my respective sisters, we're also listening to this.

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May Allah subhanaw taala, bless us come to the masjid. May Allah make it an effort, that we are sincerely trying to get close to the truth, to Allah to His Messenger, to the deen and not to influence or allow things to influence our own thoughts and ideas to begin with. All of us have been born as Muslims, and listen to this most, most likely most of the people who are listening, you know, listen to this talk, you've been born in a Muslim, perhaps there are a few individuals who are still trying to make their, you know, ideas about Islam, and they listen to this, but most of us have been born Muslims

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being born a Muslim.

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You may have been born a Muslim, that's fine. But you've been born in a particular household. And being born in a particular household, your parents, my parents, they come from certain backgrounds, certain countries, and they have got certain influences and ideas. Right? within the religion. We're not talking about ideas and things of cultural baggage and so on. We're talking about within the religion that because they are already in different sects. Do you agree with me or not? You agree with me right? Now, as I've been brought up, you've been brought up, we've come across a lot of stages of life. Number one is our parents, the most influential people that we've got in our lives.

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Number two, is our you know, our neighborhood, our close people to our parents, uncles, aunties, grandfathers, grandmothers, and so on, they're very influential, they have a very big impact on our lives. In fact, they have the impact on our life, when we can't even distinguish between right and wrong.

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Very important point I'm bringing up right, five years of our life, when you can't even think what's on you know where you are, these people are already teaching you what you're supposed to be doing, not doing who you supposed to be friend and not defend, and so on. Okay, then we come to the mother, so life in the mother's life, depending on what must have gone to depending on what a man has taught you, they will also have a bearing on your understanding. Right? That's going to be the second massive impact. And they say there's three types of people. There's a type of person that you give him.

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No evidence, he'll accept everything. There's another type of person, you tell him something, he won't accept it until you give him the evidence. And there's a third type of person, you tell him something, he doesn't accept it, you give him the evidence, and he still doesn't accept it. All right. The first one who accepts you're saying without evidence is the child.

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Without doubt, we can all agree to that. The child will accept whatever you say, in terms, especially in terms of religion, you teach him something, he just gonna just gonna say, Okay, fine. I'll just do it. You know, you say this is the right way. He'll say that's it. That's the right way. There's no and there shouldn't be no confusion with children, you know, in terms of this dancer. But anyway, second type of person is the young star, the teenager, the one who's in mid age. Yeah. All these different categories? No, basically, I'm talking to you guys. Right? When you give them the evidence, then they'll accept it. You don't give no evidence they can say contact them. Right. The

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third of a person who doesn't even accept the after giving the evidence is our Yeah, no offense to anyone who's at that age, but our churches, some of our uncle's, some of our uncles, they get to a certain age doesn't matter what evidence you give them. They say, you know, 14th centuries, my whole granddad my great grandfather's. All of you have been hearing this. We never had this kind of harness. All right, so you take it back.

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So you've got these two people. Now what we were really concerned about is the is the middle one.

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Because the middle one is if given the correct evidence, they will accept whatever, you know, we've got to offer them. Now, as we move forward,

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what I don't want you to do by listening to this is to sit

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in one place and expect me to reach your conclusion. That's going to be the biggest disservice this service you can do to me, and to any other person who's going to cover this topic. If you're going to come to this lecture, and you're listening, because you want to know how Right you are,

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then that's going to be a big trouble for me, is icon. I seriously can't satisfy everyone. I can't say you're right. You're right. You're right. You're right. You're right, everyone's right. And at the day, you will be spitting back at me saying that you're wrong. How can we all be right? Right. So first thing is you've got to first move your prejudice away, you got to set aside what you would have set aside is what you what you got, by the age of 10, by the age of 12, by the age of 14, whether it's at home, whether it's at the madrasa, whatever you got, you've got to first put that aside, and listen to me with the clear air, you've got to give me a chance to try and say and not

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just me, myself, and I speaking to you, it's whatever I say from the Quran and the Sunnah. And you've got to basically have a clear mind and listen to this, you can't, you cannot put another shapes quotation, another factor in front of you, another culture in front of you another, you know, this parents and that thing, and that all in front of me and say, but you're wrong, you can't do that. That's injustice, that's injustice to knowledge. Okay, we've got to go back to the original authority of Satan. Also lots of awesome, and I'm telling you, by the time I finished, by the time I'm finished, there's going to be some of you perhaps many of you going to some, basically,

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everyone's going to have something saying scratching your head saying, hmm, but I never believed in that before. How can he say that to me? And how can he have the same skin color as me and talk like that? Yeah. Or how can he be from my background and talk like that? or How can he do this and come this mustard and say that you know, ally Avila did say to Brother texture, because well you better come console, Milena Mufti sadruddin sub, right that I'm going to be talking about this. And if he's okay with it, I'll talk about it. Because the issue is not a light issue. You've got to go into groups, you've got to talk about their history, you've got to talk about where they come from, who's

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right, who's wrong, and so on, is not an easy issue to deal with. Right? And I'm just going to, you know, deal with this straight up. And I'll be I'll be honest with you, in my upbringing, you know, you might ask me, What have I done? I'm probably already influenced by my parents, right? See, you guys are cleverly influenced by my parents and influenced by my movies. And he beat me up and taught me a few things when I forget.

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Actually, what I haven't forgotten for me, he's his beats. Alright. But there's been there's been a, you know, an advanced, you know, stage in my life where I've always been open minded to the best of my ability.

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With the Quran with the Sunnah I've done my best to keep my mind open. I've challenged my teachers,

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I challenge them several times over and over again, there's a time in my studies when I was a bit too young to challenge them, and I got the day looks

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you know, hasn't got any manners, what he speak about them. But there's a time when you go through that phase when they don't give you respect what you say. But I already made my mind up, that the truth cannot be what I'm seeing here. And then I went on towards my thoughts. And when you get a bit more mature, then they take you a bit more seriously the same things the same, the same things the same to different teachers. But then you get a bit more mature, they take you a bit more seriously. And then as I've been going along, I've been challenging my own views, with several different interviews that are out there. Because what you end up realizing is I'll be honest with you, one of

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my teachers said a wonderful thing once he said, whatever you do in life, he said don't become the frog in the world.

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We said, you know, what is the frog in the world. So he said, the frog in the well is a frog who's lived all his life comfortably in one well, where he the waters in that well have come up to you know, he's just his arms and he's comfortable, small, tiny, shiny legs. Right? And he's sitting there, just you know, living off a few things that in this little world right at the bottom.

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One day, there's a bit of a tsunami. What happens is that this tsunami hits a big tidal wave and it throws a frog from the ocean into this well

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and he lands right into the well. Okay, that little tide is gone. And now that frog lands inside. So the frog of the well says

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Cuz I a guy, right? Yeah. Where are you from? Danny? says, me. Me from ocean

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you from the ocean? What is the ocean? Tell me ocean ocean is water water

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it took him out here? Oh can you tell me? Is it this much war and the frog of the well he basically he just throws a small little you know part of the well the guy says no no no much more water than that law that says he really he is it this much it was half of the world. Yeah. And the fog of the world is is this multiple places? No no no no plenty more water plenty more. So it's okay. Okay it's in Giza

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and it basically goes a whole circle the whole world

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the whole world yeah says this much more.

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No, no, you must you must know this much. Plenty more What? What do you talk about?

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So then the frog, the frog of the world says, isn't he? You cracked me cracked? You got no Hollywood took them? If there's any in the whole of the world, then this is

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just for you.

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There's no more than that. Right? So his told him. You know he's communist. And he told me he got to do this. Now we know who's right. Who's right.

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Who's right? Come on guy. Don't tell me you don't know the answer to that one.

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Who's right? The frog of the ocean? That's good. No one said Well, alright. So from the ocean. He's right. Because what is he with the frog of the ocean? I said he's seen that water. He's lived in that war I he seen the amount he knows what he's talking about. But will he be able to explain to the frog of the well? No, why not? Because the frog of the world has only seen that much water in his entire life. There is no more water he's seen no matter how much you give him. He will not take it. Now what I'm asking you to do. My teachers told us the same thing, Rahim Allah, may Allah bless him. He said, he said, Whatever you do, said whatever you do, don't become the frog. And well

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meaning that if you've got this much knowledge, or knowledge, don't think you've got everything right. And then the man comes to you, and he's got more knowledge than you and he can output it to you and he give it to you. Just when you see the knowledge, just trust it. Don't just deny because you haven't seen that in your life. Right? So I'm asking for us to get rid of our own prejudice and go ahead. So getting down to the point. The first and foremost thing that we have to get to is the principles of the Quran. The most important then we have to come to the principles of the sinner. The principle of the Quran, from the principle of Quran is very clear. But Allah says in the Holy

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Quran, okay. Allah says that he has created mankind to differ with one another. This is in the Holy Quran. In Surah houde 11 surah. right near the end, one page before you reach the end, you will see that verse Valley Valley Kahala whom Allah created men and women and human beings to differ. Basically, Allah is trying to tell us, he clearly said Well, I will follow sha Allah, if Allah willed ledger, Allah NASA matten wahiduddin Allah would have made the entire population of human beings one big nation. We've all been, you know, Earthlings, right? We've all been worldlings whatever name you want to give us. No country, no barrier, no different colors, no different tastes,

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no pizzas and ladoos right. So just one nation that cooked the same thing claimed the same way and everything else. All right. Allah said if I wanted to, I could have done that. I must know my idea was not that my idea was I'm going to make differences within people so that they may differ. Okay, that's one principle.

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Second thing Allah says now Lupron is

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one man Eileen in wama alayka lol Bella, various is Allah said this various acts of Allah SuperSU la sala that oh Prophet, your message or or listener or reader of the Quran, Your duty is only to convey a clear message.

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What does that mean? That means that not everyone will accept the message very clear. Many places Look what I look like in axon see life. Most people will not deeply comprehend this. Well, I can axon mercy law you know, most people will not believe in this. Well I can act on it like most people will not know this or do not know this.

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So this is quite clear in the Quran. Third thing

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Allah said in the Holy Quran you will find this

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at the end of Surah Al Islami sajida

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just pass

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some water.

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Okay Allah said no to Quran

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surah Allah.

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This is the

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30 seconds of the whole Quran

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in Arabic is Filipino

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and you said is very pleasing Allah Quran

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YOLO is the one that will decide between them on the Day of Judgment.

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Basically, many of the differences we have today

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will not be sorted out today, we will have to wait until

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we'll have to wait until the day of judgment for these to be sorted out. That is very clear and all around you cannot disagree with this.

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Some people think

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that they can eliminate every laugh in the world.

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I am telling you from the history we've got, this is not going to happen. Please don't make it your mission, that your only mission is to make everyone agree to the same thing. It is not going to happen.

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It's clear cut from the Quran. There's another part in the Quran

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in surah, October, again, right near the end, there's one page before the end.

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You will find Allah says that

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if one party of the believers

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in one party of the believers goes in one direction.

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Follow the anaphora kulu fellow countrymen home parties if

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you have COVID D if one party of the believers goes to learn the religion of Allah. Allah says another party should go out and do another action of defending the oma

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Why? Allah said clean shaven so that both may benefit one another. Those who learn the deen they will benefit the ones who went out and defended the deen they didn't have time to learn the deen they went out and struggled in analyst pathway they came back they will learn from those who sat in the city and they learnt or an and sooner those who went out benefited from going out they seen a lot of things that a man is really high a strong a with their lives. When they come back, they should benefit the people who are still in the city is very clear in the Quran. Allah has made this oma specifically this oma will have differences of opinions. Mark my words done 14 centuries, we

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have not been able to set too many of these differences. Another 14 centuries might come and we still might not have settled the differences. Yes, when he sallallahu Sallam comes,

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there's going to be a difference when it comes back the difference but who knows how long we've got to learn.

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And please don't believe in all this literature and all these gossip going around mad is born. He said lesson was coming. You know kiama is here. Just don't believe in it. Right?

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Don't believe in because I've been hearing it for 20 years.

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I don't know how long it's gonna take for him to grow up.

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According to these people. Yeah, he's to me he's not born yet. Right? insha Allah is born we'll find out. We don't have to hear the heavy things that you hear of him being born and then you wait for another 10 years till he comes out. The Hadith says clearly that the that the people around the Kaaba will find him when the time comes below. Alright, so don't worry about that.

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So come back to the issue. These are strength principles are laying down

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if you go to

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If you look in the Quran, the Quran provides many different angles.

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The Quran is a source of many different rich aspects. Number one, the Quran gives us aqidah gives us beliefs. Number two, the Quran gives us a bad how to worship.

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Right? Number three,

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the Quran tells us about social life. Number four, the Quran tells us about domestic social life and tells about transactional life, or financial life. That's number four. Number five, the Quran talks about our clock, and our good character. Number six, the Quran talks about politics.

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If you disagree with me, on these points, you will not remain a believer anymore. The fact that Quran discusses these six aspects, if you disagree with me on that you will not remain a believer because this is

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true or not. Okay, the Quran says all of this. So when you hear brothers saying that there's no politics in Islam, you better warn them and tell them, my friend, you are misled, because the Quran talks clearly about, you know, we might not say the word politics, but he's got the whole concept of politics inside in various parts. Right? When I said o'clock, good character, good morals. Within that there's a whole aspect of the vehicle.

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vehicle, and you cannot, as a believer, deny that fact that Allah is mentioning again, and again and again and again that you remember him. In fact, the last in Surah 230, third surah

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in the 14th, verse 41st, around that verse, Allah says, Yeah, you love enamels, Kula have the Quran kathira Oh, you who believe. remember Allah bring him in your mind, plenty and more abundantly. Now, here in this verse. Those of you who study Arabic will know kuruma is a program is a command of Allah. Then Allah said the Quran, which is my alma block, which is for emphasis that Allah has used the word caphyon which means plenty more, which is for extra emphasis. It's almost like a law sell. You remember me frequently and abundantly. Now if somebody says that people who are constantly doing wicked, wicked wicked have a lot

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they lost a bit.

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You misled you misled from the very basic of this ayah you misled because this is a fundamental part of the Quran or whatever is in the Quran, there is no afterlife.

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Now there's two aspects to this. You will find certain words of the Quran that are clear cut like this is a two is clear cut. There's no you can't say well, Vikram kathira might mean victron Kathy Ron, at one moment, so that moment you do different cutting for that one little mom the rest of your day, you don't have to do it.

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Often that's what it means you you give me what you want my friend. I'm gonna throw it back on your head. It's quite as clear cut. There's no trust me. There are certain other words in the Koran. There's difference of opinion, you can tell because the word is not clear. The word has got dubious meaning you can have a fillip, you can have a difference of opinion, Linda, we'll come to that in a bit. So I talked about CSR politics. I talked about a club and in that I'm talking about liquor, a lot of liquor as we mentioned in a spiritual development.

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And again, with the word of spirituality, very clear in the Quran, Allah said about peschiera the word escapes in the Quran, that you spiritually cleanse yourself in Surah miniboone 23rd surah verse number three, will Lavina who Liza catify Luna verse number four well Lavina whom Liza catified those who are constantly doing to Ischia, this ayah is not talking about giving the car it can be because the car was ordained in Medina and this it was revealed in Makkah, by unanimously by all the scholars, you can't say that this is talking about giving Zakat, this is talking about spiritual cleanliness. Look up the trustees, you'll find that the clear cut of spiritually cleared cleaning

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oneself from the dead, of, you know, jealousy, from malice from hatred, and so on so forth, is it's a part of the politics. Moosa and Farah have been mentioned was Allah Islam And Pharaoh had mentioned 137 places in the Quran.

00:24:52 --> 00:24:55

Each time Allah mentions and this is a political situation.

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If you have to look deep into it.

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You have to

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See how they talk to one another? Just give you one example. Right? Musa alayhis salam comes to Iran and he says Ron release my news Dr. Ron says ha ha

00:25:13 --> 00:25:14

whoo you

00:25:16 --> 00:25:18

I fed you all my life.

00:25:19 --> 00:25:23

I figure to your 20s you run away from the can you kill someone

00:25:25 --> 00:25:25


00:25:27 --> 00:25:34

politics man was a massive politician. I'm telling you, you know Calvin's Polish in today he was around.

00:25:35 --> 00:25:40

He knocked him out two ways with his words and with his with his men as well.

00:25:42 --> 00:25:46

But it was a bit polished but musala Allah gave him politics as well to play back.

00:25:48 --> 00:25:51

masala Sam said clearly, this is in Surah Al

00:25:52 --> 00:26:18

Furqan Surah Surah surah 26 surah we'll find you on the second second pages about the 25th verse or something you'll find around there musasa clearly said sorry, you fed me. Oh, where did you get the money from? But you fed me? Oh, you took it from the blue soil my people you make them slaves? You take money from them and you feed me right? I second thing is

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00:26:21 --> 00:26:21


00:26:24 --> 00:26:31

was his God you talk about them? He cut the cut the column he cut the speech? Why don't do that? Because he was stuck.

00:26:32 --> 00:26:34

What? Tell him what till can Yamato

00:26:35 --> 00:26:37

tamanu Holly, and I bet

00:26:38 --> 00:26:49

you enslave a nation. You make them slaves. You take money you make me sweat. And then you take money from them. You feed me and you tell me that that is your favor. What can I say when you're talking about

00:26:51 --> 00:27:01

nice talk. It's like it today same thing. You know, big countries go around say you know we give big debts. This country needs big debts. Did you come back?

00:27:03 --> 00:27:46

Come back. Come back. You know why you come back? Because 300 years ago, you take the whole of the African nation you make them slaves. 20 million die on just the route to America. 20 million the biggest Holocaust. One of the biggest Holocaust has many Holocaust, right? I'm not denying the Holocaust. Right, my friends I'm not denying it right. There's many Holocaust right? There's one that happened in 1945 before that's fine I'm not denying that. But there's a bigger one which we should also remember 20 million died just on the route from Africa to america that's died because they were sick This is through monster ships. And then when you slave them you make apartheid in in

00:27:46 --> 00:27:59

the country in America until you can't take it anymore. And the and the black man so called the black man novel and valic gets he becomes equal to you as a human being or no problem.

00:28:00 --> 00:28:01

What do you do now?

00:28:02 --> 00:28:15

Then use you can do favors on the African nation that is that is to me scumbag politics, right? The same happens to many of these other nations right? you rip a nation from what you have the newfound freedom forget about don't go too deep in this.

00:28:17 --> 00:28:36

You look into this, you will find politics in the US to number three. You look at dealings, it's very clear in the kohala, Carnival Lavina and Saku when they spend they do this and so on. I don't have to go into that. Right. The Banda is quite clear in the Holy Quran not but the problem is here. This is a problem. Allah says mahalo from Hakim Salah.

00:28:38 --> 00:29:02

You establish your prayers. But Allah does not say in the for an Lift your hands up here. Put them on your belly or on your chest or on your sides. Allah doesn't say that. Allah doesn't say how to do the ruku Allah doesn't say how to do sushi. No, he just says to Roku to suit stand up for me to this acupressure. That's all Allah says.

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Now, this is where the difference comes. We as Muslims have got no difference of opinion in the prayer itself. true or not? Even Muslim now says if a Muslim says that I don't believe that it is forced on me to pray. If a Muslim says that that Muslim unanimously by all the scholars has lost his faith,

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but if a Muslim does not pray, because he's lazy, the Muslim believes deep inside him that he must pray. The Muslim knows he must pray but the Muslim says not so. Later on inshallah. inshallah.

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If a Muslim does that and he plays games with you to try and avoid his Salah, or try and give you excuses, but he knows deep inside him, that he must play a sport. He knows it's fun. That is a still a Muslim, though he's a sinner. He's a Muslim. You have to accept that that's unanimously agreed by

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But this causes a bit of a bit of difference with one of the

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statements from Imam Ahmed Hamblen this, but generally the oma agrees that this person is Muslim.

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Okay? When it comes to aqidah this is where we really start splitting the hair. Oh my god, man, the guy can't, you know if you could split an atom and an atom of an atom, you can track it and that's what he's done. Right?

00:30:26 --> 00:30:34

The athlete of the Quran is very simple, straightforward. And if you stick to that, just stick to the Akita, of the Quran.

00:30:36 --> 00:30:59

There is no scholar on this earth who can challenge me on this matter, that if you as a simple believer, look at the Quran, and you read the Quran, or whatever Allah discusses aqidah, you just believe it. As you see, there is no scholar in the whole world. And I challenge you this no score in the whole world who can turn around and say that you will not go to Jannah

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there is no scholar to solve.

00:31:03 --> 00:31:47

The problem comes when you go beyond that the older problems come when you go into the sooner when you go into the sources that are not, you know, that are not clear cut in its meaning, clear cut in the words or there's room for disagreement. That's where the problem comes. For example, the person reads the Quran, in Allah Allah. Allah has power of everything. He just believes in Allah power over everything. He doesn't go into any detail how Allah has power. Now alotau finished. All who Allahu Ahad say Allah is one that guy says, I'm an biller. I believe allies one, that's the guy you don't ask him and he doesn't need to explain to you how allies one how he's not to how he's not half,

00:31:47 --> 00:32:33

right? how his you know, cash be, and you know, how are you going to get this sefa of Allah, this characteristic of Allah was actually to Allah and do you believe in this, we and this Listen, the guy simple guy, he says, was he here, I believe. And the second part of the Quran, Allah complex, not straightforward, Allah says, In surah, Allah Ron, beginning of Surah holimont about the fourth verse, you'll find Allah says that I've given you two different types of ads in the Quran, who will levy and Allah Allah Calcutta meaning who is committed who not Makita Barbuda shabbiha I've given you certain verses in this whole put under a straight forward and I've given you serve as a hologram

00:32:33 --> 00:33:20

para GB so they have, they have a meaning that is not so clear cut. So Allah said after that, for a melody in a fee kulu be him. They will pay your own amateur shabba Minho, DE LA Fitness, Ravi wama Yamamoto Mila, who Allah, Allah says, there are certain verses here that have this nature of having two kinds of meanings. And Allah says those who have an eight crookedness in their heart, they start to go into these matters and start looking into that now if you're a symbol believe and you tell me whatever seen the Quran is, believe it, you know, I will believe it and whatever, whatever I can understand or leave it. You are a believer, right? The problem comes when people start taking guns

00:33:20 --> 00:33:22

up. I've seen the guns

00:33:24 --> 00:33:26

machine guns until I gotta go

00:33:28 --> 00:33:28

in a lot

00:33:31 --> 00:33:32

of ways a lot

00:33:33 --> 00:33:34

Quick, quick

00:33:36 --> 00:33:39

10 seconds quick before I before I take care of it, Kevin Kevin.

00:33:42 --> 00:33:43

The gun of tequila

00:33:45 --> 00:33:47

I mean, it's such a such a cheap gun.

00:33:48 --> 00:33:59

Why doesn't realize why doesn't realize the guy who's holding this cheap takfiri gun is rasulillah said such a thing backfires.

00:34:01 --> 00:34:09

So someone said clearly Buhari now had this Buhari, whosoever will label another person as a captain.

00:34:11 --> 00:34:18

And if that person who he has labeled is not a cafe, then that statement and that's what we'll come back and follow on to him.

00:34:20 --> 00:34:24

So you go in cafe cafe, and you don't realize issue in this way.

00:34:27 --> 00:34:53

You got to be careful, you can't just go and do tequila on people is clear. The olema have said if you find a person with 99 signs of Kufa 99 signs of disbelief and one sign that he may be a believer. Then you've got to give you got to allow that space to still not judge him as a cafe. Gotta be careful.

00:34:54 --> 00:34:59

You gotta you gotta leave it to the most learning people to do new Congo and and start calling him COVID you

00:35:00 --> 00:35:04

Such a massive matter, because you could end up as a coffee

00:35:05 --> 00:35:09

from the source of the fatwa it's not my chef fatwa, his chef

00:35:11 --> 00:35:49

saying this, you better be careful in what you're doing here. And the matter is not simple. Yes, I do understand. If there's something fundamental someone denies and I'm going to come to that in this talk, something fundamental one denies, then a person may lose the faith and lose the deal. Right, but if not the new one Now, let's talk about how this all works. aqidah there's a simple part of aqeedah there's an Akita is clear cut, there's no doubt in then there's an Aki that that there is a little bit of, you know, might be a little bit of interpretation difficult in that, then there's another part of Aki, that that there's a room for a lot of debate, you've got to be very clear which

00:35:49 --> 00:35:53

one you're talking about. And this is where a lot of the extra laugh a lot of the differences come. For example,

00:35:54 --> 00:35:58

if somebody says, if somebody says to you, right,

00:36:00 --> 00:36:05

Muslims have no Zakah Will you call him a menorah? Coffee?

00:36:07 --> 00:36:31

He's like, God, save an avocado on his time. Exactly. Same thing happened. Right? And this is this is where we understand the difference, right? You can't just go on to talk feed but if it's a fundamental part of the thing is very clear cut, everyone will say No way. This part is part of Islam. If you don't have this, you don't have no Islam. What happened when Rasulullah saw son passed away, say that

00:36:32 --> 00:37:18

Abu Bakr Allah was faced with a dilemma with the Muslims the dilemma was one that there is no salah and his army, all of them. This the denying the giving of Zakah simply not gonna give us a car. We'll be here we're not gonna give you the car the whole time, including Armando hapa. Golan, including Horace Mann not far include including Alia of the alarm, they all said unanimously, that we cannot reach rage war against these people because they give the event because they pray like we pray. They read Quran like we will say Guna Abubakar said, even if they don't give me the place of a whip, but much of the car, even if they don't give me that much of Zakat, I will still wage war

00:37:18 --> 00:37:40

against these people. And Allah gave him the farm, Allah gave him the deep understanding. And in the end, they all agreed with him and they went out on a war against the people. Why? Because this was a fundamental part of the religion without which the religion will collapse. What are the fundamentals? The fundamentals are very clear. You believe in Allah. If any moment anyone starts

00:37:41 --> 00:38:22

discrediting Allah, or adding something to Allah that He doesn't have, you will not have faith anymore. For example, somebody says, Now we will have to quote this for the sake of quoting, if somebody says that God doesn't have you know, God can't do this. God can't do that. God can't do this. Somebody says that. They can't, they won't have room for failure. If somebody says that, you know, there are other gods besides a lot. Now, if somebody says that they won't have a clear cut is a fundamental thing. I want to be like, Mama, if somebody denies the angels clear in the Quran, you will not be believe anymore. If somebody denies the kick, any key tab that allows revealed somebody

00:38:22 --> 00:38:54

denies even the Torah, as originally the original total login to musallam that that was not part of Allah revelation, they will not be a believer. If somebody denies even an idea or half an idea of the Quran. They will not be a believer at the same time. If somebody adds something to it. Somebody says they know what the Quran Yes, this is what I'm 30 Jews, but there's more Jews of the Quran that's missing. If they say that clear cut to you, if they express that that person cannot remain a believer.

00:38:56 --> 00:39:41

You can't add or subtract from these things. Billahi min melodica t wakatobi hora de if somebody says that the messenger Mohammed Salah Salaam, you know, a one of the messages in the past that have been clearly mentioned in the Quran. They are not they weren't a messenger, they will not really believe in somebody as a messenger and says, Ghulam Ahmed qadiani was a prophet from buggy Stan. And he was nows bla You know, he says on whatever the catch much they say, right? Whatever they say, if somebody does not there is no room for you in Islam because you've added part or to a fundamental part of the religion. Do you understand that? That's why we say Guardian is not Muslim.

00:39:42 --> 00:39:54

Guardian is a non Muslim and anyone else, whatever for whatever sake, right, if another person comes and claims Prophethood Is there gonna be no room for them in Islam is the fundamental of the faith. If somebody be like, What do you mean?

00:39:56 --> 00:40:00

If somebody says that on the day of just they didn't have part of the

00:40:00 --> 00:40:01

fundamental part of the Day of Judgment.

00:40:04 --> 00:40:05

For example, they deny

00:40:06 --> 00:40:16

resurrection, they deny standing in front of Allah. And he said that counting, that person will not have any space in Islam.

00:40:20 --> 00:40:26

Allah's fate, whatever he's written, you cannot deny it, it's there. Right? You can't deny that otherwise you will lose faith.

00:40:31 --> 00:40:49

However, in all these things, there's another outer circle, this is the most inner circle, this is the code. This is the fundamental whenever you deny that you are not a Muslim, but there's things outside that, that there's they they are not so clear as this, for example.

00:40:51 --> 00:41:00

In this harvest time, this hierarchy the formed after Azusa law, Solomon passed away, the Sahaba were left with

00:41:01 --> 00:41:13

the legacy of the prophecy. The last man they had to deal with the new coming people from some of these new people from the mortars, ILA from the hawala zone, some people start to bring new interpretations to the dean.

00:41:14 --> 00:41:17

One of the things they brought was, they said

00:41:18 --> 00:41:21

that there is no punishment in the grave.

00:41:23 --> 00:41:34

There is no punishment. And the great these people in the mortars in the very early promoters elections, very early people, they legit, they made the whole deem logical. And they said, there's no

00:41:36 --> 00:41:38

there's no punishment, right, they also denied.

00:41:40 --> 00:41:48

They denied the Prophet sallallahu wasallam going to marriage. They said, The Prophet did not go to the heavens and come back with his body, they denied that

00:41:49 --> 00:41:50

they also denied.

00:41:53 --> 00:41:56

They also denied seeing a lot on the Day of Judgment.

00:41:58 --> 00:41:58

They denied that

00:42:00 --> 00:42:01

they also denied

00:42:02 --> 00:42:06

how the scales are going to be weighed on the Day of Judgment. Because they said

00:42:08 --> 00:42:08


00:42:10 --> 00:42:33

they said regarding Allah, Allah, they said, You Allah is not in one, one, you know, direction. So how can you see Allah? They know that they still scares? How can the scales weigh something that you know your arm and your actions don't have any weight? They are things you've done. So therefore, they denied the scales and density. And they denied quite a few things like this. What the Sahaba did here was a very, very important thing.

00:42:35 --> 00:43:14

Instead of the Sahaba, saying, we're going to rage war against these people, like they did with the zakka issue. The Sahaba took a different stance, and this is very important for us to understand. Because this wasn't something clear, clear cut the Quran in 700 place it says 700 places says, What Zakah gives aka so many different reasons why you will find it says add to soccer gives a cow is a cow gives a council that is very clear, even if he said he wants is very clear. So that what Reggie Walker with these issues, what did they do? They took a different stance, they said

00:43:15 --> 00:43:46

whosoever does not believe in the punishment of the grave, Whosoever doesn't believe in that is not from us. What they didn't do is say that that person is a Catholic. Let's see the difference here. They're trying to what they're trying to now do is trying to say that if you want to be on the Serato, Mr. Team, if you want to be on the straight path, if you want to be on the most core part of the team, you better just believe in how we believe in and that's it, because the Quran has said

00:43:47 --> 00:44:04

in Surah Baqarah right near the end of the first Jews find a man who will be with Lima I meant to be he forgot, he said Oh, if they believe as you have believed as Sahaba that they will be guided if they believe as your Eman is now a scale for everyone else to compare it with. So that's about the Sahaba

00:44:06 --> 00:44:32

with regarding all these different aspects, they said, We believe in this that's it we as Muslims, we believe in this and whoever doesn't believe in this they're not from us not saying that they have copies of not they're just not from us. There are statements like this made later on the Muslims had to then codify this into make it making it into it the books. So they wrote clear cut will not mean will be available. For example in Java as to how we

00:44:33 --> 00:44:56

write and how we who is who has written his famous book on aqidah habia. Right, who is the most ironic thing is the most ironic thing is about this is everyone accepts this book as the core book of aqidah. This is written about, say about almost 300 years, you know after the Prophet salallahu alaihe salam.

00:44:57 --> 00:45:00

everyone accepts that this book is The

00:45:00 --> 00:45:10

most fun, he's only put about 105 different articles in there. It's very simple. He said, we believe in this we believe in this Muslim believe nice Muslim, don't believe in this Muslim believe in his wisdom leading us on overtly in

00:45:11 --> 00:45:12

the very simple, straight up.

00:45:14 --> 00:45:15

the ironic thing is

00:45:17 --> 00:45:23

that everyone accepts him. But then after him, everyone says, Okay, let me not explain what he meant.

00:45:25 --> 00:45:26

He meant

00:45:28 --> 00:45:28

the next card is the same.

00:45:30 --> 00:45:33

And the next card is the next, the next and then they'll say

00:45:34 --> 00:45:45

you your book different from my book, you know, true believer, you you're different, you're different. You're different. I'm the only one jannetty I go heaven.

00:45:47 --> 00:46:09

He said the same thing. Now, you don't want to tell people, I tell people that keep it simple. Go to the housework, it's not complex to understand. You don't need a heavy, you know, too thick to understand a small booklet that you can just just read literally in 15 minutes.

00:46:11 --> 00:46:17

You don't need a book that thick to understand it. And as people studying this for two years,

00:46:18 --> 00:46:28

they do it. The other guy didn't argue for four years. And he met me once. And he said to me, why have you done Makita? Makita.

00:46:30 --> 00:46:39

So simple. We just started the Texas start, will you spend Archana Aslan? Yes. I said, Yeah. What was the time?

00:46:41 --> 00:46:42

spent four years

00:46:43 --> 00:47:15

was no offense, no offense, please. I know, there's gonna be people listening to this. They're gonna say, you know, I'm being offensive here, right? No offense, you look, there's nothing wrong with spending four years. There's nothing wrong with that. Because there's people spend four years in surgery, people spend four years in fifth people. There's nothing wrong with that. But if you think that that's the best thing you can achieve in life, and that you're going to come back with not just one little gun, right? You're going to come back with 50 guns and a crushing Kalashnikov, as well. Right? To see how many categories you can make of this Omar. Right. If you're going to start doing

00:47:15 --> 00:47:17

that, and you see us they've got a problem.

00:47:19 --> 00:47:23

That is a guy up north North London, you know, he was in a mosque, right? I won't, I won't say his name.

00:47:24 --> 00:47:28

So so what I used to do is he's to come up with me say say he dies.

00:47:29 --> 00:47:31

And he's coughing this Kathryn duck,

00:47:33 --> 00:47:34

duck. And so

00:47:36 --> 00:47:43

one day, the the chairman of the most GOP, chairman of days is bearable guy nice guy says he says

00:47:45 --> 00:47:46

what you said,

00:47:47 --> 00:47:51

when you say you call everyone coffee,

00:47:52 --> 00:47:54

why not do something for me shake.

00:47:55 --> 00:48:00

You go with only liberal people, I'm a little island. Yeah,

00:48:01 --> 00:48:03

you stay on the leg and the rest of us become Muslim.

00:48:05 --> 00:48:09

You preach on the little island, let all of us become Muslim.

00:48:10 --> 00:48:27

Because it's gonna be a point where you start splitting hairs. And everyone becomes Catherine Oliver, because you studied the the you basically you start with that into how via, then you go to one interpretation of akademia, then you go from one interpretation, interpretation and interpretation of an interpretation of interpretation. And

00:48:29 --> 00:48:57

you actually end up on your own with a few people. That is you. Because every guy that does that you're going to be killing each other. And that's what happens. I'm not again, there's there's some sincere people who don't do that. Okay. So let's exempt them. But there are people out there who actually do this, they get fanatic in arcada. And all they want to do is trying to say how you are wrong, and he's on the chosen path to gender. Right? And, you know, it's a disease.

00:48:58 --> 00:49:33

Right? Why and the same thing happens with a lot of other groups, right? I'm just dealing with, you know, with with one particular group here, but the same happens with a lot of other groups that that you become fanatic in your group, and you don't see any of the truth of anything else. Right. So this is not the you know, not the way forward is not clearly not the way forward. So the Sahaba what they did is they did that, and even Joshua and many others, they basically concluded on, you know, a risala or on a booklet about aqeedah. You stick to that simple, those simple words. You can't go wrong. You cannot go wrong. He says clearly, Allah has no dimension. Allah has no shape. Allah has

00:49:33 --> 00:49:59

no you know, you can't fit a line to time on to place that simply understood. You don't have to go into splitting the splitting and splitting until you start, you know, disagreeing with one another. It's very simple. And the other ironic thing is ma'am Jaffer says, you know, that this is the arcade and the beginning you see this the aqeedah of you know, Abu hanifa and Abu Yusuf and all I know the Hanafi you know, the great people of that legacy.

00:50:00 --> 00:50:36

They write that and then I find is so ironic and so strange that people could come afterwards and label in Abu hanifa as a moto D, and label him as as the Buddha and say that he's from this deviant second that demon sect when the Manta How is metaphor quite clear that his his ancestors have written this. But anyway, that's just on the point of aqidah. What I'm saying is, I'm not saying today for you not to read anything or not to study anything else. Now, I'm not saying that. But what I am saying to you is, when you go to a particular chef, and you study under the chef, especially if he's in Akita, please, please do me a favor, and go and study the same thing with another chef.

00:50:36 --> 00:51:13

Because the problem that I have found with these brothers is that they study only with one shape. That's where the problem comes. If people study with several shields, then you can't you can't keep your ideas on to one thing. If one chef teaches you for four or five years, and he tells you, you got to believe this and nothing else, that's it, if you go out of what I'm saying to you, you're going to be in the bottom of Hellfire stuck to the bottom of it, like you know, a burn, you know, pizza or something. Right? The guy basically scares him to death to even go and ask the next next chef down the road, or the next Imam or the next AQI down the road. He's just scanning. And that's

00:51:13 --> 00:51:52

what these are the most biggest fitness that we have in this room. Anyway, that's done with that particular chapter. The other thing is, you have you have had the Prophet sallallaahu lesson preaching and you know, the Quran had politics, the Quran had a social life, the Quran had, you know, a knowledgeable life and all of that, the Sahaba drunk from this spring, holy spring of the messenger sallallahu sallam, and they all according to their character, took one line of path on themselves. Let me explain this prophet sallallahu wasallam fact that he was, at the same time,

00:51:54 --> 00:52:42

the most spiritual individual ever in the history of mankind. At the same time, he was the best General of an army in the history of mankind. At the same time, he was the best teacher, most humble with the greatest of knowledge. At the same time, he was the best of husbands, that the kept all of his 11 wives happy without any of them having any complaint whatsoever populism. At the same time, he was the best of friends that he had all the sahabas believing that he was the closest to each and every one of them at the same time. Rasulullah sallallahu wasallam was leading the press he was going out and meeting at the same time he was doing the public relationship with the with the Jews

00:52:42 --> 00:52:57

of Medina, with the Christians have not drawn with the different people. The hypocrites start with their use, use carefully diplomatically playing, you know, playing the game of trying to you know, propagate them, you will not find this miracle in any other individual again.

00:52:59 --> 00:53:28

That's clicker. This is a miracle. How can one man do all of this? How can one man do all of this but anyway, what happened to the next next generation, the Sahaba, the Sahaba clearly couldn't take all of this on in every aspect. So some of them became unique in one thing, and some of them became unique in another, they all have something basic, they will pray, they will fasted, they all read the Quran, they all you know, knew a few Hadith and so on, they all had had the had the character, good character, and so on and so forth. But

00:53:29 --> 00:53:33

if you if I say, Abu Dhabi Allahu anhu.

00:53:34 --> 00:53:44

What do you not know him as a person who quotes what had this? See, y'all know that? He became unique in the reference of Hadith?

00:53:45 --> 00:53:48

You had, for example,

00:53:49 --> 00:53:52

Khalid bin Walid or the Allahu, what was he known for?

00:53:53 --> 00:53:59

A warrior. Somebody said, Ninja. Come on, guys, come on, guys. He's he didn't go to China. Come on.

00:54:01 --> 00:54:02

He was a warrior.

00:54:03 --> 00:54:04

And he was unique for that.

00:54:05 --> 00:54:20

You had, for example, earlier of the Allahu anhu, who had a number of things, amongst many others, sabudana number of things, but one of the things I was known for was a coffee. He was a judge, right? We're a same same What did you know? For example,

00:54:22 --> 00:54:23

ignoramus Rudra de la Hanna's.

00:54:25 --> 00:54:47

As a fucky, as a jurist, he was clearly known as a jurist. Right. Each and every law of the land was he known as mufa. He was an interpretive crown. He went to him for the seat that said, You didn't have to go you know, very far off to find the bed. He knew the Quran better than many of most of the Sahaba right. So each one of these took the different roles. Now when they took that on,

00:54:48 --> 00:54:59

when they took that on, the necessity of the Dean was there in every one of these fields. People needed to learn the Quran, Abdullah bin Omar and I shall de la

00:55:00 --> 00:55:34

So once I was doing that, people need to know that the feel of the parabola rhombus was doing amongst other sahabas people need to know the deep interpretation of the ruler. So some words in the shediac Abdullah bin Masuda was doing that abnormal was in the Isla de la Hannah was doing that and so on so many others were doing that right. People need to defend the deen from the onslaught of outside Khalid bin Juan radi Allahu Allah Subhan Allah, Allah many other Sahaba were doing that duty. All right, people need you to know for example, in a coach's Hadith, you know who heard this an Abu Dhabi Allah was doing that and so on so forth. Now do tell me Has anyone Have you come across

00:55:34 --> 00:55:40

a hadith Tell me one Hadith? Well one of the Sahaba stays says to the other Sahabi says you deviant

00:55:43 --> 00:56:05

Can anyone quote me anything right now? You will not find that on this point of not calling one another you know deviant Why didn't they call each other deviant? How do they respect one another and so on? I'll move on from here inshallah we will have to continue after module hopefully inshallah. You will see exactly why ipsilateral manga Mohammed salatu salam ala nabina. Muhammad

00:56:07 --> 00:56:17

Went, went on to the point that the Sahaba did not point anything as I wandered and say, oh, Khalid, you're wasting your time. Outside there. You should be coming in helping me with Hades.

00:56:19 --> 00:56:33

Oh, Abdullah Massoud, fit fit thick guy now the work helped me to see helped me in this work and you don't find that Why? They understood from Rasulullah soissons time that all of this is the works of the dean.

00:56:35 --> 00:56:39

And the dean, the beauty of the demons the demon is a tree.

00:56:40 --> 00:56:42

Allah Subhan Allah Quran

00:56:43 --> 00:56:46

the example of a believer is a tree you will find that in Surah Ibrahim

00:56:48 --> 00:56:53

taraki for Allah who method matalon Kalamata de Botton kashia rockin up but in a slow hatha bit of

00:56:55 --> 00:56:58

the tree has one

00:56:59 --> 00:57:00

you know one trunk

00:57:02 --> 00:57:23

but once you have one trunk does every tree just had one trunk and that's it. What are the three after the branches, several branches, the trunk was Rasulullah sallallahu wasallam. And the branches are the Sahaba the llama, and the branches coming off the branches are the tabula in and the branches coming off the branch as a taboo taboo and so on and so forth.

00:57:25 --> 00:58:10

They understood that if Abu huraira Obi Wan is doing the work of Hades, then he has helped me Khalid bin Walid, because I don't have the time to go and spread Hadith like him. Say that say Guna Abdullah bin Masada do not understood that if our Isha, or let's say the value of the lawn is sitting and judging people, and he has helped me because I don't have the time to sit on that place and judge people that he's doing. They understood that if so, and so Abdullah bin and basil, whoever it is that they're doing the task that each one is supporting another, these are not matters to say, if you do not come on my pathway, then you have gone on to a deviant part that is not that Subhana

00:58:10 --> 00:58:16

Allah, the Prophet sallallahu has mentioned and you will you have must have come across in the Hadith of the Prophet, Allah Islam,

00:58:17 --> 00:58:20

that this oma that the blue

00:58:21 --> 00:59:07

or the Jews, they split into how many sects 71 and the Christians 72 and this Omar will split into 73 different sects. 73 different ones. And Russell Russell awesome, said khulumani not all of them will be in the fire except for one. And they said mystery of Allah Which one is that? He said Ma and Allah He was hobby, the one I am on the mountain my companions are on. Everyone knows the Hadith is intimately, right. The Hadith is, you know, says good sound sort of Hadith. But the problem is in understanding what is meant by the 72, what is meant by the one, these 72 and this one is not they are not just one group, my brothers and my sisters, please understand this carefully. And any chef

00:59:07 --> 00:59:35

and any man tells you differently. I am telling you I can challenge that person that he or she is wrong in their understanding. What we understand from this hadith is very clearly that if you were to now count today from the beginning of time to today, trying to count the number of groups. If you in fact started today, just counting today's groups,

00:59:36 --> 00:59:59

you will run out of 73 you will have more than 73 you're going to run into the hundreds. In fact, you ma'am shatta stanny, who had a book of aqidah al milll nihan. in there, there's more than the mention of 300 groups, just in that time. This was about 300 years after approximately 300 groups. Now you can just now say to me, Well how is it

01:00:00 --> 01:00:16

The professor Lawson mentioned that there's going to be 72 different groups and now we find 1000s of groups. Well, the answer to that one is simple. When the professor last minute said that there's going to be 72 groups, he meant 72 major groups.

01:00:17 --> 01:00:23

Under each one of these 72, there are several sub divisional groups.

01:00:24 --> 01:00:31

And they all come under this one group, for example, those people who deviated

01:00:32 --> 01:00:52

in terms of ibadah in terms of worship, they will become one large group. under there, you're going to get this ism and that ism and this thing here. And that item, this item does not there'll be hundreds coming on to the Day of Judgment, those people who deviate it with regards to the promise or loss of being the last prophet,

01:00:53 --> 01:01:37

and they said that Prophet salallahu alaihe salam after him days another prophet, Russel Wilson himself said, there will be 30 great liars in my alma 30, all 30 of these will have a group each true not all 30 will have groupies, they all 30 come under one big umbrella, which is the deviancy of believing in another prophet of the Prophet sallallahu. It's one big umbrella under there, there's several different groups that will come like this, every Da Vinci every kind of deviancy, if you count them up, you'll come to 72. Now, when you come to the one, which is the correct path, the one which was awesome said, I am on that my companions are on that when you come to that one path,

01:01:37 --> 01:01:53

but you can't tell me that that's going to be just one group, you're going to have to also believe that that is going to be a large umbrella. And underneath our umbrella, there's going to be hundreds of smaller umbrellas. Do you agree or disagree with me?

01:01:55 --> 01:02:04

Come on, guys. Do you agree or disagree with me? You're already 5050. I went to the q&a. Yeah, you got a chance that q&a time you want to disagree with me on this. Because

01:02:05 --> 01:02:24

if today, you don't allow half of these parties that do not fall under an a disagreement with a major part of major fundamental part of the religion. If you start calling all of these Catholics, you're going to end up messing up the whole deal. And you're going to end up contradiction is Hobbes.

01:02:25 --> 01:02:40

And I'll come to which groups some of the groups that have been mentioned under this, right, according to this, if I just look you know, there's so many that have been a Sufi Shafi metromedia Hanafi Wahhabi Maliki a 30 was a 30.

01:02:42 --> 01:02:54

For you who who did this poster, I said, you're looking at this and thinking, I haven't come across that one yet. But doesn't matter. Donald, Allah Hadees humbly, Deobandi Giamatti, barelvi matale

01:02:57 --> 01:03:10

matale, Juan de Tablighi salopian Ashley, I don't know that the two three asset I'm not quite familiar with, but the rest of them I'm familiar with, according to my belief, all of these will come under that one umbrella.

01:03:13 --> 01:03:13


01:03:15 --> 01:03:19

he can be next to me. He got away from me is think

01:03:21 --> 01:03:30

is interesting. Is praise different to me. He holds his hands, I hold my hand, we can be on the right track. Shake is wrong.

01:03:33 --> 01:03:38

Now wait a minute before you just jump out and just walk away from the machine and then not listen to another word I'm saying.

01:03:39 --> 01:03:41

So to the brother who has a need to go Yeah.

01:03:44 --> 01:03:49

Before you do that, I'm going to explain myself clearly. I will explain myself clearly.

01:03:51 --> 01:04:04

Some of these demands are dimensioned here have got a difference in jurisprudence. As some of these some of these one that you see here have got a difference in reviving the oma there's two different groups here.

01:04:05 --> 01:04:54

There's some difference in jurisprudence, some indifference in reviving the oma and some difference in Akita. There's the three major branches you can see in all of these right, for example, or the fourth one I may say is a is a discipline of knowledge. For example, Shafi Hanafi, Malik Maliki, Allah Hadees, perhaps Wahhabi as well, and Salafi as well, all of these have got difference in jurisprudence, okay. The ones that have got difference in aqidah, you can see a shoddy metodi the perhaps the the Allah Hadees, maybe in that one as well, maybe Salafi as well, in certain aspects. They've got a different scene aqidah and the ones you see, for example, a quani, Tablighi, barelvi,

01:04:54 --> 01:05:00

Giamatti and so on so forth. They've got a difference of opinion in revised how to revive the

01:05:01 --> 01:05:29

We're going to deal with these three in these three different separate matters. They all I said fall under the umbrella that is Anna la he was hobby, the one I am on my companions are on, for example, dealing with the with the one about the difference in jurisprudence, the difference in jurisprudence, right, the Sahaba. And you can see clearly how this started. When the Sahaba were in the province of Allah Allah.

01:05:30 --> 01:05:52

When they were in his time, it was a difference of a matter they went straight to the province of blossom and they solved it. However, Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi salam, on certain occasions showed us as an Omar that you may have a difference of opinion in my statement, and there is nothing wrong with that. So the hannema

01:05:53 --> 01:05:58

you might say, Yeah, you're gonna pull up a weak IDs now. Go and show it to us.

01:05:59 --> 01:06:01

This Hadith in Bukhari

01:06:02 --> 01:06:09

now we have this site. We know we have this desire this. This was the hadith of Balu coryza

01:06:10 --> 01:06:29

Rasulullah sallallahu just finished the Battle of Azov, the bottom of the trenches. And he's coming back to Medina. Before he gets to Medina, JIRA salon comes down to him and says, oh, Prophet, you're not going to Medina yet. Don't take your armor off. You're going straight to Croatia. The Jews in Croatia have committed treachery.

01:06:30 --> 01:07:01

It's an act of treason what they've done, so you must go straight there, and continue fighting over there. Professor Lawson said to his companions, my alma companions, lad to salute allows us to do Benny karela Oh, my companions do not pray. until you reach Bonnaroo Pereda reach that place where cookies are lifted the clan and the tribe of Croatia where they are, you will meet me over there, and we will pray or basically said don't pay us until we reach that's all he said, don't pay us until you reach them. Resource has been left early.

01:07:02 --> 01:07:33

So how about the long run left a little later on? When they left and they came part of the way there? They hadn't reached binocular either yet. And they fell into a dispute. The dispute was what the dispute was. That after time is going so what should they do? They should pray other Santa promises and said do not pray answer until you reach by no crazy if I reach us, if I reach a Muslim time, I will pray at another time. If I return a short time I'll return I

01:07:35 --> 01:07:38

probably said don't pray until you get to that until you get to

01:07:39 --> 01:08:12

the other side? No, no, the prophet thought we might reach Bhanu kureta in time of ourselves. So he wanted us to pray over there with him. Now that we're late and the Quran has said enough salata cannot Alan mini Nikita makuta This is the gist of the line of thinking I'm giving you that the Quran has said clearly that every every prayer has its prescribed time. Therefore we are going to pray right now so haven't prayed and haven't didn't pray. They came to the practice of law on Islam. And now we're going to watch what happens because one of them is going to get a telling off right?

01:08:14 --> 01:08:21

They both come they both told perhaps the lesson their dispute and the Prophet sallallahu wasallam did not say anything.

01:08:23 --> 01:08:23

Some of

01:08:25 --> 01:09:11

this gives the establishment of two things. Number one, prophecy was clearly shown. From his words, the oma may understand two categories of the oma may understand two different things from one statement, or as soon as lesson has allowed that because whatever the prophets gives tacit approval of whatever he stays silent, over, that becomes the sooner the Prophet cannot remain silent, over barking, something that is not right, something that is absolute falsehood, the prophet cannot remain silent, otherwise his duty will not be complete. Prophet sallallahu wasallam remains silent. He did not tell some of them to pray. Again. He did not tell the others Why did you pray early.

01:09:12 --> 01:09:55

Second thing this hadith gives is the two lines of thinking. One line of thinking is that they literally take they take every Hadith in his literal sense. This literally means this that's it. The other category, the one is the you know the literalist, the other is the holistics. The holistics are those who look deeper into the meaning they'll say, Okay, this hadith says this, but what about that habits? What about these other habits? What about this other Hadith? They all have different meanings, combined between them Abra See, what which one is the closest, this is contributing this and so on. That's holistic approach. Probably sulla has this hadith in Bukhari tells us amongst the

01:09:55 --> 01:09:57

Sahaba there were these two groups Yes or no?

01:09:58 --> 01:09:59

Yes or no?

01:10:00 --> 01:10:41

And amongst the public, do you think they just ended or they carried on? They carried on. And amongst the tabbing, you pick up the pages of history, you will see these two types. There's one group that said, just follow for an Asana, one group that said, That's look deep into the matter, slowly started to get these divisions growing over time. In the time of the Sahaba, it was still simple, because the sub province was simple because they could go to the proxy lesson. But when the Sahaba were left, what happened is Abdullah bin Masuda. delana went to Iraq. Alia Yolanda went to Yemen. amarvilas for the olana went to Egypt. Right. Then you had

01:10:42 --> 01:10:57

Abdullah bin Omar Abdullah, he stayed in Medina, Abdullah bin ambassador, he went to Makkah, when they went to these different provinces and these different places, when they made the journey to these different places, each one of them became the greatest reference in the city.

01:10:59 --> 01:11:02

The people of Iraq did not see Abdullah bin Omar.

01:11:04 --> 01:11:12

They didn't they only saw Abdullah bin Abdullah no sooner they went over to Iraq and he said I heard or I saw the Prophet sallallahu wasallam do this.

01:11:13 --> 01:11:51

Abdullah bin Omar in Medina is doing the same thing. A lot of them is doing the same thing in Yemen or later on in Iraq. And so is our blast doing that in Egypt and each one is doing it differently in their different places. And do you know what you find from the Hadith? I tell you from saya Hadith from saya Hadith from Muslim from Mohali. I will pick you up and show you where the Sahaba for example, Abdullah bin Omar, he says, He says, I saw the Prophet salallahu alaihe salam in one Hadith he says, I saw the Prophet sallallahu wasallam. He raised his hands. And then he tied them. Then when he basically we went before the sujood he raised his hands.

01:11:52 --> 01:12:04

He says that one had his same Abdullah bin Ahmed says that I saw the promise of of Lhasa, raised his hands once and then he does he did not raise his hands in Salah after that.

01:12:06 --> 01:12:15

Now you might think as a person who is not studied hobbies, how can this be How can this happen? Well, I'll tell you how it happens. Because there's a development period.

01:12:16 --> 01:12:51

The development period in the restless was was time was that you have Salah changing. Now, who knows what was the last of the Prophet sallallahu wasallam? Who knows what he made the last thing? And was it the last thing he wanted? Or was it a Sahabi? That was there for a moment he went away? And he didn't see the promises and after that, and is that Sahabi blame for that? No, he isn't, because he will just report what he saw from the previous lesson. If it was wrong for him to leave the Prophet sallallahu wasallam before the Sharia is incomplete, then you have to say it was wrong of the purpose of the lesson to let them go before the mission finished. Yes or no? It was you you would

01:12:51 --> 01:13:37

have to say it was wrong of him in his lifetime. He sent while bingeable of the land to Yemen in his last life. Last year of his life. The Sharia wasn't complete yet. There are still some ads to come down the several ahaadeeth he's going to mention but he allowed matzah Omar this desire Buhari Oman, when you go to Yemen say this to the people say this to the people say these people and so on and so forth. And he in fact even said swannanoa he said Omar in laka laka Omar, maybe you will come back to Medina. Russell awesome is on the ground, walking with him holding the reins to his camel and mahad is on the camera. But the alarm. Professor Lawson says maybe Omar you will return back to

01:13:37 --> 01:13:43

Medina and you will not find me in Medina. But you will find this message of mine on my grave.

01:13:45 --> 01:13:46

And while I started to cry,

01:13:47 --> 01:13:51

and Rasulullah Salallahu alaihe. Salam is is giving him sympathy.

01:13:53 --> 01:13:57

And this is exactly what happened was returned and the solar system is down in the ground.

01:13:58 --> 01:14:13

So this was awesome was given ye from Allah that was will not see the end life of the person and yet he lets him go knowing that he is only completed part and known part of the mission. What does this all mean? This means that resources allow all of this to happen

01:14:14 --> 01:14:24

to whatever the sahabas are saying I saw this and I saw that on the development period. There's one Sahaba in Sahih Muslim you will find a Sahabi went out in Battlefield he came back he went on the journey somebody came back

01:14:25 --> 01:14:34

when he came back. He knew he liked the way he saw it when he was last in Medina. So he came inside the ministry. And he said Allahu Akbar have

01:14:37 --> 01:14:39

a guy comes in is Salaam Alaikum Yaki

01:14:43 --> 01:14:44


01:14:45 --> 01:14:45

minister office.

01:14:55 --> 01:14:58

What are you looking for? In Arabic? He said we're looking on

01:15:00 --> 01:15:00


01:15:07 --> 01:15:16

And he says that he finished this in a Muslim. He finished his prayer. And he couldn't believe what these people are looking for. Because he knew that before he left, you could talk in some

01:15:18 --> 01:15:30

services, he says is the best of the preachers. He turned around. And he said, Oh, so So come over here and call to him to resign and said, This salad now does not allow us to speak inside it. That's what he said to

01:15:32 --> 01:15:45

the Sahaba did not see what happened, what the development was during that part. It clearly shows that the development going on the Sahabi, who said he saw the Prophet sallallahu wasallam, raises and once and the other one said is raised several times do you doubt any one of them? Raise your hands?

01:15:47 --> 01:16:25

The Sahaba says he had the Prophet saying amin loudly or dense he's saying I'm inquiry. Do you doubt any one of them? No, the saga says this hobby says the factor has to be read behind him and the other one says factor does not have to be read behind him, do you have any one of them? Because if you don't, then you doubt the very source of our religion. If you doubt any of these two habits, if you dump them if you say none of these can be true, if you say that now that you are denying, not a fundamental, you won't become a candidate for this, you won't become a cabin, but you will definitely be a facet. You become a sinner, you cannot deny the Hadees. So what are you going to do

01:16:25 --> 01:17:04

with the Hadees? Now one says Amina, only one says I'm in quali. One says Part One said no one says you must say, you know you must hold your hands here that doesn't hold your hands here, and so on. So what do you do? You know what I do? If you're a brother, I don't care what part you come from. And you show me a hadith. And you're holding your hands here, or you hold your hands down here, or you hold even to the side. And you keep it straight, which is another accepted fifth and a jurisprudence or you say your army loudly, or you say it quietly or you read it back behind him. In fact, you're not. Your prayer to me is accepted.

01:17:05 --> 01:17:07

Why? Because you've got to have

01:17:09 --> 01:17:11

your praise accepted.

01:17:12 --> 01:17:44

fighting over these issues is fighting like cats and dogs. Seriously, these issues, the shaytan has got us involved in these issues, they will not issues in the sahabas time they will not issues in the mean time, I can promise you this, they will not issues. otherwise would have read it in history that the Sahaba thought or the tabular input over this No, no, they will not issues. These are matters. Everyone has decided that if a brother doesn't have a Hadees he's praying, and he's got his hands here

01:17:48 --> 01:17:50

are the Brahma is praying and

01:17:53 --> 01:17:53

impel Allah,

01:17:55 --> 01:18:19

then, you know, you got to pull me out because I've never said read that I've never seen that. I will say to you that you do something wrong here. But if you're holding it here, or if you're holding it down there or if you're basically leaving that sides humbler you've got to know that it exists. You know what the shutdown has done promise. A shutdown. The shutdown has made us fight over these issues. When we forget that 95% of the Ouma outside doesn't even pray.

01:18:20 --> 01:18:57

He makes us fight with the brothers who are praying with the sisters who are praying, being shaytani fitna, my brother, I'm telling you wholeheartedly accept my message because these are all in Hades. How dare you say that the brother is wrong when he's reporting from a Sahabi? Who saw the messenger sallallahu? How dare you say? You got no, right. Whether you say I'm inadequate, you got no right. Because the brother quotes from a hadith from a person who met another person who met another person who met another person who saw the Sahaba who quoted to him that I observed the Prophet sallallahu doing this, how dare you challenge that? Both are You are right, in your own terms. You are right.

01:18:58 --> 01:19:35

These are not issues too deep to have a disagreement over. And it's a big challenge. You can imagine. We are fighting here and the brother what we should have done the plan has told us to go and give Dawa his brothers outside. They're going to jahannam every day. And sisters going to jam because they're not praying. They're not on the right path. We should have wait use that time to go outside them. Call them to the master Do you agree or disagree with me? They're going to join them every day. And the brothers inside the masjid doesn't matter how they pray. inshallah, on the day of judgment, Allah will tell us that this was the truth. I quoted you in the beginning of the lecture,

01:19:35 --> 01:19:45

Allah will called sensible this was the Absolute Truth, but we are not wrong in having different opinion because there are super sauce allowed it and when the Sahaba saw this difference what happened with the Sahaba

01:19:46 --> 01:20:00

the Sahaba of the Allahumma Anna magnani day when the tabular there was a bit of disagreement not on these issues the disagreement was over the Quran is one Sahabi read the Quran to tabulate he learnt it and another tab in another province read the Quran in different

01:20:00 --> 01:20:05

Way, and they came together and they said How dare you say that that the Quran stuck

01:20:11 --> 01:20:47

us about his drawing is sold out. And the other guys during sodar because they read the Quran different ways. What they didn't know is that in Sahih Muslim, again, there's a hadith that when jabril came to the province and the last time he recited the Quran in seven different ways. And all of them accepted. They didn't know this. So they were ready to kill one another over this matter. The Sahaba came rushing to us, man, I'm not a fan of the law. No. And they said you must do something about it. And he compiled the Quran in such one writing, one writing, basically, in this one writing, you've got all seven different recitations inside it.

01:20:48 --> 01:20:49

And you know what?

01:20:50 --> 01:21:03

If I go any further, and I, if you give me a Quran, please, then you know what I say to my brothers? I say to them, and please don't think this is blasphemy. I'll explain. Yes, don't throw me off the chair. Don't eat tomatoes is

01:21:05 --> 01:21:07

this don't quote me.

01:21:09 --> 01:21:10

This is bizarre

01:21:12 --> 01:21:12


01:21:13 --> 01:21:40

Boss will say, Stop. Don't say can label me Coco, Coco, Coco combos. I say to others, they say to me, this is not an ad. This is not a class and there are certain things there are certain things you might not find them. You might trace them up and you might not find it in Hades. Does that mean that if it's not in the Quran, Sunnah automatically becomes unaccepted and bizarre is that the golden rule?

01:21:41 --> 01:21:46

In most cases, it is a rule. But in certain cases, you must be careful

01:21:47 --> 01:21:56

because I can prove to you that some things are not in the Quran and Sunnah. And they are still accepted on religion. One of them is this.

01:21:58 --> 01:22:03

You can say this is the Quran. That is gonna be Paulina

01:22:04 --> 01:22:05

isn't my friends.

01:22:06 --> 01:22:11

In the sahabas time no one had one book like this.

01:22:13 --> 01:22:35

No one I did. It was only Abu Bakr radi Allahu that gathered all the pieces. I know what he said before he can really listen to Abubakar Donna was the one who sat next to the Prophet sallallahu wasallam and went up to him in every single occasion. There was not a moment when I will talk about the law who was absent? Hardly hardly was the case when he was absent.

01:22:36 --> 01:22:38

Maybe a few occasions but not hardly was the case.

01:22:39 --> 01:23:01

When Omar bin hakab came to him, this is in which book not a weaker this again brothers. Sahil Buhari quotes this when Armando hapa came to the table. After the demise of the professor last night he said to him, he said oh Abu Bakar you must gather the Quran in one piece in one book. You must do this.

01:23:02 --> 01:23:41

I will talk about the law no said because what happened is in battle of yamamah 17 different scholars of the dean died they became Shaheed was a massive blow to the Muslim Empire must never again Never before this happened. 70 people who knew how to read the Quran properly with full 370 people who knew the whole scene of the crime from end to end 70 people who had memorized so many Hadith of the Prophet of the Muslim 70 of them that were references in the deen you could go to them and ask anything they would give you a quotation from the Dean 70 of them were from the rural Alba from rasa tea and they were the people who are deep understanding they were given the title of Gura

01:23:42 --> 01:23:45

don't think the Quran means Karissa is not going

01:23:47 --> 01:23:55

Yes, they could do that as well. Baccarat in their time meant all of these things I said 70 of them was a major blow they had just become Shaheed.

01:23:56 --> 01:24:12

So then our motto says blah, blah, blah, he says, I will also say that please gather the Quran because the PC does different pieces of everyone's house, gather them into one book, otherwise we will lose our book just as the Christians and the Jews have lost before us. What does

01:24:14 --> 01:24:27

save a worker who is the closest to the processor Some say? He says How can I listen to this carefully? How can I do something which is neither in the Quran nor the messenger? sallallahu lasma has ordered us to do it.

01:24:29 --> 01:24:41

You think everything's in the Quran and Sunnah the Why did Abu Bakr say this? I wanted I'm working on and used to do whenever he never used to know anything. He used to consult with the Sahaba and say which one of you know something on this?

01:24:43 --> 01:24:51

There was a whole period of days when the private detective No one said I heard anything from the professor was nothing there's no record of it.

01:24:52 --> 01:24:59

And he said Omar kept on telling me and asking asking us until my heart open to that which Oman heart open to

01:25:01 --> 01:25:26

And then Zaid was summoned Jose to come over here go around and gather the piece he says How can I do something which is not in the Quran and which is not in the sooner How can I do this and that you argue with him until they convinced him of this. And then they put the Quran together. And you know, why Could this be done? Because this is not in the Quran to put it together and not in the cinema. And the second reason why I call it beta, actually Bravo, bravo comes to me and says, you know that's not in the Quran doesn't the sooner

01:25:27 --> 01:25:28

I say you'll be the

01:25:30 --> 01:25:30

new beta.

01:25:33 --> 01:25:34

So when we want you to be that

01:25:36 --> 01:25:37

I say listen to me.

01:25:38 --> 01:25:47

The Sahaba is when they put the Quran together to the Quran together with the alano and put it in such a writing where seven different dialects can be read.

01:25:49 --> 01:25:58

One is tala moon, and one is Yama Now you tell me brothers palemoon have have a dose of ego fatale moon in the top to the top of bottom.

01:26:00 --> 01:26:03

Top 100 lots of ego yellow moon to top a bomb.

01:26:04 --> 01:26:17

Problem W. You want to correlate both of them into one recitation, you've got a choice. You put the two dots at the top they become talamona put the two dots at the bottom they become gentlemen you can't do anything you can't before dots there yet.

01:26:20 --> 01:26:21

You can't do that.

01:26:24 --> 01:26:29

And ask the brother, where's the dots? He says kind of at the bottom of the top and he said No, you're wrong, my friend.

01:26:33 --> 01:26:34

He never used any dots.

01:26:38 --> 01:27:06

They had no dots. That's how he's able to compile all seven into one writing. There was no dots in the Quran in the midst of the law on who that he made seven copies of and he sent it to the seven provinces of the Muslim Empire. There was not a single.in the entire Quran so I tell this guy you die when you say a hassy doneness. That's called bass got your Donnelly. That's better. And then from that you got a Fatah Casa La dama come from?

01:27:10 --> 01:27:15

Seriously, you think about this, you think about this carefully. Not everything is in the Quran as soon

01:27:17 --> 01:27:52

as the certain things. Neverland is why have they allowed this to be done because people later on came to the deen they found it difficult to read without you tell me to read without us. I'm gonna make loads of mistakes. I tell you to read without the fatahna dom on the khasra you're going to make several mistakes. That's exactly what happened when the Sahaba saw certain people do this. And the copy later on later on. What they did is they start to add these things inside the Quran to make it easy for people to make these things. So my brother's long story short, not everything that you don't find the Quran sooner becomes better. Be careful in what you say yes, there are many things

01:27:52 --> 01:28:32

that you don't find that can become better but not everything. Okay, so this fifth piece I said to you from the from the poster there, the certain groups that have a difference of opinion in jurisprudence. This got worse as time went. But they were not wrong in their sense. Because where Abdullah bin Massoud went, he taught his next knowingness. Sometimes you go to one place and then you have one person that becomes a unique person. Amongst the students. Abdullah bin was rude amongst the students Atacama for the alarm and who became a unique student. After the demise of Abdullah bin Masood al Qaeda became the reference just like Abdullah bin destroyed in Iraq, you have

01:28:32 --> 01:28:42

to go to outcome after that to get the you know, the knowledge and the and the ocean of of knowledge of Hades, Quran sin and so on. After alkimos demise, it became

01:28:43 --> 01:29:05

Ibrahim unnecessary. He became the next big reference. People went to him. And why wouldn't you go to him? And I'm not saying there was no other Imam in Iraq. No, no, no, no, listen, let me tell you how this philosophy works here. You see all the little shops there? Yep, all these corner shops there and they got loads of shops on this Romford road. They got too many shops and one open the cupboard from another 10 open collateral. This guy is his business.

01:29:06 --> 01:29:24

Guys, he won't open a business on the side. I'm saying he won't open a business here. Please have me consult with your brothers. Yeah, just because the guy made some money in one street. Don't open up the five next door to him. Because you're not going to make it easy for him. You're not going to make easy for yourself, you're going to become redundant. Right, please. Yeah. It's called Indian business.

01:29:25 --> 01:29:35

So what happens is you got all these shops down the road there. Suddenly one big shop is going to come big, big market show. Let's say you've got a big Asda that opens just here.

01:29:36 --> 01:29:59

And as this kind of prices, as it's got everything it wants to one stock wants to low prices, you get loads of stuff in one store. People naturally will go to the big store, Toronto and the little businesses over time they're going to be suffering. The same thing happens with the aim and knowledge when you got several scholars and one scholar is the big scholar than the other

01:30:00 --> 01:30:16

collars people won't always go to them. They'll go to them but not always because the big scholars run when they go to the big scholar, they get everything on play. One Stop. So when I go to him, I'll get the Hadith. I'll get the deceit. I'll get in a quotation. I'll get the week. How does the strong Hadith? I'll get any other interpretation, get all of it from him.

01:30:17 --> 01:30:59

That's what happened to Abdullah bin Massoud when he was running Iraq. That's what happened with Allah when he was around and others were around him as well. That's what happened to Brian and Nakia and after that comes, Imam Abu hanifa Rahim Allah, he became the degression so many, many, many lives you see no mud huts. Don't be scared of the word Maha because there were loads of mud huts. There was hundreds of methods as a matter of azhari madaba susiana thodi those madhhab avakian Madhava Ibrahim and Madhava Pura this loads and loads of stores. Eventually, you have four big supermarkets. You've got Asda, Sainsbury's, Tesco Morrison's killing everyone else off true or not.

01:30:59 --> 01:31:02

Which does spend way too long.

01:31:03 --> 01:31:09

Yeah, that's what happens over time. So over time what happened is in in Medina, same thing was happening when?

01:31:11 --> 01:31:16

Ilan when his son Abdullah bin Omar when I saw the olana when they were around in Medina, they were the biggest references.

01:31:17 --> 01:31:24

When they passed away, Abdullah bin Omar, one of his shining students was NASA,

01:31:25 --> 01:31:53

NASA and NASA. His he became a shining star was one of his shining students became Imam Malik of the lavon. When he met Malik was in Medina they say there was a seven great move is in Medina. But while Mr. Malik was in Medina, no one did give a fatwa. None of the other Muslims would dare write a fatwa, because Hema Malik is around lifestyle in American Medina. That's how great he was in terms of his knowledge.

01:31:54 --> 01:31:59

Over time, what happens is these people stole so much knowledge same thing will happen with the Imam Shafi sending

01:32:00 --> 01:32:36

them over time, what happens is that the others, they die away slowly, you forget, you don't get the principles, you don't get the books written. You don't get their whole system in one place. And therefore slowly people walk away and they forget them and they're left in the pages of history. That's exactly what happened. So all these humans including if today anyone has got even the the job, even Java, the shares in accept him. And we as soon as we also accept that Eman as a valid source of IP, because we don't say that he was he was on the wrong path. But now we say that he was he was on the right pathway offering him different philosophies came up. That certainly is not all

01:32:36 --> 01:32:53

she has certain she has sought to be branded as as those were non Muslim, non Muslim, but there's a lot of shears who are Muslim, and if you get time we'll come to that. But that is also a valid fear. today. You got people the brother comes to me and says he asked me a question and once he said to me,

01:32:54 --> 01:32:56

brother, what happens in this muscle of talaq?

01:32:57 --> 01:33:02

I said Brother, do you want the Hanafi the homily, the Maliki the Shah, what do you want to start to

01:33:04 --> 01:33:05

ask you from Quran Sunnah you give me a

01:33:07 --> 01:33:08


01:33:10 --> 01:33:40

So now I had a case on my cat and my hands to deal with it. I'm not saying the Bible is wrong, but I'm here to make him understand. So I said provoca Baba when you got a problem? This was about 10 years ago, okay. When you go problem, but who do you tend to? what's called is decode. She said like for example, I go to Chicago read the books of chef Ambani Rahim Allah I don't read the books of chef beanbags or the reference to his he was at that time was allied yet she had been bas Rahim Allah, I look at chef Allah and shake him the Tamia Rahim Allah.

01:33:42 --> 01:33:45

Allah. I said, Okay, fine. Then you follow the mother of all these people.

01:33:47 --> 01:33:47

That's your mother.

01:33:50 --> 01:33:50

In law.

01:33:52 --> 01:34:32

You following mother means a direction. When a person follows the Hanafi mother, they don't follow Abu hanifa I don't care what the prophet says Abu hanifa Abu hanifa Abu hanifa is not the guy is not you know up there you know Is he follows the understanding of Imam Abu hanifa that wish he understood from the sources he from the oldest scholars he had in his time and from their understanding from the scholars they got from the tadier in and from the tablelands understand like our camera the alarm from Abdullah Bynum, Sudan or the Allahu from Abdullah bin Masuda and his understanding from the prophet SAW the loss and that's what it is the same in the Malik method, the

01:34:32 --> 01:34:52

same the sharp they've all got chains which they link up to. So you are brother. You are taking shape Alberni and shaping bands and shaping the Tamia rahimullah, their understanding of the deen in a particular direction from what they got from their shapes and their shapes and shapes up to the profit and loss of them. You're just the same as me.

01:34:53 --> 01:34:55

The profit understood and then I gave him the answer.

01:34:57 --> 01:34:59

The problem understood now I have space in my heart for

01:35:00 --> 01:35:04

These brothers a brother doesn't want to follow Mother, please brothers don't force him to follow a mother.

01:35:06 --> 01:35:13

Let me make it quite clear what I'm trying to say to you. If you follow mother is a very good thing. I tell you why I follow mother. I'm a hanafy

01:35:18 --> 01:35:28

I follow the handbook. You know why? Because it controls my ego. Seriously. I've studied the dean I studied now for about 21 something years since I've went to Melissa.

01:35:29 --> 01:36:11

We know I followed a lot of things in the matter, that India is not just the heart Abu hanifa Nadella there's 1000s of scholars from every era from his time before his time after his time, or until today 1000s and 1000s of 1000 scholars have researched all the Hadith in that manner a saint with all my lives and they've reached certain conclusions and you know what i every night when it comes to the Shah they say you know summer gets very long yeah it's very long nights Yeah, right. Ish I guess about 1030 1045 and you retired and fudge is gonna be three o'clock or something. And you you pray for the tsunami Oh my God I pray with it because I'm happy okay is watching

01:36:13 --> 01:36:14

Don't Mr. Witter

01:36:16 --> 01:36:30

account with my with it because once you've Your mother is watching the many things like that in my mother which I am compelled to do. There's other things in my mother for example, one day a CB of blood right? I'm considering my blood is you know come out my window is broken.

01:36:32 --> 01:36:35

I'm not going to start saying black sharpie today man.

01:36:40 --> 01:36:40


01:36:41 --> 01:36:50

the guy basically then touches a woman in the Sharpie mother one of the one of the statements you will do breaks even if you trust your wife to touch his wife

01:36:52 --> 01:36:54

mean how does he

01:36:56 --> 01:36:57

know to break

01:36:58 --> 01:37:01

the guy basically then you know goes next thing maybe he lies down a bit

01:37:02 --> 01:37:03

and he's basically just

01:37:05 --> 01:37:06

as a light sleep

01:37:07 --> 01:37:08

what's up

01:37:10 --> 01:37:51

Malik Smith how you have a light sleep it doesn't break Maliki man who said I'm on appeals every chavi asked which one I want if you do that then you doing injustice to the because you're following your desires. If you start taking what you're picking and choosing from you're doing something you're doing wrong to yourself, the brothers who tell me that December 200 feet shopping we know who they are the same brothers and sisters say we don't want to follow mother fine. I give you one condition with every Imam gives please follow this condition. The condition is you set your principles and you stick to them please if your principle is for an than Buhari then Muslim then

01:37:52 --> 01:38:03

Timothy then Abu Dhabi if your principles are you start from Quran you go to Buhari then Muslim please stick to a core guy once who didn't follow this. I set in Brock give me an ounce I couldn't give me an answer.

01:38:05 --> 01:38:10

Yeah, prophecy says I follow this order. Yeah. So okay. So what do you say

01:38:12 --> 01:38:14

to LA salatu

01:38:16 --> 01:38:22

salam ala Nabi. warahmatullahi wabarakatu he reads that as a Muslim, was that in

01:38:24 --> 01:38:29

a Muslim Salaam on the prophet and mercy and blessings?

01:38:31 --> 01:38:40

blessings, Salam on the Prophet. What do majority of us read Assalamu alayka ayanami where's this revivalism Sahih Bukhari

01:38:41 --> 01:38:42

sigh Buhari

01:38:43 --> 01:38:45

said Raja Sabha

01:38:46 --> 01:38:47

You got a problem to me

01:38:48 --> 01:39:10

Why do you follow the one in Muslim when there's a one in Buhari more authentic than that according to your principles? I don't I don't accept these principles. I will follow I will look at a whole collection of studies and I could end up following one is Ronnie when it's against Buhari because I've got different principles. I've got different principles. My mother got different principles. You can look at the principles before you move ahead. The Prophet said no.

01:39:11 --> 01:39:21

Problem is he problem is he's in Salah. He doesn't want to say Salaam to you or prophet to you or prophet. He doesn't want to address the Prophet sallallahu Sallam and the Salah.

01:39:24 --> 01:39:25

Sorry Nabina Muhammad

01:39:27 --> 01:39:59

so the guy doesn't want to do that. That's why he switches from behind him. I'm telling the guy Listen, man, you do an injustice here you're not following principle. Same his group of friends in his group of friends. They come to me. They used to come to me. This Hadith laugh at you ha la la la sala de la fecha hatin Nikita, there is no prayer except for, you know, and they quote to me lanica in Liberia, Mali in the Hanafi madhhab. You can get married right without the will he is known in the heart of the matter. Without the guardian. You can get married for peace.

01:40:00 --> 01:40:05

Before you do that, see the mom, right? Please don't jump in, I can take the guy's door without telling me. Right.

01:40:06 --> 01:40:14

So in the heart is the person who says there is no nikka except through the permission of the Guardian, these guys is to quote that,

01:40:15 --> 01:40:23

to me in North London. Several years later, one of them falls in love with a girl and her dad says, on my deathbed, you take my daughter

01:40:25 --> 01:40:33

What did the guy do? The gargoyle his mates together, he did it in the car without the father's permission today, even today, the father is still upset.

01:40:34 --> 01:40:37

But he basically went and married and he's even had a child with them.

01:40:38 --> 01:40:58

might think is listen rather similar. You and if you've got your principal, please stick to your principal. Don't start switching. When you feel in here, you've got your passion and lust. Both switch is woman. And if the mother tells me that I can't do something, I will not do it. I can't do it. I can't give you an example. An example. Yeah. In in.

01:40:59 --> 01:41:00

In Sahih.

01:41:02 --> 01:41:06

You will find in Sahih Bukhari you'll find Sahih Muslim, you know about combining presence on

01:41:07 --> 01:41:21

the Sahaba did it there's other how they said they didn't do it. They used to go close to combinable not combining Halloween mother says don't combine them about my journeys. You know, I'm praying within the times.

01:41:22 --> 01:41:24

Today, I'm following the heart of the mother.

01:41:25 --> 01:41:48

Okay, now this difference is a bit of a fluff in this as well. But nevertheless, I'm compelled. You can't change principles. Okay. I've dealt with this Judy strict thing. The main point I want to say with this extra fat this difference of opinion deducing is that there's a lot of rights in this that don't please just say that the other party is wrong. In terms of the difference of opinion, according to the reviving the

01:41:49 --> 01:41:50

public is about one way.

01:41:51 --> 01:41:58

One is about another way. Some other party has got another way. Jamaat e Islami has got another way. All right.

01:41:59 --> 01:42:06

What do we need to understand lovers is the promise of the law. Some said to us, the Muslim Ummah is one body.

01:42:08 --> 01:42:08

Don't say that.

01:42:09 --> 01:42:53

When part of the body aches, the rest of it, aches with it. My brother, my sister, when you have got into group that is with the media. And all you're doing is reporting information out there, you have now become the eyes of this body and the ears of this body. When you have become a brother or sister in an organization out there, that is only writing emails and websites and you know conversations out there and you have become the tongue of this oma, when you're going out there giving data to other people, you're not being active with your hands and feet, you are you have become the tongue of this body of this oma of this body. Well, my brother, you go out there and you'd be active for

01:42:53 --> 01:43:10

the dean with your feet and your legs and you're going and you're taking money all the way across to certain parts of the world where money doesn't get there. And people are Muslims are waiting for that you have become the legs and their arms of this body. My brother and my sister, we are all one body.

01:43:11 --> 01:43:52

When the brother goes out and gives the Tbilisi brother, he goes out. And he gives power to Muslims only. He is doing a duty that is saving me from doing that duty. When another brother decides that he's going to give Dawa to non Muslims only he's doing a duty, which these brothers are not doing Alhamdulillah for both of them What is it was Al Hamdulillah there are different branches of this one tree when another brother is doing active work within the locality and they're going out there trying to stop drugs and voila hamdulillah one another sister is out there, you know in the university campus and trying to give Dawa with whatever form of lecturer Alhamdulillah the halaqa

01:43:52 --> 01:44:13

going on here. There's a lesson here there's someone that Alhamdulillah is all helping the oma in every sense we are helping the oma see this first as positive brothers. Yes, within these groups, each group has got deficiencies every group has got differences not better tell me which brother here is a brother. You don't have anything wrong with you.

01:44:15 --> 01:44:16

You're the most handsome guy.

01:44:17 --> 01:44:27

Get the most cool looking guy. You're the most rich guy. You're the guy who's basically every sister wants to marry and every bubble wants to be next to for the right reasons right.

01:44:30 --> 01:44:46

And you know you've got every no you cannot tell me that every Batman every sister has got something wrong with them. And please we need marihuana love and you got to look for marriage. Please. Don't look for Mr. Perfect Mrs. Perfect. Because Mr. Perfect Mrs. Perfect do exist. But in Ghana.

01:44:48 --> 01:45:00

They're up there with 72 Horace. They're not down here. Anyway. Besides that point, no one is perfect. No group is perfect. The only individual

01:45:00 --> 01:45:01

are perfect or the ambia

01:45:03 --> 01:45:05

alayhi wa salatu salam, even the Sahaba

01:45:07 --> 01:45:15

they did not. Again I make it very clear what I'm saying about the Sabbath here. They may have made certain mistakes in terms of their understanding,

01:45:16 --> 01:45:30

certainly mistakes, but they will not people. They will not people that are people that we must reject or the people that we must call sinful now to be law. We don't do that.

01:45:31 --> 01:45:44

Certain mistakes happen Savas, Allah will that happens, you know why? so that we may know until the Day of Judgment what to do in those cases, a Sahaba for example, once you know, accident happened, and he he slept with another woman,

01:45:45 --> 01:46:02

it happened but suhaila law there is a massive difference between the Sahaba and between me that Sahabi went up to the Prophet sallahu Sahil Bahar is there he went to the prophet and he said messenger of Allah, I have fornication committed adultery, stole me to death stole me to death.

01:46:04 --> 01:46:12

Professor Lawson turned his face around 90 degrees and his whole body around 90 degrees. The Sahaba became round all the way to the popsicle and look at as a man.

01:46:13 --> 01:46:58

Look at his email. He came in and said, Mr. Voila, I have committed adultery. Aki Aki Malaya had complete the penal code and the penalty system upon me stone me to death process some set of services is this man saying? Does he know what he's saying? The processing didn't turn round. Now the 90 degrees until processing gave the orders to stone him. The woman came Subhanallah and said, messenger of Allah, I have committed adultery, please, stone me to death. And Prophet sallallahu said, you are pregnant, come back. When you deliver the baby. She came back and she said the baby's delivered. He said go back now and until the baby doesn't eat himself. I'm not going to apply the

01:46:58 --> 01:47:15

penal code to you. So then she went back and bought something in the hand of the baby into the child's hand and the child basically ate it now the child can eat and pops up from said Take her away from the tie her up. And let us now stone her when they stone her

01:47:16 --> 01:47:36

and part of the blood Sahaja Muslim part of the blood spilt onto the lawn. He said what a cow woman to the start accent. Russell Lawson said Oh, you do not know this woman. She has done such a Toba that it 50 people of Medina were to use her Toba it was suffice them

01:47:38 --> 01:48:03

lower lower she asked him seen him seen 50 people to take her Toba, he could forgive all of their sins. This is the man that made certain mistakes in life. But these mistakes we don't start holding them and saying he's so and so he did this he this No, we don't do that. If people have made these mistakes, there are certain groups and individuals who made these mistakes. My brothers if they made the mistakes, let them answer that on the Day of Judgment.

01:48:04 --> 01:48:17

All you do is make a bit of awareness. And after making a bit of awareness, your job is over. I met one scholar once and I said to him a great scholar. I won't take his name actually, why won't take his name because by taking that you're gonna say is from that group, isn't he?

01:48:19 --> 01:48:59

So it's not taking them I just tell you what he said. He said to me, whenever you come across a jamara group of fitna spend five minutes explaining the truth. If they understand that's fine. If they don't you move on with your own work, because they will be like the wind, a strong wind that comes blows for a little while and then flies gone. And I'm telling you right now there are certain strong winds in the 1990s that I found very strong. And today, I've put a gun. That's what that is what will happen with boating with something that is false. Would you spend five minutes with them? Explain your truth if they don't accept it, you know, either make others aware of it and then after

01:48:59 --> 01:49:09

leaving, Okay, anyway, I've dealt with the fact that you have according to the model is gonna have to be worth more than this. Please bear with me. I'll give you their time. A few minutes inshallah.

01:49:10 --> 01:49:53

You do know that the other one was the rocky that dealt with quite a lot with that. The only other thing I have to say that is a Shalimar to DD and the Salafi and the aqeedah that they have, please become like Chavo de la Rahim Allah, what Shambhala did in his book. So in other books, in other words, he said a very beautiful thing. He said, each one of these different sects, they gave answers according to their time. So when the time was there when they could say basically we were not going to go into any matters further, we're not going to question this as of the Quran. That was enough people took it. People said 500 years 50 years ago, even today, you go to certain rural parts of

01:49:53 --> 01:49:59

Bangladesh and Pakistan. You go to rural parts and you say they don't argue about this. I'm saying as the man to

01:50:00 --> 01:50:33

Don't you say this is sorry, this is bad. This is correct. This is wrong. The people will just say thank you, ma'am. They won't ask you for Heidi. They won't ask your Quran these people are simple farmers, the peasants. The one asked for that, that time there's a time when you could do that people accepted it. Then came a time when people said no, you demand evidence. They're all and now we're forced to go into that we have to go into interpretations of certain ads and verse of the Quran about Allah hands and a Madison's that, that you Mashallah says they were compelled to that in their time that to do that, so they did it.

01:50:34 --> 01:50:40

And that's the job done. If they didn't do that they would have been great. They would have been great for Southern corruption because people would have left the dean,

01:50:41 --> 01:51:14

then comes a time when people have a different stance on each of these demands. And each of these areas matter Ed Ashley and Sellafield humbly aqidah. All of them we must embrace and we love all of them. If you can see that, then you've got a heart of a believer. If you can say that you've got a heart to believe that if you start saying Ashley and not to DD and Salafi and hanbali and I don't believe Nikita, you are only causing trouble for yourself and for other brothers. Don't tell me the other brothers causing trouble because you're both saying the same thing.

01:51:16 --> 01:51:19

If you say he's wrong, and he says he's wrong, I say both of You're right.

01:51:21 --> 01:51:21

You didn't get that.

01:51:23 --> 01:51:26

He's saying wrong and wrong. I say both for you right but you're wrong. Basically.

01:51:27 --> 01:51:31

You say well, he started he is a clerk he said he started

01:51:37 --> 01:51:46

end of the day you get the common denominator double fighting yes or no. So whenever children do that to me, I go I don't literally do that. Please. Oh my god, I'm on camera.

01:51:48 --> 01:51:50

I say to them, you're wrong and you're wrong.

01:51:53 --> 01:51:57

You say you're wrong and you're wrong. Why? Because you go fight him.

01:51:58 --> 01:52:35

I don't care who Spidey you both fine. Why did you react same thing is another brother comes to you and says to you You're wrong. This is my brother You do one thing for me please don't say that he's on this and that don't say all about him. Just stay quiet please for a moment say go go to you go to a not just the man go to an open minded as another issue. You got certain demands that are not open minded and that causes a lot of trouble. Yeah. So that's that. Now what I'm going to do is strike after the Salah whenever you will to stay. Then we're going to have the q&a straight after the salad. I've got five minutes for the suit.

So, Who’s Right? by Shaykh Hasan Ali

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