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Ibrahim on Islam How did he look like?

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He mama humble nurse from Jabil Abdullah the Levant mama, and Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam ba already illegal MBO for his father Musa Babu, Mira John Ghana whom regeneration Mata what I taught isa Margem. Five fighter after a woman right to be Siobhan over to Massoud after coffee. What are Atiba Hema phi the operable Mariah to be Siobhan deLaghetto.

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He said that I had been shown all the profit schemes have been shown to me MUSAWAH you know, Tolmin like a shanwa people strong and different body to this tribe. They're very strong people. And I saw He saw a listener. He was very looking very close, in looking or oneness with the philosophy, very likely to him. I say Brahim, the nearest person in all my followers to the higher caliber, it looks like that.

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I'm a nurse I mean are busted Lahoma and lead messenger said arise or ISA merjan We're Musa Ibrahim. I saw he said he said Maria Musa Ibrahim from my Elisa for tomorrow gelatin or redo saga IFR Elisa he's ready

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to when other people say read understand the word or people use the word have a beard and armor up yet with a mean dog yet Mr. White but they don't mean white bleeding Arabic language or rip from the color means fear the Prophet have yet to appear the Noosphere when they want to say white this to like a European color or is America they used to call it

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so he said somebody basically more white considered on farm Melissa Farmer Joe I don't hear the hair so they are not a state. They're currently so this is true or either southern big just one Musa demo Jesseman as far as other Musala is run with Adam. He the other means that the color of Indian people miss not not fair, but not very dark. Something like that to our Musa with other Jassim. Doorman dead body.

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If I Brahim they said then how? How?

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That one's a Lhasa Heroku Yeah, Nina, so if you want to me, but I look at me. The Brahim very similar to me Tupac proselytism Buhari Nourison in our buses a lot on Hama Barcelona recently, um, my Brahim funds Lula Safaricom, Rama Musa for Java, Dune, Isla Jamal in Africa. Not too long. Halliburton Gani Ansaru la in Hidalgo. Nobody. Right funny Brahim, look at me. I spotted Musa to his the Diseno toll and dysentery Island theory that he working in the coming father. So in order to defend the process that had been seen to anyway, this to this hybridomas and like,

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even Imani salaam, died in Syria, not in McCallum. Kurama. In Syria, or in Palestine, I don't hear that. But basically, we don't know exactly because there's no single prophet who the players are, but you know, nobody, even a Musa isa yaku is Ha, nobody knows where they're buried. People just guess, could be somewhere and then somebody comes and makes a grip, that there could be a handball, nature or something or disintegrate. It could be just just no possibility. Some people think researching the no no sign of a grave of any profit. Nope. Nobody knows about any profit with certainty with the board. I went to Syria, with my friends, once I was in Java, you know, Kasun, the

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pleasure came and they said, This is a MACOM of one of the Prophet did mention to I said, No, I've seen somewhere else. They said, Don't worry, in Syria with the name of every prophet, there are 100 MACOM was a very, very well funded, grave at the same profit. Did people just keep making sense in India to big business in India, and maybe in some in Pakistan, if you like, you know, you if you become a teacher, nobody cares about you, what you need to do Mira grave, and sit there and lowering your head, that people will think you're really shy can come with money and gift an orthosis you become richest person, you know, somebody asked one of them person sitting like that, you know, come

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by sitting like I did come and work with me. He said, How am I going to pay this? I'm going to pay you 10,000 rupee. He said, Come sit with me. I'll give you 20,000 rupees every month. They get more than that. You know, you don't understand, you know, somebody did not actually have did not find a grip of anybody. But he found a grave of horse of shame. To he made a grave. They're now sitting there to the grave of horse and shine and people come there and give money. You make anything actually you just invent somebody. One of my teacher, his colleague, he stood in the oven from Durban and he came back he did not get a job. He made a grave sitting there, and he began

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to justify his eating

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To make grifter that vise can see all these profits people make even if you can net grave of course incompletion you make any grave you can bury there are people do this how people don't take too seriously that why consent that why need to love you when you've learned rahang you understand how stupid people are really then you know difference between stupidity and between cleverness

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yeah there's nothing no profile that nothing you know. CTR is Maka simple matter. Even if Rahim was in a hurry if XM know important the importance of the city that Ibrahim medic Maka, CTF Ibrahim really cannot not believe or not not puts their import for other things. But to in relation to you but I'm the only city Allah minister and the Prophet mentioned only city we know that LA respect Maka, Makati City that assitive Abraham really cared. He made everything haram he built house there that city he did not get any housing in Hollywood Now believe it or not temple there are no holiday or if you have never met a husband this is the place where people have killed the city Brian mitfa

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Ali NAS for all the people this is a place where Abraham had the courage to do call for heights that he has placed that why you know like now people have started this new beta you know every year they go forward to better now this and all those things did not right with people like Mark knows these people they never like you can go to the mall this once that's fine because it also one of those places but to go every year to do like that like not right. People should go to Makkah and Medina Maka O'Meara O'Meara if you do as much as possible most of the world but to make a Sirata this person very often all the time frequently going there this never never had been Syria and you

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especially go to all these mahkamah companies came to better notice they never had to hurry no companion ever clever to career to see the city of Ibrahim Cadet not certificate they never went to secret no companion no tabi never never found any record, anybody give any importance to it. But now people come and visit all this time they have so much I wrote in my travel journey about Syria might travel to but not in that when I discuss all these matters very clearly into Syria. Palestine people don't like I click that forward also by imam of a non Muslim so he wrote for what but he said to me that you know some of the things that he mentioned, I don't agree, but you know, in a way that he

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liked the book, certainly he will not agree because many artists in the kitchen and I could cite those things very strongly. He said to me you don't need this thing your book removed the studio book is fine. So I said no people need this thing. They need to know reality calorie narrative around the table and look at them karma people will respect us respect for a man can actually you know hurried maybe but it's not important city city in relation to Ibrahim isn't when you look at them Quran that only city of Quran mentions and that only city the promises of the city of Bryan macadam Kurama and city after Prophet Muhammad is Medina. Medina Makayla hinterland with Medina Maka

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miss the city and Medina intercity Maka Mr. Tiffy Rahim Medina me the city of Muhammad so that both would mean the same thing. Because that workers in is still actually some cities are Bala buck, but the bottom city city at the buck bol Bala Buck Buck a misunderstanding that why first time when Makara matcha

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latte baccata to remind you that Abraham need and Buck Karnataka name given by river pakka in language of him pecan city like Bala but then a BB became me because nobody wants to buy a new mulberry clothing mostly with a people chain of buying to me that will happen. The name of the city by the Buccaneers, the city and city Brahim that what happened to

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McCallum Koroma nursery.

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Anyway, Melissa fell ill and died maybe Holly and he when he died he kind of some people he was 175 year old or something like that.

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Certainly we know that he but not buried macadam II but in Syria, but exactly as I mentioned, is not known really Ibrahim Al Islam really one thing is qualities. That Quran one was made very clear how he was in his life in Neva Hema la halimun Awapuni. Literally there to what people need to do.

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A companion came to pass a group of the people come to the parcel Allah Salam, the leader was ushered I said job to place when he came fasting you to report nice cloth. Then he came to share kind of the process what we do when we go to an event we rush to meet the people says alarm on the grave of the Prophet rush to do O'Meara and this and that what this company did. First he had a bath, prepare properly. Then he came to pass them to the professor to him. Yeah, sure enough, he can hustle a tiny your head Bahama Allahu wa rasuluh who I said, you have got two characters, two important character, which Allah is my son laughter

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He said what they are is a helmet whether or not you are Saleem. You know you think then you cannot you take your time. Patient you don't rush, enemy thinking then for every single thing then do to him that anger when you become angry, you should think rarely do I need to get through not to if you think then you become angry you hurry, then your anger will go away that you need to be angry most time 99% times don't need to Emery Helene people don't become angry but when they become angry, they're firm because anger comes after thinking to help them is the person who controls all these emotions or emotions and feelings hunger and anger, odor love and hatred. A variety has four key

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things that

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he brought him is not quality in Ebrahimi roughly even think he thinks that he does, he thinks then he says he thinks did he express the love and hatred first he thinks he made everything he analyzes properly. Then after that he has his mind so powerful not like us people are impressed by something. If I'm never coming for a new car impressive Brahim Ibrahim never Can you press he think our people they can first then the yellow run you know it's not impressive thing but you can press for one thing even thinker people they go deeply like you know considerate people many people who buy so many products how they buy by me impressed there are TV people are returning to the business

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advertising actually the big business they teach you how to advertise how to be food people advertising to be full people go through a super anyway to how you explain the security that are missing in our title. The owner will come on the TV ugly then here to sign a crib sheet because good to nest bar that the women will do. They'll rush to the shop and buy the cream and apply the cream is still juggling. Then the complaint to the property sir that I followed your instruction and nothing happened. That's a no you don't know. We had changed it now we developed further modified now new new version, new product then define new product or the life from new newer. They never

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change because they don't think and enable Rahimullah halimun awamori We run things he the mind that nobody can, you know, impressive. You can't impressive Brahim ybr I've never been impressed. Many make any advertising anything. You can't impress Brian. He thinks he goes deeper. There are people like that no philosophy no magic can work. Think because people never impressed by Aristotle. But they can think how foresee the illustrative philosophy by the thinkers.

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People I'm sorry. Oh god.

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What is a 101 era is very kind person died heart. His heart because he knows it very, very quickly. Any problem? He will have fixed first. Like in our time in our time people say well your problem. Abraham makes it everybody's problem he's got our he feels when he cries He's so kind for the people in any problem. Riveting era his problem? Is somebody's hungry. Even if freespin somebody had trouble even if you spin Iran is so consumed so much pain in the heart and laughter three to 100 laughs as a thinker second thing in the brain loves everybody even thinks about everybody even I scan software buddy I was terrified everybody he's a minor the pain of BA Muneeb that economic data

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is personal because what happens is when I just went to punish or lose people you will have said no no don't go there. Oh Allah delay them give them more time you just you don't have your homie loot even if you start arguing us cut he just people he's so kindly do the people of course people punishment has come from the heaven they want and just want to destroy this people is silly but I have done not allow and just to go on and punish an Easter or when you jada jada Dharma argument even I start fighting and arguing Allah not punished him to Allah city but I know it has time has come. Now you believe you've got to stop it. Time has come now punishment will come it is never

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going to change to people who think that I'm wrong and less than me but I'm not wrong in Ebrahim lucha de Awapuni The reason we're having this encounter is pain, even greater man chosen person. That how the messengers are like Lucky size and the death. Allah will ask me so Islam, did you command the people to worship you on your own? Your mother

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knew I was there I saw but when I died, you know more than me when you took me away? I knew I said and then he said to the people to Allah wa Tada. Oh Allah, if you punish them. If you punish them. You're right because you know, you can and if you forgive them in the car until you're happy you can forgive even the people who must ship other than Allah do ship is still evil. He says I'm thinking if Allah

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Forget that how profits are, they find any skills for to target, not like us ready. If somebody didn't open the brewery, we cast them, fight them, don't pray with them, let them go to hell. If Allah gives us the key for the head, that everybody all the Guru's will be in the head. Muslims now what Khilafah I tell you in a fellow Muslims get a caliphate, this country, then 90%, Mississippi killed by that Khalifa, that Khalifa whatever group, he will be a joven de or Brady or selfie or something. First thing he will do, let get rid of all these groups, and my group will come that will do not like Iran, even what unemployed he was to stay. Even the people for whom punishment came from

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the heaven and just come with a punishment was the people and the messenger, his own nephew, you know, Luther Islam, he's been suffering with these people they have done in certain certain militarism. He had to take revenge he should be happy. The punishment came. Was he happy? Evil he was in pain well punishment can give rise to pain. Not only pain, he are good or not one that don't punish them. delay the more usual minute and Lesson No, you can't No stop me. You can't stop me I respect you. You are my career. But this punishment never can start in our team it this will come then people could think bad about Rahim Allah does not want people to think but but we're trying to

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elicit in Ebrahim the Haleem our money, pain, but with the pain that comes people again prop up people because so much deep independent people, they forget the Lord sometimes they start cussing. So if ALLAH existed, how can it be you know things happen in Syria and Iraq and children

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in a killed it means a lot and that existed before like this. How can he let this happen? There were people to really when people get a pair of people they come on the other stream they forget a lot they start cursing him really they forget they can't deliver the thing for lives. How can he let problem happen? How can he know all this to happen? It means they know Allah Ibrahim Mooney when a pin even I feel sippin he trusted his load is so my vote this your people suffering help him, he kept his load money, he did not turn away from MiniBooNE he kept his load, three quality, amazing quality, that ram's horn reselected in a Rahima the halimun awam money honey thinks, then says,

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thinks, then he thinks then feels his feelings with action, he the words are under the control of his mind. The mind is superior to everything. But firm might sound mind sound thinking and then how our fears the pain of the people, anybody had again, era has been even I will say your problem, my problem what we said what is your problem? I don't care. You know, Abraham knows a very very strong people his product faster. But when the problem comes, Abraham did not turn to the people he turned to Allah to solve the problem even in Ebrahimi the honeymoon our own money

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to this is the way it Brahim Ali Salam.

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Now what actually I wanted really to teach you this is a summary real thing it means that I want to teach you really and what the bottom what means and this word height will come into before Ibrahim, there was no Minda only the first time in the history of the mankind of Mila comes out before he but I'm only finding new around with the dean even I'm in the first Amen deed and the middle of both the god deed alone did not help people Dina needs something else which can make to continue that new thing is given to Brian to then it is more guarantee that DNA will survive. But problem raised a lot of everything if we don't do How can survive Allah gave Milla to make a deal survive, and we are now

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even taught how to Milla misterton How can we survive? We got everything he got in your house, every single thing for your cure and for you but you don't know what your house has got. Nothing to help you.

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If you've got a pharmacy all the medicines that but you don't know how to use them to help you if you have gotten the Quran or the cure for every problem, but you don't know really. This is in the Quran. How can you use it? You never know what Milla means. Tell me how you can be cured.

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Tell me if Allah Komatsu must follow Mintaka Brahim, and you don't know Mila How can you follow it?

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If Allah makes obligatory you What do you know really? Hanafi madhhab Maleki muda Shafi mother joven de Burgh that you follow actually, you don't follow that. You just follow their needs belonging you belong to the open the people you don't you are not like a separate trying to be your Mala. Goo you even don't know who they are. You just belong belong you become your religion. You belong to the school you don't know if

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you belong to Salafi school you don't know what surface school is. Even you don't know to understand them.

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You made it belong in your religion

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belonging and never never helps. You need to understand the money properly. You know it's not enough that you say but if somebody certainly but I think many people have you killed that not Allah wa from you he wants you to know who that I was

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telling me if Allah commands you to follow Mila Brahim then what is How can you fall if you don't know what a meal means? Is that really amazing that we people read the Quran and we will learn the formula. But even if you don't know they never make effort to know what you realize. To how can you follow it?

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Do you ever think really realize even the Prophet Mohammed Salah has been commanded to follow me left and right Missy. And the Quran is mentioned the verse, Allah said to Professor Luddism, so Mao hyena ileka and military Rahim Hanifa what Prophet Muhammad then we revealed to you to you that you must follow Milla feabhra

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Quran Bronson marks and Odin Manasa dienen Mim and Asana verge held Illa Well, what about Mila Eva Hema Hanifa who's better than those who surrender them to Allah when they are sincere and to follow Mila Ibrahim is midlife. Khurana kissable and he will be running all the time and it is something we don't love to watch him we love Him He really is not easy to unload. It is a deep thing that about you know people always love symbols in order to have this feature we can fabricated you know what are the SIR or does this belong to things which are belong and some superficial that's all you never can find any single Hadith fabricated which tells you when you read the Quran, think and understand

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is there any order the know how this fabricated to understand the Quran to think in the Quran. The NOFA bodies have been fabricated to learn Milla, Brahim order these are fabricated as a superficial thing to get common people because people don't want to think thing thing is a very very difficulty to understand something most difficult that by fabricator this they are not the people to the fabricator if you use wedges and this will happen if Rootsweb this will happen if you use this tool that should have been 10 Is the neighbor inverter hadiza If you understand Soraka this will happen is there any part that

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is the reality if you understand what Sudoku means you get this report is there any Hadith you understand what could well now which you can distribute or the fabrications are for what just simple reading with no fabrication about understanding because they know this fabricators if we met her this like that nobody we follow that any way to fabricate something it's easier to the fabric fabricators are so awesome that we are not thinking we don't think anything or the look at all because all the caddies are nothing to do with thinking thinking thing or with sound when the sound knowledge can pour on tours you know, North Africa in the Quran Quran only talks if something

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serious canasa Mila it is really something different actually not really easy to explain, but I make officially that they write nice Persian poetry comparsa bar to fullest without Bill Raha love levels of motion were deliberate as hours. He wants to say this is something nobody can explain me literally nobody can provide. Because when you explain bursa fillister the lock on the tongue, if a tiny lock the cow can explain something before explanation. Tongue Has been locked in with the bill Raza and the heart is full of secrets. It wants to come out to explain to you what it means that means but the tongue cannot response to the lock level commotion within hours. The lips are silent,

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they don't open and then heart is full of sound. There's so many sounds in the heart they want to come out but the Listen does not allow because it closed and locked in they're not very easily very very difficult thing to understand. But basic thing really easy. DNA becomes a culture if there's no Milla to simpler I tell you when you have military Ryan then deal with Dean that Cuba Jews do relate to the wanted to have a dean without Mila there Judah is culture Dean without him in that way. He says like he says lamb came to bring the life to the dean of Jewish people but then he accepted the mid

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century philosophy deal without will not just a dead body, just a culture that immediately when you go to gym,

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to what happens. You expect the fruit result after one week or two or three weeks. You want to make muscles you want to lose weight you want to be fit and all that in all this is coming after a few weeks.

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You go for the prayers every day five times a month of Ramadan wiki fasting things occur, do we feel any change

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next Ramadan same thing happen next prayer same thing happen does it improve us anything? Why not it culture culture the Navy through you to save food every day, same thing, same culture doesn't become better Indian tell me if you follow Indian culture and computer Indian still same Indian like any other Indian you eat biryani was or every day same Indian not have oriented because automobili any culture does not make an insensitive just same culture keep repeating the same for pharmacists. We have same prayer every day. It's the same people and we change because nothing better nothing keep praying is too simple. What is the reason to think really what happened?

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If anybody anything else, things change, people expect change. You go to school, and you're still number two school pretended, but tell me really we people follow the religion or the life but no change.

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Why? Because that religion has become a culture. It is not a religion, to how it just becomes a religion. It comes for a reason, first reason with the MILA