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Assalamualaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh mentors, mentees and everyone around the world who has been memorizing Quran with us. You've heard me speak about the five step system. So as salaam aleikum, wa Rahmatullah upon you and upon your intention to memorize the Quran, you've heard about these five steps to receive the Quran hear it for the first time to read that lesson seven times by looking with varying speeds and focuses during that recitation, to do a three by three workout depending on the length of the ayah, to read a part of the verse or the whole verse three times. And then to continuously create a pattern of threes are reading the next section three times and then

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connecting them writing the entire shape, skeleton frame of the idea, and you can understand what that means there are nine levels layers to your writing. And the fifth step is to hear it for the fifth step is to hear your own voice by recording it.

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I then, so these are your five steps, we even said start out only with 2.5 lines of memorization, theoretically, every two to three weeks increase that within three months, you should be memorizing 15 lines, we have a lot of theory and a lot of ideal. Today, I want to go beyond even the schedule that I set up on Sunday, bring your fantasy to fruition on Sundays fantasize and read everything you want to be doing for that week, Monday, Wednesday, Friday, brand new memorization five steps sprinkled throughout the day, five different sections from Fudger till you go to sleep where you're doing five different steps. And on Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday, revise, revise, revise.

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And the reality, that's not an ideal schedule for the everyday person. It's overwhelming. And it's difficult. So here after that intro, catching you up to where we are right now. So if you haven't gone through the difficulty of trying to do this the hard way, try it. Now, let's have a discussion. What if we were to change the approach and give you two different paths? I'm going to bring on brother Bill out today in our discussion. But what if we, in addition to trying to

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do this every day, three times a week, we're going to be doing five steps and then revision three times a week fantasizing it on Sunday? What if we took the week to do the page one step every day.

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That's path number one I'm going to talk about, I'm gonna allow brother below the night to open up on that. And part number or path number two, what if I were to design so the idea here and you have to make it fit in your life. I am going to succeed with the five steps with revision with memorization and writing. But I'm only going to read Quran in two sessions a day, how those two sessions are worked out 45 minutes in the morning, 45 minutes in the evening. 45 minutes to kick off my day. And then in the middle of the day, the next part, but can we also create a one activity a day? And can we also create a 45 minutes twice a day or I'm able to interact with my Quran twice a

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day and get to the same result? So this is a brand new discussion? How can I customize the five steps without I don't know the negative word

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sacrificing without sacrificing without without watering without watering it down? But still maintaining what to you presently won't seem like an extreme schedule to me are Bilal and I going to the gym two or maybe three times a day. It's not extreme. It's a different form of workout. You might do jujitsu, you might do this. It's not extreme, but it's different season. It's a different season. And each person though has to find their what is not extreme to them. Okay, yeah, I could push my limits here a little bit. I could do that. It's like I think I want to give two or three analogies sure to so people kind of can relate. Number one analogy is the the seasons of worship

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where as a Muslim, right, you have the intensity of Ramadan. Right. And even within Ramadan, the intensity of the last 10 days, right you also have the 10 days of the hedge. But throughout the year for the most part is kind of like you know there's a regular routine

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as high school students who play the sports Yep. Right. Whether you're in a freshman J Junior Varsity or varsity, right during the summertime prior to the school you're starting. You're doing two to three sessions a day. Yeah, right like that is almost your entire life. You eat sleep, play football, basketball, whatever the sport is, when the school when the school

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Your starts, you're, you're back to one session a day after school. And when it comes time for a tour like playoffs and whatnot, you might be doing two sessions as a means of meeting that requirement to perform well. Right.

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But then somebody who does recreational sports, they might do two sessions a week. Yeah, right. Or like, like, even in the area of like jujitsu and martial arts, if you're a regular practitioner one, two times a week, like two times a week, we'll get to see regular progress. But if you're competing, coming into the next, Dallas open, or Houston open, like you better be training, like two a day, four days a week, right? And coming into competition training, and watching videos of yourself rolling so that you can improve on the mistakes and you don't get caught. Right. So like, these are all that when it comes to like, even with the Quran reading thing, and like the workout analogy,

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like when even my coach says that the ideal is you want to do today. But the realization that somebody who works full time has family, leisure, sleep fun. I think you said it perfectly. So who wants to keep life the way it is? Yeah, I think do so we're not cutting you all out. We're, we're saying that someone who say, Well, yes, I want to get there and I want to do everything you guys do. But I want to transition there on my time. So so the person who wants to maintain all those facets of life may not be able to want to make progress in the Quran, without disrupting their life. Okay, that's what it is. Right? And I guess the inner me says, but I want the Quran to disrupt their life,

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like I want it to bring, well, I mean, one, one of my one of my friends. So when my brother started hit, I was like, I want to start hitting to my dad was like, nope.

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And so, you know, every every, I guess, immigrant fathers this perspective of like, you know, their worries that oh, he's just gonna go one restaurant and just going to be totally wrong.

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One of my friends also pointed out, which was which I related to more, because I look, man, the companions that didn't take a break from life for 234 years just to memorize the Quran, right? These guys lived it. They learned it and they lived it. They applied it. And some of the most well known companions that we know of today. We're not for fun. No. Right. So I think the understanding here is that if we were to take on any activity in our life, whether it be exercise or working out, if we make it anywhere between 30 minutes to an hour,

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a day. Yep. It's not a disrupter. In fact, almost all of us have the means of eliminating something that we don't need. Right, right. And somebody was saying,

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one of my old jobs, they're like, yeah, just got a gym membership. And like, Oh, but I thought, you know, you said it was too expensive. It was like, what, 3040 bucks a month. So yeah, but then I realized I'm paying 3040 bucks a month for cable, which I don't watch. And I'm saying I value my cable TV. More cable. I'm dating myself. But like the value that you're in Disney Plus subscription is times 10.

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Right? And so stuff you don't want Yeah, exactly. So it's literally cut their cable. And they just got a gym membership. Amazing, right? And so similarly in this kind of scenario. I mean, if we look for real, how much Netflix do we watch? Like? Honestly, like tick tock and reels and shorts. Like how much time look at your time consumption on your phone? I think Apple has that. Right? Yeah, gives you a weekly update. Yeah, even on Android, if you go into the system settings, you can see which one has the most screen time. And like what I ended up doing just from my own personal mental health was I uninstalled Instagram, the app? uninstalled the Facebook app? And I don't have I don't

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have tick tock or Snapchat, right. And so and my productivity just skyrocketed, right? YouTube introduced shorts, but then YouTube just as a pro tip, you can the three dots on YouTube. You click on not interested in do that for the entire row. And the shorts disappear. Wow. Yeah, no, no, that yeah, hack neck. And you might have to do it once every week.

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To come back, right? Because those are the ones that catch your Yeah, and you just it's 110 second bit at a time at a time. So like, even when I check my Facebook, check my Instagram what I'll do to the browser. Now if I need to post something, right, fine. I'll uninstall install the app for the moment. Yeah, right. Make my post uninstall it right.

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It's a little bit extreme. Yes. But but it changes It gave you the results. You want it Yeah. Because I do something else. I valued more that I want to be able to spend more time on and not doing these things was the trade off. We were able to find the time yeah apps

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some, for some people, that's not an issue, right? Some people's like Netflix or something, right?

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Like, I know a lot of people spend a lot of time Netflix, you know, recognize I think some people spent three plus hours on that. Yes. And then you come over work for Netflix, and you don't think, to two episodes of a 40 minute show twice, like say, Oh, I just grabbed two that I went did for dinner or something. And now right before we go to bed, I just want to catch one more show because wow, Prison Break. Oh, dear. White Collar.

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I was like 10 years old man.

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I think color is great. Yeah. But he got he got you to watch the next one and the next day. And they did a fantastic job that could become what if you watch two hours of Netflix three times a week, four times a week? Yeah, it could. Is that a real sadistic?

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I think the breakdown one of the things that we were kind of going back and forth. I know that with the memory system, the thing that worked for me, is how,

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let me just unplug my mic just died on this one.

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What worked for me was out of the five steps. The first thing you got to do is hear it for the first time. Yep. Right. And so when you hear it? What does that mean? Like you? Like one idea is like, Oh, you played on Yeah, what I'm doing is I'm also writing my skeleton there. Wow. Right. So and it doesn't have to be long suck. But if you do your entire page, you need to set aside an hour you do, right? Like you can't, you can't be playing this, like you can't play and think that you're doing this professionally to you have to put you have to go in. And that's the Nasta. Once you do that first step, you get the skeleton. And I feel like everything else kind of falls into

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place within a week. Right? So the next step is to do your 7x 7x. Practice, right? Can we pause on that for all of our listeners. And just to hear out if you change up even not if you I could recommend that you write the skeleton and take a picture of it. They then have a sudoku crossword puzzle that they can reprint from. If you take a scan of that skeleton picture that you wrote below. Could you imagine filling out the second page of Surah Baqarah 10 times you've done it just you now do it as on the fifth week, you're like, Hey, I'm gonna revise you print out a page and you the other thing is if you have if your iPad, you could write that you can save that yes, you can write

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you can 10 is worth it. Yep. And is worth it. So like that, like that's, I guess like another tech pro tip that I want to apply. Yeah, let's do one right. Let's hear it right secondary is practice it right. So next, go through it broken. Yeah, right. That's what the seven is for. Right? Go through one like hesitate through it and you know, find yourself in it right find your duck.

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Like Like, bro like bust through it. By time you do it seven times. You'll be able to get through it. At least speaking I think confident Yes, you'll get through speaking Lee and then don't you think if you're there present, you've created some some Awwad, some phrases we're not just on the seventh time I think you've got to know who mcleaney was. I think in that seven is where you also decide and plan for your three by three free flow. You're just how it's going to be that Where are you going to stop? Yeah.

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You got like long versus like you can point out exactly what I want to do where I want to do it which which all of this that Bilaal is explaining right now though below number one is the I'm sitting down to watch a 40 minute episode you got you can't be like I'm just in it for 20 minutes. Yeah. And then number two you have to you have to assign yourself to

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to getting into the page writing on it, reading it, touching it, making notes make and I think a lot of things we say you all listen to but are afraid to make the mark to mark on your Musavat your Corolla Yeah, Mark that mark that bad boy up like nobody like it's yours. Yeah, it's yours. Market like it is the scripture of God and that you're making these notes. A check. So Brad just said that your book will not shine until your document with the pens ink. Oh, SubhanAllah. Yes. Ohana. Subhanallah SubhanAllah. So cute. I think this is a first part in breaking the conversation of how can we change? memorization? Well, we've introduced this really cool system three years ago, people

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love it. You would love the five steps. We've and it's so cool that you can interchange them do writing do this. The real question is how do we go from where we are right now with the Netflix we haven't instead don't watch Netflix. I'm just saying like, like instead of watching three, four episodes at a time, make it one and I'm okay with that. But instead of watching unknowingly watch knowingly. I know that I'm gonna watch one show set a timer. That's like I got an Alexa at home. And I'll just be like, Yo, Alexa, set a timer for like 30 minutes an hour.

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They once I think goes off, it's time to cut. And I know this is gonna be a little extreme but I remember a day where we got one show a week that show was once a week. Yeah. And so I That's why I appreciate Disney plus why they do it that when they release episodes it is one episode a week. Oh, no way you cannot binge it unless you wait for the entire season to play out, which is between six and nine episodes on that is bison is going to be spoiled. Yeah, everyone. No, that's awesome. I did not know that. Yeah, with a problem with everything else was that you were like 20 episodes watching? Like an entire season of like, yeah, exactly. And it was, it was, it was too tempting to

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be like, I can take them apart and five episodes at a time. Start doing math in like, full. It's only 200 hours. Yeah. And actually, you know, it's three, three o'clock in the afternoon the next day, and you finished? Yes, you did. And just to throw it out there where Allah protect us. Dexter is in 11th or 14th. Season. Oh, they're bringing it back. Or they're bringing okay, it had stopped. Yeah, it had stopped and they're bringing it back and show time. Yeah. It's just totally don't watch it. But like, How many times is the good? Is the good guy gonna kill the bad guy? Because no, how many times is the bad guy and kill a worse guy? Yeah, that's right. So I think we kind of derailed

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but like, I think the key thing was outlining the steps or how would you do it in a way that's not disruptive, it's not disruptive, and that you could still try to do and say, Look, this is possible. And so a last word to everyone right now. Do you want to finish this? Finish the five? The seven days? Oh, yeah. Okay. Yeah. So So just as a review, day one here, right? The skeleton, right, right, day two 7x. And by the end of that 7x, by the end of that 30 minutes, 45 minutes, if you're really slow, mark, mark up the pages to where you're gonna stop. The third day, you're doing the three by three workout and it's a hike. It's a flow, you're not trying to get the workout in. But you're

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trying to just find your find your rhythm. That's actually right. And then you find out exactly what that pattern finding continues into the writing, which is on the day, on day four, for where you're filling in the vegetables. All the use, and here's the thing. I don't always do the colors. In fact, 90% of time, I don't do the colors. I just got that one pen, and I'll just go through it. But I know the eight passes. Okay, right. I know you're doing an passes the colors, identify that you're doing it in passes, but not mandatory. Right, right. As long as you're doing them in passes, it is going to help you I mean, you got the skeleton, that was the first pass. Yeah, and you're doing your dots,

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then you do when you're done. You're doing your circles and you shut the new model, then you're fishing memes and whatnot, and I add closures. So then on the fifth day, am I not then recording myself and then Saturday, Sunday revising or the sixth or seventh? Right? And this is where you gave a tip right for the revision. What you're doing is just going in and reciting. Yeah, right, just by looking. No, but you are right, that you're, you're in a place where you're still reciting. And you're revising through the week. Exactly. So and the other thing is sometimes the writing.

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Like, I think the writing is the hardest part for a lot of people because

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my mom made me rich. Right, right. Okay. So life. Yeah. So, and then in college, I took it up again. Right, so I got rusty from college. So what I saw your system like, Yo, this is great. Boom. Right. And most people hear it smile me dead in the face. Oh, you're so lovely. And you can hear their brain. Go ahead. Right now. Yeah. I was like, give yourself two days to write it. Right. So okay, fair. Yeah. So get to get to the sagoon. And make that the stop, boom, guy like it right? Get to sukoon. Give yourself two days. That still gives you a revision date. Yes. It still gives you a revision date. Exactly. That's powerful. What if you did one step a day? So friends hear this out?

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What if you did one step a day. But I wanted to now that we've got the week down, I want to get to a conclusion to the in their mind below. If we answer this question. And they're not looking for a solution. They'll come up with another problem. I mean, here's that's what I'm Yeah, it's guys the value in this particular discussion is in for those people who want to implement the system, in a way that works for them. Yeah, right. But you were how to go through the steps. Yeah, how you apply the steps that's up to you. And maybe maybe peep I would assume there are several people within even memorize right. Now keep I'm not following Well, I guess in a way, I'm not my system because I'm

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the extra practice.

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So, okay, so I'm gonna skip that whole point. But like, in my case, like, I'm not strict with one page a day. I mean, one page a week, right? I might do one page a month. People need to hear that right now. People there's nothing wrong with that. Unless you have

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I've committed to they're committed to one page a week for the whole year than two pages a week, if that's their personal thing like my case, I'm supposed to be committed to going to jujitsu three times a week. Right? And right and for the last year and a half, because of pandemic, right, and even when it opened up, it was so hard to get back in like this. My first week back in, and I barely got to, you know, I'm saying,

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if it wasn't for travel, but then it was yesterday, yesterday, we were set up. We were. So it was it was it was calculating the energy, though, I saw you going getting the workout. And as soon as I saw you coming back, I was like he's done. A 40 minute drive was too much. But the point to our friends here is there is a way that you have to want this, you have to want to make it work. Yeah. So we your sensei could give you 10 suggestions. All below, don't take this class do that. But if Bill is sitting going, but this is why it won't work. Yeah. The person will keep answering you and giving you suggestions. But you're

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maybe this is this is a self awareness issue. Right. And this is a question that I want to ask the audience, right. Imagine it's three o'clock in the morning. You are in small town America, somewhere where there's like hardly any switches at all, somewhere in Wichita, Kansas. Right? And you come to a stop sign.

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Do you stop at the stop sign? Or do you roll through it? Stop it. Okay. Now, some hot the there's if you stop at the stop sign? What's the reason you stopped at the stop sign? Do you stop at the stop sign? Because you fear the consequence of a potential cop? That would pull you over to give you a ticket? Or do you stop? Because there's a stop sign stop sign society? The answer that question is going to help with self awareness. Yeah, if you stop at the stop sign because there's a stop sign. That means you're the type of person that just needs an outline of what to do. They just tell me what to do. And I'll do it. Yeah, right. Yeah. If you're the kind of person who stopped at a

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stoplight because you fear being pulled over. Deep, guys, listen, right. Then what you need is somebody to hold you accountable. Yeah, right. This is where the mentorship program shines. It'll be very powerful for people who need accountability. Because their sensei we Sam is gonna be like, Hello.

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All right. Yeah, anime con. I don't know what to say. And now I'm neither of those. I'm the person who would both have the stop sign. Right. But then also why, right? Am I blowing through the stop sign? Because I don't see indeed, because I know there's no traffic. Right? And so there's the reason for the stop sign there doesn't apply in that moment. Am I right? Or am I blowing through the stop sign? Because there's a stop sign?

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Right? Yeah. So again, if you're the kind of person is gonna stop sign because you've been told what to do, then what you need is, obviously don't need to be told what to do. But you need to be given options to express yourself. Yeah, right. Like even I'm a little bit of the rebel drive thru. Right. But like you gave me this is like, Oh, this is a great system. Now. I want to make him do my way. Yes. Right. And I think I love about youth, like you'll do it, do it your way expects, like, express yourself and, and

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the skeleton first. And then there's also the element of like, if you blow through the stop sign, because you don't see a need to write if there was traffic, you would stop. Yeah, right. But there's no traffic, you don't blow. What you need is you need to know why this system should be followed. Ah, yes. You know, I'm saying because once you know why you're going to be like, Well, I'm standing here because there's a rule there's a system in place, but like even I think and this is where like for the for the first group of people.

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The ones who need accountability, we got the answers the mentorship Yeah, the ones who just need to be told to boom you got the outline, do it right. Now what about for the people who need to know why? Yeah, what would you tell them?

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I would say go back to the reason why you came to memorization go back to what what touched you listening to Quran and then go back to your crown on the Day of Judgment? I think that's that's the why and what about the person who's like, you know, all of that is fine. Yeah, but I just don't see myself somebody who's gonna memorize the entire Quran. I am Khalid bin Walid. Yeah, I'm gonna do right I like, like I there's more important things to be focused on. I see myself or I relate more to the Companions who didn't memorize the entire Quran, but they still made it to paradise inshallah. Right, right. And so, like, what do you tell that person?

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I tell that person. You don't have to want to be the millionaire. But work in the direction work in direction. You don't want to memorize the whole Quran, work in the direction to memorize some portion because you never know when Allah is going to be given a handout. So what about in an hour? Think maybe

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alternatively, because you're what you just said kind of just sparked something else. What about the fact that it's not about memorizing the Quran? But it's about having a relationship with the words of ALLAH maybe you don't memorize it. exactly did you? Do you open your Drake album? So you can memorize it? Or do you listen to it so many times on identity factor? Identity plus you liked it, or you heard it so many times? Yeah, you like Star Wars Episode 97 so many times that you watched it and now it's that's what I wish that we could create with the Quran. Yeah, and this is the like, this is the first episode. This is the first episode of a series that we should do in like Real Talk

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memorization. Yeah, like we released a system we bill I was gonna give you a video of him going through it in real life.

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Now it's your responsibility to say you know what, I'm gonna I'm going to Real Talk make the shifts in my life because if I have the ability to consume Netflix and or and or, but Bilaal is extreme for uninstalling Facebook, priorities, that's all I'm gonna say. Priority. So thank you very much for this first episode. Friends. I think we're in a great space