Hasan Ali – True Meaning Of Subhanallah

Hasan Ali
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the meaning of Subhan project and how he represents Islam as a pure and simple way of living. They also mention that Subhan is free from defects and represents Islam as a simple way of living.
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what do we you know when we say in our daily lives, we say Subhan Allah, what do we mean by Subhan? Allah by Subhan Allah you know you're amazed that something or you see something or you want to just praise Allah and you say subhanallah you know what it means? It means I see Allah as in I believe ALLAH is completely free from all defects. And I believe that he is absolutely pure. That's what Subhanallah majeure means or something you think, wow, Allah made this happen. So Gohan Allah, he is free from every defect from everything that can be seen as a weakness, he is free from that, and he is totally, totally glorified and pure, because I've seen this thing and it is amazing what I've

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seen. Hey,

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