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our forefather

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our grant, Greg, Greg, Greg, Greg, Greg, Greg granddad.

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His home was what

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was his home? Janna. His putter is myself and yourself. It's true, isn't it? Who's Whose son are you? Son of? Adam is son of Adam, not son of ape,

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not son, a monkey. Not son of anything else. Your son of Adam Alayhis Salam. Now, Adam Alayhis Salam was in Jana. He loved Jana. Our mother, however, was in Jana. She loved Jana. And together they were so happy in Ghana, in between cane

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shaitana regime.

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Yeah, he came. And he spoiled everything for my great grandfather, for my great grandmother, but they all yearn to go back to Ghana because that's your home. It's like when you in Pakistan.

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You born in Pakistan, you raised in Pakistan. You love the Hauer of Pakistan. You eat the road to Pakistan, everything fresh in Pakistan. Even the cows dung is fresh in Pakistan. You know, it's not like when you in there and then you come to this country. 20 Latina because we call the president and nothing's in 1000 Nothing's the same as he is in Pakistan. So you yearn Pakistan you want to go back to it and you feel like you now your sons and daughters that would be different. The bone here that'd be different. But then a guy Oh Yonko doesn't know how to know what happened to them. But anyway, they everybody will learn what your home is. Our real home is Jana.

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We want to go back to Jana until we don't go back to Jana. We're not at rest. And during this time our wall is with shaytan who's our with shaytan che shaytan is going to try and stop me and you from going to our real home.

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My home your home. He's going to make us believe that this is our home.

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Where do you guys live?

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You don't want to say in Glasgow, Scotland. You live in Scotland, right? He's gonna make his believe that this is your home?

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Is this your home? Are you just saying you know,

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if I came and just occupied your house, what would you do?

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You think you know you think about it. A man works so hard. A woman works so hard for their house. Right? But you don't realize I don't realize and I should make myself realize that you know these walls. If this was my house, you know, these walls here, these walls and on my walls.

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When I'm gone my putter he's going to be having these walls in his house and his roof.

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The clothes in my cupboard are not mine. The moment I die, it's gone into inheritance, the money in my bank, I'm going to be inside my grave. And my family members are going to be above my grave. And they're going to start talking about the inheritance that will get

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you spend a lifetime trying to build houses a house, get yourself assets, get yourself a good salary, get yourself bank balances, get yourself financial income. And in the end you have got a lot of people behind you who are all going to start distributing that and you're going to be in your real home. You got few homes that are coming. First Home man you had was Allah Allah Allah Allah, Allah Allah was it. Animal Urwa this was a station where all the rules Aleppo, the rule or our spirits our souls were inside their second home is the mother's womb. That's a home we spent nine months there. 769 months, eight months, whatever you spent there in your mother's womb, that's

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another home.

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Animal Urawa when Allah created us there doesn't matter how long you stay there one day, you've got to come out from Ireland, moola Ottawa, and we all did come out. The rest of them are still stuck inside there. And they're going to be coming and they're going to be coming through here through this home and going to their next home. right these are just trance. These are places where we being transferred.

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You just been transferred. That's all it is. It's like basically if they have someone who's asylum seeker something first to grab hold of him.

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Where's your passport? No, no English no English.

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Next Vinnie. They take him into some kind of camp somewhere or detain us detention center. Then they got dusted that's a transfer he can make that his home imagine that you can Detention Center he takes it back

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Zagal thanks, lads, I'm enjoying this and I'm gonna stay here only talking about detention center.

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Then they take him to some other one. Then finally they can take him to the deporting place. Then they go to go to fly him over to his country. And then we have another depo over there. They'll keep in there for a while and then they will say release here, go go go back to where you were. So all these transfers, but he's got he's not to stay there. He's in the wrong place. He can't believe he's here for good. Me and you brother. We are not in our home. We are travelers Rasulullah sallallahu sallam, he took the shoulder of say udana Abdullah, you know, he took his shoulder put his hand on the he said confit. duniya Naka very

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beautiful. Sebby Oh even our model in this world be like the one who is a stranger in this world. Be like the one who is just passing by a highway. Be like the one who is passing by a road be like the one who is traveling along this pathway. This is what Rasulullah saw some said because the valid The reality is we're not going to stay here either. Tell them when the son of Adam passes away yet bow who Salah has three things follow him to the next world. Hello, who am I who are Malou three things follow him to the grave two of those come back and one stays with him. His family his wealth and his actions. All three of them will follow him to the grave yard your old man who Sinha and to have them

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come back, his family will come back. His wealth will come back way of karma who am Alou and only his actions will remain with him. That's the thing that will travel with him. That is his luggage, he's prepared for his new home. Those are the things he's going to take towards the next world Allah and you're concerned about your house, your wealth, your family, all of that your family gets sick you concern you start losing a bit of money in your business you get concerned your financial outcome wasn't as good as last year you get concerned you find your sons GCSEs daughters or sons standard level or standard exams. They haven't got as good as what they should they should have had

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then you get concerned but if you don't have your actions right my brother that is the My sister that is the greatest thing you should be concerned of