The Youth – Important Islamic Reminder

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Last time he said

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that young people meaning your age, he said Shaba Tom Mina Junoon he said, it's a branch of madness.

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So all of you like crazy.

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You're crazy people. Now, why did I promise I was gonna say that about you now because, you know,

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when you look at young people, they can go either way. They can either if they if they become people who are learned, they become people who have got mission, they've got ambition, they are on the right track.

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They are some of the best people you've got on this earth.

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And if you've got young people, and they go on the wrong track,

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and they go the opposite direction, then there's some of the worst people you've got on this earth. Do you agree with me? Guys, I need to speak up you know, I come on. Have you had your roti today as an icon guys? Oh, yeah. What's wrong with you guys? Well, I heard you don't have chicken and chips here you have donor and chips, right? You got your donor and chips or your roti Solara? Speak to me guys, come on. So do you disagree? Agree with me? Agree, right? So you can go either way.

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What we're here to discuss is one of those things, and we don't want to hear about the Sahaba of the Allah. unwed mine. What is it that made them who they were, and especially the young Sahaba what was inside them and what made them who they are. And whoever you got? Well, the young Sahaba or the Allah Han mud mine, one of the things was, unlike all young people, when we say young, when I say young, I mean, not literally 25 and under somebody would have said like 35 and under, but it 25 And under is a more proper estimation of those people. And most of you who are university, you'd be of that age. The young people have got hot blood inside them.

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The hot blood means that you're quite excited. Whatever you get into you get quite excited. The older you get, the more calm you get, especially when you get married.

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When you get married, you actually learn how to start settling down in life. You get settled in life. Before that, you've got more sort of crazy people, you know, walking around and being with each other. What happens is in the young mind, they want to do things Johnson, they want change. They want to see a difference. They want to make a difference. They want to be part of that difference. And they've got a lot to think about they feel invincible. They feel like this. They've got so much agility inside them. They've got so much inside them that they can offer to the world. They've got a huge whole future ahead of them. You know, like I think it was

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was it was Aristotle who said he said

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Young people are always talking about their future.

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And old people are talking about the past. He said because young people have a future and old people don't have a future