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Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen

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wa salatu salam ala shuffelin be able mousseline Mohamed Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa ala alihi wa sahbihi wa seldom the Stephen cathedra Anthea from Abbado.

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My brothers and sisters

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ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada distinguished this Umaga rasool Allah salAllahu Alaihe Salam, not by our Ibaadat not by our wealth, not because of scientific achievements, but because we do the work that Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam used to do which is the work of the

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Allah's rather I said quantum Cara Martin or Khadija leanness you are the best of people and you have been extracted for the people. And what do you do that maroon I will Morrow V with an owl Moon Curry was una bella, you enjoy and God forbid Eva and you have faith in Allah subhanaw taala.

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If you look at the history of the Muslim world,

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one of the things that may strike you is the absence or almost absence of Social Work organizations.

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Right? Especially in the context like we have today.

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And that's a strange thing, because you know, why should there not be social when there was poverty, there were various things

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until you reflect on the fact

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that if a person feeds one hungry person, if you go down from here and you give a buy a meal for one homeless person, people will say you're a good man. And that is true.

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But how about somebody who's propagating a system that abolishes hunger and poverty?

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There will be no hunger, not only one person, nobody will be hungry.

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If you if somebody is in debt, and you go and pay off the debt of that person, they will say you're a good person true. But how about somebody who creates and build a system where there is no debt?

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A debt free financial system.

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This is what Islam brings. Mr. Bill Maher off and Al milker. The work of Dawa is the biggest and most powerful social service system that can ever exist.

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Now Allah subhanaw taala, in his wisdom, gave this job to the Ummah, the Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, because we have the sheriff. And we have the honor of being the aroma of the last. Nabil and Rasool after whom there is no other interview in the suit.

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What does that mean? It means that Allah subhanaw taala, in his wisdom ended,

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the Silsila

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the continuation of the bullet and result, but the need for guidance will be there until the day of judgment. So who must do that? What if there are new, no new Gambia coming into the world who must do that work, that work was given to the to the OMA of the last NaVi la Sena. No other amount of any NaVi was given this work of the hour, the work of the Gambia was not given to them. Their job was to obey their Nabhi and live their lives according to what the Navy told them. It ended with that. But with us, there is an extra we have to obey our movie and live our lives, how he taught us and we have to take this message forward.

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That hamdulillah over 100 years ago, this work has been going on from the time the sorcerer Salam came into this world, this work has been going on this work

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has been going on in all parts of the world in different ways. And it's very important because like all important jobs, this service is something that you can't just wake up one morning and start doing. You have to learn how to do that. The method of doing thou has to be learned.

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For example, you study medicine.

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In most countries, you study medicine for five years. In this country, you study the same medicine for 12 years, that's a different issue. But you save medicine five years, and then you do two years of residency or House Surgeon ship as it is called which is to practice medicine and the supervision of a superior. Why? So that you learn the actual ways to do that.

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Only then will you get your degree you can't just say I went to medical school five years no.

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So also in the work of the hour, it has to be learned how to do that. Now there are many people who do our courses and so on. And in many places I've seen these courses happening usually, the way that our course is done is just like a sales training.

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program which is asked questions, which will get them to ask questions, then answer those questions and then do the sale which is so are you ready to address this?

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But is this how the available surrounded it? No. All the Gambia was salam it started with preparing yourself for the work of the which is the work of the scatto nurse whether we are to luckless

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purification of the heart and our manners.

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Without that preparation,

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nothing else is possible without their preparation, we cannot give them a properly because ourselves we internally, we will be full of things which go against them.

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So, that is why you have for example, people, one of the things that I that happens with this work hamdulillah over 100 years ago, Allah subhanaw taala created a man called Barajas ganz Levy, in,

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in Haryana, in India, who started his work alone.

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And the work was to invite the Muslims to come to the masjid.

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And slowly, this is built over time.

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And there was, there was a time when this work was global all over the world.

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Today, it is still global. But unfortunately, it has broken into two parts. That's another story. But he's also illustrates the importance of practicing what we preach.

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Because if you practice if one of the points of WBC, caramel Muslim, honoring the Muslim brother and sister,

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and we cannot resolve our own internal differences between ourselves, and we result in the Jamaat breaking into two, then what is the grammar Muslim that we have been preaching?

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What is the credibility of that? What's the value of that doesn't have any meaning?

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How can we still stand here and say, Could our Muslim when this is our history, no.

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Personal conflict, and we are ourselves unable to resolve it.

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Right? I'm from the same work I'm just I'm talking myself.

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Some truths are

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bitter, but they have to be swallowed, if you want to solve it. Similarly, the focus of any bother and why is a bother Horos is Eva there is no doubt about this. But the focus of the Ibadah is on the result of the event not on the weather itself.

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We pray Salado Asia question to ask ourselves is What did I get out of this? Why was I praying salata Nisha for what reason? Similarly, we say okay, I went in Java, I went in three days Java, I went in 40 days Java, I went in four months in Java. People ask this question I've gotten out of law. How much time have you spent?

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I have yet to find somebody who asked me the question. What did you get out of the time you spent agajanian Like a Halligan camulos? Me?

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Have you spent four months? Yes. What did you get out of this? Four months? Nobody else could tell man like, you know, who asked this question how much time only people go to jail.

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The only place where time alone is counted is the prison. Because you're sentenced for so many so many days, months, years. Sentence over go home?

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Somebody who's been sentenced to prison when he's coming out of the gate, you ask him what did you get? It's a get what am I supposed to get? I went to prison I was I went to prison. I was stuck in prison for four months now. Whatever is nothing to it. I didn't go to get anything.

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So if you are spending time in gym, I am saying because the MMA is the most beautiful training school that I know. And I'm speaking from my business consulting hat. absolutely the most beautiful trainings to because it takes you from place to place. It costs nothing to the invite to the organization because each person is spending his own time and money.

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There is a huge degree of motivation because people are going on their own nobody's forcing them. The question is what are you getting out of it? And if you are not getting out of it, it is not the fault of the system. It is the fault of the way the system is run.

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So it's not a question of saying how much time you spent no, what did you get out of this time? I know people who have who spent they go for months every year and they cannot even reset so far they are correctly.

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So what do you get out of it?

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I'm not saying don't go Please go. Please definitely go. Go three days every month go 40 days every year. Go

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For four months at least once in a lifetime and every as much as you can, but check to see what am I getting out of it? And if you're not getting out of it, it is your fault. It's not anybody else's what is not the fault of the system is fine. There's nothing wrong with it.

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Am I learning Quran? Because that is one of the numbers one of the six points. Am I learning how to read the Quran correctly? When I'm when I'm reading the Hadees of Rasulullah Salam, after that, am I still doing up but for example, one of the backbiting big problem? Am I still doing rebirth?

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Am I still slandering people?

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If I have a conflict with somebody cannot resolve that conflict and we sit together as brothers, all Muslim can visit together as brothers and resolve the conflict or we do we break apart which they wish to do.

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Because when we stand before Allah subhanaw taala let me assure you 100%, that Allah will not ask you how many days did you spend each month?

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You will not ask you this question.

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What Allah will ask you is you are a difference with your brother. How come you did not resolve it? Allah subhanaw taala said why Tassimo will humbly lie to me and wallah for Rocco.

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So what did you do with my iron, which I sent you?

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Focus on what you get out of going in Java. As I told you, you are spending your time you are spending your money don't waste it.

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And don't think similarly going is it going is mean nothing. If you're getting nothing out of it, you're wasting your time and energy, nothing more, nothing more. And as I told you, it's not the fault of the system. Don't blame the devil. It is your fault. If you don't get something out of it. It's your fault. If I go to school, and I learned nothing is not the fault of the school. The school is the school had the means to teach me I didn't learn.

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So please mothers and sisters, let us be very clear hungry Allah may Allah subhanaw taala grant you grateful, higher and baraka and great reward. And may you spend the time in route visability Allah may Allah subhanaw taala put the sweetness and hello office Dean aneema in your hearts

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but focus on learning and say what am I getting out of this?

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And my request to my by my Giamatti brothers don't ask this question again to anybody. kitna Vasa Kia Mila Bucha

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given Alchemilla general Gu gel gel Bucha data Superstay is when he was Mila gatco was like, I gotta get Mila Bucha NATO So be very clear as this question, what did you get that will focus your attention to what you should get to see Carnevale Kobe was with somebody ag signal algo Karna was he gonna go signal service blog aronia gel pony gentlemen.

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So you can actually jerem kacica

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Oh, who today's he gotta be tobogganing is already with you if you don't if you didn't learn something that we need to make is the one and ask Allah Subhana Allah to forgive us and then start learning in shall

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we ask Allah subhanaw taala to help us and to please with us and to the waters and to shelter us and in His mercy and to give us our will carry Michela maybe tomorrow or tomorrow maybe tomorrow or day after we see the moon today or tomorrow and then inshallah we ask Allah to us Raja in good health and human and the ability to make the best out of it was Allah Allah Allah will Karim Allah Allah He was a Vietnam erotica haha