Spirituality #07 – YOU Will Get What You Intended

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AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the concept of intentions in Islam, which is based on intentions rather than actions. They use the example of Hara's instinctive behavior as an example of a pure intention, and how it can be broken into various forms of intentions. The speaker also discusses the importance of intentions in shaping behavior and bringing others into their own realm.
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The whole religion really of Islam is based on intentions. The Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam told us in the Malama Lavinia to in the medical limit in Manila, that certainly all actions are based on intention. So what is intentions and intentions what Nia loosely translates into intentions are really things that Iran will which is usually presents as well cost, and that they are synonyms as well for for the word near. But what is it it's really like, having knowledge and then acting upon that knowledge. It's interesting when he starts off his book, he's got a book of intentions here and then he starts off his book talking about the purest type of intention, and

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something we can all relate to like, a Hara is the the the instinctive intentions, for example, it gives example of an individual is walking in the street or something and a wild animal, a dog tries to attack him, his will to want to run away from that dog or to avert the danger of that dog, for example, or a wild animal of some sorts, His will or his intention to not be in that particular place at that particular time, will be very pure, instinctive to the court. That is the purest kind of intention. But there are sometimes we have more than one intention by doing something like allows IT managers for example, an individual who fosse Yes, he may foster supererogatory, Foster, a

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supplementary Foster School it, but he might, he may do so not just for the fact that he wants to get an award, but he might feel like you know, this is good for my health, obviously. So if someone thinks that this will be good for my health, now they're mixing their attention, is that a bad thing necessarily? Well, it's not the same as having a pure intention, a fully pure intention. And so if you divide it into different kinds of things, like for example, in the sinful acts, you can never have good intention for that. Then we'll have the Met in Islam, the Haram things that will prohibited things, you can never have a good intention for that. As for the mobile hat, or the halal

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things in Islam, you can have a good intention, and you can transform them into a kind of worship, but you must be sincere and so doing, like, for example, if I drank something, or ate something, because I know that, okay, I've got, I've got some prayers I've got to do. So let me me drink this so that I can get stronger so I can do these things. Now, the act of eating itself SCORM has ever the act of eating and drinking itself will itself be an act of worship. But ironically, the third, if you like category of when you have to have good intentions is the most important, but it's where some of the biggest problems can be, which is worship itself, because that's when ostentation, can

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creep in, or the idea of React, the idea of doing something for show. And if, for example, if someone prays, obviously praying is meant to be purely for Allah subhanaw taala. Like if you're praying the fire prayers or fasting all these things, it'd be built of Allah, if you're doing it so other people can see you. Now you've added this aspects of RIA and this is the thing that the Prophet Muhammad wa salam says, worth the thing he fears the most of afflicting the Ummah is a React or he called the Usher as far as the minor shock, is a minor Shabbat is not so difficult to to absolve yourself from this. Someone saw that Allah Himself counsel does not have answers that Omar,

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Abdullah meclizine, Bella Hadid, that in sort of a unit that would they have not just they have not been commanded, except that they worship Allah alone. And the idea of having a sincere intention is something which is is central to the religion of Islam. And it's not so difficult. And some people might think this is so difficult. And a good litmus test for for its practicality would be if they if you're alone, and you pray, and you fast, and there's no one watching you, then this is most likely to be sincere action. Obviously, if you remove people from the equation, then there's no one to not object, a third party objects that you can show off to them that you're most likely therefore

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to be absolved of RIA. So ARIA ostentation is something which is the most amazing really think carefully about and as it really is, like the the basis of the religion of Islam.

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