Yaser Birjas – I Love You Man For The Sake Of Allah

Yaser Birjas
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Alhamdulillah Allah alameen wa sallahu wa salam o Baraka and Amina Muhammad, wa ala alihi wa sahbihi wa seldom at the Sleeman kathira from Nevada Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam says in the Hadith Beautiful, beautiful short it is but has a great benefit and a great meaning and the subject of friendship, and having quite beautiful relationship of brotherhood and sisterhood. He says, salatu wa salam O Allah in the madness COVID

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la cara prejudice Ihara

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in the manasse Caribbean, he is now speaking to a group of Arabs who knew best what they knew was about the desert and the culture of the desert. And here particularly cameras, so he starts by saying, in the monastic a bit in the example of fievel, the example of people just like the example of 100 camels, which means, if you would like to give similarity who says in every 100 comma Lata car to feather the vihara hayleigh, you can barely find one single ride.

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Every 100 camel can be good for meat can be good for carrying stuff can be doing it for other things, and so on. But how many of all these camels you can trust your life with to cross the desert

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as a suitable right, he says you can barely find one.

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And the meaning of this Hadith, the prophet SAW the last set of speaking about the desert of this world that doesn't have this dunya towards the

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the example of people today, the example of people back then, and the example of people will be in the future. Just an example of 100 cameras. In every 100 cameras, you can barely find one individual one camera to fit as a right for you, where you can trust there that right to go across the desert. And again, the meaning of this hadith is how many people you know in your life, that you can really call them friends, perhaps in your lifespan in sha Allah extend your life.

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in your lifetime, perhaps you will know so many people, you can even count. And even in such a very short time like now, if you are most of you college students, in the very short time that you live so far, if you count how many friends you've already known in your mind, you could even come to remember those kids. In fact, when in the kindergarten level, then elementary and middle school high school now again, in college, how many people did you know? How many times did you move from one city to the other from one neighbor to the other? So many people. So most likely, you will know so many people that you cannot even count in your lifetime. But then by the end of your life, you will

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barely left with few

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who are these few people? Most likely those people who can call them soulmates or bosom friends, those we can trust them with your life. And if I asked you the question right now, how many of you claim that they have 10 friends and up? Now I'm talking about just friends? How many of you have 10 friends in their? in their circles? And of anyone who does have more than 10 friends?

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Okay, that's good. Now how many of you have five friends and up five friends?

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How many of you now can cross with all these friends? How many of you can call of all these friends? I would say three of them to be like not just the best friends. These are the people with whom you can trust your secrets and even you can trust them with your life.

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Mashallah, have you tested

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you claim very heavy testimony. One day one brother actually he sent me he sent me a video a very short video clip where we're talking about the subject of trust and and how to trust others and so on. So he sent me this like a joke says look at this video clip to show you how, you know be careful with whom you trust your livelihood. So that clip shows a group of I believe higher elementary school, going to a camp and then their turn was standing at the size of maybe some a clip or a wall. And he's teaching them to trust him basically to trust and how he trusts them. And he just trains into he's gonna be falling back whether he wants them to grab them hold him before he falls on the

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on the ground. And he talks about kids maybe 10 years old, 1112 years old, and then lining up on both side says okay, now I'm gonna fall over backwards. I want you to hold me and as he was going backwards, all the kids will go back to like this.

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can imagine where he landed.

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He landed flat on the floor. And the only thing he could hear says, Ah,

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so do you really trust these friends at that level, you could just throw yourself that would be grab you when you fall. That's the meaning of this hadith in the base of Allah, in the monastic cabinet now that people are like 100 cameras, and each 100 cameras, you can barely find one that is suitable to be your right, the one that you could use to trust it with your life where it could go across this desert, and this is a desert of our life to the afro towards Africa. How many friends do you have in your life that you can really and genuinely trust, worldview life? This is the question that you need to ask yourself. And if you have them, you need to hold so tight to them. When it comes to

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the subject of friendship here, it's no different than talking about a Hoover to fill up, means brotherhood and sisterhood for the sake of Allah subhanho wa Taala

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and even the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam Allah, they had friends, Allah subhanho wa Taala he spoke up Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and he mentioned his friend with him in one of these very important events in the history of Islam and the life of Muhammad Sallallahu wasallam the hedgerow that was the man who's of the Prophet saws entrusted his life he was going through a very dangerous journey from Mecca to Medina and he wanted company everytime over Casa de comes jasola Can you give me permission when he goes no wait, just wait, maybe someone maybe Allah subhana wa tada will provide you with a file a friend, that he will go with you. And he would wait until the day

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came a messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam goes to the hustle of workers before they allow the line and he knocks on the door a smile The along the line Hannah Ayesha were there and she said the Prophet came on during the time which is unexpected he wouldn't you come to this view this time to our house and he says what is over there so he was just talking to him secretly to this time. And then over closer the episode Yasser Allah sofa, it is the companionship, the friendship that you talked to me about. He says yes, he starts crying that Allah subhana wa Tada, chose him, chose him to be the trustee, chose him to be the Companion of the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam in

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such a very important milestone in the history of Islam to go and take that journey with sort of law, his civil law. It wasn't a It wasn't an easy journey. And it wasn't a journey where you go and just have fun. It was a very dangerous and he was ready and he was there willing to sacrifice his life for us of Allah His aloha to Selim. Allah subhanho wa Taala document is in his divine words in the Quran. Surah Toba Danny has made in Houma Nevada is the according to sahibi law

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in Allah hamana Sania name Allah subhanho wa Taala was the third of these to Mohammed and his son and his companions friend over Casa de for the allowed to run when they were both in that KVD a kulula Sahabi who was talking to his companion, his friend with his brother in this in this context lesson is don't be sad. Allah subhana wa tada is with us. And Allah subhanho wa Taala shall guidance

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when it comes to finding a friend, or this, what we call them soulmates, or bosom friends, someone that you can really trust.

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It's not easy to lie in this life. I know you might think it's easy because you always hang out together, you have to have fun with them. But that's not when you meet when you really recognize them to be your best friends. This is not the time when it's easy and Mashallah fun and nice. That's not the terminal recognize these people, it's gonna get really, really tough. I'm gonna get stopped. That's when you recognize friends from those who are not friends, those who are real genuine to you and those who are not genuine to you. And when they are put to the test. That's when brotherhood comes, stays or goes. For this reason. The messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam mentioned in that

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same Hadith that the whole conference is all about being under the shadow of a rock man, Sukarno, who was the Allah, the messenger, count one of these categories. What are you allowed to have back in LA, which tema de la voz de Cali to people he talks about rajadamnern who here does in the morning here earlier actually today, that it's it's not about the gender we meant it's it's universal term means to individuals, the half bath law they love each other for the sake of Allah. to women, they love each other for the sake of Allah to men love each other for the sake of Allah, each tema Allah, when they get together for the sake of Allah subhana wa Taala for the love of Allah

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azza wa jal, and when they depart and separate, they always depart and separate again, for the sake of Allah subhanho wa Taala keeping their love for the sake of Allah subhanho wa Taala alive in their hearts.

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All of us, we need these friends, only this sense of brotherhood and sisterhood. You can say

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I don't need that. Because Angela, I have my own virtual friends. You know, when you were in kindergarten, you should love your stuff to your imaginary friends. And you play with them. You have tea parties, and you guys are playful police and gangsters and all this stuff and so on.

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Now at hamdulillah and young adults, we moved on to the next level, do you have the same virtual friends on Facebook? So you have all these 1000s of friends and everybody's bragging? hamdulillah? I have 1000 people on my list. But Is that real?

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In real life? Do you really have that many friends? No way. And I asked her to guarantee you in your real physical world, you don't even have more than 10 friends. You have acquaintances, people that you know, and they know you, but you can call them friends, you can have hundreds, but you can call them friends. You can call them you know, someone that I know. And all of a sudden, on the internet, you have 1000 2000 people, you call them friends.

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Ask them, how come? How did this happen?

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It just that because we don't have that social intelligence anymore. That that form of all human interface is lost for the virtual interface behind the screen. So befriending all these people, specifically, the younger generation, by the way, I spoke with the younger crowd, teenagers in middle school and high school. And they all brag about how many people they have on their friends list.

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They also have 100, I have arrays, one 1600 and this person have stolen 1500? and so on, who are they? They have no idea.

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But when it comes to the real, what I asked them, How many friends do you have in your physical world, they don't have that many. And when I say they said they do, I said how many people that you can really trust them. So much would your life that you would, you would just trust all your secrets with them, perhaps there'd be one or two. And that's what the practice or someone's talking about him.

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You might have so many people around you, but few that you could trust with your life and with your secrets.

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You know the importance of this, because in the automatic text in the arbitration statements or proverb, we say a Sahib said, or saw what Assad means the friend said, which letter C means he pulls, so they pull towards themselves. So your friends, they have that gravity effect, which is that social influence, they call it actually it's that emotional, or influential Wi Fi connection, this kind of Wi Fi connection, the moment you see a friend, all of a sudden use you connect immediately with them because you put an Act to an hour to connection. The moment you see a friend, you suddenly start developing these emotions based on the connection. So if you know that this

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person always brings fun with them, you always start immediately smiling and getting ready for the fun and so on. When you see someone who's grumpy, you get ready for that as well. When you have someone who's always you know, whining and Sonia get into the mood, why because that social connection gets admittedly there. Based on this, if you have someone who's always Mashallah good, or she's always good, she always aligns with higher and good and the athlete and so on, instantly, once you see them with that instant connection with that emotional and social Wi Fi between you and then you start to get into the mood easily with them.

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When you have someone who's on the other side, you immediately without even thinking about it. But just because you're friends with them, suddenly you start getting to that also that way or that mood and way of thinking, because you've connected immediately with them. That's why that's why it is very important to check on with whom you befriend who should be your friends, who are the people you would like to follow free towards them when they start evaluating you towards themselves. When it starts pulling, you just let it go because you trust them. Who are these people? You should trust? Allah subhanho wa Taala in the Quran, warning us against the friends or at least those who we call

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friends in our lives. Call a lot of robotica What the * are ya Oh my

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god, you're my uncle. The transgression of the wrongdoers. Iago Allah, they start biting their fingers, you know that expression? That means a suppression of grief and sorrow and regret for what? Your kulula isn't it to have to marsudi sebelah on that day, they will all say I wish I have taken my way with the messenger, whether the Messenger of Allah or those who act on behalf of the Messenger of Allah hoko to the back of Allah subhanho wa Taala Yeah, ye lotta world to me, this person would say, later Neelam Poulin and karela I wish I have never taken this person as my best friend. Why is that? What is this for?

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Law Attorney Vic rabada janni they misled me from the visual radicular members of Allah subhanho wa Taala wouldn't arrive to remember those days when someone comes to you and they tried telling you, let's go and make Salah, some of us can say, Come on. Let's finish this first. Let's do this, I will do that together later on, and it never happened. Why? Because I just went with this and other distractions came in some other temptation. You did not insulate yourself like the amount of the Nasr mentioned. And suddenly you found yourself influenced by that Wi Fi connection and you went to the ground. So they pulled you towards them, you just let that go. And Allah subhanho wa Taala says

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us in law, Yama even bother them the bobbin I do.

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Allah Allah, those so called Best Friends, on Judgement Day, they shall be opened enemies to each other, Elon Musk, except for the righteous. Those who when they met like a professor Sam says, For the sake of Allah, I want to depart it again for the sake of Allah subhanho wa Taala. While it is so crucial and important that we find that circle of good friends, best friends, that when you open your Wi Fi connection with them, you just you don't mind. Even if they're going to hack your emotion, they're going to go to something good and shallow.

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They won't find anything bad and they're not going to install anything wrong onto your software or hardware or in this case will be heartsick where basically. So they will always will always send something good to you and you trust them with them. And there is nothing wrong with keep it open. Because the connection handleable I mean, it goes both ways.

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Our Allah, even the reminders, but the benefit of having good friends like Mohammed Hassan busted Rahim, Allah Allah, He says, it's one and a half boy dynamic.

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Which means our brothers are not necessarily our physically blood brothers. But that religious spiritual brotherhood and sisterhood are dearer to us than our own blood brothers. Why? Because if one of those brothers spiritual brothers and sisters, when we meet them, they remind us with the affair and the loss of Hannah Montana, but our blood brothers most likely and sisters most likely reminisce with what was done. And that is something natural, because when you go home, you tend to drop your guards down and relax. So it's easy to start bickering and fighting and get things you know, with siblings, because you're used to each other. But with friends, you still have that kind

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of formal firewall barrier, that you keep. So therefore, you keep distance at some point. Whenever you talk to them, there is a specific image you try to display with them. But with your with your siblings, your blood, family and relatives, you have that actually down. So therefore you just feel free to practice this. And that's what he says that with them with his blood brothers, as his spiritual brothers and sisters, the man's with the ACA and that's what they do to us. And the mama shelter for him, Allahu Allah. He says loadall pr mobile as

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if it was not for opium will as her waking up at night to pray to malelane night prayers was such a battle.

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And the companionship of the good people in this world. We wish color in the Arabic language method to the bottom if you had to hit VR, I would not have wish to stay in this land or this world.

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Which means that just because I have good friends people when I get with when I sit with them and and talk to them, I just love that companionship. It is so beautiful, so genuine, so honest, so innocent, that you'd love it. even to the extent that some kings

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kings and royalties they would wish and love to have this kind of informal relationship with somebody could call best friend and best brother for system. One of the polka when he was asked one of the leaders have been in Romania back then he was asked, yeah, I'm Europe

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or America, in the middle of the believers, what is left for you in this dunya that you'd wished you would have? Basically, he owned everything. At that time, they were like the superpower of that time. So he owned everything, the land and everything that has Panama by the will of Allah azza wa jal, but he was asked what exactly is left for you that you would like to have an owner in this world? He goes

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with one single project one brother, and Zerbini avena who cool from that I can just drop my the gods basically off formality with them. Feel like one part one individual together, where I can just express myself naturally be genuine with them, and they always advise me the nice way and in return, we would live just happily ever after. So I wish I could happen. And some of our alumni, they will say that amongst the people

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of the spiritual experiences spiritual relationship connection. So there is a relationship. Lo Yamaha mameluke as the kings and Royal royalty is would know about it, they will fire us with the swords together, you will Firestorm because they cannot have it because of their fallen mechanical life and relationship. But those who have that spiritual connection for the sake of Allah subhanho wa Taala they own it. And that's why they're in love with it. They're in love with that relationship for the sake of Allah subhanho wa Taala.

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We see that in the life of Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam few examples were mentioned to you more other than Jebel again, Dr. Rocha mentioned his story with Kalani Mahajan, in general was one of those one few young people who were privileged to have the Prophet sallallahu wasallam expressed that to them verbally. He says Yama let Baker solo Sadie I'm here you're also listening to Yamaha. Keep telling him Yamaha Ahmad is listening to yours and enthusiastic jasola here for you in the way boo Kapila, I love you for the sake of Allah. Allah. Can you imagine you being that individual receiving this testimony from the messenger Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam to you

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saying to you, I love you for the sake of Allah. What would you do?

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What would you How would you feel about? It's an amazing, amazing testimony coming from the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, to someone who considers himself perhaps insignificant in the community of people like Robert Capa, overclass at the end of the early condensable sort of life sort of lives and still the messenger sallallahu sallam, he had that connection and relationship with his friends. And his have a comparison for one of my colleagues.

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The profit sort of loss and MP defendant, and even when some later people come into embracing Islam, and somehow didn't have that, that respect that is due to these early converts to Islam. So they somehow they thought that they have privilege over them whatsoever. So they spoke some words against them. The messenger sallallahu alayhi wasallam, or he stood for the rights of his companions. He says that the subrace happy, don't you ever? Don't you ever curse my companions, my friends, never do that to them for law Hello. And unfortunately, they have an MA Bella muda had a Manasa if you have if you spend the entire mountain of offered in NGOs, in charity, we would not be able even to

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pay them the amount of half of the money which is handful of child that they have given their time, because of sacrifice cannot be overlooked. They were the early people who came to Islam and induced all the hardships for the sake of Allah subhanho wa Taala. For that reason, the prophets of Allah Salah, he had that sincere love for the Sahaba, the Allahu taala.

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If you ever find a person like this,

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a person that you can genuinely and truly call them, a brother, or a sister, for the sisters, in the Arabic language we say,

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in lacquer length,

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perhaps you will have a brother in your wife or a sister in that case with a sister. That was not that your mother never gave birth to them.

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You will have in your life people who consider them genuine brothers, even though your mom never give birth to them. And they will I can testify that in my own personal experience in my life. I have a few people that I can genuinely and truly call them brothers, that I trust them, even though we have been separated now more than

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15 years. So how am I 16 years we never met except for once during those 15 years after we departed. We've been together for four or five years. And then somehow we had to leave during those five years we spent together. We were roommates.

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roommates for four years of these parties, actually. Not maybe the best roommates. But we're good roommates.

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And we were we traveled for Hajj together four times.

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of the these four times three times, walking between them and us being in Mecca. together. We ate together. We slept in the tents together, we traveled we suffered things together. So Pamela I you can always imagine and visualize whenever you see that person in your dream even you always remember the sacrifice that we had for each other. And after all these 15 years of separations of how we still have these memories, so alive and so vivid in our minds. We call each other until now. And finally furniture on Facebook is not that active there though. But still at least we get to see each other handler very often. And I can tell you this is an individual who can really and freely call a

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That if anything happens would be the person to come forward.

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and even if you are wrong, I assure you he will be the first person to come in your face and say that you were wrong. If you ever have this friend or this brother in your life, what should you do to them or how should you deal with them?

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Number one,

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when you deal with them, give them more than what they expect of you or from you. It will be good brothers and sisters, they won't expect anything from you right? Because it will expect something in return. The relationship may not be necessary for the sake of Allah soldier. But because of that, you give

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because you know they don't expect anything from you. You're giving them back. When you give you give more than what is expected of you why because you do it for the sake of Allah subhana wa tada out of love for them for the sake of Allah azza wa jal, Allah subhana wa tada spoke about the Maha jurien and onsolve will use the rune Allah and Fusarium one of Canada's kasasa altruism,

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the concept of giving what they have to the others, even though they are in need of their more need of welfare Runa Allah and Poussin one candidate in kasasa they didn't do that, but I still give it away for the sake of Allah subhanho wa Taala. If you ever find this person in life, you need to be sincere to them.

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And I know the word sincerity will always have it, you know, associated with the last panel with Allah, but the Messenger of Allah, how do some says at the root of our Deen is all based on sincerity, which means being honest, being sincere when you commit sincere about your commitment. So that's a habit said Dr. Solomon, to whom he said Lila, first of all, Allah subhana wa, then to the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and third, the inventor muslimeen your leaders. And lastly wahama team to the individuals the average person, so you're sincere to your friends, your brothers and sisters. Why? Because you love them for the sake of Allah azza wa jal if you ever find this

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person, when you love them for the sake of Allah azza wa jal, I want you to be careful with that. I want you to be careful with that. Don't spread the word I love you for the sake of Allah just like this without you know,

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making sure that you put it in the right place.

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Sometimes we have the habit of just calling everybody I love you for the sake of Allah. Do you know me?

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So I know about I just love it for the sake of Allah. So you better known before you say that? Why? Because sometimes it's really a dangerous statement. Because you there is commitment when you say this word. If I act bad towards you, are you going to change right now? change your attitude towards me because I'm acting the way you expect me to add. That's how some development actually used to test the friendship of their own students will be harsh with them to test their genuity to see when you change. Visa was not for the sake of our last panel. I thought it was because he thought I was nice. I was funny. But now that you see I'm different than what you expected. You change your

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attitude. So when you love them, the prophets Allah Sam says, Hey, have you thought about the a lot of that I'm Habiba. homina ma. Assa ne akuna Baba Mama. Would you love someone love them moderately?

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As an akuna burrito mama perhaps one day that love my tune into me. And then he said, Well, I believe Elisa Kahuna Ma. And if you ever hate someone that let it be moderated, hacer una Habiba. Whoa, Mama, maybe this person, one day will turn into your best friend, and beloved one. So do with moderately, when you love people, or have that held to somebody, just be moderate, don't be too excessive and extravagant about it. Next, if you ever find this person, I want you to understand and realize you are at no obligation to fulfill all their demands and their desires.

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Sometimes we get under pressure, you call this peer pressure sometimes. So you are under pressure to fulfill all their desires. They come to you and they want you to go out of your way towards theirs. Why? Because you my friend, right? should do that to me said you know what? It's because I'm your best friend and brother and sister. I don't want to do this deal. Because it's true. So you need to understand the good friend and the best friend and brother and sister. It doesn't mean you go out of your way to the wave who was wrong. And the best the professor Sam says also a haka Valley phenomenon that you support and assist your brother or sister Raman oma lumen, whether he was right

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or wrong. sathyaraj sola, we know how to do that when they're right. How we do that when they're wrong. Could

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you stop them from being

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busy Hold tight on their hands and remind them that they're wrong. That's how you support them. If you ever find this individual

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and Samantha

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Something bad about them. Don't you ever let the Showtime get in between you and these people? Allah subhanho wa Taala says and sort of the noon in the story of Elif when they slandered me and I shall be allowed or unhappy with the word of Allah subhanho wa Taala says Lola, it's similar to move on the moon or mamina to be on Priscilla

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is at least when you hear churston as believers as believing men and women should have good assumption of one another. Lola is similar to when you hear it first time, don't say really Oh my god, and you're gonna delete them from your friend list, but a list on chat. Immediately unfriend this person on Facebook. Take Just be careful Wait, verify that check it out and see what happened. If it's true, it becomes your responsibility your brother responsibility sister responsibility, again to support them by teaching them what is right and remind them about what is wrong. And if you ever find a friend, you need to understand that they will never be perfect. They will never be

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perfect in the Arabic quality we say that couldn't be could live muromachi van sadiya Kaka Lambton Kala de la to attivo

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mirar, an Alfa vermieter y necesito su Machado, which means is that concept we couldn't be more active. And if you're going to be stopped blaming your friend for everything that they do and say, then you're going to end up with no one around you to blame. Which means you're going to be alone, everybody's going to be away from you.

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And we're either on Kashmir on Al Qaeda, if you're not going to drink from the water, because it's kind of not 100% as clean as it should be. You're going to end up thirsty,

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mean these people they will come and they will always get some residues of past and culture and this and that and so on. So you need to be enduring the hardships of dealing with the people as much as you can.

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There's so much I can say about this. But my time is up. And I would like to end with a story and a story to remind us that whenever we, our friends, our brothers or sisters, because of backbiting because of a lie that was said and was circulated important unjustly, it would hurt so much that even if you try to reconcile it can never be bad as it used to be before that. The story it says that there was a young boy who came to his father and his father, he knew that this this boy, he gets really irritated so fast. He doesn't leave friends around him because he gets upset. He takes his cars away from them. He does this he does that. Eventually his father he said, You know what, I

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want to do me a favor.

00:32:42 --> 00:32:52

He gave him actually about with nails. And he goes every time you get upset, I want you to go and just hit a nail on that wooden wall.

00:32:54 --> 00:33:02

So every time he just feels upset because of somebody who someone some incident he got and he just hits a nail in that wall.

00:33:03 --> 00:33:09

At the end of the day, his father awesome. So how does it look like because the first day I had actually about 40 nails on the wall already.

00:33:11 --> 00:33:18

So now next day, he just he is was afraid that he's gonna end out space. So he starts now trying to control himself.

00:33:19 --> 00:33:43

Mix the second day, he has less than 40 nails 30 less and less. After some time, he came so happy to his father, he says that hamdulillah today, I had no nails or No, I did not put on another dog. So this is great. So let's go and walk in backward right now. Because every day that passes without feeling angry, and controlling yourself at hamdulillah I want you to take one of these nails out.

00:33:45 --> 00:34:08

So he starts doing everything he does, he takes one of these nails out, one after the other. Few days later, the whole wall was now empty of all these nails completely frivolous. He came back to his father says Alhamdulillah no more nails on the wall right now. If I said this is great, come with me myself. And he took him to the wall. And he goes look at the wall.

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So all these holes that you punched in the wall, you can never return.

00:34:15 --> 00:34:31

And even if you try, there will always be traces of that actually hold that you left in the hearts of these friends that you have. So it's the same thing. You might go and throw that word that you would regret to try to pull it back. It's too late.

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You might do something to them that you can say who cares. But when they you yourself will care and will be too hard to pull it back. So before we get to that level of them, learn and know that if you really love them for the sake of Allah subhanho wa Taala then your your reward is worth a lot. So just to be under the shade of a monster cannon with Allah. If you meet them, you meet him for the sake of Allah azza wa jal and if you ever depart away from them, you also do this for them.

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Allah subhanho wa Taala this gift of befriending these people will lie It's a mercy from Allah subhana wa blessing from Allah azza wa jal, Allah subhana wa Taala and I will close with this last part that it says to the Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu wasallam lo unfuck the methyl rbj me and my left avena pulumi him What are kin Allah Allah says Allah,

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if you if you are to spend all the treasures of this world, if you spend everything to bring their hearts together, you will never be able to do that. But it is a love, who bring these hearts close to each other. So if you would love to befriend someone, it's for the sake of Allah hi Can you can do that. And if it doesn't happen for the sake of Allah azza wa jal, most likely that relationship is fragile and might last very long. So you keep it there were lots of Hana what Allah wants it to be, but hamdulillah alameen wa sallahu wa Mohammedan while early Osaka Salaam salaam aleikum wa Taala

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