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My servants are my servants. Are you pleased? Are you happy? Of course we happy? Of course we are happy. Are you pleased with me? Are you happy? Are you pleased? Of course you are Allah, my servants I want to give you another gift after this another gift that's going to make you even more happier. What is that Allah my servants when you were in the world and used to worship Me and you used to listen to me and you used to read the Quran not all these words I mentioned the Hadith the Hadith mentioned only that you used to worship me, but I'm giving you a description of that worship.

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Used to read the Quran or use to pray your salah or use to do the vicar do my vicar. Oh my sevens you are in the s used to do all of that you couldn't see me. I was watching you I used to see you. I used to watch you do zikr I used to watch you do tilava I used to watch you give sadaqa I used to watch you smile. I used to watch you be kind to people I used to watch you forgive people you never saw me I was watching you. All my servants today is the day when I would want to lie I like to reveal myself to you. I want to reveal myself to you Allah now for Allah to reveal Himself to us now what Allah will do. Allah will say oh my angels OH MY ANGELS get together get together you know when

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you're going to see a king or a queen Allah. They make months of preparation yes or no months of preparation. Don't worry guys no security needed here. If you're a copper here don't get no job in Ghana and don't get no job in Ghana.

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Two what happens is Allah azza wa jal says all the angels get all the people of Jannah together.

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What happens? What happens to how we're gonna get together? You know, like a theater. Allah wants everybody to see Allah without being blocked by anybody else. Allah wants us to see him without being blocked by anything else. So how does Allah do that? Allah says oh my angels Creek prepare for them cushions that are going to be flying in the

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on these cushions. I'm going to be I'm going to be you're going to be in sha Allah insha Allah in sha Allah as a whole. We are going to be reclining on the cushion is going to be such a nice soft cushion. A green green cushion allows very soft, that cushion flies with you in on the in the cushion lifts you up and takes you in a position. The closer you are to Allah the higher Allah will make you be the closer you are to Allah the highest position you will have hundreds and 1000s and millions and billions of cushions that are all reclining Allara Akn rune they will be reclining on their cushions they will be looking and watching Allah is going to reveal Himself to us today. What

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do Allah say? All my angels in the world my servants never could see me and I used to see my servants. I'm asking you My angels. The veil that is between me and my service. I'm asking you to really reveal and release that veil so they will reveal and move the veil away.

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And the Hadith says

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when we will see Allah we will see Allah we will see Allah. We will forget the drinks of Jana. We will forget the food of Jana. We will forget the greenness of Jana, we will forget the pleasures of Jana. We will forget the women of Jana, we will forget the near man the blessings of Jana. We will forget the clean air of Jana, we will forget the phases of Jana, we will forget the sounds of Jana, we will forget the music of Jana, we will forget the greens of Jana, we will forget the wine of Jana, we will forget the friends in Ghana we will forget the people of Ghana. We will forget the palaces of Ghana we will forget the rubies of Jannah we will forget the golden silver Jana, we will

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forget the whole of Jana, we will forget everything besides Allah and mean you will be watching Allah I'm watching him and looking at him and look at him. And that will be the greatest gift anybody has ever received. Anybody has ever received as a beautiful thing. The hadith says one Hadith says from one Joomla to another Joomla some people will look without even blinking.

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Now the Hadith says even longer. Another Hadith says even longer. There's one Hadith that says I'm person who will be gifted by Allah

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La will look at Allah and look at Allah for 300 years and not move away 300 years. Once you see Allah my friend once you see Allah, nothing is more pleasurable than Allah Himself.