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Ramadan 2016 – Khatirah Day 22

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Salam Alaikum Welcome to live in a castle

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so two nights ago I asked you why you're still here.

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I have another question for you.

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Why should ALLAH forgive you?

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That's a question

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Yes, why should ALLAH forgive you?

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he's the most forgiving Can you come here

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so welcome

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everyone look in this room of hundreds of people Mashallah he got the answer right to be in

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your good Now, does that

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mean Allah bless you and bless your family? Everyone heard his answer. Because a lot is the most forgiving. It sounds simple enough and Subhanallah it's easy for us to come up with that answer and just say because Allah is most merciful and because Allah is most forgiving, but how forgiving is Allah? And how good or how bad do I have to be to actually exclude myself from the mercy of Allah? Allah bin Abdulaziz Rahim Allah. He said in his farewell speech, he said Kaaba will hustle. And Hassan Rahmatullah that he was here at Kula shake, that verily he has failed, and he has lost the one who managed to escape the mercy of Allah subhanaw taala to be excluded from the mercy of Allah,

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though it encompasses all things well, hareem agenda, Aldo has some as well. And he managed to miss a agenda he managed to lose out on his spot in Paradise, that is as expansive as the heavens and the earth. We just went over sorta Zuma and we just covered what is known as auto Jaya, be Kitab Allah, the most hopeful area in the entire book of Allah. Now to qualify as the most hopeful ayah in the book of Allah requires a lot. There are a lot of verses of mercy in the poor and there are a lot of verses of hope in the portal and there are a lot of verses about Jenna in the Quran. But our job I have the verse that gives the most hope in the ER an Kalia Ribera de la Vina Astra for Allah and

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fusi him la takanobu and Rahmatullah in la hora de novo Jamia say oh my servants who have transgressed against themselves, do not despair from the mercy of Allah subhanaw taala because Allah forgives all sins and Allah is a photo Rahim. Allah is Ever forgiving an ever Merciful. If you were to examine this ayah in a technical way, you could derive all sorts of gems seriously a tip see if this could last us through the entire month of Ramadan. Notice that Allah subhanho wa Taala said Alia Abadi. So say oh my servants. Why? Because when you feel like you're despairing from the mercy of Allah subhanho wa Taala. You know what starts happening? You start feeling guilty for making your

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app, you start feeling guilty for asking Allah for forgiveness and mercy. Who am I? I mean, I don't feel worthy of asking Allah Subhana Allah for forgiveness and mercy anymore. I've really, really messed up badly. I've really, really tanked in my spirituality. So Allah says, say to my servants, who have transgressed against themselves, you're still very bad of Allah. You're still the slaves of Allah and the worship of worshipers of Allah and the servants of Allah. No matter how bad you've gotten, you're still has a bad love did not stop ascribing you to him. So why should you stop ascribing yourself to Him? subhanho wa Taala if the Lord of the worlds is telling you don't stop

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ascribing yourself to me, why should you cut off the relationship with Allah subhana wa tada Latakia nakoma Rahmatullah don't despair from the mercy of Allah in a la jolla hiruzen. Obey jemena Allah forgives all sins. If you realize here, a loss of Hannah horchata did not say don't despair from the mercy of Allah because you'll get better. Don't despair from the mercy of Allah, because at least you still pray. Don't despair from the mercy of Allah because at least you fast Ramadan. Don't despair from the mercy of Allah because at least you're a Muslim. Don't despair from the mercy of Allah because Allah forgives all sins, not because you're deserving of His mercy. Don't despair from

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the mercy of Allah, not because you deserve that mercy but because Allah has mercy is so encompassing, that it encompasses all of us who in reality are not deserving of His mercy. That's why you don't despair from the mercy of Allah, not because you deserve it. But because Allah is most merciful, because he is inherently most merciful and inherently all forgiving. Subhana Allah this ayah means so much. It is so profound, and so deep. If we take a moment to internalize it, you really don't need an elaborate Tafseer of it. Each and every single one of us has explained

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Marion's low points in our email where we felt distant from Allah subhana wa tada and where we felt like we were really really, really bad. And we wondered if Allah Subhana Allah to Allah was angry with us and we wondered if Allah subhana wa tada would forgive us. And we wondered if we were doomed and preparing or being prepared for destruction. And suddenly all of those ahaadeeth about the man that killed 99 people, and all those are Hadith about the man that asked for his kids to cremate him so that he wouldn't have to meet Allah subhanaw taala suddenly all of those are not relevant to you anymore. And I want you to realize that when you look at the Hadith of the prophets, I seldom the

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types of people that Allah has forgiven are far worse than you and I the types of people that Allah subhanaw taala has forgiven are far worse than you and I is anyone in here a serial killer? Please do identify yourself so that got the police outside Mashallah. Any one of you a serial killer? Can I'm kind of uncomfort it No one's giving me a No.

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Does anyone in here have killed people? Okay, good. hamdulillah for the half of you that didn't nod your heads? May Allah subhana wa tada forgive you.

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But seriously, who killed 100 people

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who lives their life, you know, we fall and some people Subhanallah I mean, the Zener of the eye The Prophet slice, I mentioned that as the as the time comes near, that each person would have their house Zinner, they would have their portion of adultery. Some of us it would be the adultery of the eyes, some of it the adultery of the tongue by flirting, some of it the adultery of the hands, and some of it the worst of it all. Complete adultery complete sin, everyone will fall into these traps, Riba will exist and Riba the entire system that we live in is built upon interest and everyone will have the dust of Riba on them. Everyone will have the dust of usury on them. But you know what? It

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was never about you and I, it was never about us deserving that mercy from Allah subhanho wa Taala. It's because Allah is merciful. And I'm the love and Mr. Little the allotted time who was asked what is the greatest a Bada, the greatest act of worship of the heart, they're about to lube the acts of worship of the heart. He said, If there was one thing you could prepare for your meeting with a loss of Hannah Montana, and nothing else, and personal one Bella,

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expect well of Allah. Don't let people stand in between you and the mercy of Allah. Remember, that's the man who killed 100 people and went to the scholar What did the scholar tell them? Who can stand between you and the mercy of Allah? Don't let people make you see Allah subhanho wa Taala as a wrathful vengeful god that is unforgiving and merciless, that has placed impossible standards on us and that will punish us and if we if we escaped sin from this direction, will fall into it in this direction and Allah will punish us because of that. Don't let anyone turn your perception of Allah into a God that did not create you and a God that does not love you and a God that does not sustain

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you. Don't let anyone convince you that Allah subhana wa tada will not forgive you. If there is one thing you could prepare for this night, this is the 23rd night a very likely night to be Laila to Qatar. We asked the last panel to allow us to to to witness it and to be forgiven by a llama. I mean, the one thing you could prepare for tonight is an expectation to be forgiven by Allah subhanho wa Taala. It's not like when we read the verses of the Quran or the Hadith, it's like, Okay, if you, if you're praying this much, then you're subject to the mercy of Allah but you're starting to slip that's really really, really bad. It's not like Allah subhanho wa Taala measures that by sin,

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because Allah subhana wa Tada, His mercy is infinite. It's Pamela last night. She also spoke about the benevolence and the mercy of the Prophet sallallahu wasallam. And

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in the conquest of Mecca, that the prophets lie, some was willing to stand in front of those people that did all sorts of horrific things to him, and was willing to let it go even as he stood in the place where that pain was caused to him at suffer the same place. You know, when you go back to your place of trauma, and your place of pain, you're more likely to be reminded of that pain and vengeance will really kick in even if you were able to ignore it for some time. Even as he was standing in the place where pain was caused to him, where things were said to him, he was able to forgive them it his salatu salam use of alayhis salaam, the one who the prophets lie Selim sought

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inspiration from yes, even the Prophet slicin um sought inspiration from the prophets that came before him. And mentioned, Rahim Allah He Moosa, may Allah have mercy on my brother Moosa? Naka. Uzziah be Ackerman However, he was harmed with much worse than this facade but he was patient and May Allah Subhana Allah have

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Mercy on my brother Eunice and my brother used to when Yusuf was able to stand in front of his brothers and forgive them, even though they didn't really sincerely ask for forgiveness. What made those men so forgiving? It was their relationship with Allah subhana wa Tada. Do you think that the Prophet of Allah is more merciful than Allah himself? Do you think that the prophets lie Selim is capable of showing mercy that Allah subhana wa Taala is not capable of showing? You ask yourself this question. And you don't do that, to belittle sin. You do that to feel shy from sinning. You know, at some point, you have to have such a good opinion of Allah and such a loving opinion of

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Allah, that you're actually shy from sinning, it's not just, I'm going to be punished and if I do this, then this is going to happen to me and if I do this, then this is going to happen to me. At some point higher has to stop you. Your your sense of modesty and shame has to stop you. Why because you know that Allah is so merciful, and has overlooked so much that you feel ashamed to continue to disobey Him at some point that has to kick in, and it can't just always be well if I do this much sin or this many good deeds or so on so forth, when you meet Allah subhana wa Tada. You are meeting a Lord that is merciful. And I just want to with just my last thoughts on this topic in particular,

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you know, Allah subhana wa tada if you realize and this equation he completely removed it from us. It's not that Allah forgives all of your sins. It's not that Allah Subhana Allah forgives all the minor sins. It's not that Allah forgive certain major sins in the La Jolla. Pharaoh de novo Jamia Allah forgives all sins, he didn't describe the sin to you he ascribed you to him, but he didn't describe the sin to you. I want you to think with this thought for a moment, say bon at least felt entitled because of his good deeds. So he got it wrong there. If you think that you deserve a lot of mercy because you're praying total we you're wrong.

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You're wrong. You deserve or you are entitled to a loss mercy because of him not because of you. it bleeds thought that because of his good deeds, all after all of those years, he was more entitled, he was entitled to a position and insert to Zuma last time I mentioned a person who thinks that their goodness in life in the mountains 82 and then I got this because of my own doing. And Allah subhanaw taala shamed him and humiliated him and disgraced him. It wasn't about your good deeds while lying if you worship the law for 10,000 years. You still don't deserve Jenna, but Allah subhanaw taala will still give it to you because Jenna was not about you. It was about him the

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entire time. So Billy's messed up when he was doing good by thinking that his good deeds were his salvation. And they blease messed up when he did bad by not turning back to Allah subhana wa tan blessa man Rahmatullah he despaired from the mercy of Allah, not once did he turn to Allah subhana wa tada and say, Oh ALLAH forgive me. And one of the most profound statements that I ever read it's a shot of the Hadith in Sahih Muslim it's very, very powerful. The prophets lie Selim said that shavon cries when he sees you making salute when he sees you prostrating shape on sees you in total we and shape on nose I used to be like that too. I used to be someone that used to worship a lot all

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day and night shape on sees you doing these ibadat and staying close to a lot and enjoying that mercy of a lot and counting on the mercy of alarm safe one knows. I used to be there too. I messed it up. So every time he sees you making sujood Arizona shavon Oh, yep, Kyoko O'Meara be sudduth for such as well mirror too fast light. He says he was commanded to make salute and he did what he was commanded to do. An I was commanded. And I turned away so he cries about it. But what doesn't shape on do? He doesn't turn back to Allah. He just sticks stays at crying. You can't stay at crying. You have to reverse course. And as long as Allah sees you on that course, it doesn't matter how far you

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are along that course Allah subhanho wa Taala will forgive you and that's why immediately after this ayah what Anibal in our have become what Aslam Allah, turn back to your Lord Subhana Allah in the previous ayah Allah ascribed he said, he Daddy, my servants and now Allah subhanaw taala is speaking directly to you and He will eat out or be can come back to your Lord come back to your Rob Subhana hearts Allah come back to your sustainer Allah will forgive you. Allah will show mercy upon you. If Allah could forgive that guy and that guy and that lady and and that murder and that prostitute and whatever it is, why can't ALLAH forgive you and I so tonight develop a good opinion of Allah subhana

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wa tada and depend on the mercy of Allah subhana wa

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To remove your deeds from the equation and say yeah Allah, I know this title we have not enough. I know this Eva is not enough and I know my sins are plentiful. But when I compare the amount of my sins to the amount of your mercy, then I always see that your mercy overtakes my sins. We ask Allah subhana wa tada to put personal one below to put a good assumption of him a good expectation of him in our hearts. And we ask a lot not to disappoint us on the Day of Judgment. We asked a lot to put that goodness that good perception in our hearts. We asked a lot not to disappoint us on the Day of Judgment. We asked a lot that when we find him on the day of judgment and are in the one NAB dB, I

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am as my servant assumes of me, we ask Allah subhana wa tada that he shows us even more mercy than we expected of him. And then he shows us even more forgiveness than what we expected of him and that Allah subhanaw taala puts even more good deeds and our scale that we even imagine we ask Allah Subhana Allah to forgive us when we turn away from him and to not let us die in that state of heedlessness or insistence upon sin. Lama amin, Xochimilco, heinola masala Mara Nabina, Muhammad Ali, he also can be very sneaky.