Ramadan Motivations #02 – Allah looks at our hearts

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smuggler Han Rahim cinematic Rahmatullah you want to get on shall why we will start working each.

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Smith diode hamdu Lillah wa Salatu was Salam ala rasulillah, who Allah, Allah, he was so heavy he was in them as Allah azza wa jal, but I don't mean to accept from all of us, I hope that you're fast so far has been going well. And that you've been, I've been able to insha Allah to enjoy it, or at least in sha Allah to see some benefits in it. And if you've had been going through some difficulties in your fast, remember in sha Allah, that Allah rewards you because of it. So it's the writer said, Be patient, and extract the rewards from Allah zodat it's taken away our sins as a large xojo to make it so. So whatever you are, at this moment, when you're fasting, whether you're

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excelling or whether you're struggling, thank Allah zildjian for it because it is all from Allah zildjian who asked Allah again, to accept all that from us? I mean,

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shall I see your question shot? I'll try to answer it in sha Allah. So yesterday, we spoke about one story from the Koran. And we said that this is going to be an ongoing series in sha Allah, but I mean, where one day we're going to be doing reflections and lessons one story from the on the other day we'll be focusing on a single Hadith of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam to extract the wisdom from it. Hopefully in sha Allah will be something that we can use immediately or think about and apply immediately in sha Allah.

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The Hadith for today is where the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam says in the law, hello, young boy, he lost what he would have sent me home. Well, I can envelope it Apolo become a Muslim, to put it in Muslim, the Prophet sallallahu wasallam says that Allah xojo does not look at your faces and bodies, but Allah looks at your hearts.

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This very short and simple Hadith has very practical and amen applications if we understand it. Of course, Allah Zeldin sees us all, inside and outside. So the prophets a lot he was hitting them was not saying that Allah does not see us externally, no, and a lot. And he that where Allah azzawajal looks and sees what is significant.

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Allah sees us on the outside, but to Allah that is not significant. We vary externally. Some of us are more beautiful and handsome than others, some of us have had more material possessions than others, some of us have been able to achieve externally things more than others in this life. So we vary according to that. And this is in fact how we look at each other, and how we actually look at ourselves when we want to assess ourselves. Think about it, how do we assess ourselves? We think, How much money do I have? How beautiful or handsome am I? How tall? how short? how thin? How fit, am I? How much money do I have? How big is my house, this is how we assess each other and we assess

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ourselves as well. I'm a success. If I have these things, I'm affiliate if I don't have these things, this is how we live. And this is how we have been brought up to think or society taught us to think this head it comes to tell us Allah zildjian looks at none of these things. He does not care about how tall or short how thick or non fit how rich or poor you are, Allah is not going to ask you about any of these things, a lot looks at one things that one thing that is significant to him subhana wa to Allah, Allah looks at your heart. And there is where you matter or you do not matter where you Excel or you fail.

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So if I was of your looks at someone, and this person is not poor, it is poor. And this person is not successful. materially, this person doesn't have a lot of material markings of success in this life. We look at them, and we say they are insignificant. Yet Allah azza wa jal could look at their heart and they could be better than millions and millions of populations, millions of people, because in their heart, they are sincere, and they're honest, and they are kind and they are close to Allah zildjian. And they turned to him and they asked him for repentance and they asked him for forgiveness. So their heart is pure, and because of that, they're close to Allah zildjian.

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materially whatever they have, externally, whatever they have, doesn't matter to Allah zildjian so when Allah meets you on the Day of Judgment, he does not ask you

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How much did you earn? How many children do you have? How successful was your marriage? How big was your house? What was your position? What was your education? These are questions that we ask each other in this dunya when you meet someone to be able to assess that person and analyze, but Allah zildjian has a different approach. So we want to take from this two things in sha Allah, the way that we look at people, and also the way that we look at ourselves. We have to stop on looking at people to assess them externally based on what they've been able to gather and collect, or maybe gifts that are given to them, that they had no power in accumulating and in getting someone is

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beautiful. Allah made them so someone is famous. This is a gift or a test from Allah xuejun. It doesn't mean anything. But if you want to assess someone,

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look at their hearts. Now you say I have no access to a person heart. How do I know what is inside? Well, we say that Allah xeljanz subhana wa tada also told his prophets of Allah when he was in them in another narration of that Hadith, he says, But Allah looks at your hearts and your deeds,

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your actions, meaning don't look at that person in terms of how rich and poor they are, what family they come from, what their what is their education, what is their status in life, but their tecoma their deeds? Are they're honest, are they kind? Are they pleasing to Allah? Do they ask Allah for forgiveness? Do they pray? Do they fast? Right? Do they read the Quran? Do they make up for their mistakes? What is their topology, this is how you assess a person. And that tells you a lot of times about the status of their heart. So when we look at people, we need a different criteria by which to judge people by which to evaluate by which to say, this person is a good person, I want to be their

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friend, and this person is about influence. I want to distance myself from it. But it has something also to do with our self. How do we assess us?

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And especially in a time in Ramadan? Where we're able insha Allah to break away from many of our habits? How do we assess ourselves? But even how do we assess the success of our fasting? There is a level of fasting where we just stop eating and drinking.

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But remember, that Allah has lived in according to that Hadeeth Not only is looking at what we do externally, but internally. And here is the question, is my heart fasting as well?

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Not only my body, but is my heart fasting as well. It my trying internally to be close to Allah zodion am I trying to get benefits from that fast, meaning detaching from the dunya getting closer to Allah when I'm reading the Quran, I'm not just repeating words, but I'm trying to have these words enter my heart and change me. When I'm overcoming my desire by saying, I'm not going to eat and I'm not going to drink, am I learning also from this, that Allah should be closer to me than anything else, that if Allah says to me, don't I stop because I love him, or I strive to stop in order to love him. subhanho wa Taala, because I may not have a strong love for Allah at this moment.

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But if I strive I'll be able to get it in sha Allah. So is it my fasting basically, in body or all see body and spirit in body, but also body in heart, because Allah is looking at my heart and is saying, is this person, despite difficulties in fasting, still asking me for help, is still surrendering and submitting to me because it could be hard for you at this moment. But a lot as the doodle wants to see from you, when it is hard, will you still come back to him and ask for help? Or will you turn against the worship of Allah zone and say, This is not for me, I hate it, I need to work on it.

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So fasting is the fasting of the heart. And the reading of the Quran is the reading of the heart. And that is not simply the movement of the tongue, but the movement of the heart. And also let's let's look at ourselves when we want to assess ourselves, and not simply be slaves to the dunya. Meaning that if I don't have a job at this moment, I'm a failure. If I am not rich at this moment, I'm a failure. If my relationship is not doing very well, I'm a failure. These are not that markers of success. Although all of us have learned that we want to be blessed in this dunya. But these are the markers of success. What if at this moment you don't have these things? Does that mean that

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you're a failure? Allah does not consider these things to be significant. What he considers to be significant is how close you are to him and how close you're trying to be close to him. And as long as you're trying. You're on the path, as long as you're trying, Allah will assist you. As long as you're asking Allah for help. Allah will definitely help.

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So now in this

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month of Ramadan, let's let's focus less on the body.

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Let's focus less on food. Let's focus less on the dunya. Because we give that to our bodies throughout the, in this month, let's try to break that habit and say let me give my heart what it needs. It needs a lot of xuejun it needs that when I'm making, I'm making it from inside my heart to Allah zildjian asking him sincerely with everything with every cell in my body, for his help for his forgiveness, for his assistance for gender for protection from hellfire. When I'm staying away from food, let it also be staying away from the excesses and the luxuries of this dunya. So that I give more to Allah as urgent, I give more of myself, my body, my attention to Allah, that my happiness is

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not only about what I eat, and when I drink or when I'm happy and when I'm healthy. My happiness is also when I feel that allies happy with me. Because if Allah is happy with me and you, then everything else that I love, and that I want is yours and mine.

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Success is yours, health is yours. Happiness with families, yours if not in the studio, in the studio and in the outfield, and definitely in the mailbox, that's the thing that lasts. So let's insha Allah focus, as the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam says, when you want to look at yourself, don't only look at your body, and the needs of your body. Look at your heart and the needs of your heart. This is where Allah has Odin is looking when you pray, when you fast when you read the Koran. And when you make dua. Allah is looking at your heart, not when you put where you put your hand. That is important. But not only that, but more than that, what is your heart doing when

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you're making? What is your heart focusing on when you are praying? This is what Allah has there is looking at, and Allah is looking at what is the state of your heart when you're fasting? Not only he and she did not eat and drink? What is your heart doing? And how well is it doing? So let's focus on our hearts. And let's focus on our hearts also, when we judge our people, let's not be ignorant and shallow. Let's not just look at the dollar sign. Like look, let's look at the poor if a person has stuck what they are dear to Allah zodat. And if they don't have the poor, they are distant from Allah, we ask Allah zildjian not to be distant from him, We ask Allah to give us the power to reform

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our hearts in Ramadan, to raise them closer to him. subhanho wa Taala We ask Allah to cleanse our hearts. And as we are perhaps shedding weight, and as we are shedding toxins physically from our body was Allah Zoda that we should toxins from our hearts, and shed toxins from our diseases so that as we get healthier physically, we get healthier, emotionally and spiritually. And that is the real success of Ramadan, not how many kilos I've lost, but how many sins I've lost, and how many diseases of my heart, I've been able to remove and cleanse somebody very quickly as it says if I make some sin again and again and ask forgiveness from that multiple times is that a bad approach is not bad.

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As long as

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as long as you know that Allah azza wa jal is no one who forgives sins and as long as you always whenever you make a sin, you immediately go back to Allah as though did sincerely asking for his protection and his forgiveness. Then again, you're close to Allah as diligent. I know. And I understand that all of us have sins and centers, we are weak in front of them weak, we cannot stay away from them. And we want to try our best in Sharla, especially in this month, to develop this strength against our set our can start since to develop this resilience so that the shaytaan cannot come in easily tempt us. So let's ask a lot to give us that strength and that resilience of that

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power against our enemy, the shape plan, but I understand that at times, no matter what we do will still slip. The important thing here is never to give up and never despair, and to always say, as long as I'm keeping and as long as I'm committing sins. And I know that a lot zildjian is there to forgive them, I will always go back to him. And I'll always keep asking Him to forgive me. And there's a hadith to that effect where Allah azza wa jal speaks to the shaitaan. And he says, no matter how many times you tempt them, as long as they come back to me, I'll continue to forgive them. And this is a month of forgiveness. So if you are aware of a sin, that is really troubling

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you, that is really undermining your email and destroying your email in mind, make it a mission of yours. Make it a habit of asking Allah every single day of the days of Ramadan. He Allah helped me against that same year, Allah helped me against that particular temptation, make it every single day of Ramadan, perhaps one of those days, Allah will actually answer that door and he will free you from the clutches of the shaitaan and he will free you from that particular sin.

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May Allah as delta robot I mean we ask you are hamara himedia Allah if we are inflicted afflicted by a particular sin if we are addicted to a particular sin we ask you in this particular blessed time of Ramadan yeah Allah remove that affliction and remove that addiction and remove that weakness and give us power against the shape fun and power against his whispers yeah Allah Allah but I mean you have weakened the shaitaan in this month of Ramadan, so make us stronger than him and make us stronger than our weaknesses and allow us to ascend in obedience closer to your enemy. Yeah, Allah give us hearts that are obedient to heart their hearts that are submissive to you, that hearts that

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are lenient and soft when you say we listen to them, only your prophets of Allah Allah you are sending them says we follow him. someone loves you and he was sending them your Allah cleanse our hearts and bodies in the month of Ramadan, makers of the people of Jenna the highest levels of jinn, and protect us from Hellfire makers of those who are freed from Hellfire in the month of Ramadan. We ask you that you bless our parents, and bless us and bless our spouses and bless our children's and bless our neighbors. And let's do Mohammed Salah you and He will sell them. We asked you the best of the studio and the best of the FMR we ask you to make us of those who remember you often in the

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morning in the evening we asked you to accept our fasting and make it amen and YT server and accept our night prayer and make it even unlike the server and allow us to remember you and recite the Quran often in the month of Ramadan does not come along here are in sha Allah will meet up with Neela but alameen tomorrow at the same time in sha Allah, we will reflect upon another story from the stories of the odd dissolvable Hydra for listening, we conclude by saying Subhana Allah behind the shadow Allah either hailed as the fear of God to boldly when hamdulillah here behind me and see you tomorrow in sha Allah Assalamu alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh