Death is Great – Positives about the inevitable reality

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The speaker discusses the fear of death and how it can lead to a "Graciae." They emphasize the importance of honoring loved ones and not being the primary concern. The speaker also emphasizes the importance of living the legacy and not losing loved ones to avoid future struggles.

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the death of our loved ones is always surrounded with fear. As soon as you hear that someone had passed away, especially if that person is very close to your heart, you're immediately haunted with fear, fear for yourself that perhaps you'll be next. And you're not sure whether you're ready for this moment or not fear for losing someone else, perhaps and how will you function normally after them fear that life after losing your loved ones will never be the same, will never feel the same, will never taste the same, ever again. But this is the main problem in life. If our main concern is life, then grief will keep on haunting us for the rest of our lives. Yes, I know. Grief is so ugly,

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terrifying and scary. it shatters you from the inside out. And let me be very clear here. The connections that we have made with our loved ones who have gone ahead of us who have passed away, is irreplaceable. I can't replace my father's passion, compassion, love, integrity, honesty, loyalty, smile and advice. I can't replace that. So moving on, is not that easy. In fact, in many situations, it is impossible because our loved ones are irreplaceable. So yes, life without them, is never going to be the same again, because life for them now, does not matter. And likewise, life for us. The Living should never be the primary concern. What truly matter is after this life, Jen, so let us

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focus on this death had told me to reflect over my own life. And what I'm going to do about it, death had taught me to honor the disease by making mention of them. By making mention of the values the virtues and good works. Death had told me to continue the legacy death had taught me to change, change the way I live, change my perspective of life, and prepare myself for the next life. The Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu wasallam had told us and advise us and encouraged us to visit the graveyard. Why? Because it reminds us of death. It reminds us of the hereafter after here after this life, that's what matters. Death is great in the sense that it wakes you up. It brings you to your

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senses, and it turns you into a different person, hopefully a better one. That's why the Prophet sallallahu Sallam told us to mention quite often, the destroyer of pleasures, death to mention this quite often because this is the reality this is the inevitable reality. Yes, I miss my father. Yes, I miss brother use of deedat Yes, I miss my dear sister Layla Cocker. Yes, I miss my Auntie's. I miss my uncles. I miss my cousins. I miss my dear friends, brother off tan. And brother Armand Javier. Yes, I miss them all. And live after them is never going to be the same again. Because our main goal is not life itself. It is done. We live here to continue on the footsteps and to continue

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the legacy so that our children and younger generations can do the same for us after our departure. So don't stop living because life has become tasteless after losing your loved ones rather continue on honoring them by living the legacy by doing what they used to do in life until we reunite in sha Allah tala once again. But in general

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Salam aleikum

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wa Salaam

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leaving slow and then I know my