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Speaker 1 discusses the idea of "the Day of the violation" and how animals may be rewarded for their actions. They mention a video of a creature known as Jana and speculate that if Jana were to become a creature, there would be consequences. They also mention a disturbing image of a woman with a disturbing

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All these animals here that they've stuffed. Imagine the real bones that they've got inside there. Those bones are still to be resurrected on the Day of Judgment. So when that happens

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on the Day of Judgment, all these animals, all the lions, all the beasts, all the creatures that will be resurrected, if there's any rule of oppression between them, Allah will judge that first. And then he will turn them to dust. And that's the point when they calf you are the one who denied the truth will say, Whoa, that I would have been just like them to. That's a big reminder. May Allah azza wa jal make us of those on the Day of Judgment, that see that moment and are happy still to move on to go to Jana? May Allah make that happen? So now