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Qur’an made easy, delivered at EIC masjid.


AI: Summary © The transcript describes Surah Al hedgerow's negative impact on the world and the importance of belief in the truth and beauty of the beast. They also discuss the history of Islam, including the surah Al hedger and the "by the way" sign, and the use of animals and human behavior to create cycles and create new life. The importance of producing good results and taking advantage of opportunities to improve one's life is emphasized.
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Serato Sarah Marcy Sayyidina Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi nine, we come to the 14th Jews and the 14th Jews starts off with Surah Al hedgerow, which is the 15th surah. And in this surah what we see is that the Moroccan people are really challenging Muhammad Sallallahu wasallam in many different ways. They're saying, Well, why don't you bring the angels? Why don't you just show us the angels in front of our eyes? Why should we believe in this book and one of the things Allah said at that time was that no matter how many allegations they throw against Mohammed Salah Allah has to know the Quran, Allah is going to present this quarter and this is an EIN number nine, and every part of this

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Quran is going to be preserved. They carried on mocking the profit and loss and this is an animal 1112 and Allah says the business this is the hearts of those who are sinners, that they will carry on finding ways to make mockery of this revelation. They even said that, you know, our eyes are bewitched, and we can't see the truth and number 15. And Allah said, Well, why don't they actually think about the cosmos or they think about what I've created in the Iraq above their heads, if they actually look at the, the signs above them, they'll owe the earth beneath them, which is our number 19. And they look deep inside and they realized that look, all these pathways, the rivers, the

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mountains, the way it was designed this planet, even the stars above them, all of this is not coincidence. there's a there's a great system that allows made, where certain lands you can live on certain lands, you can't live on certain places where towns get formed and so on. And Allah says, Look, I am the one that gives life and I am the one that no you know, gives them gives them an inheritance where one starts to become the, the end of the beginning of a new civilization is number 23. Allah says this is nothing new because what what all this is about is the shirt on its lease, and the story of your beliefs and administrar salaam is all mentioned from anumber 36. And he talks

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about the essence of man and the essence of man is one good thing which is his humble but at the same time he is forgetful. The human is forgetful. And what happened just as advisor was forgetful and he was banished from from Jana to come down to this earth a lot and said below those human beings that are not going to take this message seriously, they will have the same consequence. And Allah azza wa jal then gives us the story of

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Ibrahim alayhi wa sallam, and this time what he does is he tells us about the human being what what the human does to himself is the human starts to bring hopelessness within his own mind. And that's what makes him stop believing this is an EIN number 55 but it Brian Melissa Ross Rambo didn't have those features. He had a lot of hope. And when when the angels came to destroy the city of Luth, Isilon and again, the the hope of Lutheranism was that his nation would actually you know, put themselves up and, and believe they didn't believe they got destroyed. And Allah azza wa jal then returns back to the same thing, which is that this is the human being, he is the one that brings

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certain things in his mind. And because of that, he is going to start rejecting the message. So if you look at the end of the surah, you will find that, you know, there are silly excuses that the human being makes to try and reject the message of alarm. In the end, the law says to Bob's alarm that, you know, leave these people alone, because they're continuously still mocking the Prophet salallahu alaihe salam, and if they're not going to believe they're really not going to believe and he tells, perhaps a lost man tells us as well, that you carry on worshiping Allah until death comes to you, because there are certain people on this earth that simply they won't believe. And me that

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was Surah Al hedger now Surah nahal starts from from about a quarter of the way. And sort of nahal is an A surah amazing detailing a sign after sign after sign for us to believe in this message, and believe in the truth and of truthfulness of Allah azza wa jal. So one sign straightaway, Allah says is

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the things that our laws created us in terms of the means of travel, and he tells us about these animals and number eight of Suda 16. He says, Look at these animals, these animals really they don't have to obey you. But you think about it. I'm the one who makes certain animals obey you where you can actually write them and send the animals you won't be able to do that. He then talks about the the greenness around us and he talks about the the plants the the zaytoun talks about the the nourishment we get from, from certain fruits from the from dates from from the grapes, and so on, and of all fruits that we get benefit. He talks about the night the day in I 12. He talks about the

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sea and

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The fish that we get from the sea in annual 14 talks about the mountains in 15 talks about the pathways in 16. How many pathways is created for us to recognize in our retinas, roads and signs and so on? He talks and then he says to us, well, Could anyone else have created this, then he moves on again and talks about the dead and the life and says, Well, they're not the same. If 10 talks about a scenario on the Day of Judgment, that look, if you don't actually believe in this, you actually take you think that you're going to take the burden of somebody else, but you're not going to take the burden of anybody else. And really, you're going to stuck with your own burden on the on the Day

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of Judgment. And those people on the dead doesn't mean that all they can do is point to one another, and the angels that come to them at the end of their, they're sort of at the end of their life, either they will take them towards jahannam. Or they will take them to a gender all that is mentioned from number 28 to 32. And on this earth, what they do is all these signs, they put them aside, and the only thing is to deny Mohammed Salah longhaul Islam because he's a man, and you're looking at number 3635 you'll find that all that the Quran must have some kind of flow inside it. And Allah then again, bangs on the consciousness, this and it says, look, think about your children,

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where do your children come if you think if you look at a number 56 and so on, you'll find that 57 then Allah says, I give you daughters and you want to bury them alive, which is about the Arabs that were around Muhammad Sallallahu sallam, then Allah says, Well, you think about the

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you think about the the cow that you've got, and the milk that comes from there and how I bring it between blood and excretion right in the middle actually bring pure milk for you. This is an animal 66 and Allah says, Well think about the fruits again, and about the sugar that you derive from the fruits is 67. Think about a honey that Allah Allah says I create through the bees that are busy, that make that honey from the pollen and create for you again, another taste a thing that you actually cherish on this earth. And number 69, Allah says will eventually what will happen is you're going to come to our life. And when you come to old life, all you really should think about is the

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cycle, all I'm doing is I'm creating a cycle. And you'll see that you're either at the beginning of the cycle, middle of the cycle, or the end of the cycle. So he talks about in is 72. He said, Look, I created you, you're the beginning of the cycle, then I made you get married in the middle of the cycle, then I make you come to the end of the cycle where you have grandchildren, and half of that you have grandchildren. So what will happen after that well other people replace you just as people before you were replaced. And constantly in the whole of all these things I've said about fruits about the mountains about the earth about you know, people living even right down to Allah says well

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look at the houses you have the the comfort you have of your houses, at a lot of other animals, you take in from those animals, you make certain skins, you take certain skins, leather skins, and you wrap themselves around your bodies. Again, the same is and he says, well, certain time when it becomes cold, you're trying to get some kind of heat and send 10 minutes, when you're when you're in a different situation, you need my gifts on the ground tracklist survive, but what what you will realize is even those animals, they are the beginning, the middle and then at the end, and it's all a cycle that I'm doing and all these things, whether you look at the honeybees and the honey bees

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and the making honey and each season and making new honey or the cow that gives milk and then finally the cows dead, another cow replaces it. All it is is it's a cycle. And eventually you the human being you're going to come to the cycle. But the important thing is what are you taking with you that is the that is the thing that a lot makes us think about a lot by the end of the surah. So he says to a scene, there's a really good scenario in Anima 92, he said there was a woman in Medina who used to whose to weave a whole sort of, you know, like a jumper or something. But by the end of it, she used to she had a disorder. And she used to kind of break it all up and think this is

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nothing, only if she had carried on finish it off, she would have had a brilliant product. And the same thing Allah says that you are on this earth, your job is to do action now those are the things you're going to take with you. The rest of it is a cycle and you'll be left finished on the ground. So I number 96 explains that whatever you have, is going to perish whatever Allah has, it's going to remain. And again and again a lot of points this that look, try and do good actions before you get back to the Acura and whoever does that will be rewarded and number 97 and try and stay away from a shaytani who try and delude you from these good actions I number 100. And then Allah azza wa jal

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talks about

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the conditions of people because what will happen is that when people get many gifts, they kind of get relaxed, and they don't want to again, you know, be with the with the sort of good works and so on. So if you look an EIN number 111, you will find that a lot talks about and 112 you will see that a whole nation when I gave them loads of food and it gave them so much

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You know that they didn't have to worry about anything. Suddenly, when they start to be ungrateful to Allah, Allah took it all away. So on this earth lactate made them taste, the bad result of not having anything at all in the end. And Allah says, look, all you need to worry about is through this cycle as you're going along, what is it that you're producing? What is it that you bring him back to me and carry on searing through life, showing that you are Shakir on nanomesh show that you are people who show gratitude for the gifts that are given, use them produce good results from them meaning that good do good actions on this earth. And in the end, you will come back to me and ask

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for all those people who have hurt you on this earth. There is another world where you can get you know where Allah can show revenge. What I like and set the schools straight and this is in the final is of the surah and Surat. So the whole summary of it is that Allah has given many signs we should take benefit from it. We should see the true reason why we're here. It's all a cycle. And in the end, what we should do is we should produce good results to take to the acara zapnito Hara Davina Alhamdulillah

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