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One such individual for joined in

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was must have been or made a who was most I've been on my must have been on made was a rich young Sahabi

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his parents were well off. They had what they call it in. You know we have different names for money. What do you call it in Scotland?

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Don't call it dough. Do you? What do you call dough?

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Okay, they had the dough. Right? Now, what happens then is they've got the money. The young sahabi, his young, his, I think, around 17 years old. And what happens is he finds out about it, he converted to Islam.

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Naturally, when his parents found out that this young Sahabi is has converted, and you know what they did? Of course, they start to tell him that Look, son, you got a choice. You either with us or you're against us, you know, like, which one which side do you take? Now, the young Sahaba you know, what kind of richness he had, he had such clothes, that when he walked, others just looked at him and thought, wow, you know, look at those clothes. He has such perfume that you knew where Musab was and where he had gone by just going to a certain place and smelling a certain perfume that existed in that time. You knew must have made a pass by this. And by the way, that perfume was pure perfume.

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Just to mention that too. Yeah, you know, you get all sorts of perfume. You know that hadith is there about somebody gives you perfume? You're not supposed to reject it. Yeah, we all believe in the Hadees no problem. Okay, please bring me some proper perfume. Give me some people that give you perfume and you're like

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where's the next guy want to rub your name you know like Oh, I'm gonna go to the mercy of the coffee and it's like wow, just rub inside the yeah brah you know you want to buy a good pregnant those days that put that absolute pure perfume. You could smell it 10 minutes after the person left his place. That's how good the perfumes were. That's how you know basically pure the perfumes were it wasn't like no cheap to pound got jasmine oil inside the mix right with some other orange you know P or something. And the Indian guy just put it all by the cocktail sold to you for two to 150 or two pounds is not one of them. So anyway, so no matter the law, he had that perfume that you spent and

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you knew 10 minutes ago, five minutes ago, he had walked by here. The moment he converted to Islam. His parents gave him a choice and they said to him Assad, you have a choice. But today I gotta marry and I by Regina, what do you want? Right? So he chose Rasulullah Salallahu Alaihe Salam over his own mother and father. So they said okay, they said out, he went out.

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He had to get rid of his clothes. Because he had no money to sell them to live

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then within a moment of time that comes to that comes you know who sad Ben Morales sad Vimana this is this is you got to get a hold of this. Okay, you guys in the university you've got this big opportunity. You know, a lot of you are thinking you're waiting for the big Islamic week. You got an Islamic week in February as well. Yeah, you're thinking yeah, I'm gonna get George in Islam on a get you know, Joanne in Islam, and I want to get Henry Islam that I married your one as well, you know? Yeah, no, yeah, don't don't don't don't disagree with me. Yeah, don't tell me you did it. Yeah, yeah. I don't know what's up with these brothers. Yeah, they see a sister I'm not just you guys I'm

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talking about the rest of America so please not use specifically they see sister and they say that sister she needs data.

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That system is that Brother You got loads of the brothers that need dollar. Why? Why are you going to look for a sister to get data for what why is it what's wrong with us? And you have so many other sisters that need out? I mean, why that one sister?

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But the Marcia. So basically you want to get you want to give her Daraa and you go to give her specifically to her Dawa. And when you go give her Dawa. All it needs is the shaytan to go inside her and say that bruv he needs Dawa.

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So what you're thinking of is I'm just gonna give Dawa she's gonna, you know, become practicing. Then I put a lovely hijab on her and get married to her. And I live happily ever after who, right? Next minute? You know, they're both giving Dawa to each other. Somewhere else you know, I'm saying like, I've done I've done that. The thing is, you want to stop yourself from the fitna, you make sure you make sure you follow the educates with you want to give that word there's so many brothers to give that and I use keep that in mind. Say the sad ignore as he came in

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To start Why do I say all of these? You know why you guys looking forward to Islamic week and you're thinking of all the other non Muslims you can get into, you know, you've got Dawa, to give to the Muslims. Don't forget that brothers. Sisters don't forget you got sisters to give dower to even if the sister is practicing the brothers practicing, you can give them further data to make them come closer to Allah azza wa jal that is something that you can do there already in Islam. Yes, we want to get the others into Islam, but you gotta find out that you know what we sometimes fooling ourselves, you got an opportunity to make a Muslim, a good practicing Muslim or a practicing Muslim

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a better practicing Muslim and you missing out on that chance. Sadhana Morales Radi Allahu Anhu he was in Islam for only five years.

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Five years and you know what his deeds are?

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To get a hold of this year, his deeds our he came and saw Rasulullah sallallahu and man he converted then he went for he was the one that got most hobbies normal or made to convert this young Serbia the rich young Serbia said he converted most of them are made was a young Sam you know what he did? He took the dollar mission on Rasulullah Salah some sent him to yesterday, which was Medina, he went to yesterday. Most have never made you know, like you know normally you know you think how can I give that brother Dawa? Let's say you guys yeah, I'm gonna give him Dawa. You know, he's gonna mind most of the word he's ever knocked on the door. He said, Do you heard of Muhammad Sallallahu sallam?

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No. Okay, let me tell you my mom's a Muslim. Let me tell you straight up. These these young guys. You know, when you got young blood, it goes the right direction. I tell you, you got a lot of energy inside you guys. You just wanna be straight up with someone. Just tell him. Just tell him. Tell him. Don't tell him anything silly and get into trouble. Yeah, you tell them so he went you know what he did? He first got the leaders. He got the leaders of

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it started in fact, sorry Mossad Nora made went into a Medina. Some leaders were against one another but he got them to accept it. I don't want to go into the full story. Then he had the permission to go around the different clans of Osom husbands and to knock on the doors he knocked on every door he could find you haven't heard of his stamp? You haven't heard of the person you haven't heard these idols. You believe these idols are true you know young young person full of hot blood. Yeah, you're telling the prophet Elijah stone you're gonna worship the stone. I don't know how he said it. But he convinced them he had door after door house after house. They will come into this time. How long did

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most have live?

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He lived he was a young Sahabi 17 years of age more or less when it came to stuff. He lived only another couple of years. But I love overheard was the time when he became Shaheed you know what he had done. He had prepared the whole of Medina for Islam before the sewer system even came into his into Medina. Before Assam came into Medina. He had prepared Medina with Muslims. He had also the husband converted he had them as brothers. They said bring Rasulullah saw some over into Medina. This was a huge thing, one young Sahabi that when a few others went with him, but can you imagine the passion the desire he had he went inside there he converted house after house until Rasulullah

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sallallahu even came into Medina, the famous Talal al Badr Elena was sunk and the sewer system was now part of the medina society. Musab had done the job of what many great leaders would have done alone. He did it when he had done that.

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Two years later Bolivar heard, Musab ignore mate.

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He becomes Shahid when he became Shahid, and after the after the battle Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam he went around looking at

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the different Sahaba because it's a habit you know, they went through the those who were killed in a buffer, there's quite bad because they actually mutilate the bodies. And I don't want to get into all of that. This lesson then put the shahada one after the other, he dug a pit, he put them one next to another, he said put them in their own clothes that they died must have there was a problem. This rich young Sahabi who had such clothes, no one could buy. He had such perfume. No one had smelled this young Sahabi now he had given all of that away. He had one piece of a garment that was just covering his body. So when you know when you die, the Shaheed you have to be buried in the

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clothes that you die. So that's what he was wearing in the battlefield. So Rasulullah sallallahu then when he saw most hot obviously he cried. He cried over Hamza, he cried over many individuals, but when it came to most heart, obviously they had to now wrap him but his clothes wouldn't wrap him if they covered his head, then his feet side would be uncovered. If they covered his feet, his head would be uncovered. Rasulillah some said just cover his head and leave his feet uncut.

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But part of his feet uncovered so that's what they did until Rasulullah. SallAllahu said he read the janazah you know what happened? Prophets Allah Salam was reading he read 70 geneticists that day, how many 70 geneticists he had Hamza here but the Allah Han who said, the Allah Han, who is very emotional, very emotional distance, but I haven't got time to go into the whole thing but just on this point if I went into it Subhanallah I think you just feel the you feel this is the only time Rasulullah saw some he cried. He cried so much that you know, when somebody cries, there's different cries, okay, there's one that you just have tears flowing. There's another one that you cry and you

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sort of might

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you make a sound another one is you make such you your breathing is it becomes heavy. Another one is your breathing stops in between.

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You know that breathing where your breathing stops in between? That's the crying Rasulullah saw some had on his day because of the hands out of the alone.

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There's no other narration to describe props awesome crying like this on any other occasion. Okay, and he put he had, he said bring this the other side so every Sahabi who was Shaheed had one Janaza but Hamza had 70 Genesis But the Allah Allah say Allahu Akbar 70 Janaza because he will say you do shahada and resources was so grieved over the fact that Hamza uglydoll Like him a person who was so much needed for Islam had gone so after the you know what, when he came to most of his time, he said, Hurry up for the janazah you know why? He said so many angels are coming down from the sky to join Yong Mousavi ignore homemade Janaza that there is no space on the earth for them to stand for

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his Janaza Allahu Akbar, can you imagine young Sahabi what he did what he did, he went to the battlefield with Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam he had converted all these people you are now you look back

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that young Sahabi who had converted so many Muslims literally the answers are the conversion of most are made along most of them by his conversion every Ansaldi that did a deed in Islam

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and their sons and the sons sons and all the people that spread his son through that all of that reward equivalent of that goes into the category of into the bank into the acid a bank of Masada not remember the Allah Arno.

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And guess what? Because Saudi Bynum was, was behind him.

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He didn't have to do anything. Sadhana was just got most of them don't wait. Most of them right you do owe the job. You know who gets the equivalent reward all of that Sadiq Namazi Allah Han