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Hasan Ali
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salatu salam ala Sayyidina Muhammad wa redmine, we come to Jews number 15. And we've got Surah Surah, or some call it pseudo Israel. And we've got sutra calf that comes in this in this juice. So as for the first one Surah israa starts off with a mirage of the Prophet sallallahu wasallam when he goes into Aqsa and a lot has been I mean this this is probably the only place in the Quran, you will find that there's really deep thought about the situation in Philistine and the situation in Jerusalem. And, you know, I'm going to leave it to the readers to actually just just go and and do or read the seed of the first two sides of Surah israa where you will find that a lot tells us about

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the future of Israel, the future of aleksa and tells us that look, every time there's going to be a people that will be around it and they will cause a lot of corruption they will kill people and they will they will create a lot of oppression. Eventually Allah will bring about people from outside that they will set the school straight and he will he will make you know he will bring about his good people to live on that piece of land. Now he starts off the pseudo with that because Mirage is one of those incidents that is like the pinnacle of the the distress that the province of Lawson when but at the same time, it's the beginning of the greatness of having the one of the greatest

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journeys ever in the history of mankind. So Lars O'Dell gave him this gift to show him that look, there's so much to come in the Acura. So what we see after straight after the incident on Mirage in the surah is Allah tells us that look old people, they will either become those people who are running for this world, or they're running for the Acura, they're running for the next world. So as for the people who are running for this world, and number 18 Allah talks about them and says In the end, they've got nothing but jahannam. And as for the people who are running for the Acura, Allah says Well, I will be pleased with their, with their striving or their endeavor for the Acura. Allah

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says Kula Nomi do Holla Holla you know, people are being taught, there's a tug of war going on on this earth. Some people are actually being driven this way, and some people are driven that way. So what should you have? And how can you keep your sanity? In such a world? Allah says, Well, you need hekima and you need wisdom, what hekima hegman is that you need to know when you can control yourself and when to do the right thing at the right moment. So there are almost 15 things Allah mentioned from EIN number 24 onwards about hikma and about how to use one's wisdom. So one is regarding parents that we were supposed to show our best conduct was our parents and number 24, then

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an EIN number 30 2060 talks about how we should spend and not be those who waste our money. And number 29 a lot was about how we shouldn't become you know, sort of stingy and number 31 is about children how we should look after them and not sort of kill the future off. And number 32 is about the About Us not committing any Zina and being able to stop ourselves the right moment not going towards something which is indecent, and number 33 is not to go towards killing or something which is inhumane. And number 34 is about not not consuming the wealth of an orphan or someone that is weak. And number 35 is to be just and to give people in do measurements what they're old, and number

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37 and not to become arrogant and all these things that was mentioned the Allah says in the end, this is hikma. So if you want to keep your sanity, you've got to keep your balance. And one of the ways that we keep a balance is to actually connect ourselves to the Quran. So if you're looking at number 41, and number 4546, and so on, a lot talks about how this Quran is a means for people to keep the sanity in a mad sort of world. Because what happens is the people who actually touch the Quran, they will find deep sort of souvenirs in the Quran. And Allah talks about this, he says about the people around the Prophet sallallahu wasallam when they listen to Quran, there are those who

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find the Sudanese and there are those who actually get agitated because of the Quran. And those who do get agitated. They turn around to Mohammed Salah Salem, and I make silly arguments to him. And one of the arguments they make to him is that, you know, why is it that the Prophet salallahu alaihe salam has come with such a Quran? And why is it that it's warning them of these certain things? So Allah gives them a test and he says, look, look at your look at your own situation. When you're traveling along the earth, not in your own home return when you're traveling along the earth. See what happens when you have some disasters coming around you who do you

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Turn around to. And even if you look at your own traveling, you find that I'm the one who actually gave you the sovereignty on the earth and on the waters, you're able to sail across the seas, and able to go across the land and do what you want because of my gifts. But eventually what they do is they come to the Bronx, and the last one, they tried to make him be diverted from the Quran itself. And Allah says, Well, if I didn't keep you, if I didn't keep you on this Quran, then you surely go away from the Quran. But then Allah tells the profit and loss again to keep the Quran especially reading the Quran or further time, this is a number 7879 and they come back with more arguments.

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What what you can see here is that there's a tug of war, where they carry on tried to belittle Mohammed Salah Allah has won the message. So they come with excuses, like, you know, why can you make a ladder from the earth to the sky, where you can actually we can actually walk to the skies, and we can see you walk up to there, and you bring a book on Lucy, you fetch that book to the earth, and then we'll believe in that book, and Allah says, Well, you know, these are futile arguments that people are making. The the honesty of all of this is that it's not going to lead anything anywhere, except, like the people of musasa, who deny the truth. And in the end, they face their their own

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consequences. And this is at the end of the surah. Allah mentions, and he says that look, what we should do is wish to keep our sanity again, stick with the Quran, stick with Allah azza wa jal, and try and steer through this with the hate with the oneness of Allah, and try and call them towards towards the truth, if they believe in it, they believe in it, if they don't believe in it, they don't believe in it. Now, Soraka often starts about halfway through. And what surah Kahf is telling us is these young boys who actually were in a situation was so many people around them, the king's men, they said that he was the king, and he had all these men watching all over the city in

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somewhere in the middle of Europe. And this is before the advent of Muhammad Sallallahu wasallam. And these young boys get up and they proclaim the truth in a marketplace openly about the oneness of Allah, there's someone in front of the king, and the king gives them a few days to try and reject to, you know, give up their faith. And what they do is they run away, and they have a dog behind them that runs runs with them. And you find all of this around, and number 1718, and so on, where they eventually go into a cave, and the dog sits at the mouth of the cave. And the very thing they want you to get away from them become the very thing that starts to give them security. And they

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sleep there. And when they wake up, they send a one of the individuals to say, you know, go Go and bring some food. So he goes down, bring some food, but because of the coins that he takes out his pocket, people are astonished that he's got coins that are 300 years old, what they realize is that these boys are the very boys that went missing 300 years ago, the heroes, the king has died, all these men have died, his soldiers who are chasing them would have died, all the people who never believed in a lot died. And these are young boys who survived all of it. And what Allah is trying to tell us through here is look, you can be in a world where you've got all these cameras, and you've

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got these satellites, and you've got all these people watching you and whatever else going on, governments are suppressing your beliefs and so on. But in the end, what you've got to realize is all of this is going to be gone, you will find yourself and you wake up in the market away, it's like you just was yesterday. And when 300 years have passed by you just suddenly woken up and all people wake up on the Day of Judgment. And that's where the real real, you know, end will be. And he gives us a brilliant example. You know, because the people are who are in power, they think because of the things the power they've got, they are on top of everyone, and they'll get the last

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conclusion. Allah says that's not the case. So he gives us the example of the two gardens. So one of these members he had, you know, the two met two people, one of them had two gardens and beautiful gardens with with you know, rivers, and oh, sorry, with streams inside and with fruits and so on. And number 32 onwards, you will find it. And he thought, you know, he was on top of it until Allah azza wa jal destroyed his gardens overnight. And he found that all of his power has gone overnight. And Allah is trying to tell us again, that look, power is not what you see, in your time, power is in the unseen, where I control everything. And he gives us another example, in EIN number 47. And it

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tells us about the people on this earth who've got wealth and so on. And in the end, what they find is because of the misdeeds are done, there's there's the books of the Day of Judgment facing them, and then they think, Yala, you know, every little thing, big thing that we did is facing us on the Day of Judgment. So again, they had the wealth, they had the agriculture, they had the power on this earth, but it didn't help him. Then he talks about another scenario, at least look at the power that he had. And he thought he had until he ends up in the Day of Judgment. And he doesn't even have an individual who stands up for him to help him the Day of Judgment Anima 5253 you will see that so a

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lot of them come back to the people of MK and he says look up in Makkah, what power do you have, and the human stands and thinks you know, you know, there must be more than

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In this law this power must sort of Satan Allah says though, there are many hidden things behind the behind the you know now one of the crucial things that people have in the minds is that well, you know, all of these Miss happenings on the earth How do you explain that so Allah gives a beautiful story we just told you of musala salaam and about hidden and they traveled to three different places. And whether it's a boat where Peter breaks the boat or whether it's the,

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the boy that he kills or whether it's the now we go into the beginning of the 16 years where, where it's a wall that remains behind each one that has secrets only Allah knows and last telling us that look, is not about what you see the power that you see the hidden things behind there, Allah knows that and there are true realities because of which you are where you are. So that's a summary of all of it, which is that don't look at the house. Remember that Allah has all power and eventually the power of the ACA is the real power zakum la Hiawatha dharana romney

Qur’an made easy, delivered at EIC masjid.

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