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There is a reason why Allah talks much about Musa [a.s] and Pharaoh in the Qur’an, and that is because their encounters have many morals/lessons for us, to the deal with the problems of today. Many people make the illuminati out to be much stronger than it really is, in fact some people end up giving them powers which are only befitting of Allah.

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You know, some people they you know, I know this whole thing about you know, we're being watched at this time we're being heard at this time are the big brother is watching, the cameras are on and the satellites are watching and blah blah blah. You know people honestly they're losing themselves in thinking about all of this big brother business that is going outside

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a lot of watches my enemies a lot. What is all the Muslims enemies, ally his every conversation of every Muslim enemy there is out there, you gotta understand that Allah knows every single enemy that has made any plan before he's even done he's been alive and knew that

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Allah watches their satellites forget their satellites watching us.

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Allah, here's the secret conversations in the in the buildings that they've got, whatever you want to call them, whatever group you want to say they are. I think the young the youth they get really, they get really sort of passionate about, you know, the secret services, and the Illuminati and these not whatever there is the young kind of love this because it's something which is, you know, secret, anything I secret human beings love it. And on top of that, when you have a secret powerful thing, then it's even more intriguing to know about that to talk about that. And what I feel is that our youngsters,

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they've lost themselves in this, because of them thinking about, you know how much they see and what they do. All you got to visualize, only got to go back to is the Quran talking about the time of Iran.

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he had men on every corner. Nobody Israel, no person of the followers of musala salaam before they got released. None of them could say anything, do anything without a soldier seeing it. That's how many soldiers he had. There was no there was no place without soldiers there. No place. Whenever they came out of their homes, those soldiers watching them whenever they came out.

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Even when they were two of them were having a conversation in a corner, a soldier was listening in. And everything was reported back to the authorities.

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Around even what he did is he told Harmon, who was his Mason, he told him to build him a tall tower.

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And he built him a very tall tower and from the ground would go to that tall tower standard. And he would watch the entire band aid working for him.

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Whatever work, whether he's building the pyramids, whether whatever it was, Sharon would stand and he would watch.

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And furong was able to also keep an eye on them

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through his magicians. See he had sorceress who's to tell him things were going on regular meetings he would have, he would call them over and who said okay, what do you guys see, you know, like fortune tellers, he would have these will not how he found out that musasa was gonna be born because he started regular intervals with him. And one of the intervals he had with them is that the sorceress said to him that there's going to be, you know, a young boy that will be born in your kingdom, this particular year. And that boy, if he leaves, he's going to destroy your kingdom.

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So Sharon had that given to him by his soldiers. Now one is physically watching you. One he's got this invisible way of getting communication, whether it's from the jeans or whatever it was that they got the The Sorcerer's got it, but he got the information, that there's going to be a boy that is going to be born. And imagine how much observed how much fraud is watching. It's the same is worse than is worse than the satellites and what they're doing today. Because there's a limit to what they can do today. In those days. frown hat did need an X he did not need an excuse to kill you.

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He could kill you with daylight his soldiers can kill you soldiers used to rape women. Read the news right? Take them away from broad daylight in front of their husbands don't rape them and bring them back. That's what they used to do. You think is bad what we've got today, we're gonna see what the values are Allah Allah, Allah azza wa jal, he reveals so much about Musashi wrong,

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because that time will resemble a lot with what we are going through at this moment. So that all of that going on. So now look at this, look at the power now. These Muslims today they say you know, the Illuminati, the watching these, the know these that they're going to make these and do this, they can do that. These people, they lose them.

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in making themselves feel that this big brother and the Illuminati is watching them so much. What you've got to understand that he and my brother, my sister, is that Allah azza wa jal. Do you think he doesn't know their plans, he doesn't know what they do. He doesn't see what they do. He doesn't hear what they say. He's got all the plans to himself, all of them before they even occurred. He knew what they're going to do he know how far they're going to go. He knew how many of them going to get together.

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Every single one of the enemies of his land. Allah saw every single action of his life and ally had every single thing he said in his whole life. every conversation every meeting they had allows that Allah azza wa jal heard everything Allah saw everything Allah knew everything. And when you know that, and you put your trust in Allah, just like a lot, then we'll figure out okay, I'm going to wipe out one generation so what do you do when the sorcerer is told him this year? The that That boy is going to be born he said Okay, that's it find all the boys that are born this year. wherever you find them newborn baby boys kill them kill the soldiers got the kill them I can imagine. Imagine

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that. You think the bad today? Are they going around killing all the you know killing innocent people in front of their faces? You know, taking snatching the newborn babies away killing them and leaving them dead? Neither are they going that far that they haven't gone that far. Okay, there's there's fighting going on across the world as murdering going on, there's rape going on. But it's not this bad. How this one whole year, they're gonna run any newborn baby boy of the Burnside was killed.

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So there must have been 1000s and 1000s of babies that were killed 1000s and 10s. of 1000s of killed.

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Then Allah wants to show them who's in charge. loves to show them who's in charge. So they made all these plans. He saw his his soldiers on the guard he they're going every single night finding out which woman is pregnant. And as soon as she delivers, they're going in there and seeing is there a girl or a boy. They don't need permission. They're just going straight inside the doors, seeing if it's a girl or boy, if it's a boy to take it away, kill it if it's a girl and let it live. And watching all the women how many women pregnant they've got a count of the women that are pregnant. So they know that musala salaams mother is pregnant as well.

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So they've got they've got their eyes on there.

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And she's she's waiting for her moment that she's going to deliver. When Allah azza wa jal, he wants to save someone. Can anyone come in front of Allah? Can anyone come so what happens is they're killing boys, the killing boys, the killing boys until musala son mother, she gives birth

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musala says mother gives birth. Then they they got the news that she's gone through labor.

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So that soldiers are coming down

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musasa mother gets scared.

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So it's just a newborn.

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She puts you straight into to a basket. And she runs outside of a house with the baby boy in the basket. She's trying to run away from the soldiers.

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And then the soldiers are catching up.

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So she comes right to the river.

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And she's fearing

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they're gonna kill my son.

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So Allah says in the Quran, I put into her heart, throw the baby into the river,

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throw the basket into the river.

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And, and she was fearing. And she had grief, a lot of COBOL and aquantia grief shed fear. And with the soldiers coming up towards her, they're gonna catch you soon Jesus through the basket into the river.

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Now, if she threw something into the river, right, the soldiers came right up to her now she's delivered a baby. Right? Now, if they've, if they wanted to see what she threw, they're going to be looking at the river with where the current is flowing right? Where the current is flowing.

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So the soldiers are now looking at the way the current is flowing, and there's nothing there.

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Because Allah took the basket against the current upwards, the water is following that downwards and a lot of the basket upwards because Allah wants to take you to one place. Now look at what Allah wants to do something who are the Illuminati, Who in the world are these Freemasons and these are what allows to do something they can do as many plans as they want. So the basket now moves upwards

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of Baba Baba, Allah wants to give it to particular peoples. What does he do?

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He makes a dull moment he makes your own and his wife Asya they come out for a walk. So the walking

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and they Allah brings both of them right to the riverbank. And they're walking along the riverbank they're having a nice day nice stroll. Suddenly, this basket comes all the way up to the riverbank and gets stuck at a at a tree. So then Asya

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she she runs

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and she sees that there's a basket she puts the basket up under the newborn baby, newborn boy it's a boy what is wrong safe all the boys for this whole year police a killer.

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And Allah says no Quran, while Chi to Allah Mahabharata mini that the one who's in charge of this order to kill all the baby boys, the one who made all the soldiers go and kill every single one, the one who made the soldier stand there, watch them, he heard the sources, the one who is fearing his kingdom going to go so he has to kill all these boys. Allah says hi to Allah Mohammed, he says Musa your your love. I put it into us here I put it into film.

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Now first assets are as well as a soldier. She said she picked up the boy. She said

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me new we don't have children.

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We knew we don't have children.

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No one knows. Who's which boy is this last boy.

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No one knows which boy is this?

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So can you please just have mercy on this boy, we'll make this our own child.

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will tell everybody this is our son.

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Now one he's thinking, one out of 1000s and 1000s and 1000s and 1000s of boys what's the chance of this one being the one that ruins my kingdom

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almost next to nothing.

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So Allah His love for musallam in his greatest enemies heart analysis, okay, if you don't you wanted to kill him or Carmen and make you nurture him.

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You wanted to kill him, I'm gonna make you feed him.

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I want to make you clothe him. I'm gonna make you give him water and love him and play with him. I'm gonna make you do that. I'm going to make you like his father. I'm going to kill him. contractually. So now he says, Okay, let's take him. So he takes him. Now when he takes him now Asya she's never had children. So she's got no milk.

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The women in the palace, none of them are breastfeeding.

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And so they and Musashi was crying. He has no young baby he's crying.

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You don't go mad. He says come bring bring these you know bring bring one of these women who's got milk on him. So the older women the lot of women come one after the other one after the other. Whichever one gives her breast to massage.

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is not not taking it is not taking us any single woman's milk.

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One after the other one of the 10s and 10s of tentacle. If you don't see the kind of kid have I have I bought here inside Maharaja is not letting Iran do anything to this kid. She wants to keep the kid so there's got to be way now suddenly there's a little girl there. Who is this little girl? This girl is musala some system.

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And she had followed the basket. She had seen furon as he walks she saw them pick it up. She saw them in the palace. So she came up. She said if you allow me I can tell you. There's one woman I know. She's very good woman. And there is no babies that ever refuse her milk. You tell me. I'll tell that woman to come she can cry. Now they're fed up those kids crying.

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The noises bring them in.

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So then they say okay, gonna bring that woman Who is that woman that is musashino mother. Yesterday she was fearing. just moments ago she's feeling what's going to happen to my kid. Allah brought her own child right in front of her. She she sees Moosa and then she gives him milk and now the mother is really united with the sun in the enemy's house. Every day she will come and see her son every day she will milk her son everyday she will play with her son, Allah azza wa jal shows who's in charge.

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UNICEF USA who's in charge all these things that they've got around their brothers and sisters all that don't have any big brothers out there watching us and listening us and satellites. This nut who's in charge, the one in charge is Allah finish the one in charge Allah when Allah wants to do it, who's gonna who's gonna do anything? Now musasa you look at the whole plan of how Allah Allah azza wa jal bring musallam up and how he takes

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takes him back to the newsroom. How he makes him feel that he's part of them how he goes to the to all these things at the time to say whatever the inshallah one day will cook we will cover the stories of the MBA inshallah. But what my point is that

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though others watch us, though other, listen to us, the one that is in charge, and the one that counts is who it is Allah azza wa jal, and that's the one that we have to have fear of.

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There's a hadith of Rasulullah sallallahu wasallam.

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that whoever, whoever fears,

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whoever fears, the creation

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of whoever doesn't fear Allah, whoever doesn't fear Allah will fear his creation.

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Whoever doesn't fear Allah will fear Allah creation of some of his creation, though fearing

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and whoever fears Allah, the creation will fear that

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yes, and that whoever doesn't feel a lot, they will, they will fear have fear for some of Allah's creation. Whichever those people are, they will have some fear in the hearts. But whoever actually fears Allah and has true fear in the heart for a lot. Then the creation will fear that the creation will have fear of them.