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Qur’an made easy’ delivered at EIC masjid.

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The transcript describes a woman who uses a golden measuring cup to convince her father to leave her in Egypt, and explains that she will forgive him and keep on using the cup until realizing she made a mistake. The transcript also touches on the use of Allah Azza wa jal and how it has led to a "has been up to me" feeling. The transcript describes a series of statement and deities on various topics, including peace, the human being, and the Day of Judgment.

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Sayyidina Muhammad wa It was a redmine we come to the 13th Jews and it's it starts off with the middle of the story of use of Elijah Salaam. And his his at the time when he's actually talking to the king. The king makes him his clothes one there after he becomes the minister of the whole of agriculture in Egypt. And then his brothers come the same brothers that actually tried to leave him for dead. And he gives them good portions to take back in return of the few items that they bring for him. And he tells them to bring their small young brother next year. When they finally try to convince the Father, the father after a long persuasion, he allows them to take Binyamin but he

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tells them not to enter at the same time in the city because he doesn't want evil eye to affect them. And in the end, when they come to missile, they come to Egypt useful. I still am he his real brother Binyamin. He takes him inside, that's the youngest one, he talks to him and tells him and reveals to him that he's his brother. Now Binyamin doesn't want to leave. So use vajrasana makes makes a plot to try and keep his brother. And what he does is he leaves his golden measuring cup inside the sack of his brother, when all the brothers that are about to leave, and then a caller called on to them and says one of you has perhaps stolen the king's measuring cup. And this is in

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item 7273 of pseudo use, they swear by a lot of them as thieves. And when they check all the brothers in the end, they find that the youngest brother has got the golden measuring cup with him. I use what I said, um, keeps the brother that's when all the other brothers start to say that there is no way we can we know we will be able to face our father, and one of the brothers stays in Rio in Egypt. The rest of them go back and tell the father that oh Father, this is what's happened the father's cried so much overused about Instagram and now cries over Binyamin that his his eyes start to turn white, this is an iron number 85. Now what's really crucial is along the whole of the way of

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jaquard, I said I'm going through all of this, he says one thing you which is for Southern German, that I'm going to have a really good patience, which means that all my

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anything that I've got in terms of complaints or complaints, I will only place in front of Allah whether or not to any human being. And because of that after years of crying and besieging to Allah, and the key thing is that the akula sort of knew that his son used to well I said, I'm is a prophet. And this couldn't be the fate of a prophet that he's just going to be, you know, God and missing from an early age. So Allah then brings about the brothers again to Egypt, they make a plea to use what I said. And they don't know it's useless. And you saw this and then he reveals himself and once he does that, his brothers are very much sort of, you know, they have a lot of regret. He tells the

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brothers that he will forgive them. And he sends his shirt to his father when he touches the eyes of his his father or his father begins to see again. And his father comes with his mother and all of the brothers into Egypt. And some say it wasn't his actual mother was his Auntie was actually in the place of a mother but nonetheless, they come to Mr. And his actual dream comes true which all of them according to to that time, he was allowed for them to bow down in front of the king, the Baron in front of him and what a great ending that is. Now out of all of these, what Allah is trying to tell us is how use of Allah Azza wa Alayhi Salam on the one hand and how Yakuza on the other hand,

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how they went through so much, but yet they continue to trust a lot believe in Allah and this sutra teaches a lot about tawakkol and about depending upon Allah azza wa jal anyhow, after this starts

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surah rod now surah rod, which starts about a quarter of a of the of the, just after the quarter of this juice. It's a lot about getting the human being to think about the things around him to come to the conclusion about Allah azza wa jal. So he keeps he keeps on throwing things at us. So you see in the beginning and number two, he tells us about looking at the sky and how the sky is there without gravity pulling it down. Allah talks about the UN without having any defects in it. Allah says well look at the look at the fruits around you. This is now number three and number four, and the the amazing thing Allah says is okay, if you want to really look at it, you think about it. It's one

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water that feeds all of these plants, but yet the color, the taste, the smell of all of these fruits are different now who gives all of that to its to its kind and then

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throws another one to us. It says well look at the look at the, the female folk when they actually become pregnant and how they actually know how the baby grows inside and how they give birth and allows them knows all of that, whether you see to whether you don't. And just just as like, you don't see what's inside the mother's womb. Well, there's a lot of things that you don't see above you, which is to do with the clouds and about the atmosphere and so on. And Allah says what I know about lightning and I know about the strengthening of the of the strike of the lightning, and I know about, you know, when you are in desperate need for water, you may or may not get it. But it's all

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up to me whether I've provided to you, whether you think that you want to move away from you some evil, it's not up to you to move that it's up to me to move that and I am the Lord of the heavens and the earth is an item of 16. And he then he throws another thing to us about the about things that are right on the earth, some things that settle in that we really want like gold, and there are some things that we don't want so much which is above the earth. And Allah is trying to tell us that look, there are really hidden treasures around you and you need to think ponder, dig deep, and you will you will discover these. One great thing Allah says is that the human itself, a lot of the

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times, what we do is that we don't think about the promise and the covenant of a lot of that if only we took this seriously, we'll find that there's much to benefit from and he says, if you're looking for peace, because a lot of these things around us what we want is we want a good life. And Allah says that if you're really looking for peace, then you must remember me without remembering me, you will not get peace. This is an iron number 28 a true real, you know, serenity and calmness inside. And then again, he throws things at us and says about, you know, looking at if we compare this Qur'an, and then the examples is given to us, to the mountains, and so on. And if you please read

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this in our number 30 and 31, you'll see that Allah is telling us that look, whatever is happening in terms of science, and what's going on, it's his doing that he makes this happen, and people can actually bring this about. And finally, what Allah says is that, well, if they're going to reject these, no matter how many examples Allah gives, they will reject all of them. And if there's somebody who's going to believe in this, they'll believe in it. Allah says kafa biLlahi shaida at the end of the end of the surah that isn't enough for a lot to be a witness himself on to the fact that this is the truth and Mohammed Salah as you say that you between you and between me, Allah is

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the one that is a is a witness that this is the truth because you know people who are not going to believe no matter how many things you throw at them, they will not believe in the truth of the message. We then come to Surah Ibrahim, now surah Ibrahim is one that tells us about the human being and himself when he's desperate, the human being only when he's desperate. Now what we find here is that in the time of Musashi, Sara ceram, his people became desperate and they turned to Allah they found Allah. But when Allah gives his his neuromas, and he gives his gifts to the people, some will turn around and carry on pleasing Allah by thanking Him, and some will not do that. And that's what

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happened with the people of masala Sarah Salaam, he then tells us nation after nation, there are different nations that have come. And that's exactly what they do some take the benefit of it, and they tend to sugar and they turn it to good sort of, you know, flanking towards Allah. And some turn towards you know, becoming ungrateful to Allah. Allah says in Surah 70 says, of surah Abraham, that if you become thankful, I will carry on increasing my gifts for you. And if you show ungratefulness then my punishment is going to be severe. And he told talks about certain, you know, nations that he destroyed because they actually want people who are showing their good thanks to Allah azza wa jal.

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And he then talks about the Day of Judgment like in this world, people just take this message as something which is light hearted, when the shaytaan will come on the Day of Judgment people will be in a real desperate situation to try and turn to shake out and try and get him which is number 22. And they won't be able to do that and in front of them this is either going to be the fire or there's going to be Jana. So first a lot talks about Jana and talks about the true believers alike date pumps, this is an iron number 24 if you're grounded like a date palm then you may you know you'll you'll be people who give good behavior to the people just like the fruits of the day tree

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always give you no benefit to all people like the fruits the dates actually up before are actually produced all year round. So Allah says that's the example but other people may seem strong like other trees, but when the wind comes, they will be eradicated from the ground. What Allah is trying to tell us through that is that you gotta try and find in your desperate times or in your times of relief, you want to find the one that really is your friend, and it's not the shaytan It is Allah azza wa jal and if you look in our number 35 then he gives us sort of Ibrahim alayhis salam on this point. a rhinoceros or knew who he

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Close one was which is Allah azza wa jal be Bing Islam kept the shaitaan away from see Ibrahim Hassan was the one that gave a lot of thanks to Allah. And if you look at these iots from I'm 3738 39 he's thanking Allah thanking Allah gift after gift me, you gave me this, you even gave me sons and an old age. And I'm not saying that, look, as long as you do that, as human beings, you've got salvation for yourself, and are those people who are ungrateful, their fate will be what is an animal 4344 45 onwards, which is that eventually they find themselves in a place where they say, Oh Allah, you know, take us out of this and send us back on who believe in all the messengers that

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you've actually sent in the Quran, whatever revelation you've given. And Allah says, Well, this is it. Now number 52. The last verse, however, Bala holiness, this is this is the message for people with with clearly delivered for them when they will be they should be warned and abide while he Allah mo Anima huella why they should know there is only one deity, and they should take heat as being the people of intelligence, they should take heed of what I've revealed in this Quran. So that's the end of the 14 just walk with our