A Ramadan of change #21 – Don’t recline just yet!

Ali Hammuda


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The speaker discusses the concept of blessings and rewarding in various ways, including patient behavior, rewarding others, and rewarding oneself. They also mention the importance of patience and fasting in achieving success and the need for patientism in achieving success. The speaker provides examples of examples of rewarding oneself, such as patient behavior and rewarding others, and mentions the need for patientism in achieving success.

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Oh Rama

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Merci, merci. Welcome Rama,

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The term blessing is a general term that can include so many things, righteous children, beneficial wealth, good health, spacious house and so on.

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But I'm sure you will agree when I say that some blessings are better than others.

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And that is precisely why the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he said the one that or at least had an alpha and higher on what else I mean somebody, no person

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can be given a blessing that is better and vaster than the blessing of patience.

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Question, what is the origins of all motivation and willpower to do something? Isn't it patience?

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What is the prime cause for determination to matter is achieved with excellence? Isn't patience, what lies at the bottom of it? And at the heart of it? What is it that allows a person to resist the prohibitions despite the power and their pull and their accessibility? Isn't it patience?

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What is the what is at the core of a of a woman's dedication, for example, to wear the hijab? Despite the many challenges, obviously, whether or mockery or societal pressure, isn't it patients?

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Also what is at the center of a person's resolve for worship in the last 10 nights of Ramadan,

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to then carry this resolve, post Ramadan till death? Isn't it patience, analyze every single element of goodness that could possibly exist out there, and you will discover that patience is at its core.

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And we know so much of the reward associated with Prayer and Charity and Hajj and their likes. As for fasting, the full reward has not been disclosed to us. And that is why Allah said ously mo li wa GCB, heat fasting is for me, and I will be the one who will reward for it. How come somebody may say how come? So why is the reward for fasting from the many acts of worship not specified why fasting?

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This is because fasting is essentially an act of patience that we introduced a moment ago. And Allah said about patients in demo you offer Saburo when they go home, before you take a shower, but those who are patient will be given their reward without measure without measure and fasting is primarily an act of patience. Speaking about this idea, a man will observe it he would say Lisa use hula hoop while you can hula hoop in nama yoga for

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the rewards for such people will not be measured on scales or according to any other measure. Rather, their rewards will be scooped up for them in heaps, they will be given the reward without measure. And in a few days time.

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Ramadan will become a memory of the past and so so will our lives as well. So with patients, patients of a committed believer that is don't recline just yet. And on that note, I want you to think about five descriptions of paradise and its people with tequila Hala food regime but you know how Minister Barack Obama said they will recline on beds which are silk brocade Allahu Akbar. Description number two with Tiki e Nyla. Soto they must fall over they will recline on thrones lined up description number three Muteki ina Allah refer often who during wider Caribbean descent they will recline on green cushions and rich carpets of beauty description number five mata ki ina Lee

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motorcar baleen description number four mustachian on a water Karbolyn they will recline on thrones lined up description number five fee lead adding on an aura chemo Tachyon they will be in shade reclining on adored adorned couches. Reclining reclining recline reclining they are resting in gender.

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We are at the last leg of Ramadan.

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Work patiently today. Carry it after throughout your life reclined tomorrow in gender May Allah subhanho wa Taala allow us to be from amongst them Allah Hammami O Rama

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Murthy merci welcome Rama

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