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Ali Hammuda
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Those who have experienced it will testify to how a lifetime's worth of dignity and glory can be completely eclipsed by a single moment of humiliation.

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If you've been the victim of degradation, whether at the hands of a family member or a spouse or a colleague and employer, or even at the hands of your very own sins, then realize that it doesn't please Allah to see you in this state. Because after all, your Lord has given himself the name allows ease, which means the mighty and you are his favorite creation.

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A quick glance at the world around us reveals incomprehensible order that underpins it all. Our ability to exist depends on a incredibly finely tuned coordination between sun and moon and earth, and wind and the Earth's resources. The sun and our solar system have been located in a stable orbit within our galaxy for the last 4.5 billion years. There is so much order in nature that the scientists by using precise laws of nature can actually predict the course of almost any phenomenon before it occurs.

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But who was the one who forced these gigantic structures to submit to such precise laws? Not veering away from them. In the least he was disease Allah said was Sham, so Tajiri nimasa Karela the Anika taco de Rola Aziz al Halim, the Sun runs on course towards its stopping point, that is the determination of Al Aziz the knowing he put it in place de la ilaha illa Allah

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Who was the one who decided the duration and formation and appearance and destiny of every fetus within every womb, all throughout the ages, without taking a second opinion from any one each and every time? That is the mighty one Allah, Allah Aziz, who a lady use a widow confit Arhavi que for Yasha. He said, He is the one who shapes you in the wounds of your mother's as He wills. Then the verse reads, La ilaha illa who Elijah Z's are hacking, there is no God. There is no god except Him, Allah Aziz, the Wise,

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who is it that has the entirety of creation singing in his praise? In a unified chorus of Tawheed monotheism, from the trees to the billions of the planets,

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to every particle of dust to every minut molecule, the chair you sit on the closed you were, the distant Cosmos, beyond our perceptions, and all that which lies beyond perception. He is an Aziz Allah sets up the Highlander he Mephiston somehow it well, Murphy already well, hello hola Aziz are Hakeem all what is in the heavens? And all what is on the earth glorifies Allah and He is Allah Aziz al Hakim otherwise,

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who was it that imposed his might?

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On the perished civilizations of the past? who rebelled against the Lord and His messengers?

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So that people have no, they rebelled against their prophet. And so he called upon Allah for aid and Allah Allah Aziz responded and he would not let down profit nor

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what was the outcome FIFA

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it'd be in Wingham era the heavens opened up like gates, releasing torrents of rain,

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and it's simultaneously met with springs that gushed from the earth. This heralded and apocalypse, a remorseless flood that prevailed on Earth. It climbed mountain peaks in the cataclysmic event that the world had never seen anything like before this

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man by the end of it, it was said, burden with Valley mean away with the wrongdoing people that is the doing of Allah, Allah, Allah Aziz.

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Then many years after Prophet nor the people of ADD, rose to power, a community that lived between Hadramaut of Yemen and Oman,

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and they boasted or physical prowess of strength they said, Man, I shall do me now who is more powerful than us? They rebelled against Allah, they mocked their prophet hood, and they opposed him violently. And so he appealed to Allah, Allah Aziz for help.

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And Allah Who wouldn't fail him. Allah said LM Taraki for five book have you heard Have you not seen what your Lord did to the people of God? What happened?

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Allah said, What am I doing with it? Oh, holy cool. Beauty humans are studying it. As for the people of God, they were this

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drove by a furious, howling wind. Sahara Allah Himself Mahalia linworth Amani, a Yamaha sunnah, which Allah has unleashed, unleashed on them nonstop for seven nights and eight days for thermal coal Murphy how Soraka and jazz will occur Luckily in hardware, so that you would have seen its people laying dead like trunks of uprooted palm trees

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for health around their home, membaca Allah so do you see any of them left alive? Now, in Allah this is the doing of Allah, Allah Aziz.

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years after the people of Iran, another civilization would rise to power the people of the mood in northwestern Arabia. Yet again, they mocked their prophet Saleh they challenged Allah who they slaughtered the she camel that was sent to them as a sign and a miracle.

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So slightly after years would appeal to Allah to help and Allah Aziz would not let him down. So slightly, I said to his people that you've got three days, the countdown has begun, and when it passed, Thunderbolts began to fill the air, and the earth beneath them violently convulsed, and their civilization was finally put to an end with a terrible shriek a sigh Haddad came to them from the heavens, Allah said, we have no fee here in North America for Aurora whom Allah is a mood, it became as if they had never lived there. So surely some mood denied the Lord. So away with.

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This is Allah Allah, Allah Aziz. The emblems of Isaiah mines are etched on every canvas of life, within the invisible columns that carry the heavens, the DNA of every organism, the so called natural events that reduce humanity to helpless by standards. And even within your mirror reflection, that you had no say over. Wherever you look, you are redirected back to a lord whose name is Aziz Sheikh Assadi, he's said to him, belongs there is the might of power, there is of dominance, there is of invincibility, therefore, no creation can reach him. He has overcome all existing beings, and all what is in creation has surrendered to Him. And they have all been humbled

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by his glory. Subhanahu wa Tada. This is Allah, Allah, Allah Aziz. And here I take the liberty to remind you, that you are attributed to him.

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He wants you to be dignified. Now, imagine your father walking into your workplace on one afternoon, only to see you being demeaned and scolded at by your employer.

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At that, second, how would you feel for the man whom you honor a man who has honored you and raised you to be dignified to see you in this lonely and embarrassing state?

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Yet, here's what's baffling.

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This very same individual who would hate for his father, to see him being degraded, this very same individual may have no qualms whatsoever, in being seen that very same evening by Al Aziz, as he degrades himself at the hands of sin.

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This person may, for example,

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compromise his or her religion for the sake of an employer, a team meeting, they say, you know, what can I do? He is my superior, they are my superiors, my wages in his hands.

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Or this person may get dragged into things like

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a particular societal norm that is displeasing to Allah, but he says, I don't want to be seen as different. I'm just going to do as expected by society or friends, is this person dignified?

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Is this person truly the servant of Elijah is, or this person, a servant to his society, and his superiors and his whims? Were the inner sense of shame and darkness quietly eat at their very core every second of the day. That's exactly what happens when you widen that gulf between yourself and Allah, Allah has ease through sins.

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So they meditate me, he said, in the regular law, you will see with them that facility for us to be highly human and that a person may commit a sin in private.

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Yet when he wakes up the next morning, the shame of that same can be seen on him. That's the effect of widening the gulf between you and Allah, the Most mighty, it doesn't matter what sin you may be upon whether it's a shady relationship, that we're hiding from the public eye or from a spouse, or an intoxicant of any kind, which calls you over several times a day,

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or an infatuation with online industry of indecency or being a slave to the fashion industry, or a slave to the mirror.

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reflection. What all of these examples have in common is a gripping sense of inner sorrow. And we're still shame that affects that center. And that's what happens when you allow space to grow between you and the source of all dignity and might Allah Allah Aziz SubhanaHu wa. In our heritage, the notion of ESA, the might or dignity was precious and was ever present in the decisions of our heroes. And it was understood as inherent to the character of a true believer. Think about Abu Bakr Radi Allahu Anhu stance regarding those who refuse to pay this account following the death of the Prophet salallahu alayhi wa sallam. At first. Even Omar was unsure of Abu Bakr to decisiveness to

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fight them. But Abu Bakar his decision was unwavering. And he said in the law he didn't cut out in the hookah in Qatar Hawaii. With a Medina I am Kosovo Anna Hi. He said revelation has seized and the religion is now complete. Do you think that I'm going to allow the religion of Islam to diminish whilst I'm still alive?

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Dignity, a product of being connected to Allah Allah, Allah Aziz, then think about Omar himself for the Allahu Anhu. We all are drawn to his character. We love to name our children after him. Why? Because he was the emblem of Elijah of might of dignity. He was connected to Al Aziz and that's why enormous hold. He said magazine is a slum Omar. We have remained dignified. Since the day Omar became a Muslim.

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And needless to say,

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Never was the straight exclusive to men. No, think about Somalia, a woman whose Reza was such that Abuja himself, leader of Croatia of Makkah, failed to coerce her to accept his values. And his failure led him to brutally kill her at the edge of the spear. The first martyr. It remains that she met Allah as an honored martyr, having insisted upon her beliefs, whilst Abu gehele died disgraced with Obama's own foot on his face.

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Who was the honored one? Who was the disgraced one that you know, in Allah sumiya was connected to Allah, Allah Aziz. Then think about a smart daughter of Abu Bakr,

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a pure and righteous woman who drank from the same springs of as dignity that her father did.

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And during the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam secret migration from Mecca to Medina. Abuja had knocked on her door in search for her father, and the Prophet. He said to her was your dad.

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She said to him, I don't know. So he slapped her across her face tearing off her earring, and she bled.

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Nevertheless, she stood her ground with her head held high, causing the tyrant to turn back empty handed, with his own head, lowered in shame.

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And subhanAllah it seemed that as a smart grew older and age her as her connection to Allah, Allah Aziz only grew in strength. And that's why later on Alhaji Yusuf who was the name of one of the governors who served the Omega caliphate, he wanted her son Abdullah he did. He wanted to kill him. And Abdullah came to his mother SMR when she was an old lady asking her for advice, and seeing that his comrades had deserted him in combat, should he continue fighting or should he surrender?

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But look at her response, a response that models the ideals of Isis that I'm speaking of here, she said to him, Barbra to safe in feeIs. Xin hai you don't mean Barbatus out in Feasel, to be struck by a sword she said to him in the state of dignity is better than being struck by a whip disgraced. And he said to her Mum, I'm afraid also that after they kill me, they will mutilate my body. And her response was breathtaking.

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She said to him, Son, the skinning of the sheep does not cause it harm after it is slaughtered.

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Nothing to be afraid of now ilaha illallah as

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and then al hijab Of course, ended up killing her son.

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And he said for his mother a smart afterwards to speak with her but a smart refuse to go to him.

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So he sent for her a second time, this time threatening to drag her to him by her hair. Despite her old age and her frail body, she said to the messengers go until alhaja, to come and drag me by my hair, this anger that had judge so he put on his shoes, and he made his way towards her walking in pride. And he arrived, he started to talk to her about the killing of her son. He said to me, what do you think about what I did to your son?

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And her response was remarkable. She said that I took. I've said to Allah He dunya who have said the alayka rock. She said to him, Well, I think that you've demolished his life and he has demolished your afterlife.

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Pamela, then she said to him,

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you know, it's been conveyed to us that used to mock my son by calling him son of the lady with two belts because this was her nickname, The Lady of the two belts. She said yes, I swear by Allah I am the lady who used to wear two belts, one belt, which I used to suspend the food for the Prophet salallahu alayhi wa sallam and Abu Bakr, keeping it out of reach of animals. And as for the second belt, it's about that every woman needs meaning to tie her clothes together. Then she said the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam also told us that a great liar and a great murderer i will be born in stiff. And as for the liar, we've already seen him and asked for the murderer. I believe he

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is none other than you. And had judge was left without words. And he walked away without harming.

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And what I find really staggering about this is that this mountain like steadfastness, which she displayed was when she was at the old age of 100 years old, just 10 days after the killing of her son, she would pass away having not lost a tooth from her blessing now,

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our heritage, not just her biography, and above all of this our belief in a Lord, who is called Al Aziz liberates the believer from the shackles of a humiliating captor. It releases him It releases her into the mountaintops of Isaiah, the meadows have an honorable Islamic life. A life with Al Aziz renders the believer strong, even if he's bound to a wheelchair, and rich even if poverty struck and free, even if shackled in chains, and the living legend even if put to the salt


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