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Hasan Ali
AI: Summary © The transcript describes a series of scenarios involving individuals and their lives, including surahs and messages from Allah about individuals and their lives. The message is that individuals need to carry on their true God and that they need to not take anyone who they think is unworthy. The struggles of Islam's people, including injuries and mockery, lead to destruction of cities and countries, and the use of La presence of the creator in people's lives and the importance of trusting one's mind to avoid suffering from similar experiences. The transcript also touches on the use of the "use it, not tell the king" concept to encourage people to use their words in reference to the dream of a couple of individuals working for the king.
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me No, Sara Sara Mara sabena, Mohammed Ali usaha nine. So just number 12, it starts right at the beginning of sudo hood, Nia sudo sudo, who is that? surah, which Rasulullah sallallahu says because of this surah his hair actually 17 of his hairs went white, because of the catastrophes and because of the punishments of a lot coming on to nations mentioned in the surah. So the sutra opens up by saying different scenarios. First is that they are the Jews actually opens up by saying that whoever you are, Allah has already decreed what you're going to you know what you're going to eat? Where are you going to rest, where you going to reside on this earth, that has already been said, Now it's up

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to up to Allah Who does that. But what happens with people is people start to turn to other day teas and other gods or things that they make on the earth. But then they fail to actually completely rely on them. And Allah says, look, every time they have a problem, they will come back to me, and they will only know me as the true and one and only God. Even people who believe in many gods on this earth, there comes a point in their life. And they say that you know what they say, I asked you, God, ask God, they really know deep down, there's only one God. And even when you find people who are actually with several gods and their working policies, they actually believe that many of these

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gods are smaller gods and there's only one big powerful God. So what Allah is saying that is that none of these gods actually exist if you actually look at your lives and how things are actually moving in your life. Because you will find that people will actually, you know, people will reject, people will reject the very beliefs when it comes to the crisis. So Allah says that look on the look at yourselves, will you actually leave this message because of these false beliefs that you've got to look at and number 12. And number 13, Allah says, try and bring if you can, like, have these like 10 of these suitors if you can, and if you can't do that, then you should know that that there is

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only one Allah there is no other other except for that one, Allah design number 14. And he says that because of this world, and how we live in this world, and the people in it, they have an effect on us. And because of them, we actually change I believe, Allah wants us to truly ask ourselves within to see who are our who is our God. So this is all explained with different things that our law throws at us for another page and so on, before he starts to bring the story of Mohali Salaam. Now, what's striking about the story of Noah la Salaam is that while new Allah Salam is given his Dharma, his people tried to make it seem that they are unworthy, or his people tried to say, you know, just

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leave us or they try and make him seem like he's the unworthy one. But in all of this, what Allah says is that our line you carry on with what you're doing. Now, the message clear message to us is as Muslims is that we need to just carry on striving with the tohei who a lot of challenges will come throughout our lives. And the people of North la sala will not listen to himself, he faced a lot of mockery, which is an EIN number 39, an EIN number 40. And eventually Allah zero either 3839 30 and eventually Allah told him to build the ark, which is in EIN number 43. Four he says before that, but in 42, what you see is that his son is actually running away from him trying to go

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to the mountains and messenger Nuala Sam says that, you know not nothing is going to save you on this day. And what is striking here is, what I was telling us is that if you're on the wrong path, no matter where you go, you can't escape Allah, you will eventually be caught by law, you can run as much as you want, but you can't hide, and you will get caught eventually. So he called on his son, but Allah said, Look, he's not your son. And this is in Isaiah. Number 46. is not from your family. What does that mean? That means that because he's not actually practicing what you believe, therefore, you should not take him as your I believe in Him as your true son. So eventually, he

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brings the ark down, this is our number 48. And then a new nation starts and from them, you get the people of who that I mentioned in a number 15 onwards, and again, there are people now they start to make mockery of the of the Prophet that came and they said, Look, our gods have actually affected you is number 53 and 54. And he's told, you know who that I serve. He says that well, if you really believe that, then you carry on, but I'm depending on Allah azza wa jal, and I'm going to deliver what I need to deliver, deliver. And eventually what happens is, these people are destroyed. This is an iron number 60, just as the people of Nogales Rama destroyed and one by one

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Allah mentions the different people, he comes into the people of the mood. In number 61. And here, what their point was, is that, you know, we had some good hope in your salia, this is in a number 62, we thought you're going to be a man that will follow our ways, and so on. And they asked him for a miracle, he produces the miracle, which is a camel coming out of Iraq, which is an EIN number 64. He tells them not to touch it, they do do, they do exactly what they're not supposed to do? They kill it. And after that, the punishment comes on to them, within three days, this is not uncommon. Number 66. And finally, they're destroyed. Then he mentioned the story of Ibrahim alayhis salam, and

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how his wife was barren, she couldn't have a child, the angels came, they told him that you're going to have a child at old age, this is all in a random number 72. And finally, they give him the news that they're going to go and destroy the city of Sodom will loot Li Salam is and the whole story of loot Allah salam, where he's trying to tell the people of his of his town to stop doing the act that they're doing, which is in 7879, and they won't listen. And eventually the punishment comes on to them is in a number 83 and 8283. He then Allah moves on to the people who strive and again these people because of money, they went away from a loss of a job, they move towards punishment, because

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actually threaten the life of Sreenivasan. And this is all mentioned from that, and number 84, onwards to about 95.

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And the whole of the destruction is recorded, that it moves on to the people of Iran. So you can see this surah is given one by one, how they denied they made mockery, they went because of the people around them, because they influence around them. They moved away from Allah azza wa jal, and finally they found found destruction and an A crucial thing Allah says is, workaholic Robic This is how your load seizes any nation or any town, when they become an oppressive town. This is an EIN number 102. And this is a sign for all of those who are on the earth and who are listening. So if we find that there are people who are against us, and then the volume, you know, they were presses, we should

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know that their fate will be the same as the fate of the people before the surah closes by saying that we need to have suffered, we need to hold on we need to look at the Hassan ad, and the good deeds, which is an EIN number 114115 and carry on persevering and doing what we should do. And a very crucial thing Allah says in Isaiah number 120, is all these messages that he mentioned, that are many lessons for us to derive from these messengers for our lives, straight after this pseudo uses starts in about three quarters of the way. And what we see here is that use of La sera Salaam is a young boy, he has his father yaku, and he's amongst the brothers have a family of 12. He sees a

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dream that the 13 stars and the sun and the moon are bowing down to him. It's a special dream, that actually means he's going to be a prophet. And he tells his father his father recognizes that tells him not to tell his brothers because he read, he sees that his brothers are going to be jealous of him. So this is all in the opening part of the surah. Use of Isilon doesn't see the value the deeper value of what his father has said. And eventually he tells his brothers and his brothers have jealousy, they take him away to try and play around with him. And only to make a plot to try and you know, bury him or try and leave him in a world overnight. This is an EIN number 15. When they do

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that they come across with lies in the evening time with it with a shirt that's got blood on it, but they forget to rip the shirt. And they tell the father that use of what I sent him has been eaten by a wolf and jacoba son doesn't believe them. But next day use of rice syrup is picked up by a caravan taken all the way to Egypt. And he's sold there he ends up in the minister's palace. And in the minister's palace, he has another thread there, which is the wife of the minister that falls in love with him. She tries to seduce him and use a valet salon, he tries to run away from her. And eventually what happens is she rips his shirt from behind. And he manages to escape that one great

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trauma. But later on, she tries to seduce him again. But he asked a lot to put him in prison. He goes into prison which is in number 36. And then he interprets the dream of a couple of individuals that were working for the king, one of them get salvation and that one he tells him that Look, don't tell the king about me. He forgets for many years. By the end of the the Jews what we see is that the king sees the dream as a very weird dream. But then that seven remembers and and he says send me to the prison and I will ask you know use of this this man who knows about dreams to tell you about the dream. So the king sends him back into the prison. When he comes back again. Use what I sent him

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first as clarification he says Don't worry about those women who tried to seduce me. And then when the king makes that very clear the women admit to what

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They did. That's when he pulls out useful lesson from the prison and he makes him a very close person to him once he tells him the true interpretation of this dream Now, what's interesting about all of this is Allah telling Mohammed Salah, Lara's telling this oma about the whole story and many lessons can be derived from this where we need to understand that no matter how deep you go in life and your troubles and things are around you, as long as you have align your mind. If you trust and you go, you obey Allah, all salvation is yours and everything is yours inshallah Allah in the end

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