Nouman Ali Khan – There’s Wisdom Inside You Ep 2 – Hikmah in the Quran Dhul Hijjah Series

Nouman Ali Khan
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I'll do a three hour lecture. And at the end of it somebody else feels tired. Can you just say something to motivate me please?

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All this time I was making pakora what was that? What was I doing? Well, how do how are people consuming Islam now? How are we learning Islam? We're learning it from 32nd Tick Tock motivations, right? Get like, you know, Mufti Menk will say something or say something or somebody else's say something and you're like, ah, motivated.

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And then you go back to D mode. I need a motive. Oh,

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you know, you know what this is? This is actually a lack of Hekima.

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This new short series is based on the findings of Dr. Zakir Hussain in his PhD thesis wisdom in the Quran, which was summarized and presented by iostat doorman in front of a live audience. The link to the full paper is in the description

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so hikma means people don't fall for shallow things. Because they it's one of the things that protects your heart from becoming shallow. Right? So an easy example. So we're not just reading something from several centuries ago, you can think about right now, you posted something online about how you are you know, living a life of suburban Tawakkol because people like to post their spiritual status nowadays. So that the angels because the angels don't check you now check your Facebook to see if you're in a state of subber so you take a picture of yourself I don't know how you take a picture of yourself making dua but people do apparently.

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And then and when when the we're calling Allah is all you have left. And then they they post that on their Instagram and they put a little I don't know why every every one of these videos or pictures and the on these people's stories, they have the slow it's supposed to be Islamic music, I think but it sounds like somebody dying slowly

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you know what I'm talking about? Yeah. So they'll put that up

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but now that you put up of course you put it up for the sake of Allah. Yeah.

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A lot. Did you put that up? You keep checking how many? Like how many teary eyed round yellow faces did you get? How many hearts underneath it? How many mashallah, how about you know, your your entire your your, your perception of value is now associated with something so shallow? How many comments did I get? How many views did I get? How many thumbs up did I get? How many making so much dua for you. That I get why we want to people want to broadcast the state of their heart to the world. And this by the way. On a side note, he says hikma means that you don't get hypnotized by the glitter of this world. And one of the major kinds of glitter in the world today, especially for the younger

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audiences here, you guys grew up. And you don't even know a world that existed outside of social media. And social media is an amazing tool. It's an incredible tool. In fact, it revolutionized the world.

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But for many of you, you value yourself based on your virtual existence. Your entire definition of yourself comes from the filtered images you're putting on, and how people are acknowledging your existence online. And if you're not posting something, if you're not posting a picture of the slice of pizza that you're eating, that's somehow someone out there is going to cry tears, wondering what happened to that slice of pizza.

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You must contribute to the world. And this idea that I have to make my presence known. This obsession is leading you it's even shaping the way you think about Islam to the point where I have to become an Islamic influencer, for the sake of Allah.

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I have nothing to say I've learned nothing but I feel like you guys just follow Allah. Okay, for the sake of Allah.

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This is, hikma as you can see something that's fluff. It's worthless. It's just glitter. You know, it's temporary and you don't get caught up in it. Like it doesn't attract you. It doesn't. You don't feel a void. You're not drawn to it. And that's

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That's a pretty accurate description of hikma, what are you? And he said it. This is one of the armies of God that he puts into the hearts of those who truly know until he removes from their hearts, the want of the glitter of worldly things. It's pretty accurate, you know? And then he says Joaquina here water Allah Shia Ma, this is an important one. Put the it says hikma means putting things where they belong. Putting things in the rightful place will work. Ila couldn't do Colin, whatever fella who anything any word any speech any, any council that you must act on? Well, Javier la cual Phil hikma. Kulu hamata katiba All of these definitions of wisdom he says they're all very

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close to each other, while Yajima will have the hillock one colon, but these are you can you can combine them into two main statements or the Quran will ACARA Sunnah the Quran and the Sunnah li Ananda MOBA, Jana Lehmann, Bahama mineral Kitab because these are the ones that the Sunnah is the one that clarifies what's in the law will move ahead on you when you hit a calm and it helps you understand the laws of Allah Now, we're about to make I'm about to wrap this up. I'm we're done with the definition part of hikma. The conclusion is two things. There's two kinds of Hikmah there's a hikma that comes from Allah. And there's a hikma that comes from inside you.

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There's a hikma you already have, and I'm going to explain the one that comes from Allah. I think everybody knows that's the Quran. That's revelation. That's the Sunnah of the Prophet Elijah. And we know that one, the Hikmah that comes from inside you is the one that I want to talk to you about a little bit because you're like, but I'm stupid. I have hokhmah. And somebody even came to me didn't say they're stupid this. But how do you how are you supposed to get sigma? Here's the Quran the answer to that actually? How are you supposed to get stronger? A stronger back? How are you supposed to get stronger legs? How are you supposed to get a stronger mind? How are you supposed to get

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stronger arms? How are you supposed to get better stamina? What are you supposed to do? Tell me?

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Eat eat right? How are you supposed to get better at mathematics practice? How are you supposed to get better at a sport, play more, learn more, exercise it but the font that your legs are already there. They're just not strong enough. But they're there, it sounds like you have to create your legs, they're there, you just have to start using them now and start running and add, the more you run, the stronger they'll get, the more stamina you will develop. Your lungs are already there. But they don't have good capacity. You get on a treadmill for three minutes. And you're

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right, but it's not like you don't have lungs, you have them, but you haven't exercised them. So they haven't become what stronger. The Quranic argument would then be, you will already have the basic wisdom inside you. But you just haven't made it what? Stronger, you haven't enabled it, you haven't activated it, you haven't put it to use anything Allah gives you, when you don't use it, it becomes weaker. Allah gave me eyes. If I taped one of my eyes for six months, I can almost guarantee you I will be blind and that I use, you don't lose, you don't use it, you lose it. Patients that are lying in bed in a coma for six months a year. They can't stand up after they get up. Because they

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have muscle atrophy. They haven't used that muscle. Allah has given me something inside me the ability to make good decisions. He's he already gave me that. But I haven't been using it. And the less I use it, the weaker that ability becomes. And then I start telling myself, I don't even have that ability. I don't have that ability. And one of the most amazing, shocking examples of that, that I see nowadays is young people coming and telling me Assad say something to motivate me.

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I'll do a three hour lecture. And at the end of it somebody else feels tired. Can you just say something to motivate me please?

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All this time I was making pakora what was that? What was I doing? All the subtable

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but then I asked myself this question when you say something to motivate me, or I need motivation. Please give me something to and then you have all this like Islamic. Well, how do how are people consuming Islam now? How are we learning Islam? We're learning it from 32nd Tick Tock motivations, right? Get like, you know, Mufti Menk will say something or I'll say something or somebody else's say something and you're like, ah, motivated.

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And then you go back to D mode. I need a motive. Oh,

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you know, you know what this is? This is actually a lack of hikma. And why am I saying it's a lack of hikma? That means I'm not driven enough within myself. It says

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If I don't possess the ability to have strong will, somebody has to give me Will and push me forward. And unless they do, I can't move on my own. I'm incapable of my own. I need somebody else to inspire me. I need somebody else to push me. And I asked myself the question, when the when Allah talks about us how Boyka Huff in the Quran, those young people in the cave?

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Who was their motivation? Like who was there? What did they say, Hey, man, I'm feeling really low right now is there? Anybody got a connection? Let me just watch some motivational videos, at least a tech talk or something as we go up, this mountain is getting pretty high. You know, what motivated them? Something inside them that's very powerful, was already there for them to be able to challenge their entire society. Even at a young age. This is no true.

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It's not like something that came from the heavens or they became prophets that were just regular young guys. That's who they were. But they were motivated. What I'm trying to tell you is it's actually a very empowering message in the Quran. That the fundamental hikma the fundamental wisdom, the fundamental nature, good nature, and the ability to do the right thing is already inside you. It's already inside you. I hope you guys enjoyed that video clip. My team and I have been working tirelessly to try to create as many resources for Muslims to give them first steps in understanding the Quran all the way to the point where they can have a deep, profound understanding of the Quran.

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We are students of the Quran ourselves. And we want you to be students of the Quran alongside us. Join us for this journey on Vienna Where 1000s of hours of work have already been put in, and don't be intimidated. It's step by step by step so you can make learning the Quran a part of your lifestyle. There's lots of stuff available on YouTube, but it's all over the place. If you want an organized approach to setting the Quran beginning to end for yourself, your kids, your family, and even among peers. That would be the way to go sign up for being a

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