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Qur’an made easy’ delivered at EIC masjid.

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Just move on and let me be lucky

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slot 100, I'm a humbler of Latino salatu salam, ala nabina, Muhammad, Allah Allah.

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This is just number 10. And what happens is Allah talks about the fact that there are many logistics on the Battle of butter, which if anyone started to comprehend from before, they will not be able to actually make the same result come about. So Allah made the Prophet See, animate the Muslim, see the enemies as less, and he made the enemy see the Muslims as double. And this he mentioned at the beginning beginning of it. And it says that how he brought weakness to the hearts of those who are the enemies of the Muslims, the prophets time, because they had the shape and they had the devil behind them. But it warns us that our problem is going to be if we start to quarrel with one another

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and fall apart with one another design number 46. He mentions us not to go down that pathway. And one of the reasons why we may go down that pathway is because of the monastics are the people who are hypocrites amongst us, who are always trying to make us feel that, you know, this is the right type of Eman that they've got, which is in a half kind of half. And Allah Allah tells us not to follow that and tells us that change will only come back in this oma if we make the change within within ourselves. And this is a number 53 so Allah azza wa jal tells us that we've got to always prepare for those people who are who may want to sort of tether this, this this religion away desire

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number 60, where it tells us also try and engage with them. And the engagement with them is that we've got to also be able to trust them, and trust those people who are maybe enemies towards the standards and number 61, you will find that a lot tells us that look, we have got weakness amongst us. But one of the greatest weakness may be that we may go towards the worldly things that are here, this is the number 67. And this was one of the reasons why the punishment of Allah almost came on to the Muslims in that time. And it divides the Muslims in many different sections of how we may actually help Allah and His Messenger, because there are those people who will help the Muslims as

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well under those people who don't look after themselves, you're going to read about this, you will find it towards the end of surah and fall. So the Toba starts quarter of the way of this of these Jews. And the third Surah Tauba starts off by telling us and this is a there's a specific context for this, the context is that Rasulullah sallallahu, has come to the end of his life. And he sees that the policies of his time they need to be they need to have a moment to remove themselves to think about Islamic to accept that they accepted otherwise they remove themselves from from this vicinity. And from this part, then Allah tells us that these are the people now there's a lot of

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parts in this in this surah that tells us about the monastics and the hypocrites because they caused a lot of problems for the Muslims. And today the same thing is happening that there are there are hypocrites are causing these, these problems amongst us. And it tells us to, to to be wary of them. So two things one is those enemies outside who are trying to always make you know things, things and laws against us. And if you look at specifically you will find a law says that just because a person is is

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holding the keys to the Kaaba or looking after the Kaaba or a holy place, doesn't mean that they're close to Allah. This is I'm number 19 I number 20. On you will find that that Allah tells us that the real people are those who strive in the path of Allah with their wealth, and with their selves. And they get the best portion of this, there are laws which tells us that to be careful because our own family ties and the wealth of this world the houses of God these things could actually lead us away from Allah azza wa jal This is number

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number 3034. And number 35 onwards, it tells us not to become those people who are in ourselves believed so much in ourselves that we forget about Allah power behind us, it is only a lost power that will make us make us people people who are victorious. So a great part of this of this surah is to do with the Manasa t in and if you look in a number 43 onwards, he tells us that these people, they want to go with the Muslims when they think the benefit of the of the Muslims are there and they want to move away from you know all of this and sit back and relax and watch the Muslims getting hurt when they think that the Muslims are going to lose. And all of this is stretching

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across a number 42 by 50. And I come with many different excuses to to the problems of the loss of their wealth or their children or the very reasons that they couldn't come out to be with the purpose of allowance and when is that

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When it's a tough time to go and challenge these these people, they even will take old son they'll say that you know we we are with you, but all these old and so on don't say them when it comes to old don't don't show the truth when it comes to the actual part of showing the service to Allah azza wa jal so Allah tells us that that what will happen in the end is when the booty comes, this is what happened the booty came and these monastics stood up and said, Look, give us give us the booty now, we will always Muslims, so when it comes to beauty, they want their *. But when it comes to actually fighting or striving or getting up and doing something for for their, for their own kind,

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they won't be there. In fact, they actually hurt the messenger sallallahu wasallam, by making certain comments about him by making certain comments about the believers, by even going to the extent of making their own groups. And while they're in the masjid, they start with their eyes looking at the Sahaba. And so I say, Well, what did they bring? What did you bring to as a means of sadaqa to help the Muslims so they look down upon the Muslims, who actually give small amounts of sadaqa, towards the, towards the cause of Allah and His Messenger, all of this you will find towards the end of the surah. And enlarge the region tells us that these are the people whom Allah warns he

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says, even if the Prophet salallahu alaihe salam was to make his foul, if he was to make actually in a force to say Allah forgive these people, Allah says that I won't forgive, you know, these people because of what they've actually done. They make they make certain plots against the Muslims while they stay amongst the Muslims. Now, the reason why I was telling us this is because there are Muslims amongst us who call Muslim names, who've got Muslim, you know, appearances are Muslim, that with the Muslims, are they giving many many different in an oath to say that, that with the support of the Muslim side, but in the end, they don't actually support the Muslim They are there to support

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the those who are the enemies of the Muslims. So if you look in number

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88, on on Allah azza wa jal says, well, they were the people who sat there in the first place and let them carry on sitting there because and don't make don't make an excuse to say that, oh, how comes that these munaf if they don't actually support the Muslim, but they still got so much wealth and the white children as well, Allah says, I will make that a punishment on them in the end. And Allah says that the real ones of those who strive and a lot of this what what this juice or this sort of Toba is telling us is to stand up and to strive, even if you have little means with ourselves, when it comes to Allah scores when it comes to Allah way to get up and to be with those

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if we make any excuses. And this is specifically saying, there's any excuses that we make, Allah knows about those excuses. And this is not the end of the juice. And those are people who had little, but they still came with the purpose of the laws and tried to go with him on the Prophet couldn't take them because they had little means with them.

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They turned around with with tears flowing down their eyes, that they couldn't join the purpose of the lesson. And they were poor people. But there are others who are no Muslims who said they're Muslim, but they're really monastics, they had a lot of wealth and so on. But they failed to come out with the Prophet sallallahu wasallam. So what this tells us is whether you have wealth or whether you don't have wealth is not what I was looking for. I was looking for the service allows us to respond and to respond in a way that whether we are little means a lot a lot of Allah doesn't care about that. He wants to see whether we're actually seeing the big, whether you're saying we're

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here for the cause, and whether we're ready to come out and to do our best you know, for the for the cause, whatever that cause, cause may be and right at the end, Allah azza wa jal says that you know, not to even look look down on those on those Sahaba those people who had little means but they tried to help integrate cause does not know who Donna and in humble letter me