Six Causes Of Regret

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The main headings of this Friday sermon:

1) An introduction to the topic of regret

2) Regret and the Day of Judgement

3) Six matters that will bring major regret on the Final Day

4) A suggested action plan to deal with these six causes.


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The concept of "harvest" is discussed in various cultures, including the stress and grief of the day, loss of loved ones, and regret of actions. The use of regret in political settings, political settings, and political settings is also discussed. regret causes such as missed tests, feelings of regret, and actions of others are discussed, and the importance of setting goals and targets for regret is emphasized. The use of m cultural references and bringing regret to action is also emphasized.

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life as we know it today brings with it all sorts of grief and stress and regret.

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Sometimes this grief is due to a financial worry.

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Other times it's relating to a health concern.

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Whilst other times this stress and fear could be because of an enemy who is in the waiting.

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The stress and grief of dounia comes in many different sizes and shapes and forms.

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However, regardless of how intense and severe this level of fear and stress and grief may become, in the life of a person today,

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it doesn't usually cause a mother to forget her child.

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Nor does it usually cause a child to go gray.

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Nor does it usually cause people to behave as if they are drunk because of the stress and grief.

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Because these three descriptions that you and I just heard, they are a description of the stress of one day exclusively one day on one day alone.

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And that is the day of judgment.

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Allah Almighty said, depicting the intensity and the fear and grief of that day, he said,

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yo mataro nahata Hulu more.

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On that day you will see every nursing mother, forgetting her nursling

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kotoba aku daddy Hamelin Hamza and every pregnant woman will drop her load.

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Water on NASA suka Ravana Hornby tsuchiura wala Kinabalu.

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You will see people behaving as if they are drunk, but they are not drunk. It is the punishment of Allah Almighty that is severe.

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So colossal is the stress and fear of that day that Allah Almighty He said it is he oh my god will Danna Sheba, a day that will make children go gray.

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On that day humanity in their billions, they will be divided into one of two categories without a third.

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The first of these categories is unknown. Those who are at peace, those who experienced security, those who will be experiencing the unthinkable form of happiness during the day of fear.

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Allah Almighty said about them on our economic

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we shall give them security. They are those who singled out Allah Almighty in worship. And they were sincere in everything they did. And they tackled every haram craving every sinful habit, outwardly, inwardly, publicly, privately. They tackled that sin head on before the meeting of death. Thus Allah Almighty says about them, there is no human physiology aka

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the greatest terror, the day of judgment will not grieve them in the least Yes.

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This is the first category I asked a lot to make you and I and our families from amongst them. As for the second category, it is the polar opposite.

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They are the terrorized ones. They are unsightly food. They are under the moon, the regretful ones. These are the petrified ones. Their hearts reach their throats about to exit because of the fear.

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And they will be in an overwhelming state of Hazara regret which is the key word for today.

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So regretful that you will be that some of them would have lowered their heads in shame and they will be heard saying to Allah robina dishonours me for Jana enamel, enamel chiune Allah, we now see and we can now hear so please allow us to return to dunya so that we may do good. We are now very certain,

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whilst a second group

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whilst a second group will be heard screaming out in regret saying Yeah.

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How great is our regret because we didn't give this thought whilst a third group will be suicidal on the Day of Judgment, craving for death as they shriek out saying you're like a concrete robber. I wish I was dust.

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We wish that was the end they will

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Regret is the key word for today.

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is the name of that very powerful emotion, the negative emotion that is that every one of us has experienced at one level or another. so overwhelming regret can be in the life of a person that if it is not managed with a man uncertainty, and an insider, a person may become suicidal. In fact, the Harvard newsletter documents the story of an old man who lived in Liverpool

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with us here in the UK.

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And this was a man who would always choose the exact same set of lottery numbers each week.

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He wouldn't change, trying his luck, as they say.

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And on one of those particular days, Subhan Allah He forgot to renew his lottery ticket numbers and what happened, his numbers came up.

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And this poor man was in such a state of self blame and regret, that he didn't know how to manage this and so he committed suicide.

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I mentioned this because people will wish a similar outcome on the Day of Judgment.

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People will be pleading with Allah Almighty for death. Why? Because yo gamma is called yo Malhotra the day of regret that is one of its names that Allah set one zero home Yeoman has

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warned them oh Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam of the day over regret. One of them won't feed off that whilst people are still asleep or homeless or you know and others they will not believe in Allah.

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The day of regret.

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Messenger solomani was sent him he says this email mobile cloud integrates into Saha on your authority of ebihara Allah

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giving us one of the harrowing scenes of regret that will appear on this day. He said liat hudl agenda hadn't had

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law yet. Hulu ginetta. Hudson India Ariana.

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Please they're the shukra

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when I add Hulu, Nora Hayden Hilda Oreo Mercado homina jannetty la opsin Leah Khun Ali Hassan. He said there isn't any person who was taken to genda on the Day of Judgment, except that he has to first see his potential home in jahannam. The Hellfire had he failed on that day, so that his heart filled with gratitude to Allah and thanks.

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And he said then there isn't any person who was made to enter the Hellfire, except that Allah will make him see his potential home in gender had he passed on this day.

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So that he is encompassed with regret and sadness, Allahu Akbar.

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After mentioning this short introduction, we are now in a position to proceed, and to mention the following.

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The messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam has in fact informed us of several matches that will bring Hassan regret on the Day of Judgment. And we will mention just six of those today. So that we know the roadmap we know exactly how to prepare to spare ourselves and our families from the regret of the day of regret. What are the six things number one?

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Those who do not give Surah Baqarah chapter two of the Quran it's jus attention. Isn't that a strange one? When the rewards are distributed on the day of judgment to the people of the quarter and and specifically to the people of Surah Al Baqarah. Those who had ignored Surah Baqarah will be taken by regret.

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Thus the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he said as Imam Al Bukhari innovates in his authority of as email Muslim narrates in his life on the authority of Abu Muhammad Ali, he said hora Uhura tillbaka

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Baraka watarrka Hassan,

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he said, always recite Surah Baqarah

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because taking care of the surah is a Baraka it is a blessing and not doing so will be a regret on the day of judgment and the magician's are not able to overcome it. Yeah, Eli, this is the first the first source of regret. As for the second source of regret, this is in relation to any gathering, whether with family or friends or online, where the name of Allah Almighty is not mentioned.

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Thus the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he says is raising his son on the authority of vihara

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Mammon combing, Yahoo modem imagination

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kurunegala Hanafi Illa camo and mithril g fatty Hema. What can I name Hassan anioma piano. He said any people who sit in a gathering, whereby they do not remember the name of Allah Almighty or mention him in any way, except that when they leave that gathering, it would have been as if they were set around the dead body of a donkey.

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And that gathering will be regret for them on the Day of Judgment. So Hanna line up in any gathering, where we sit together, and we fail to mention the name of Allah subhanho wa Taala to prevent the harm that was taking place in front of us, that gathering will be regret on the day of standing. What about number three?

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The third cause of regret is with regards to those individuals who aspired for positions of authority. They wanted to be in the limelight. They wanted people to clap for them, they sought after attention and praise.

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And that is why the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he says, as our mother it generates and the highest isn't zaharie. In Arizona and an era we're in Santa Guna hacer Ratan Juana de la vernia metamodel. br will be set in Fatima.

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He said, All Muslims,

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you will soon start competing over positions of authority

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and on the Day of Judgment that's going to bring with it regret. So how great is breastfeeding? And how difficult is weaning? What is that all about that last sentence?

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The messenger sallallahu wasallam is comparing positions of authority and those who always wanted with the breastfeeding child who is always receiving its nutrition and its milk readily available from its mother with no effort from itself. But there has to come a day when that child must be weaned when that milk has to come to a stop. And similarly those who aspire for positions of authority and status in the community, despite not being deserving of it or not possessing the credentials, their wealth and their prestige and their honor, we'll have to come to a stop at one point. And that will be on the day of judgment when wealth and prestige will be replaced with

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regret, for aspiring for position that you are not fit for.

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As for the fourth cause of regret. This will be with regards to a person who puts forward acts of worship.

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But they contain within them hidden elements of showing off.

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This is a person who has dedicated years upon years of what he called worship and call it an inside out and taraweeh Pantheon and fasting and Vicki have an hour and a flawless job and enjoining good and forbidding evil and Islamic events and Islamic reminders and Islamic posts. And they see these good deeds in the form of mountains on the Day of Judgment, beautiful mountains, and to his horror they begin to crumble before his very eyes.

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Can you imagine their regret? That is because of those good deeds, although they were huge that they had holes within them. They were rotten. They had to hold off showing off. They had shown homes of pride holes of self admiration, holes of self promotion. Look at me what I am doing what I am up to where I am found what I am reciting where I am praying hose of showing off. Thus those deeds come crumbling down on the Day of Judgment causing regret, as Allah Almighty says Well, I

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mean Allah emailed me according to Cebu

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they will see their with Allah Almighty that which they did not expect. Allah says one of the scariest out from the Quran or some of our predecessors, they said, they will see with Allah Almighty that which they did not expect out of the builder. These are four causes of regret for the Day of Judgment, what about the remaining two, we will mention them in the second part of the code.

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As for the fifth cause of regret, and I hope dear brothers and sisters that we are taking note of these mental notes of these broad headings.

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This is a road map for preparation.

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As for the fifth cause of regret.

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This is when you find yourself being forced on the day of judgment to hand over your good deeds to somebody else.

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Or when you are forced to carry the sins of somebody sins that you didn't even commit.

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Can you imagine what that means? Imagine on human piano. You are forced by the

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angels to hand over 2000 3000 sono x 3000 prayers to somebody else to your neighbor.

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Can you imagine handing over two or three or 10 Rama bonds worth of hard work and thirst and sacrifice to somebody else who didn't do it? Can you imagine? We're still can you imagine carrying the sins of people sins that you didn't commit?

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Imagine reading your book on the day of judgment and you find Xena fornication when

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you find adultery, you find alcohol, you find interest you find pornography, you find scenes that you didn't commit. Others have transferred them onto you. And now you have to find an answer before Allah for the sins that you didn't do. How can that situation take place?

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By oppressing another Muslim

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by wronging another individual. That's the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam says in the famous Hadith which Imam Al Bukhari generates a new authority that

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men cannot anger homopolymer Tony Aki

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many RBG Omen Shay

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philea hallelujah. Li akuna de Noronha

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in Canada, Juana? No, sorry.

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Oh, he's a Minho. Because the rim of calamity.

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We're in Nam takuna, who has an ad op them in securities law up here for today, Holly, he will figure it.

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He said, Whoever Have you has wronged his brother in any way, whether in regards to his honor or any other way, then make sure you beg His forgiveness today, before a day comes where there will be no Deal or No Deal.

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And other words, today, we can settle our schools with the pound and the dollar on your piano there will be no pound and dollar dinar and Dirham it will be the exchange of good deeds and the transferring of sins. So he says whoever Have you has wronged his brother in any way with regards to his honor or any other way, then let him beg His forgiveness before a day comes when there will be no dinar. And

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he said, if you have the good deeds on that day, he will be allowed to take from your good deeds depending on the size of your wrongdoing.

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If however, your good deeds that you run out before you pay your debt, then he will be allowed to transfer his sins on to you.

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This is one of the most frightening and disturbing realities of the day of judgment or law.

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The reality that states you and I cannot give a single good deed to the people we love the most.

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Your mother, your father, your wife, your children, they will ask you and you will refuse because you need that good deed just as much as they do. Whilst on the other hand, some people will be forced to give over their good deeds to the people they hate. And they despise

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because they had backstab them mocked them conspired against them plotted against them failed to pay their wages on time or any other type of wrongdoing. He said let him beg His forgiveness today. This is the cause of regret number five, the oppression or any wrongdoing towards another individual, we know who they are. And number six, number six, generally speaking, and this is the overarching cause of regret that summarizes everything you just heard any Muslim individual who falls short.

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With regards to the minutes, the hours of his days and his weeks in building the hereafter

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that is going to be a cause of regret.

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A person who was charged week in week out every Friday every reminder to drop the things to replace the HUD arm with heroin, to remove the intoxicant to change sin into obedience to reshuffle the cards to refocus your attention on Allah and the home of the hereafter to set a vision in life in preparation for agenda and they fail to do so that will be a major cause for regret, as people will be heard saying on the Day of Judgment, the attorney condemned to the hayati I wish that I had prepared for my life.

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In conclusion, dear brother, dear sister,

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every individual who turns a blind eye and pretend that that day over regret is not coming

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is going to be in a major and excruciatingly painful state of regret on the Day of Judgment. What greater regret can there be in life

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than failing to impress the king of law Almighty?

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What greater regret can there be in life than failing the exam before the king Allah and missing out on the prize that comes with passing the prize of gender? What goes

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Regret can there be than that?

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What greater regret can there be in existence than being shown your place in general, and the luxuries, and the weather, and the palaces and the spouses, but then being transferred, transferred to oblivion to jahannam. instead? What greater regret Caribbean life, then meeting your friends on the Day of Judgment, those whom you knew today? And they find no words for you? And I except, didn't I tell you?

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Didn't I tell you?

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And therefore with this said, Dear brothers and sisters, in conclusion of the hope, but today, what are we to do about this?

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These are six, six of the many matters that will bring the regret on the Day of Judgment. It's an open book exam, we have the answers with us already, so that the preparation can start from today, the answer we need to create an action plan

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and set goals for every one of these six mentors we identified. We mentioned number one, if you remember, neglecting Surah Baqarah is a cause for regret. What is the plan for that? Why don't we team up with a family member or a friend to have sort of mcara memorized from cover to cover from beginning to end?

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Within six months, set a target a clear target within a year Surah Al Baqarah will be memorized in my family.

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And then sent another target to understand every area within this blessing Sora recited frequently in your house, it evokes a bomb from the home, to deal with this aspect of regret so that this regret becomes an opportunity. Okay, that was number one. Number two, we spoke about the gatherings where the name of Allah Almighty is not mentioned. That's a cause of regret. What is our plan for that? The plan could be in to convert every gathering where the name of Allah Almighty is not mentioned into a gathering of the care and remembrance, at least by remembering the Salawat upon the messenger, Ali Salatu was Salam salutations upon him, stopping somebody in his tracks when he is

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backstabbing, remembering Allah, turning it into an Islamic reminder, even if it's passing, so that that regret so that that gathering doesn't become a means of regret Yokoyama, that was number two.

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As the number three we mentioned, those who aspire for positions of authority, and they want their name to be at the forefront of every project. That's a cause of regret. What is our plan for that? The plan could be to train ourselves to love to love working for the deen of Islam behind closed doors, behind the curtains, away from the limelight, away from the cameras, to train ourselves to hate the praise of people and to hate their things, rather to only want the gratitude and facts of Allah.

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Number four, we said that the cause of regret is a person who meets Allah with acts of worship, but they have holes in them in sincerity.

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And undoubtedly, sincerity. Islam is an ongoing struggle, a lifelong one for every single one of us.

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However, we can train for this one, by monitoring our intention before every speech, and every statement, every action of ours, monitoring our hearts more than the diabetic people monitor their blood sugar levels, our hereafter depends upon it.

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We said number five, a cause of regret the person who wrongs his brother in any way, what is the plan for that? To go to him to go to her you know exactly who they are and how you have wronged them we know.

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And even if you need to fall into your knees, and you need to cry your eyes out begging forgiveness, yes, it requires courage. Yes, it requires humility, but that is far easier than donating the only thing you and I will have on the day of judgment to them and that is our good deeds, beg them to pardon you. Number six, we mentioned the cause of regret somebody who wastes his time not preparing for the hereafter. What is the plan for that?

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The plan for that is to brainstorm your talents to brainstorm the resources Allah has given you, as a student or as a professional, as a male, as a female, as young as old, what has Allah giving you and then take these talents, show them to somebody somebody you trust, whether it is a scholar of Islam, or whether it is a friend whom you love, or a family member whom you trust, show them this is what I have, what is my vision in life?

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What is the strategy that I'm going to dedicate in the life of this world to meet Allah with on the Day of Judgment, the Muslim does not live in ad hoc life, he does not live it each day as it comes type of life and by then not at all. He is working. She is working to strict targets to clearly defined objectives to a very clear vision, which he has set in dunya to impress along with on the Day of Judgment.

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These are some of the

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Causes of regret on the day of judgment and this is our roadmap to deal with them.