Nouman Ali Khan – The Human Tragedy

Nouman Ali Khan
AI: Summary © The transcript discusses various examples of misunderstandings with the title "Yeah, Al Qaeda" by Allah, including people who have never seen or seen anything about it, people who have never seen or seen anything about it, and people who believe in other people's ideas and thoughts. The speakers stress that these examples are not just general statements about everything, but rather a series of examples that demonstrate the importance of understanding the context of the title. They also discuss the use of animals as carriers and the importance of finding one's own success and happiness in life. Finally, they emphasize the importance of carrying on the model of Islam and finding one's own path in life, while also acknowledging the struggles of achieving success in life and finding one's own path.
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Rubbish everywhere silly Emily Waterloo rock data mill disseny of koko de la masa Bittner in the multi v La ilaha illallah wa la Medina Mina Latina Amina, Amina Sally had, what are so bad Huck, what are sub sub Manila but I mean,

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my intention in this final harbor of the month of Ramadan is to share with you some insights from the last passage of social hedge SoTL hedges of many unique qualities and one of the most unique qualities of certain hedges how the surah concludes. In it in a sense, Allah azza wa jal describes the tragedy of all human history in just a couple of lines. It's from a loss point of view, how has humanity performed from the beginning of creation of humanity all up until the coming of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam. But before doing so he gives humanity and example. He says to all humanity, yeah, yohannes booty by method, people and example is being struck. Some argue that the

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parts of this surah are murky and parts are muddy. And that seems to make sense. Because the phrasing of Yeah, typically is for a larger community and where the majority of the people don't even believe in this message itself. When Allah addresses the people of the book, he says, Yeah, Al Kitab. When he addresses the Muslims, he says, Yeah, you Hola, Xena amanu, when he addresses people in general, regardless of their faith, it could be the mystery cone, including the Muslims, including the People of the Book and everybody else, then it's Yeah, you handed us. So this is a very broad open declaration to all of humanity. This includes people that have never heard anything

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about Islam before. This might be the first time you're hearing anything about it from Allah. Yeah, you have not booty by method, an example is about to be struck, or an example has been struck the idea of an example being struck, as opposed to Allah mentioning himself, like blah, blah, blah, who local muscle and Allah is giving an example for your benefit, or he's about to strike an example for your benefit. No, he actually flips it around making it passive, as if to say I'm about to tell you something is about to be said, just listen to it. Don't worry about the speaker, just worry about the speech. And this is a very important consideration and communication. Oftentimes, before I even

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start speaking, just by looking at me, you're going to pass a number of judgments on whether or not you should be listening, whether or not what I'm going to say is worth listening to or not. We do this all the time in all kinds of communication. We look at the speaker before we think about the speech in this ayah Allah azza wa jal is actually removing himself as the speaker. He didn't mention himself, he just said an example is about to be given. In other words, he's calling humanity to pay attention without a bias just for except for a moment. Don't think about the fact that this is on or this is Islam, or this is a message trying to preach to you just ponder for a moment for yourself.

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And what is this example that he gives What a strange example first and before he gives it he says, first me, Allah who can listen to it very carefully, in there levina to the owner, mendola no doubt those that you call on any besides Allah, any that you call on besides Allah, there's no doubt about it. lanius nuku bobbin they are never going to create a single fly. They're not going to create a single final question might arise Why? Why do I care if they create a fly or not? And who is it that people are calling besides Allah? Look at the entire variety that's before us. You have people that worship idols, like they wish they could have maccha they call idols, or the gods that they

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represent through those idols besides Allah. There are those who consider Allah as urgent, having daughters as angels or sons as Isa his Salaam, now as Allah, and they call on them besides Allah, there are those who believed in saints, or saint, you know, sanctified people, they said, We're too ashamed to call on a lot ourselves. But these people that worship God so much, and they're so close to God, if we just, you know, get on their good books, they'll put in a good word for us before Allah shofur out winner and Allah, they're going to just make a case for us, you know, with Allah because we're too dirty to make a case before a lot for ourselves, then there are those if you fast

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forward humanity to our time, there are those who don't worship anything, actually, they still do. They worship science. I mean, I've seen scientists talk about the marvel of the universe, as though they're in awe of it like a god. You know, they they're actually in the they're in worship of this form of knowledge. And all must submit to this ideology, this idea. So, you know, in old times, people used to worship physical material statues are tangible names and tangible people other than Allah. But in our times, there are isms that are worshipped, right, whether it's this kind of whether it's, you know, materialism, you know, or it's agnosticism or some other kind of ism people

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are completely sold into an idea.

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They rely on that concept other than relying on the, you know, on a lie himself. And their entire view of the world is shaped by this ism, just like an idol and idol that that is going to take care of everything well now today, there are there are these ideas that are going to take care of all of our problems. We don't need God in the equation anymore. So this is still relevant the statement, those that you call on any besides Allah, they still can't create a single fly land. Yes, nuku bobbin. They can't create a single flight when Alicia Marula who had they all gathered together all of your different gods have all of your different religions and all of your different ideas and isms

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and all of your different philosophies and worldviews, even if the best of those minds came together to produce out of nothing a single fly, one of which the Marula who they wouldn't be able to do it. But let's not even go that far. And why even give the example of a fly because it's a flies before people all the time. But then Allah takes this a step further. And he says Well, he has no home was the bamboo man who Shea and are shaken. But he has lipomas wha if the fly was to steal something from them. You're sitting there eating a sandwich of flies shows up sits on your food for a second and flies off. You don't notice that anything is missing. But something is the fly did in fact, eat

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it quickly. You know, did its work pulled out the food and flew off. There are fruit flies there are you know, you're eating especially if you're eating outdoors at a barbecue or something like that. And of course, eating outdoors was the more common practice back in the day. So you have constantly the problem of flies around food, right. And so our food nowadays is so artificial, even fries, flies aren't interested. But like the idea is natural food. Naturally, flies are interested in it. And they'll come and they'll gather around it. But particularly I want to highlight that, you know religions have a pagan tradition religions where there are in fact idols. Even though this is

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broader religions that have idols, they often have ceremonies where they put food in front of the idols, they'll bless the food and some kind of ritual. And they'll put it before the idol people will bring all kinds of things and put them before this the statue. And of course they're worshipping and and this food is sacred, it's dedicated, maybe they're gonna have it at some ceremony or something after it's been blessed. But until that this thing that you've put this chocolate milk or whatever it is that you put in front of the idol cannot be touched, you're not supposed to touch it. The problem is these worshipers that are sitting there, concentrated before

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the idols still can't prevent flies from showing up in the temple and Sipping Some of that chocolate milk or having some of that, whatever sitting there, they can't and they keep shooting them away. Because it's blasphemy before this god that they're going to use the flies are going to desecrate the temple, if a human being was to walk into that temple and pick up that glass and drink it, they get killed.

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But flies do it all the time flies disrespect is God all the time. And then they sit on the nose of the statue and let the let the surgeon I'm about to drink the milk. And then they you know, and then they go do it. So in other words, they're the powerlessness of these gods, not just that they can't create a fly. Not only are they beyond creating this fly, this fly gets to rebel against their religion, and insult their God. And these gods cannot take any revenge not even against us and go fly. That's the point that's being made here. Not only did you not create it, you can't control them. Even if they're being blasphemous against you, when he or

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she Elias them to whom and who, they can't even try to get it from him. Now, this is interesting. Because if a fly took something from you, and you say, Give that back, I paid for it and you tried to you can't even begin to what are you going to do as a human being you can't even begin to catch it. But more so isn't that true for these idols that are sitting there, they can't even they're not even bothered. At least you do this. The idle can't even unless you create a mechanical one that just does this all the time. They can't. The there's they're powerless and their powerlessness that they can't even demonstrate the will or the desire to retrieve what was taken from them is

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impossible. liars donkey to human. And in doing so Allah makes Allah puts at the end of this ayah an axiom a statement. It's so powerful. It's actually a truth that extends to all of our experience in this life. And that statement is not infallible will not move. The seeker and the one that's being sought. The one in need is the polyp. The one who wants is the farlam the thing that is wanted is the mutt lube. He says both of them are inherently weak. This is interesting because the word Lofa it's not as more iffa, like in other words has been made weak. It's actually naturally its predisposition is to be weak. It's how you were made. You were made weak like Alyssa has

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We're Haleakala in Santa Lucia. But Allah is always in here is saying that you and I are always in pursuit. We're always wanting something. Everybody wants something in their life, a young man wants to marry a woman, you know, somebody wants to graduate out of college, somebody else wants to get a house, somebody else wants to get a green card or citizenship. Somebody wants to move out of an apartment and move into a better home, somebody wants a nicer car, there's all kinds of wants, we want our children to do better in school, there's, there's a list of wants that we live by in life. And when we when we want these things, then we have to go to those who have. And the idea of us

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turning to allies, allies, unresolved, he's the one who has everything. He has the key step. So everything you want, you're gonna go ask him, but that's also true of other religions, everybody goes and asks some higher authority, some God, some idea, you know, and there are there are those who only ask of money, the only pursuit they have is that of money. And ally is saying in this ayah that anything besides Allah, any, any god that you will turn to, besides Allah, in itself is weak. But as a matter of fact, anything else that you even if you seek each other out, even if you just want help from each other, and any desire that you have, what love is interesting, because it refers

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to the gods, but it also refers to your desires, your desires themselves are weak, you're weak, and the things you want are also weak. That's your reality. And what is it that you want so bad? You want a car? Okay, you've been thinking about this car, you watch the trailers, the videos, oh, there's a new trailer that came out and we watch that too. You know, you are you order an online catalog, they mail it to you, you flip through the pages all the time, one of those cars drives by and you just the world stops for you and your

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but what if you get it? Let's just say you got it.

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You're gonna go crazy for a week, two weeks a year.

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Pretty soon you're gonna see trash in that car. And people are gonna walk into that car, say, Oh, God, you know, you don't care. Yeah, I haven't been to the carwash in a while.

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That same car that you were crazy about, you have no value for anymore. In so little time, that desire that overtook you was so weak that it just disappeared into vanished into thin air, it's no longer there. And at one point it had consumed your mind entirely. That's the weakness of the human being the ofa polywell motto. And after making the statement, if you think about ourselves, and the things we run after, you know, it's like when you're fasting, some of you all you're thinking about is food. But the moment you finish eating or mostly overeating, you can't even look at the same food anymore. That same food that had invaded you, the thought of it like it took over your heart and

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soul. And now you can't even look at it, forget eating it, somebody offers it.

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That's how weak your desire becomes Lofa polyboard mcloon. So now Allah makes this statement. It's powerful Mancha de la haka de, they didn't appreciate a lot like he deserved to be appreciated.

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In other words, if you had just learned to seek Allah, if you had just learned to make him happy, if you could make you all of your desires are there. But if you could put him above all of those, and just want to make him happy in life, then you would have realized the only thing that will give you strength.

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Allah azza wa jal describes himself in this is in Allah Hi, la casa de un, Aziz. Allah is ultimately Bidi, the owner of all authority. Why does he describe himself this way? It's actually a direct contrast with the previous IRA, where he described myself and everything I pursue, and all of the false gods in existence as weak. There's weakness, contrasted with strength. Human beings will never find strength until they learn to seek Allah. Otherwise, they're going to, they're going to remain weak. It doesn't matter how muscular you become. It doesn't matter how wealthy you become. It doesn't matter how politically or socially influenced, influenced, you become influential you

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become, you're still weak. They're still not there's a hollowness inside you that can only be fulfilled when you seek out the pleasure of Allah azza wa jal, this becomes like a way of looking at life that you are you're on a journey and that journey ends well and that ihlara become monta. It ends with you meeting with the one who made you and you're you're getting ready for that meeting. Just like when you guys some of you are at work, you have a presentation to get ready for at work, and you want to make the boss happy and everything you're doing before then is working hard working hard, because you need to impress at that presentation. We're all getting ready for this

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presentation before Allah. Our life is moving along. chugging along cardi Hoon, Ella, Rebecca cotton, some malarkey, you're chugging along marching towards your master and you're gonna meet him and you better be in pursuit of making him happy. And when you can do that, then everything else that makes you weak will actually take a backseat.

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And you'll find the kind of strength that you've never found before. When that really becomes your mindset, then what happens, all of your temptation, some, some young, some young people are tempted by drugs, somebody alcohol, you know, somebody the opposite gender, somebody, you know, messed up friends, these are all very powerful temptations. But when you're able to replace that with, I have a much higher goal, than you realize how weak those temptations are, they're not going to have that effect on you that they used to have. You don't find yourself as weak to be pulled into those, those you know, those those attractive forces that you used to be before because there's something much

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more powerful pulling you towards yourself to you know, towards himself. That's a lot as origin way more powerful. This is, you know, in Allahu Allah Karim Aziz, but Allah is also in this one statement describing the tragedy of humanity. Most human beings, they were just not able to. They weren't able to appreciate a lot, they got caught up in this weak stuff. And they forgot about the fact that they were put on this earth to work towards meeting and successfully meeting with a law once again, and they got distracted. And that's the tragedy of humanity. They did not appreciate the fact that even in this life, not just meeting him in the Acela even in this life, had we made a lot

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our priority, this life would have been better. Even the children of Israel were told, you know, well no mahkamah Torah Tallinn gene, if they were only able to establish that energy, if they were able to live by what Allah had given them, now a Colombian folk a woman back to Julie him, they would have eaten from above and from below. I love whatever hooked them up in this life, they would have had a good life here. And still what is offering you he's offering you everything you've wanted in your hand. But even when you have it in your hand, you won't have it in your heart, because the love will still be your mutlu. like giving you this is not a big deal. If you would think for

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example, in this era of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam The biggest problem is control over the region. If that's the biggest problem control over that we like we just control Mecca, we can get rid of the idols, so we have control over land, then everything will be okay. How does it lead describe control overland? Well, okra, lamb Taku La

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La Jolla. Well, altra buena la Sloman, Allah, Karim, secondarily, there's some land you haven't taken charge of yet. Let's got that covered. Secondarily, aid from allies come it's like, well, why is that a primary priority for you this dunya This is not a big deal that will come you have a much bigger goal. That's the tiara to G komen as I believe that's much bigger. That's a priority as a trade that you're going to make with a law that will rescue you from a painful punishment. This was the message to humanity and a lot as origin wanted to implore humanity to accept this message. But if you take this one statement of a lot, they didn't appreciate Allah like he deserved to be

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appreciated. That is probably a true statement of history for nation after nation after nation and humanity. Individuals and nations families and tribes cultures, across the board, that by and large, we seem to be people humanity seems to be people that did not appreciate a lot like he deserved to be appreciated. And in order to bring humanity back, what Allah did over and over again is send the messengers to help them appreciate a lot like he deserves to be appreciated. But then why did this process discontinue if he kept sending messenger after messenger after messenger equally common heart every nation had some guide at least and he would send people in the you know, people in their

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language of of their culture messengers of their culture. Why is also de la sal Allahu Allah sent him the final messenger. This in a brief in the few minutes that I have left in the hub, I want to leave you with some thoughts.

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Allah azza wa jal wanted every human being to have the opportunity for guidance. He didn't want to leave humanity on attended. And when he sent he part of sending messengers, at one point, Allah azzawajal decided that he will choose especially the family of Ibrahim alayhis salam, and within the family of Ibrahim, he won't he doesn't just want messengers representing him, and calling people to him. He wants entire nations doing so. So he chose the children of Israel, so they could represent the teachings of Allah to all of humanity, so that it's not just the job of one messenger. But a nation can now call other nations to Allah. A nation will represent what it means to be to make

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Allah ultimate loop. But they failed over and over and over and over again, until Allah passed that responsibility to the lineage of the other child of Ibrahim alayhis salaam. Through a smile. This final message came to Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and when it came to him, when this cold iron was given to him, then Allah azza wa jal passed that responsibility of allowing humanity to find a law and make him the mutt lube and appreciate him like it like he deserves to be appreciated. He passed that responsibility for those little losses for them to these children of Israel.

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At the time, to the people of America, the people of Medina, these Arabs of the region. And when he gave them this responsibility, one of the phrases he used for them as omoton was a middle people, a middle nation. This means many things. But one of the most compelling meanings I recently came across is the fact that they are in the middle of Allah and His messenger on the one hand, and the rest of humanity on the other. They're the middle people. They're supposed to get across these teachings to the rest of humanity, humanity, you know, like I have this microphone on right now. Its purpose is to take my voice and projected to the rest of you. This these people that were chosen by

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Allah were supposed to be the microphone that projects the message of Allah to all of humanity. And as they would project this message, anybody who would accept this message would become part of this cause they will join this call. So the moment your ancestors or yourself took the Shahada, you joined the same mission that was given to the sudo Lhasa Solomon through and passed down to us. And so by the end of the surah, as I as I close look at what has been said, Leah Kunal rasuluh, shahidan alaikum

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what a kulu, Shahada Alana's so the messenger can be a witness against you. The messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, how I thought he's a witness for us. I thought on judgment day, he's gonna beg for our forgiveness. arcia Why is the Quran saying he's a witness against us? The Quran is saying that on multiple occasions, including the conclusion of social hedge, why? Because we are being told you have been passed down a very heavy responsibility. And Allah will challenge His Messenger, did you do your job? Did you deliver and Ally's messenger will say I got it to them. And once he says, I got it to them, who's gonna be held responsible? You are. Because once the message comes to you and me,

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now we're, we're liable. So in a sense, when he when the messenger himself Salallahu alaihe salam says, I did my part, then the only interrogation left is your interrogation in my interrogation. And that's shahidan eleiko. He's testifying against you, in a sense. And then beyond that, now, your job was a kulu Shahada alumnus, and when a light comes after you and says, well, let's hear it, what do you have to say for yourselves, you were supposed to introduce the entire world to Allah, you get to be witnesses against all of humanity. And the only way you can do that, and I can do that is we get to say Allah, we represented the beauty of your deen and the power of your book, and the legacy of

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your messenger, salallahu alaihe. Salam, in every speech in every action that we possibly could have. We were ambassadors of this faith, faith, people, we didn't even have to open our mouth, people would see us and say, these are the people of the legacy of Ibrahim alayhi salam, these are the people that remind me of God, that we did our part. And if we can do that, then the next interrogation is that of humanity. So the first interrogation is that of the Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi. Salam, the next one is ourselves. And the last one is humanity. But wait a second, we you can't go to the interrogation with humanity if we didn't do our part.

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They have their own interrogation. But we have one two, we have to answer before a lot to this dean of ours isn't just about you becoming a better person, it starts with that changing your mouth lube to a lot, changing what you desire, what you seek what you what you want to do in life, to just making a lot happy. That's one part of the equation. But once that happens, then you and I have to be carriers of this faith. We have to be carriers of it. That doesn't mean all of you become preachers and go in the street and trying to talk to people to convert to Islam or something. But it actually means that you represent the model of this Deen and the way you live. And when somebody

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just by the way, you carry yourself you attract attention. Yusuf Alayhi Salaam in prison is not preaching. He's not he's just being himself. And people notice. And they come to him and say, could you figure out this dream thing? We figure you're the kind of person that would know why did they come? He didn't put a sign up dream interpretation. cellblock, nine. He didn't he there was no ad. There was no advertising, no drama that I'm able to interpret dreams. It's just the way he carried himself. Even criminals were attracted, you will see that even criminals were attracted and say, hey, I want to talk to you for a minute. It's just the way we carry ourselves. We have to we it's

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not it's not just about image it's about you know, really leaving a model behind and solita kulu Shahada Elena's how are we going to prepare ourselves to do so what are going to be the first steps that we take and I leave you with this inshallah. Pema salata will add to the kata watashi mobila. Practically speaking, hold, establish the prayer. Make the prayer and institution in your life it will give you the strength and the right priorities that will change your mindset.

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Give the Zakah and giving the car suggests that the way you deal the way you make your money and

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The way you give your money should change. So change your spiritual life and change your financial life. Basically, what was the movie law and hold on for dear life to Allah, holding on to a lie is no longer possible without holding on to the book of Allah that I've seen a lot of similar is in the Quran itself. What does the movie have Lila? Hold on to the rope of Allah, because people have prayer become people of pure income. And then on top of that, of giving and on top of that become people that can hold on to Quran watashi mobila. Who am Allah come? He is your protecting guarding friend. He's the one who guard you. He's the one who take care of you for Nirmal Mola. What a What

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an amazing protective friend he is. And the final words are the most beautiful when it men no see what an incredible aid constant helper he is. In other words, he's he's handed you a massive mission. This is not an easy mission. This is not an easy change that you can bring into your life and that you're being held responsible for the you and I collectively being held responsible for the same burden that once used to fall on the shoulders of Muhammad Rasulullah sallallahu wasallam from one shoulder to all of our shoulders, and it's still too heavy.

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And it was on one man's shoulders Salalah it was on but now it's on all of our shoulders. And even though that is on our shoulders, clearly we can't carry in our own on our own. So what does Allah say when nierman not seen what an incredible helper he is, you take a step and he will open the doors and he will help you and He will help me personally and as an oma fulfill this responsibility. As we come to the close of the month that celebrates the coming of Revelation, we celebrate the charge of the responsibility that was handed to you and handed to me that's what we're going to be celebrating. We're not celebrating that we don't have to be hungry in the afternoon anymore. We're

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celebrating the fact that we were chosen by Allah. We You and I were chosen by Allah who watch the barkham he chose you he selected each and every one of you qualified for this mission qualified for this task. You are the people that are going to carry his work until the day of judgment. May Allah azza wa jal make us realize this responsibility, carry it to the best of our abilities in this life and pass this responsibility onwards with their son to our coming generations. barakallahu li walakum Quranic Hakim when finally we are coming out with the Quran, Hakeem

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hamdu lillahi wa salatu wa salam O Allah, Latina Safa, Susana of Mali him Mahatma been Mohamed el amin when he was happy ajwain Yahoo Lahore Azerbaijan Chiquita Hill kariba Nakula rubella homina shaytani r rajim. In a la Mola, eketahuna soluna Allah Nabil yah yah, Latina amanu sallu alayhi wa sallam Moses Lima Allahumma salli ala Muhammad Ali Mohammed kamasan later Allah Rahim. Ali Rahim Allah Allah mean in naka homido Majeed Allahumma barik Allah Muhammad Ali Muhammad Kamal Baraka Ibrahim Ibrahim al al amin, in the middle Majeed about the la rahima como la it tequila in the La Jolla mobile at the election where he taught it will corba Vienna annual fascia you will mooncup

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when a Nicola akbar Allahu jamoma dosterone Optimus Allah in the salata kana, me Nina kita makuta

The Human Tragedy – Khutbah By Nouman Ali Khan

This Khutbah was given at the Bayyinah Masjid in Euless on 7/1/2016.

Nouman Ali Khan shares insights from the last passages of Surat Al-Haj, where, he explains, Allah gives a striking example that encapsulates the tragedy of humanity. Addressing people regardless of their faith, Allah says that those who call on anything other than Him cannot even create a single fly. Allah takes the analogy a step further by referring to the pagan ritual of offering food to idols who have neither the power nor the will to stop a tiny fly from snatching bits of that food and desecrating their temples. The passage closes with a thought-provoking axiom which, in a few simple words, sums up the futility of our petty human pursuits: “Inherently weak are both the seeker and that which he seeks”. Here Allah reminds us that whatever God, ism or philosophy we turn to instead of him will never give us strength. Unless we make Him our priority, unless we seek His satisfaction, we will continue to be distracted from the very essence of our purpose in this world and instead get caught up in an endless cycle of desire and indifference that leaves us feeling empty and unfulfilled. The solution: to appreciate Allah the way He alone deserves to be appreciated, to establish the prayer and give Zakat in pure acts of spiritual and material change, to hold on to Allah, who will be our protector and constant helper as we fulfill the heavy responsibility of representing our faith in the way we carry ourselves through life.

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