Marriage talk – Methai+Mahr issues

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The speaker discusses the issue of marriage and how it can lead to family conflict. They argue that marriage is not a choice, but rather a choice made by the father or his daughter based on their beliefs. The speaker suggests that people may not understand the situation and may try to match others' beliefs, causing conflict.

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When you're getting married, oh my god the man Reatta goes on a simple marriage, there's so much react so much showing off. Marriage is for whose sake guys? For whose sake? Allah sake, the whole nicaya is supposed to be done for Allah sake. And they've now ended so many things that every step of the way there is react from the moment they bring them the tie. Alright, the Mishti law, let me tie in the beginning. You've seen these people they bring in especially with the bumble is okay.

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With the with the mama Bumble, I can say this, the amount of Muay Thai they bring.

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is I mean, it's probably worth about 100 pounds or over 100 pounds, okay, the amount they bring that if that family were to eat it, they probably die of diabetes.

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should understand, right? They'll probably die of diabetes, but they can't eat it. They know even if they're distributed amongst all the relatives and others, they still can't finish it. They have to throw half of it away. Why did you bring that much RIA showing off? Right? The moment you're doing your mother, okay, the MA We will know okay MA The woman has to have him or her.

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But what people do again is they have a battle with one another of how high they can put them out. Why are you really doing this because of the security of your daughter daughter? Because of Allah sake or are you doing this because you're trying to make sure that people don't criticize you and don't blame you.

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People going to say oh he gave his daughter away for 10,000 pounds only. He only gave for 10,000 pounds. He could have asked for 20,000 or 50,000 He could have thrown in there a piece of land and a piece of this and the House said well look if it's your thing that you want to throw all of that because you want to get a security for your daughter that's different. But most people out there are doing this purely because they want to match what others are telling them to do. And and it gets you into trouble because then either the marriage breaks. The marriage never happens. These people wanted to marry each other. It never happens because of your because of your silliness because you

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wanted to show off and a lot of the fathers don't understand this.