Ebrahim Bham – Perspective on Earthquake in Turkey-Syria

Ebrahim Bham
AI: Summary © The Senate discusses the devastation caused by earthquakes in Syria and the potential risks of a earthquake. They also discuss natural disasters causing events like floods and death, and the importance of using experiences to make predictions. The segment touches on the use of earthquakes as a wake-up call for people to avoid unnecessary distraction and the potential consequences of conspiracy theories. The segment ends with a brief advertisement for a movie and a call to action for making a profit.
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Hungry Allah

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Alhamdulillah wa Salatu was Salam ala Milan

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Amudha Ruffalo Villa immunol shaytani R rajim Bismillahi Rahmani Raheem, ja Yeah, you SUTA hora. Welcome in azul senators. Tisha, you want to ask the Senate Allah will Azim

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My dear respected elders and brothers. We are aware now on Monday, the sixth of February. In the early hours of the morning, an earthquake of 7.8 magnitude

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Turkey, in fact, the southern part of Turkey and then northwestern part of Syria. Of course, thereafter, there were many other types of earthquakes and aftershocks that came into the region. Now, there is no doubt that it has created a situation of sympathy and concern and everyone is aware of it because of the media coverage of what has happened.

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The earthquake and many times this can happen earthquakes can turn life into death, safety into fear. Sometimes people who are completely wealthy, can overnight become worthless,

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and creates devastation of unthinkable proportions.

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Media was key turkey or Syria for Syria, to Zylstra results that I presume Zilla to

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put is in the Gabrielson de Bellas in the data of more target pellet to animal for our quantity was Keba 20

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PSF Allah Tala ticker of Sam. Now one of the things that we come to know is that there is a reason with regard to earthquakes from the physical point of view. So the scientists tells us that earthquakes are usually caused when underground rock for underground waves that move within the earth, they suddenly break and there is a rapid motion along the faults they call it a tectonic plates. So the tectonic faults, the sudden release of energy from underneath, whether it be because of the rocks, whether it be of the sudden movement of the waves accord upon a concept, to the faults of the tectonic plates, causes the ground to shape. Now, that is maybe we can hear with regard to

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what there is the apparent means of it, I will come to it with regard to what is the real situation with regard to and earthquakes are very traumatic. May Allah always save us is invalid Yatta to to enter war was made to Hannibal,

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Allah subhanho wa Taala Asana for mine, I was reading somewhere with the earthquake person who went through an earthquake who survived an earthquake he wrote of his experience. He said it is such a frightening experience. All of a sudden, the earth is shaking. You have no control over anything. Anything can happen. You are standing underneath a building you think you are safe, all of a sudden the building comes upon you. gas lines are all along. Anyway, electricity lines that are all around. They can create great havoc. They could bursts. They could create situations. The dogs are howling, the alarms are screeching and they just appear everywhere. May Allah subhanaw taala save us. I read

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this with regard to any eyewitness account of a person who went through it through a cell Sara went through an earthquake. Today scientists will show us you will find you go out you will find graphs how the earth move around the tectonic plates. And you might find it impressive how it moves and how it creates earthquakes. We might find I find it impressive. We might find the charts to say listen, the scientists are so advanced they can tell us all of these things. But in reality what you must always remember the How does not negate the whoo Joe Hora Skippy Czechia yet bizarre essay or data scientists Nikka is keywatcher says

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like him tell me one is that Connor? Who is the one who doesn't remember what I'm saying? The How does not negate the womb

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just trust me what I was keeping check on her now example we give a good example. someone passes away because of a heart attack. Now everyone will say bizarre I say what I get to Anna dill Ketola secure Jessie say we're in decocker game. They can sell

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a cell Raja Yeah.

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You're stuck to what I started him on. When Allah

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Allah has given you and time for your death it will come on time it will not be delayed it will be not port forward. So the means can be something else. The reality is something else. And this as believers we believe everything comes from Almighty Allah Joby. Oh

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ma sabe musi button Ilam is Nila Joby como si but Joby purchase Ajay dunya was still for sale

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on Allah Tala ki Radha or Allah Tala Kia Marisa time. Now, no one can predict an earthquake no one can predict how it will come when it will come. It comes from Almighty Allah subhanho wa taala. There are situations people have tried in China there was a big experience in 1975 to see how they can predict earthquake after a few years after so many types of research. They gave it up. He said Well Allah knows it is beyond human. You know we might be able to see your ad here. Sometimes your person sees it is cloudy, say maybe it will rain. But at the end of the day it comes from Almighty Allah and we are supposed to turn towards Almighty Allah subhanho wa Taala understanding that

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everything comes from Almighty Allah. Natural disasters are a reminder to human being how fragile we are helical inside of the river. He observes a lava artery to see potential taking some kidney comes over and lateral mkhaya follicle in some of the information in sample Zepeda. In this particular weakness comes to the fore during this type of natural disasters, there is a divine call and message behind every disaster, every event and understanding that particular message and enables us to cope with the difficulty Joby was matron

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is Hickmott Kajaani Killian is Mutko

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paraclinical yet, Jim ADME was still open. It might cause so much time we say to Hannah Amara muskie, Ratna Kushner, Bucha Sunyata Krishna put us on the water it makes it easy for us to understand the challenges in the event and the difficulties Allah Tala when Allah subhanho wa Taala places human beings through difficulties it can come for various reasons. One of it is Allah gonna test you and such a loss and such a test becomes a means of higher gain the laughter It was killed to just say Allah subhanho wa Taala our progenitor Rajagopalan fermata. Can I sell your damn water motorized water? So in this hadith, in Abu Dhabi, very, very amazing Hadith who himself Solomon

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said, Who Mati has he on Mata Mahoma. This amount of mines is an ummah that Allah has blessed of Amara San Miguel Raja are going to hum kisi caca que uma Johanna Allah Tala Kobani Facilier Scopa Allah has great mercy upon us woman I'm Cassie mustard is Chioggia yoga dunya for our new yoga, or Johanna mal milega or yoga or Wagga. We think when Allah says and desist says, Allah has mercy upon this woman, what is our impression? Allah is gonna give us a lot of worldly favors. Now look at what Nabil Kareem said Allahu alayhi wa sallam it said about Allah's mercy upon this Ahmed Lai Salah ha dunya as Abu Lisa Phil after a double half dunya I'll fit in well cartel was installed and not

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normally keeps away punishment of this month in the year after. Allah gives punishment of this amok in this world. And what is a punishment? I'll fit in well, Capital One's

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fitna murder and earthquakes. So Allah Tala brings this to wipe away and clarify, purify this mud from every type of difficulty in the after. So many times people ask this question and look at this hadith answers that many times we see why only earthquakes only come on Muslim areas. Only Muslim countries by and large. Why doesn't come from other countries. It does happen but maybe perhaps more we see it coming more upon our situation. Maybe this hadith has made mentioned with regard to it. Then of course we also come to realize that many times Allah subhanho wa Taala through these types of Zillow, earthquakes, Allah Tala wants us to turn towards him. Allah Tala uses it as a way for us

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to turn towards Almighty Allah subhanho wa taala. In remembrance, and in repentance in defamation. Allah Allah,

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Allah Tala

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or Allah Tala kita fruto This is a letter in the Quran says can no woman or other will either do not either a letter or sometimes makes you taste a minor punishment before the punishment of the year after Lala when we are June so that you might turn towards Almighty Allah Allah Tala kintra fruto. The time of awakening saw Salam there were several tremors. Now it's quite interesting to read

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See tremors occur every day. And in a in a year something like 100,000 tremors will occur, but only 20 of them are sufficiently major to cause some form of difficulty or some form of displacement of the earth and sometimes some form of loss of life. So tremors appear many times, but maybe not all of them are leads to loss of life or loss of property or loss of you know, the braking or the bringing down of buildings in the time of necessity. For example, we know one very famous I didn't know he saw Selim was in when we had started shaking. So the Vietnam sauce to them had something in his hand and he hit the mountain and said, we come become and remain still upon you is a navy upon

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you is acidic, and upon you is to shitheads as amazing because at that time, no one knew that there's gonna be two Shaheed Kisco patata kumara Villalta who was one of the allowed to share you don't get but maybe a cream sauce from the earth shook Nabi sallallahu alayhi wa sallam hitter with the stick to the mountain and said we come up to put in extra detail dosha heat. Once in a time of nebbia crimson Allahu alayhi wa sallam The earth shook. So maybe Kareem said Allahu alayhi wa sallam told the earth become chiamata bicted nia Why Why are you shaking? chiamata we do PHEV Nebia Karim sallahu alayhi wa sallam told the Sahaba what an amazing thing. Your Sustainer wants you to turn

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towards Him in repentance.

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He recently I Allah Allah Allah, Allah Allah.

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Allah Allah Allah, Allah Allah.

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Allah wants you to turn towards Almighty Allah subhanho wa taala. This is a Hadith of our beloved

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community we are

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the famous caller has written seven 700 years ago he wrote this was Zelle mineral I Atilla t you hold for Allah who be here anybody that Allah Tala uses earthquakes for us to bring fear in our hearts of the greatness of Almighty Allah subhanho wa taala. To turn towards Almighty Allah, just as the way and not Allah has created other signs for us to turn towards Almighty Allah. For example, the eclipse of the sun, is also a sign of Almighty Allah to turn towards Almighty Allah. That will start as of two lessons from Tula you should tell us about the Eclipse. He said we all know today they tell us that the Earth is covered by the moon and the moon comes through all of that. But just

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imagine that the sun that has so much of light for a short period of time a little it takes away the light for you to turn towards Almighty Allah that Allah Allah Allah.

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Allah Allah is the one that brings about these types of situations. However, the earthquakes are a wake up call for us they are not just random. He doesn't just come like that. Nothing is random in the eyes of Almighty Allah in a system of Almighty Allah, all power and all events come from Almighty Allah subhanho wa Taala one important thing very important for me to make mention Don't pretend you know then have knowledge of the Unseen don't know don't think that you know what Allah Tala has brought the Silsila in this is earthquakes and these type of natural disasters upon you kisi Kony pathetic you are a mother Allah subhanho wa Taala will only Allah subhanho wa Taala knows

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with regard to him, who are we to make judgment on behalf of Almighty Allah, Kyoto cooper or Surya ocupa Allah Tala

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you can skip you can skip at it. It is CO Johanna disco Maluma here to sip Allah Tala desire to open here he can make this decision why Allah has brought it may Allah Tala wants to bring about the situation of elevating the status of people may Allah subhanho wa Taala wants us to turn towards Almighty Allah yay here to enter atom or happy face aka Linna key Allah Teatro Saba here Johanna year hamari bustling yeah hamari bus yeah hamari eliminating yet to sip Allah Tala

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but we find people having having this type of situation. Nowadays also I just need to be I'm not a fan of all these type of things. Now, nowadays they say there is this whole particular type of people, you know, all these conspiracy theories, they created this situation and they created the tremors and they created the waves photonic ski ski ski hatmaker a little liquid

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and let us doesn't control these things is in the control of human beings Rothschild's and this one did this and that one did get a little lucky had money and it happened previously then who did it that time? So I'm not I'm not a very big fan with regard to it. I believe ALLAH Tala whatever happens happens with the wisdom of Almighty Allah. Allah has his wisdom and part of the wisdom is returned towards Almighty Allah subhanho wa Taala etc. Connie Pataki to enable utility admin hamari karyotype we don't know how we are going

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Need to react you know we sometimes we have this judgmental attitude, this is happening that is happening and we This happened because of this and that we don't know how we will react if there is a challenge upon us, I heard doesn't want me making mention of this many times is when they can like it is worth your first listening Mala at some other camera. They said I saw at the time of partition two types of people, many door talk some kilo codec and I saw people that at the time of partition at the time of partition, there was great amount of death. There was destruction, Muslims have been killed. He said in Delhi I saw two types of people. I saw people who had beards, they shaved off the

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beards. So many also puts out cabinet that he pursued kill South Korea to he said Muslims are being targeted to be killed. This beard gives us away as Muslims. We are taking it away that people must not kill us. We are not identified as Muslims.

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Then he said I saw people who didn't have a beard. They started keeping beard. So as they Why are you keeping up here? They say fitna because Amana Han mod because a man I got more RJ

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or garage I Tacomas come sooner.

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He said peep I saw people who didn't have a beard he started keeping a beard. And then I asked him Why are you keeping a beard? They said is a time of death. We don't know whether Allah Tala can take us anytime we decided to keep a beard maybe we will die What

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do you see the reaction of people everyone is making no judgement South Africa is become a famous we have become famous for making judgments. May Allah subhanaw taala have mercy upon us. So these are type of things we do not have a reaction with regard to it. So let us think about Allah subhanaw taala did some amazing incidents. There was one mother and child that were rescued after 92 hours after 92 hours even more amazing. A two year old child without anyone there rescued under the rubble after 79 hours

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to your only child your allah how you give left life and how you take how you take life and how you give life it is this is your greatness overlap. So certain things might respect the President has think about one is appreciate what you have Chicago how many Atlanta whoa African national creaky but he added okay. This is like this that is like that now, but I don't think you know, we all we need to hold the government accountable. The government needs to do more with regard to infrastructure, there is no justification for them not having lights on and not having power and having crumbling infrastructure is on its place. But if you will not complain and complain after

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kaloga, new tire, African national cricket NASA push naota

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out of him for example, if there is 24 hours and four hours got low cherry pick the hours but like that Allah you got 20 hours of light start becoming little bit positive. Yes, you can be negative and maybe you're justified in becoming negative. I'm not saying it's the end of the day they are supposed to do what they're supposed to do. But I mean, you pick up the negative which is going to impact upon you. Make sure you can look at what's happening to other parts of the world. I mean, this is not no ordinary thing. I mean, these are 1000s of people must have died, hundreds of 1000s of people must have lost all their possessions and lost all the all the houses and everything. Can

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you imagine what they are going through? So appreciate what you have. Secondly, repentance and reform reformation. Really we must turn towards Almighty Allah change our life. Spell Shoukry Allah Kuru to St. Johanna a letter letter of rujukan Allah Tala kitra finalburn zikr seeker Tilawat Ouattara or Allah Tala kitra Allah Tala to San Miguel Guarana. Yaga Mardi Gras Kumar firma Then thirdly we must understand our life can change in a short period of time in a short period of time and data can change your life. Don't take things for granted. Don't think they take things for granted appreciate your life. Appreciate your family. Appreciate what Allah Tala has given you start

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making efforts to keep all of those payments of Allah Tala that you know you keep it well as the torah can take it away anytime appreciate what you got, because life can change in a split second. Fourthly, which I found very amazing. This earthquake happened in the early hours of the morning while people were sleeping. So Nicky Hallett muscles Elia, now many times we sleep, firstly, we sleep without remembering Allah. And then many times we sleep while we have enmity and hostility with our family members. His co PATA Jakob why here chatra Toro, Dhaka Misaka hota a channel Seiko agile application a you don't you're speaking to your brother, you're not speaking to your father.

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You're not speaking to your children. If I guess

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A ton of what RJ are up to Hana up a plan of Ashitaka sat budget Nika to eat your salad summers come yet I'd say Bella Joe people your market, Master boy.

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Forgive me everyone with regard to it. Make dua for the people who have passed on and let Allah give them the reward of Shahid Mehrotra make it easy for them, make rockets of dua for them, make dua that Allah Allah protect us, protect them and let Allah make it easy for them, donate generously, wherever you can, there are many people who are giving who have got, you know, appeals with regard to the funds to be able to help the genital Halima Linda, whichever one you got trusting, go and give whatever you can go and help them because the next few months will be very difficult for the people of those particular regions in areas. May Allah subhanaw taala give us a topic of

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understanding the lessons which Allah Tala wants us to take from these types of natural disasters. And at the end of the day, always ask Allah Tala for half yet maybe a cream sauce and said there is no better duar to ask of Allah Tala than to ask Allah Allah. May Allah subhanaw taala give us the trophy. And I would I would was in sympathy with the people to to Cuba or Surya major Logan hamara de una will do I will kiss America I wouldn't kiss hamari just focus on Kelly cohomological Amalia asagna

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