Hasan Ali – We are superior than Angels

Hasan Ali
AI: Summary © In this segment, a speaker discusses the history of Islam, including the creation of angels and the use of Jesus as a reminder. The speaker also talks about the use of Jesus as a template for culture, and how people can choose to remember Jesus through culture.
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Get a hold of this all right, Allah azza wa jal has has created angels that are have been praising him. They've been praising him from the beginning of the time that he created them till today, they've never stopped praising Him. Allah has taken an oath by such angels in the Quran surah number 37. Right at the beginning, Allah says, was so off to sort of, I take an oath by those angels that are standing in lines in rows, what are they doing? Allah says that earlier in the Koran, I take an oath by those angels that have been continuously reciting my vicar, my remembrance, saying, Subhan Allah saying, Alhamdulillah all the different types of say, you know, to make to remember Allah azza

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wa jal, they've been doing that from the time Allah created them to today Subhan Allah, Allah has got those angels praising him, you know, always remembering him. In fact, Allah said in the Holy Quran, he said, to send Behala who semi aware to several our lumen fee in the seven heavens and the seven ads and all that are inside it? They all praise Allah and they glorify Allah continuously except for the humans and except for the jinn. You know what this means? Mean? You we've got humans, we've got human free will. We can choose to obey we can choose to disobey, but the seven heavens and the seven ads, they're busy doing dhikr of Allah, because Allah azza wa jal has given them no free

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will but imagine this, the mountains are singing they are praising Allah and they're glorifying Allah, the birds are doing that as well. This isn't the Quran is the case for the human praises Allah the human comes to Allah and does Allah Zika Do you know? Do you know that Allah azza wa jal is more happy with me and you do the Dhikr of Allah? Why? Because let me give you an example. If you created the robot, and you downloaded a software that robot and you said the robot to stay with you, and the robots got to serve you, and the robot stays with you and the robot serves you okay, you created the second robot, this robot you downloaded the system inside it, you said to it, that it's

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going to free will to leave your house or stay with you is a free will to serve you ordered not to serve you. But this second robot it stays in your house and it does serve you which one would you actually like more the first the second which one? Second? Why? Because you gave a free will to that robot to move away but it didn't. It stayed with you out of his choice. It stayed with you and it served you now imagine Allah azza wa jal gave us free choice when we engage in a battle when my mind connects with Allah and arriba, the insula in the Quran in Zichen, in Doha, in wherever we were saying these phrases when my mind connects with Allah and our tongues are moving with the praise of

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Allah, Allah loves it more. Why? Because we have the free will we have free will. In fact, there are several Hadees to say Allah bows to the angels have looked down. Allah says guru ILAHA unruly Abdi. Look at my seven standard, look what they're doing. Look how they are remembering it because the because the angels who are also the servants of Allah, they don't have any choice, but we've got a choice. So when we remember Allah, we are now surpassing the angels. We are higher than them in one way because we choose to remember Allah azza wa jal when we had a free choice, while the angels that have to remember Allah, they don't have a choice anyway.

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