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AI: Summary © A speaker discusses a prophecy of Islam being accepted and suggests that men should be careful about their behavior. They also mention a woman making a secret joke about a brother's back and a man making a secret joke about a man's back. The speaker warns of potential privacy issues and warns of consequences for those who do not comply with regulations.
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Allah has told us to ask Allah in secrecy. In fact, if you want to up the game, make dua for your Muslim brother behind his back or your Muslim sister behind her back. It's a hadith in Sahih Muslim Hadith number 2733. Whether the prophets of Allah Allah, Allah has told us Dawa to Muslim the dua of a Muslim. He actually he for his brother talking to the men he said that obviously it applies to the women as well. Talking to your sisters, beavering away behind their back is something which will be accepted. In fact, in one Hadith he says that there's an angel right beside you every time you make dua for your brother behind his back the angel says Amin, Amin, Amin, amin Allah give me this give

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you the same

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Do you guys see that but you're not supposed to then say go to your brother and say bro, I made this dua for you. I might draw for you don't advertise it make a secret? I don't know if you heard that joke or not. There was a guy if that time he was saying he put his hands up Put his hands up and if that time Yeah, you know start to ask get accepted. Yep. And he's making dua for his brother behind his back. He's making dua for his brother behind his back he's in the kitchen his wife's you know, just making something in the kitchen his dad make and I said oh Allah Oh Allah give my brother my my son Saba Muslim brother give me another wife. Give him another way for login and otherwise, next

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thing he knows that his wife takes the rolling pin angle.

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And he goes

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why did why did this hit me? Because I know what you're up to the angels right next to you saying army May Allah give you the same. I know what you're up to. May Allah give you the same so God Be careful with advice that you may hear. Rolling things are bad okay.