Yasir Qadhi – The Hudood Laws Corporal Punishments in Islamic Sharia

Yasir Qadhi
AI: Summary © The hesitation of Islamists to use deadly language and the use of deadly language in deadly crimes are discussed. The law of execution is the end of life for the murderer, and the law ofiteration means the victim's life is lost and their own life is saved. The law of forgiveness is also emphasized, with the potential consequences of forgiveness in civil society being discussed. The use of "Grindometaly" in Islamic law is noted, and the law of forgiveness is the basis for many different laws against sexual freedom.
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We come across the very first commandment of what is called the the the hoodoo laws, or the sauce or the penal codes of Islam. And of course, what are the produce? The hadith are punishments that are enacted by a legitimate Islamic State that is judging by the laws of Allah subhanho wa Taala against people, criminals who have done specific crimes against other people. So murder and * and stealing these are who do punishments where society is at risk, and therefore, the Islamic Sharia has come with punishments to keep such people in check. Now, certain Bacara is the first time that when you're reading the Quran, you will come across your first head punishment. And so we need to

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pause here and a little bit talk about this. And once again, this is one of those areas that causes sometimes a little, a little bit of confusion. It is also used by the far right and the extremists to paint Islam in a very negative manner. But once again, you read the Quran and rather than anything negative with Allah, He we feel a sense of pride a sense of is, this is the reality and the truth we should all be proud of. Surah Baqarah verse 178 Yeah, you already know Aman cootie but it communica Saucerful Katella Oh, you who believe clay sauce is prescribed for you. When somebody is killed when somebody is murdered. The sauce is a retaliation a life for a life and horrible Hillary

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Well, I would double up double, double on every single person, whoever they are, whether they're male or female, whether they're slavery or free doesn't matter. Everyone who murders Allah subhanaw taala says cruelty by a common cause sauce that retribution or the penalty of basically the the murders is going to be executed. So, the sauce here means he took a life. Now, once he is caught, the trial is done. The evidence is given it is proven that he was the murderer then the penalty for him killing somebody is for this person himself to be executed. And of course, the whole notion of the Hadoop being they say it is backward it is harsh it is this and that and the fact of the matter

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once again, no not at all. Not at all. Because when you really understand the whole dude you understand the philosophy of these laws of Islam Subhan Allah you are in all at how perfect this Shetty is, in these very verses about the punishment of murder. Allah says truth of Bukhara welcome filthy, saucy. Hyah tone Yeah. Barbie, in this law of execution. There is your own life in killing the life of the murderer. There is your own life. Yeah, only Al Bab if people have intellect if you only understood, Allah is saying, Don't be sheep think be brave enough to challenge understand. And Allah is saying that in this law of sauce there is your own life. Oh people have intellect what this

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means if you don't have intellect, you want to understand if you're just going to follow just like an ignorant person just mimic just cry whatever they say sloganeering. Oh Islam is this Islam is that if you're just going to be shallow, then doesn't matter. You're not going to understand, if you have intellect, you're only about reflect and think. And Allah azza wa jal is telling us in this law of this loss, there is your own life. And of course, the meaning here is very, very obvious. When the punishment for the murder is so harsh, it will cause a potential murderer to think twice, it will cause somebody say You know what, I don't want I don't want to go down that route. If they're

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very angry at somebody, if they want to do something wrong, they themselves will be kept in check. And so not only will the murderer, not murder, if he knows that there's a possibility that his own life is going to be forfeit, but the life of the murderer himself will be saved. In other words, this law of SOS is saving two lives at the cost of just the law. And that is not only the murdered but the murder what a conflict of saucy Hi yah, yah, willing Al Bab. And of course, we can also point out here that the shady out of Islam has a very high bar to prove any crime. It's a very difficult thing to to prove. And yes, indeed, once it is proven, the punishment is going to be

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enacted. But then, and here's a really amazing reality smack dab in the middle of the verses of sauce right in the middle of those verses. Allah subhanaw taala has a phrase here, which again, when you read it, you don't fully understand because we don't know the context, meaning the average person who might understand it, but of course the scholars of Islamic law, the books of Tafseer they go into this detail. Thurman roofie Allah homeopathy, he che on Fatima and Bill Murphy, we're really happy or sad, whoever is forgiven by his brother, then let him follow up that forgiveness with goodwill and let him pay the penalty with your son with excellence. What is this cryptic phrase

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here? whoever is forgiven, let him follow up with good manners. Let him pay the

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debt with their son. What is this cryptic phrase here in the Quran, in Surah Al Baqarah. Listen to this, yes, indeed, the murderer, if he's caught, if it's proven, he deserves to be executed. But Allah is saying,

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if the family of the deceased decides to forgive, if they realize that you know what, we're not going to gain anything by killing one more person, then that's good for them. And the one who was the murderer should feel indebted to that family, and should follow that up with good actions and remorse. And then follow that up by paying a financial penalty, a debt. And in Islamic law, it goes even more detail than this. It's really amazing and fascinating and suited Bukhara is the basis for all of these laws. So I'm just going to briefly mention that

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in an ideal Islamic Candyland, where all of these laws are enacted. So suppose the murderer is caught, he is found guilty. Now, the right of execution is in the hands of the family of the one who was murdered. And so that family will be brought by the judge. And according to some books of law, each family member, each one of the inheritors men and women by the way, men and women will be brought forth and the judge will ask them, you want to forgive for the sake of Allah, if you forgive, it is better, the judge will remind them what the Quran itself says that, that, that Allah subhana, Allah says in the other sort of certain Surah, that if he forgives, it is better for him.

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It's very explicit that Allah is commanding us or encouraging us to forgive even this crime. So the question arises, what if there's 10 family members, and they don't have unanimous consensus? What happens then our Islamic law says, If there's 10 family members, and even one of them says, I'll forgive for the sake of Allah, then the rest are obliged, because you cannot save 1/9 You cannot save 1/10 Excuse me, if one person of the entire family says, I want Allah's reward, then that person is not going to be executed. But then you're going to say that's not fair. How about the other nine they're angry, they want their their retribution. And this leads us to what Allah is

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saying, Fatima, and Bill Maher on eBay, he bearson He has to repay the debt with excellence because if they are forgiven for the execution, there is a penalty that will come that is a financial penalty, and it's a huge penalty in Islamic law. 100 camels back in the day, these days, they have the dollars and equivalents but 100 camels back in the day, that is a mini fortune and of course this person would have to spend the rest of his life paying off that debt because that's the point you don't just get off scot free. But seeing all of this is truth of Bukhara we learn that there is indeed harsh penalties there's no question about it. You know, there's the laws are there. But the

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fact of the matter is that these laws are rarely implemented. And even at the very last minute, one family member can stand up and say, I forgive for the sake of Allah and forgiving for the sake of Allah is encouraged in the Quran, that when you forgive, Allah will forgive you. So the whole philosophy of Islamic punishments is so radically different. The goal of the punishment is not to to have vengeance. It's not to persecute and kill. No, the goal is what a comb filter, saucy HYAH tune to have a civil society in which you don't have to worry about murder and * and pillaging and plunder and stealing No, you want to say in a civil society what a cornfield croissants Hayato. So

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when you have the harsh penalties in the book, which are rarely actually implemented that says you just say on the site, but the penalties are there everybody knows and yes, every once in a while the murderer will be executed every once in a while the * will be every once in a while. So everybody knows and yes, it seems very harsh, but in that harshness, the crime rate goes down the murder rate is almost non existent. People are safe and that is what Allah is saying. ensuited baccara wala ComForCare saucy HYAH tune yeah we will above it that people have intellect understand there is wisdom and there is benefit and there is life for you in this regard

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