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Nouman Ali Khan


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Ustadh Nouman Ali Khan elaborates on the story of Robert Davila. Who was he? Why does he find a mention in this video? What lessons does the Ustadh want us to imbibe from this true story? 

Do listen intently and comprehend the power of an earnest and sincere Dua.

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The story of Robert De villa. You know who that is? No, you don't, because I do.

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Three months ago, I gave goodbye in Fort Worth. I haven't been to that much than four or five years and they invited me for some reason. And I went, and I gave her brother my hotel was about

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an Egyptian fellow comes up to me, a young man came up to me afterwards he goes, Allah fulfilled my daughter today.

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And I said, What's your daughter? He said, My daughter was that no man Ali Han should meet Robert Davila. Sir.

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Are you Robert Davila? He goes, nope, I am not Robert Davila, Robert avillez, my friend, but I think a less fulfilling my daughter. I was like, fire away. I want to know. Robert Davila is a young man who lives in a town 40 minutes past Fort Worth. He's a he was a farmer young guy. And he was hit with some sort of genetic disorder that kicked in later on in his life. And he became paralyzed from the neck down.

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And he was he's actually he lives in a nursing home. Most people in that nursing home are 90 years. 100 years are really, really old people. And then there's, you know, his room where he's paralyzed neck down. He's the only 30 something year old that is in the nursing home, okay. And he's been in that nursing home for the last 10 years.

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His family got a computer for him, that's voice activated, so he can give voice commands. But I had fallen on Google stuff in search stuff. So you can surf the web and find information in his room, in his room. And by the way, staunch Christian family, the Minister comes in prays for him every every, you know, every week and things like that. And his best friend was in the bed next to him. One of his best friends, he became best friends because he met him at the nursing home. This person was also paralyzed and he needed a new liver. Okay, a liver transplant who's waiting for a liver liver transplant and he used to talk about you know, God and things like that all the time moved there,

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we're good friends. Finally, his best friend got a call that there's a donor available for the liver.

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So he's so excited. He was Robert, I'm gonna miss you. But I'm going, I've got it. I've got a donor. So they take his friend, and they go on the up into the operation and his friend died at the operating table.

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Now his friend, was also a Christian, the deceased friend, his sister, took one of the the amulets of his friend a crucifix. And she gave it as a gift to Robert. This is a reminder of your old buddy. So he hung it on the side of his hospital bed.

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Properties, a lot of lives a pretty decent life in there that the nurses take care of. He's a happy guy. And one day he goes to sleep and he sees a man in his dream.

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The man says his name is Muhammad.

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And he says, pointing at the crucifix.

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God did not send messengers so they would worship the messengers. God says message sent messengers so that you could worship God. And Jesus was just a man. He walked into markets, and he ate food.

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He walked into markets, and he ate food, and the dream stopped. He only knows that Jesus was just a man. He knows there's a man that named Mohammed that said that to him. He said that messengers came so people could worship God and not the messengers. This is all he knows. So he started Googling Mohammed.

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He finds Islam.

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He takes Shahada

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when you take Shahada, he wants to learn about the Quran. So he goes on these chat sessions and find somebody needs to teach me Koran. He finds a brother in Egypt that he gets together with on Skype to try to learn Arabic, learn the Arabic alphabet. Once he learned the Arabic alphabet, he learned to recite the Quran. He memorized 10 soldiers from his hospital bed.

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Then he said, I'm beginning to memorize the Quran, and beginning to learn about this prophet, but I need to understand the Quran. So he starts googling how to understand the Quran. And for some reason, he ends up on my videos.

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And he starts watching my stuff.

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And he watched almost everything.

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And then he told and then, here's the other here's the kicker. In the nursing home, there was an Egyptian fellow that used to come in and do some, you know, repair work. The Egyptian fellow has his own awesome story. The guy had basically lost faith. He wasn't religious, the nearest mustard to him was 50 miles away. So he didn't really go to Jamal much anymore. But he felt a spiritual void void. So he started going to the church just to feel closer to Allah.

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Raised Muslim and goes to the churches to feel closer to Allah. He's passing by Roberts room one day and he hears one last three in in San Jose.

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So he walks into his room and says, Robert, what are you listening to? Robert says nothing that was me.

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And the guy says, You're Muslim. He goes, Yeah, I became Muslim.

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And now this friend is in shock.

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How does Allah guide someone in the middle of church town USA, in a nursing home, with a crucifix on the side of his bed that he doesn't need?

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Have the physical strength to move. And the guy himself says, I want to come back to Allah.

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So he tells them about his demo the friend he found online. Now Manali Han. So the Egyptian fellow starts watching my videos. And then he says, I wish I could meet him one day. And he says, Okay, I'll pray for you. And after five years, that Egyptian friend shows up at the same machine that I haven't been to in four years. And after Juma says, I think Allah wants to fulfill my friend's daughter and my daughter.

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So I said, I think he does. Let's go.

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So I took a few of us and we went, and we met with Robert. We had an beautiful conversation with him and inshallah, for four, we're gonna go to his, his nursing home again. They were actually the nursing was pretty shocked. You're all here to meet Robert.

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Why do you want to meet him? He's an inspiration.

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Let me check if we can. We've had to call the heartbeat, the hospice administrator and all this stuff, and then eventually let us in. And Roberts in shock, and then I meet with Robert, we're talking and I was like, hey, Robert, so I heard you memorize some sodas. He says, Yeah. Can you recite one for me? So he decided, so it's

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not one of us was not crying. We're just in tears. When when somebody turns to Allah,

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when somebody turns to Allah, don't worry about the means. Guidance will come. Balance will come. I want to tell you some more about Robert because young guys are here, young guys that play basketball, young guys that are healthy, young guys that have ambition.

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I told you What's his paralysis from where to where?

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neck down. He has a special wheelchair that has to hold pretty much every part of his body in place. He can't just sit in a wheelchair, it holds his neck, and it holds every other part of his body in place because he has no control over his limbs. And he has to have a special van where the wheelchair locks in. So that if it goes through a bump or whatever, he doesn't, you know, receive the shock. So he made a request, he wants to go to the Friday prayer.

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They didn't have the special van. So they put them in a regular van.

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And so he went to the regular van and a few bumps and his spine got even more hurt. He went to jamara he came back in excruciating pain. And they said, I'm sorry, Robert, you're no longer able to sit in your wheelchair, you're gonna have to stay in your bed for the next six months, at least if you see recovery, then you can get back up again. I met him in those in that span. He'd already been in that bed for three months already. And the reason he was in that bed is he went to Juma prayer. And he told me about the Juma prayer. He said, I've never felt more peace in my life than I was in that machine. And you know what I'm going to do, brother, No, man, when I can, I can sit in my chair

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again. I'm going to go to Jamaica.

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I'm going to go to the machine because I've never felt like that before.

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There's someone who has nothing but control over his his mouth and his eyes.

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And he says I only find peace in the machine. And here we are.

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These masajid I don't care what ideology what school of thought, what they're talking about in the machine. What fitness there. I don't care. It's still Allah's house. Just go to pray. Don't go there to talk to people go there to talk to Allah.

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Just go to talk to Allah.

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You're not you're just going for you and Allah, that's it. That's it.

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Other things will come but you're not going for them. You're just going there to find peace. You'll become different people. If we're lucky and guide Robert Davila, Allah guide everybody. And then he said, You know, sometimes I wonder why Allah put me in this position. And then I say to myself, What am I kidding? Allah has given me so much. I'm so grateful for it he gave me and if this is the way he was gonna bring me to Islam, it's all worth it.

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so worth it.

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You have Muslims that lose a little bit of health, and they say, why is Allah doing this to me? And this man? I mean, if you would think and not know nowadays, atheists argue because of suffering. There's no God. If one man has a position in a position to say, I don't believe in God, if there was a guy, why would I be in this position? It would be Robert Davila. That guy would say, I don't believe in God. If there was one, why would I be in this mess?

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And yet he's in this position, and I've never seen him face with more nude. Never. I've never seen a face that has more contentment on his soul satisfied with life. He's so happy. He's just happy.

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The last seven or eight combos I've given are actually based on one sentence per each on one sentence that he said in his conversation. Has that profound

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he's been he's a teacher to me. I consider him a teacher. He's much if somebody says Who's your chef? I said Robert Davila.

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Really, is that a is that a pizza place or? No?

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You know,

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people the guidance is all around us. You don't have to get worried about

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What's not there? There's plenty there. You know what Allah did for the people of the cave.

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You know, he even guided them in where to sleep.

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You know, he even guided them on where to turn.

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As the sun was coming, they turn away from it as the sun came from the other side, they turn the other way.

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Allah will guide you in your sleep. When you make God and

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he'll even guide you in your sleep.

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Every toss and turn will be guided by Allah. Can you imagine? Who's we shouldn't be skeptical and allows guidance. We shouldn't worry about how am I going to find balance? No, that's a large job to guide you. Your job is to talk to him. Your job is to get sincere. That is the message I have for you. That is how we're going to find balance. Honestly, with no and if once you do that, once you become sincere to Allah, Allah will open doors Allah will give you friends, a lot will give you teachers a lot will give you access to resources, all of which are going to bring you closer and closer and closer to Him and to the truth and make life better for the people around you. This is

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really the gist of what I wanted to share with you. I don't want to speak longer. I've spoken too long already. I love coming back to New