How to Behave with Parents

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My young youngsters Listen to me. You're born to your parents. Your parents are wonderful people, you must respect them, despite their mistakes, you start respecting. We have a wonderful religion that tells us even if your elders are wrong, you still have to respect why? Because it keeps us in a society. That is that doesn't have anarchy. It keeps us in a society that has got regulation, we're able to function properly, you must respect your parents, you must respect your teachers. Yes. However, amongst your parents, sometimes what you realize is, they prefer culture over religion, it happens. Sometimes you have a cultural part of them, which you got nothing to do with religion. But

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then they say that this is something that we must do as muslims, and you have a confusion in your head. And you're like, well, once you do that, for me is that is suddenly gone. Show me where that is a system and you

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know, straightaway, you made to shut up. Sometimes the behavior and the actions of your parents within themselves. Your mom is arguing with your dad, your dad is arguing with your mom. They bickering with each other you hear certain words, you think well hang on a minute. I've been told up all my life not to say those words in my life, but to speak like that or not to lie or not to do this. How come my parent is doing this? When they're having their own argument? It causes you to feel Whoa, what's up? You know what, what went wrong there? It's there balancing that is wrong. Don't let this land

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it doesn't take away the fact that you as a Muslim still have to get your own balancing right as a child.

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Kids I have you got the gentleman trying to say to you, you're still responsible for your behavior, even though your parents got their behavior wrong according to the Quran.

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When he comes to grade you're gonna go along to agree. You're still as you grow up, even if your parents haven't learned the Quran properly.

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You're someone who has to learn