Explanations of Duaas in SALAT #08 Praying For 53 Years And DidnT Know This

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AI: Summary © The sujood has multiple positions, including the first where people rush to finish a project and get up immediately without pause, the second between two people and they wait until the end, and the third position between two people and they wait until the end. The speakers emphasize the importance of saying "yes" to receive a response from others, and discuss the use of "has" in Arabic and English, as well as the use of "talk" in various situations, including when someone is being addressed and when someone is being addressed in a manner that is not appropriate or appropriate. The speakers also mention the use of "talk" in a certain context but it is unclear what it is for.
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We are explaining for the past few weeks, something that extremely important that we all need to understand and learn. And that is the dua that we make in the salaat. We started from the DUA before the Fatiha. And last week we did the DUA as in the record. And in the sujood.

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we finished the draft of the sujood, there are like I mentioned before, there are two positions where people rush the most in the slot. Number one is when they finish something Allah on him and Hamidah, they go straight to sujood. Without the body going back to its original position, Rasulullah sallam said, you have to stand until you are peacefully standing. And here we are, many people jump and dive into the sujood. The second fastest position is between the two sessions, someone make a session, and then they get up and then they go down to the second session right away without any pause between the two. What is the difference between the two? We took it before just

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because of the series, many people will be watching the series, and I advise you to always watch the series every time you forget. There are two ways that we can alternate one time we say one and the next time we say the other are up there fairly. Rob they're fairly calm down. And when you do that, it eliminates that problem that we're talking about or being in a rush or up there Philly, Philly, or the second option of the Philly we're honey wahine was Bernie why afine what zucchini? What a fanny Are you gave so many talks about this Subhanallah if this is answered Allahu Akbar, Allah forgive me yeah Allah have mercy upon me. Yeah, Allah fix all my affairs. Ya Allah guide me. Yeah,

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Allah provide for me. Yeah, Allah elevate me Subhan Allah. Yeah, all of them between when you say this, how could you rush because you're gonna say it in a way that you are asking for it. Right. Rebecca fairly? Well, honey, honey, was Bernie Finney or zucchini. We're fine. Subhanallah and then you go to the second session. Today, I will remain talking because this I explained before, is Subhanallah something that many of us do not know. What does atashi yet mean?

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When we myself and you learned how to pray. We were just taught. This is the position where you say that I yet. I don't remember anyone teaching me what does the yard Lillah wa salatu hatha yoga. All we do is just we repeat, we have no clue. And that's one of the reasons that we are not having crucial and our Salah because we are just repeating words that we have no clue what they are.

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Even Masada, the Allah when he said we used to say in the salaat As salam o Allah Allah Minh a body. We used to say Salam on Allah from his a bad

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Rasul Allah say Selim heard them and he told them, do not say this because Allah is a Salam. Instead say, and then he taught them and the whole metal the Day of Judgment, say, adhere to the law was Salah to work for you, but as salam alayka you unabIe Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh As salam o Allah Yuna, while the light solid in a shadow Allah ilaha illallah wa shadow Anna, Mohammed and Abby do who are solo, what does it mean? Yet is plural have to hear, to hear in Arabic means greeting. The anima had couple of meanings for her to hear.

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All the greatest of greetings belongs only to Allah azza wa jal, any greeting any type of him any Tolkien any taqdeer belongs to Allah azza wa jal and that is all under attack yet. When I see my brother when I end my message I say to her yet he like mighta here hear my greetings to you. But the minute you add Elif lamb to the data yet, that means it's only to Allah azza wa jal I cannot say a data yet a day you know, the he yaki mood Yes, but at that yet when I add Elif lamp, it only belongs to Allah, where what is the verb from a day yet you hear some people saying sometimes greeting each other by saying hi yak Allah, right. Hi yak Allah. This is a good excellent to hear. This means at

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the yard. albacore it de m, the eternal life and that only belongs to Allah when you add Elif lamb to it. Only one who will ever stay is Allah azza wa jal

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Hey, Olivia mood here to Lilla here to another opinion it says that attack yet includes all the verbal labor that all the verbal labor that belongs to Allah azza wa jal was salah, what a Salah what is the plural of salad? Every salad I make here Allah is only to you the full of the Nuffield, the Sunnah, every salad I make belongs to you. Yeah, Allah was sada word and they said, he had a salad, every physical a bed is under the Salawat. What the bed, a tea bed. They said that this all the verbal and the physical, a bad debt that are pure, are belonging to Allah azza wa jal adhere to the law, all the best of greetings belongs to Allah, all the salah that I make, I do not make it to

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anybody except to Allah azza wa jal what the bad and some said this is the financial aid but that because Allah has for you, and he only accepts what's for him, all the good, all the pure and all the pure words somewhere in the mat set up for you that is Subhan Allah 100 Allah when you know Halal Allah Allahu Akbar, as a year to Allah was Salah to work to you that all of them belong to Allah azza wa jal, then a Salam or aleikum

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wa rahmatullah alayhi wa barakato.

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We have been deprived in this dunya of greeting Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam live, may Allah grant us this opportunity in the akhira

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so when you say it in the salad Wallahi it is disgraceful.

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adhere to the law salatu salam, ala briquette Would you dare say this kind of salam to Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa salam if he's standing in front of you

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said I'm okay and if you don't have a lot to consider Medina whatever, would you dare say that

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you are actually sending salam to Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam at this point specifically your words traveling 1000 miles to go to Medina like a Salah is seldom said every time you say salaam to me. Allah will assign angels that will take this Salaam and present it to me. Do you think your Salam that you are making in the Salah worth

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being moved from here all the way to there with that kind of salaam that speed in the salon that we make? You are making salam to Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa salam salam ala Nabi not Allah. What does the salam I am making dua, I am making God for rasool Allah Allah is telling them I'm making dua of Salah and Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, I'm making a fragment Baraka Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa salam have respect. When we are saying this, we rush and speed because we want the salah to be over. And that's why we are not finding any change in our life because Allah promised that the salah will prevent us from falling into sins and major sins, but I pray and I deal

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with riba I pray and I do not wear the hijab I pray and I sell alcohol I pray and I

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drink and I pray and I gamble why? Because there's something's wrong with that slot. Something's wrong with the slot. It's not being given its proper

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A Sonoma Laker you have Nibi well I'm not Allah here but I get a Salam wa alayhi wa ala a bad Allah His Salah him

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listen to a thorough solos I sent him said about this statement.

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As salam o Allah Hina usually, if I want to say salaam to myself, I say Salam o Allah Yeah. Why am I saying it in plural?

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When I say salam, O Allah ye na in the salaat I am sending salam to everybody who's praying with me in that giraffe. As salaamu Elena and to who and Rasul Allah I said and said every time you say a Salam, O Allah, you know, why Allah, Allah is solid in your Salam, we'll get to every righteous person in this earth and in the heavens.

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Your salaam will get to every Abbott saw every righteous person on earth will get that Salam, Salam O Allah, you know, why a bad Allah is solid in and then we uttered the shahada so many times per day to confirm that we are Muslims to confirm that we are hiding a shadow Allah Illallah the word the reason that the creation was created

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Because of la ilaha illallah, the Jana was created because of la ilaha illAllah. The MBL were sent because of la ilaha illAllah. And I accurate every single day many times to confirm my Shahada. That's one of the one of the kids. When we have so many shadows here, a kid, he came to me at nine years old, he said, Jeff, I don't remember taking my Shahada.

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I said, Yeah, habibi. You take your shahada every single day so many times. I said when La ilaha illallah, WA shadow and Mohammed and up to who are solo. Please, my brothers and sisters, please. When we pray, our next salah the sooner you're about to pray. When you get to that yet, please start pondering and thinking about what you're saying. You are greeting Allah, literally. You are greeting Allah. Literally you are sending Sandra Silversides Salam. Remember when I gave the whole

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workshop about improving our salad? I said one of the keys one of the secret keys to enjoy the salad and to change it completely drastically, is tell yourself I am talking to Allah.

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I am talking to Allah. So when I am saying that he told Allah, I am greeting Allah azza wa jal because the salah is a meeting between me and my Creator. So let's have some edit. Let's have some edible when we are greeting Allah and when we are greeting our beloved Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa salam

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in Mussolini now almost Lima Do you want meaning Mina demon quantity now look on the 13th was loading Dino was funding bonds he was meeting I was Slavia rod Do you want to follow Sherry No one because she

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wasn't pushing me no one was watching I think one does one BP now one downside the party was on me now was all in

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one heavy Lena photo gentlemen one half of what it was good enough.

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Was the gala on I don't

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genuine now. Lien