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Because we have our hammer hammer hammer 11 of 11 or so that was lamola. You know what I mean, Mr. Medina and he was talking about nine. Firstly a cinematic market, local Ricardo, brothers and sisters. Today we're going to talk about finding the signs or knowing the signs of layer three other and what we can do on layer.

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So layer three is the Night of Decree or tonight as I say power or night of reverence. So what is this? This is one night that Allah has kept in the last 10 nights of Ramadan. And that one night is greater than 1000 months. Now what does that mean? The Sahaba of the Lord Hanuman mine heard the promises Allahu alayhi salam speak about the burden of slavery, or the people of the past, in the time of you know, in the time, after jacobellis Lazzara, Allah gave them long lives, and some of them were able to live for hundreds of years.

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There are stories from the Prophet Allah to them about, you know, an individual who probably who worshipped the love for, you know, a couple of 100 years or 300 years and so on. So what happened is the Sahaba, then turned around to the parcel, and they said,

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Mr. Allah, how are we to compete with with those people when they have so much extra time. So Allah as we then gave us this one night, now, he gave us a lot more than whatever these people had in the past. Because by

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by worshipping Allah azza wa jal on that night or doing any actor on that night, it's better than 1000 months, which is, which translates to about 83 years and four months. Now, none of us can really, you know, hope for a life perhaps that long, many of us might be gone by the time we, if you live a good life that may be gone by the time of 60 7080 Max, some of us might live to 90 100. But you know, what, we've got a chance every single year in our life to extend it by another 83 years. Imagine that every single night. Allah has given us a every single year, Allah has given us an opportunity to get another 83 years. So if you live for,

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let's say, from now, if you live for another 10 years, that's another eight. That's like 830 years of worship that you can collect on this one night. This is a this is a you know, a bonus that Allah has given this oma if you do anything on that night, it's it's as if you did that for that many nights, for at three years and four months. I think somebody calculated

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you know, just in a second of Leyland the

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UK in so much, I can't remember what it is. But there's so much reward in this in this one on one night. So now the thing is that this night has been put into the last 10 minutes of Ramadan. And that's approaching very soon after a couple of days, we're going to maybe for some of us tomorrow, at Madrid time, you would have entered it and other people would have entered it by the following day, Madrid time. So it's, it's on after the 20th fast. And so our calendar in Islam begins from modeling to modeling. So if you calculate, look at the first Ramadan, or the first route we did before we fasted. So the day we fasted the night before that, the modeling before that, that was the

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beginning of the first, right. So that's how you're going to calculate it till the end. So if it's the 20th day of fasting, then that night that Muslim on that day is going to be the first possible letter from Coventry. So that's 21st night. Now the Prophet alarmism said in a lot of Hadith that it can be on the odd nights of Ramadan so you can be I'm not to the last 10 nights so it could be 2123 2527 29 but don't restrict it to that because there are other I had the for the props of the Muslim also said it could be the 22nd the 24th to 26th 28th or the 30th.

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So it could be any of the last 10 nights is more likely to be on the on the odd nights but it can also fall on an evening night and sometimes that does happen.

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The profit and loss You could have told us that it's on this one particular night but he wanted us to worship throughout the whole of the night because if you you know target it with with more nights and you've got more you know more worship done and it's better for us in the in the afternoon.

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And that night is going to last for mother only to father last night.

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said in the level related other we reveal the poor and on the on the night of further on the night decreeing Now, why did they call it the other? Why, why that Why call it decreed because Allah, Allah will not night, he will tell and revealed the angels, all the matters of fate that are going to happen from that night all the way to next year like

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until the next So, somebody might have a child some someone might be passing away somebody might you know get extra amount of provisions a lot people expand, expand someone's business a level give somebody this or that whatever it is, all those things will be revealed for that year to those angels. So that's why the call the the night decrease, some have said they call it the night of other because of this, they call it power that taking the other meaning from qudra from power. So it's like Allah will show his power by sending so many angels down from the sky to the earth. And some have said that the names of other music or other because Academy is also to restrict. So the so

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many angels that come down to the earth that day that they're very constrained and restricted with the space that they that they can maneuver. So that's why it's called a laser cutter. Now the amount of angels that come down from the mountain ranges that come down from the sky to the as they continue to continue Zelma towards Allah says they continue to come Connect continue to come and on this one night, there's a special appearance and especially appearance is of great value to have set up. So out of the whole of the year you realize that I will not come down to the earth, He will not come down to the earth. And the only time that he makes his presence on the earth is on metal

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colors. So that's an extra bonus of having his presence because you realize the lamp is the closest of all the angels to Allah, just a Muhammad Sallallahu Islam is the closest of all the humans to Allah and all the prophets or all the Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu is the closest for a lot of all the humans and of all the angels is degraded. So can you imagine that his power is in his presence is there on that on that night, so it makes it even more significant? Also, what what is happening is that on that night, you know, the reward is going to be better than you can imagine. 70 times you get reward in Ramadan normally but on that night you get like anything you do anything you do so

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let's say for example, if you were to say Subhana Allah

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outside of outside of Ramadan, so Han Allah is one tree

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in Ramadan outside of level of other one so the Han Allah is going to be 70 trees in Jannah. And on that night, Allah Hopper, I think you need to take your calculators out and see how many trees in general you will get. Now, of course, it's not just trees that are you know, if you if you just say that however Lakota Nabina you will get a treasure box outside of Ramadan. If you say, however that holiday levena meaning that you put your full trust in Allah being in charge, and there's nothing I can do to stay away from seeing nothing I can do to do and good deeds except through the permission of Allah La hawla wala quwata illa Allah except to Allah. So that can imagine you got one treasure

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box outside Ramadan, inside Ramadan outside of the other, you got 70 treasure boxes, these are massive boxes full of treasures. And then if you said online or through father's Bahama, you can just take your calculators on guys and make them do the math. So there's there's a lot of reward Allah is giving on this one night. And it could be any of these nights. So how do you then find out which night it is the Hardys especially Buhari, there's a hadith that says that it's going to be a calm night. So that's one of the things if you look at all the nights, so if you start noticing from let's say, even tonight or the next night, start noticing the nights Donald's various things. So one

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of the things is going to become number one is going to be that there won't be that there won't be wind blowing that night. Another one is there won't be rain coming that night. Although the following morning. There's a slight drizzle that comes Okay, that's mentioned in the separate Hadees

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there's the it won't be too hot, not too cold, and mentioned that. They've also mentioned that the heart feels very sort of content to do a better to do to worship, worship allows that now you're gonna find this. If you worship Allah on all the last 10 nights of Ramadan, you're going to find one night that was something special one

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That just grabbed your heart one night that pulled you one night and you felt electrified one night that you felt a lot more wanting to do this event and I'm finding it very meaningful that night or Waldo 10 nights is late.

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So don't snooze. Otherwise you get lose okay? That's why the prompts in a lot so long he would he would choose to go into Add To Cart in the last 10 nights. So add to cart is when a person seclude themselves in the last 10 nights and just you know answers in a hurry that the Prophet sallallahu Sallam would

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He will definitely miss out or he would stay away from his his wives in this in his last 10 nights meaning that he would not engage in any of the activities of man and wife in the last 10 nights. And it also says that imagine is the promise of Allah holism doesn't he doesn't wake up his family members throughout the year for the laying of the huddled or praying at night. However, when it came to the last 10 nights of Ramadan, he used to wake up all of his wives. So there's very something very significant on all these 10 nights, he's to his to make sure that his wives are getting woken up However, he would, you know, get that message out. If even if he's in the calves born in the

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masjid, but he would make sure that his wives have been woken up for later. Okay.

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The Prophet salallahu alaihe salam would in you know, he would put a masala or a prayer mat in the masjid and he would sit on that or something something a mat some kind of mat he would put something on the ground that the Sahaba would know not to disturb the Prophet Allah I said when he's on that. So he would do this specifically when it came to the last 10 nights and he was in Attica and when he would sit on that mat, it would mean that don't disturb the personalizer Okay.

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So last last time, obviously, he was always in vehicle but in this particular class tonight, he was very much inclined to just doing maximum rabada as he could and the hula Lawson told us that in Arctic cap you you stay silent and you try not to speak to people. Now the thing is, a lot of us might not be able to get to a Masjid in this time because of lockdown. So what you need to do is you need to take a corner of your your room and you can just stay in that corner and you can do just to your attic after that is completely fine for you to be at a cafe in a corner. So you want to spend maximum time there and only for food and drink you know you leave or your your necessities but you

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want to spend maximum time there in that room or in the corner of that room. You know worshipping Allah as and especially during the night times as well. So you know you can do that if you want to do the cap. Now the last 10 nights are you know 10 nights where we want to maximize the amount that we do. So how do you how do you do that? How you want to maximize that one of the tricks I want to give you is that you want to always change the a bad that you that you do. So you don't want to stick to the same thing for too long. Right? So if you're doing a little you can do many things. The only thing that we've got from the Hadith is eyeshadow Viola Hannah she says missing of a lot. What

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do I say on that night if I find that night and Roger Lawson said say a love of mine nikka foon Kareem to hibbeler half of our family I would like you are very often you know you love to wipe away sins you are very very generous. So I'm asking you to wipe away wipe away my sins allow my near knee

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alumni nikka foon Karim Allah so Allah like nikka foon Karim to help Bella halfa powerful anime or LA you love to likewise in your very generous to wipe away my sins. That's the only thing we've got so all these other things you've got to run to a specific salon that night. No there's all this there's nothing mentioned specifically in the happy to do that. So it's pretty much open for you to do all your bed at night so you can read from that night you can do extra now after Katrina night you can do Vikram that night you could make the on that night. Pretty much every event that we know can be done on that night, but not with anything restricted to do this much ado that much. We know

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that Cameron lane are doing tahajjud the personal asking us to do apricot, so tu tu tu tu

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all the props allows us to do 12 sets of two's again, trial records. But you can go beyond that. And you can do multiple amounts of you know two records of novel on that night.

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And so you

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You got a you got a very you know, open thing of doing whatever you want but just to this, change it so do a little of Quran, then change it to some Salah, literal salah and 10 changes and then grab that and get up and do some more Salah do something else, right, because if you keep on changing it, it's going to make it difficult for you to

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get tired, right? tiresome or your tiredness does come in even if you're enjoying you're a guy that any believer can get tired and to stop that tiredness though, you know if you can spread your eating and drinking throughout the night and keep light light amongst going into your system is a lot better. If you have a heavy meal, then you're likely to get tired very quick, right so that's another layer of other hack you want to call it to try and spread the eating and drinking throughout the throughout the night.

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So you want to go in and out of different you know, a bad a different worship so don't sit in one place in one way too long. Don't be doing the same thing over and over. Same thing for too long because that's when Titans can come over you and one of the things that you can do a little harder if you want to do it is this whole thing of salad to spear okay. So what is the display and salado spear has is is a set of five different variations all of them have got a weakness to it, yes, but together a lot of scholars have said together they make the day they come to a rank of of having hassen or a good chain, they come to that level and many scholars have said this so you know, don't

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dismiss this. So what is the law of the spear it's a Salah where you get eight years of sins forgiven you get eight years of reward.

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You know, Allah will allow will give a lot of give a lot just by doing this. Now what is that Salah, you know, you say Allahu Akbar. And all you have to do is you'll say in every single set of records, okay? You're doing 75 times Subhan Allah He will hamdulillah he wanna in Allahu Allah, Allah is saying that. So this is how it goes. So every record you're going to do 7575 7575 Subhan Allah He will 100 lengua live and Allahu Allah, where do you say those things? Very simple, okay.

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In any Raka before fatty heart this 15 times you're gonna say Subhana Allah will humbly level Allah who love Allah. Why are you standing okay? Before Fattah then every movement before every movement you're going to do 10 so so let's, let's imagine you're standing here. Okay, so you've seen Allah hopper is your first time. Okay, so you've said 15 times, then before going into 10 so that's 25 in Roku before you get up, you're going to 10 so that's 35 when he says somebody Allahu even having that before in the sense that you're going to say another 10 so how many is that? That's 45 then in the such that you're going to say another 10 right? That's

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55 and then when you sit between the two sides and say 10 again the 65 and in your last surgery Dr. Rocca, you say not the 10 times vanilla 100 Level A that Alola but when obviously when you said all the other things so what you stand up what we can do is you stand up you say you say along with insulin so how long will be 100 equal to our custom Potala did the glider look okay? And then you read the fatter you deserve. Before you go to recall you're going to say 10 times they're going to recall you says vulnerable earnings, wearables and so on without it and then you say some 100 line with 100 Allahu Allah and Allahu Allah 10 times and then you stand up singing alone when I read that

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what I'm gonna what I'm gonna have and then you will say another 10 times to the Hanalei he will hamdulillah Allahu Allah, okay and you go decides that and you say is valuable Allah three times or five or whatever and then you say Subhana Allah He will 100 and now he will allow allow for another 10 times and then you sit in between the center and again you say 10 times next to that like that, okay. So, if you just remember that sequence, every time before Fatiha, I say 15 times and every new other movement before I get before I get into any of the movement, I say 10 times done 75 times in every single record and Allah will give you know, eight years of sins will be will be forgiven to

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handler which means a lot of sins Allah, Allah will forgive.

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What do you what you want to do is you want to have a portion of let's say, I'm going to do this once Quran, you know, there's nothing wrong in your, in your having a target. So if you have a target of let's say, I'm going to do one hour or I'm going to do half an hour Quran I'm going to do 15 minutes of raw or I'm going to do four times 15 minutes of crap. So I'm gonna do 15 minutes here, the later on 15 minutes later, 15 minutes. There's nothing wrong with that.

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You can say I want to do 100 times Subhana, Allah He will 100 Allahu Allah, Allah, Allah, Allahu Allahu Akbar, you can have a target, there's nothing wrong with a target. It's not be that, because these are, these are specific targets you're setting yourself is a specific target to setting yourself. It's up to you what target you set, just like somebody goes to the gym, or someone someone's going to do some kind of exercise. They'll say, I'm going to do 10, press ups, I'll do 10 push ups, I'll do you know, 15 times, I don't know jumps, and I'll do whatever, whatever. Why are they saying 1015, whatever, you know, 50 times, or 40 times or seven times. Why? Because it's just a

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personal target. If they were to say that, I'm going to do this, as many times I can, they'll do a few, they'll have no count, there's no target, they don't know how to time they've done it. And then they'll probably give up after a little while. And without having done so much. If you give yourself a target, people know that it's a push, right? So one night, you might say, let's say one day in the gym, you might say I'm gonna do 10 times 10 times this slowly, you're gonna push yourself to 15 then slowly, you push yourself to 20 and then 25 and so on so forth. Right? So the same thing happens when you're doing

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the when you're doing some kind of a bad you know, planning, you want to set yourself a target yourself, set yourself a target where you say, Well, I want to do this many rockets then I'll do this much thing, you know, this was put out this was a deterministic idea what I'll say is this many times, so you can you can choose how many, how many different Spears you want to do, right? There are many ways many ways of glorifying Allah. So Allah Subhana Allah does Alhamdulillah is light and Allah is the love of God, okay? So So Hanalei is to you know, say how sublime how glorified allies Alhamdulillah is to praise Allah azza wa jal, Laila and would like to say that there is no other

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data except for lots of you remembering a lot of glorifying him allow for you are the greatest allies the greatest or you said stuff law, I seek forgiveness from Allah suffered a lot of him or suffered law to be I seek forgiveness from Allah. And I returned back to him I seek forgiveness from Allah I return back to him and stuff you'd love to be like. Or you can say stuff in LA LA Vila, la while hanging off the Yuma to LA, right, and all these things you can say, but look, I want you to

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get your own tune, right, get your tune

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one of the tuning people so even, it's not gonna look something

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for you to in a while.

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As you put a tune to it, it makes it a lot more like you want to engage with it a lot more. You want to engage with it a lot more. If you just say something

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it's not gonna engage you so much, pick up your tune, find out what you want to use, and just use it because that's gonna make you want to do more and more and it makes you feel that you know, you want to really make Allah happy by saying these words you want to draw closer to Allah in what it makes you want to do all of that.

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Because you know, it's a it's a whole new dimension. When you put something like in a some kind of tune or something, you know, sweet in the way that you say you say this. So if you want to, you can send Salawat in the verse Allah Islam solo

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singing dinner

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Annie was happy. So there you are, you're sitting there you want to unit you know, just recite this thing to Allah, that Angel will take your Salawat and they'll take you to the Prophet salallahu alaihe salam and then He will give His Salaam back to you. You know you want to you want to have this thing somebody is asking right now is he 75 Records is not 75 Records. It's only for look at prayer. Okay, so let's see here is a four o'clock prayer. And you say in East Africa, you say Subhana Allah will hamdulillah Allah and and Allah will allow for 75 times, which makes it 300 total in the forecast. Okay, so I'll clarify that.

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So any of these tunes, you can, you can, you can develop right? So

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he wouldn't have known.

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you might want to just change it. super high.

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And tomorrow, we might want to change it in different tune. So behind Allah He wouldn't have known in,

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in law one law. So the handle manual handling now you

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develop your own tune and save in a way that you feel that you're very much inclined or engaged in all of this. You can say some of Hannah Lang will be handy so Subhan Allah, He won't be

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he won't be. He

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won't be Hamleys.

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You can say a number of times have a target maybe 100 of that. And so behind a lie he won't be handy Subhan Allah

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Subhana Allah He won't be IMD Subhana Allah you know how we you might want to you make you might want to do another soon up across the lesson which is just to go straight into salute. I this is a beautiful thing goes straight into salute stains to do. And then you can just just praise the last name Institute and as such that on its own specifically just for the thanks to Allah, it's called such that the sugar it's a sajida to thank Allah All right, you can do I look I've only done one thing one one session on too high, like you can do a long too high, you can then switch to some other liquid you can just sit there and just think about the afterlife. Right? You can do that it's

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gonna it's gonna increase a lot of momentum inside you it's going to bring you it's going to it's going to make you feel that oh my oh my why I need to I need to be devoted well to Allah. And this you know, I didn't yesterday I did the under Hoshi of Salah on the concentration in Salah you can do you could target to sell to try and do to recap with full concentration. So there's a number of things you can do look, another thing I want you to not not forget is you can give some other heart on this on this. In fact, one of the beautiful things you can do, which is an easy way of getting

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a lot of reward is to give some sort of every single night of the last 10 nights, find a charity or find a place where you can give charity you know you can check on every single light of the last time but you don't want to miss a single life. Because if you give them imagine you give 10 pounds outside of Ramadan. Okay, if you give 10 pounds outside of Ramadan, then that's going to be times by 10 because normal reward of time by 10 so that's going to be like giving 100 pounds, or it could be just 10 pounds, sometimes it's 10 by 10 sometimes it's just what it is. But anyway you could get up to you know, you could get up to 100 he could be time 700 outside Ramadan he can even be in time 700

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If Allah wants to do those actions, he can do it in a sigh he's a Muslim it says between 10 and 700 times Allah will multiply you anyway that's that in Ramadan is going to be time 70 but in literal 100 it's like you've given that 10 pounds or that 10 or the $10 you've given me every single night for a life of at three years. Can you imagine how much that is one and it's just you know when you need to to look at it takes you some time to get those tickets done, maybe takes you two to three minutes to get that set up or you give it like that. So make the intention that every night you want to give some sort of QA and if you have let's say you've got a budget of 100 pounds just spread it

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out 10 pounds away like you got a budget of 200 pounds spread it 20 pounds every night and by doing that you've you've got you know you've hit the jackpot you've hit it and you've made you've made you know your your level where you've given something and this country that someone's asking, Can you do do your own language yes more better you do dry of managing your own mother tongue. Sometimes when you do in Arabic And if you don't know the Arabic then you know you're saying it but you don't know what you're saying your heart can't engage. If you say it in your mother tongue if you say in your first language you're much more likely to get your attention towards Allah much more likely to feel

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inclined towards Allah.

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Okay, so so guys before we're gonna make a dry now this is my last session. So I'm not gonna do any more session because I'm going to go into ettercap myself trying trying to find and seek the last 10 nights. So I'm going to I'm going to say to you guys guys, we did start this butter 313 challenge I'm gonna ask as many as you can please. Those of you who haven't if you listen to this right now, please every single person who hasn't signed up for the bundle three monthly challenge, please. And look at the link below. It'll take you 20 seconds to fill it up the team will give you all the page right that made me pages well I'm telling you so easy just send it to this friend that friend or

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family member 10 pounds 20 pounds, 30 pounds and 313 pounds raise that is going to be very

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Could Allah bless all of you by draza with every single one of you Now those of you who've reached your target already in this past month, please continue to send it to whoever else you can because you can go beyond the 330 Mela as well as really reward me reward you in the best way, you know, best way possible now.

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Once you once you do that, then inshallah you will just just send a few people and it will be it will be raised very quickly. And I'm going to ask you guys, please You know, if you've, if you've not if you don't want to set up the page, what you can do is you can just go to one of the pages and just donate something that may Allah bless you again if you do that, at the end of it we're gonna we're gonna have a ballot and one name is going to come out and we're going to give them inshallah five star package of aroma for that person who wins that that ballot in sha Allah, but your reward is with Allah because you're you're helping those people who are not asking for help. That's that's

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what I think is and the whole thing is to support people who don't ask for help, and you know, they need the help. So it goes towards that. You can also set up a go to the website of healthy need, you can set up a direct debit of sending 10 pounds a month, which is 33 per day, some of you would have seen a video that 33 per day goes to multiple things every single day, and inshallah many people get help through that. Just want to make a Ghana may allows you to bless all of you, with whatever efforts you've made, and will accept everything from us. I mean, long sodality

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Allah we ask you to give us a trophy for the ability to find later to others and to worship you to the best of our abilities of our night are lucky because awake on that night, make us feel vigorous and very much

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enthusiastic and very inclined on that night. And for us to have the inner devotion for us to worship you to the best of what we can and for you to accept all that worship, and for you to accept all are good to us and for you to give us everything that we've asked for that is in our favor. And that is of your pleasure. I mean, you're beyond me. And I would love to make us find that other and make it may make us make it the best of our nights that we've spent in worship. I mean, your blood and our love are now we ask you, that you that you make us find find this night and for us to stay away from all the 10 nights I'm in Aruba alameen wa salatu salam Africa, Muhammad

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911 last sign of the law or the level of court the one the clearest signs of lightly that are that is then the morning afternoon. So it's a late sign morning after the other the sun comes up without race. So it comes up like almost like the moon where you can see it and it's not shining bright. Okay. So if you if you live in a high rise flat to something, you can actually get a view of that video in a high place, you can normally get a view of that. Your legs have ticks, except that I mean it's live