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The conversation covers the history and implementation of Islam in various countries, including the return of the chief to the Kaaba, the return of the army of animals, and the return of the chief to the Day of Judgment. The importance of finding safety and alignment in any situation is emphasized, and the need to be careful of individuals. The transcript also touches on the loss of Islam in northern Canada and the loss of people of the area, as well as a campaign to raise money for Islam. The speakers emphasize the need to be careful and not allow anyone to produce the same effect as the first surah.

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So later on I haven't haven't really learned how to build alaminos. So that was said I wanna see then I want to be in 100 water and the hills I was nine. Firstly Scylla, Maalik, 100 level worker to all my brothers and sisters, today, we're going to discuss about the last 10 pseudocode. Now, these are tensors that we have at the end of the quarter. And a lot of people do know these tensors. Some knows some sort of some don't know others, I'm going to encourage you please, in this lockdown, you can use the time to actually memorize one of the other suits that you don't know even if you know 10, and you want to learn more, there's a very simple way to memorize this with the sewers, is to

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listen to the same party again and again. And again. If you choose a party, someone who recites and you'd like the recitation and you listen to it again and again and again, you will find that it will become easy for you to commit to those sewers and easy for you to memorize the source. Now, the reason why I'm choosing these last 10 tours is because often we read the sutras in our Salah, and we don't know what what the significance is of the source. So I'm gonna go through the sewers one by one, and give you a summary of what is going on in the sewer. So next time we engage in Salah, or we want to learn the sewers, we got something in our minds of why we're reading the sewers. And Allah

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has made it quite easy for us that he's given much of the largest sewers in the beginning of the Quran, medium sewers in the middle of the Quran, and then he's given the short ones right towards the end, okay. And one of the reasons why he's made it so it's like that is because people will need to have something very concise, very short, and commit to memory for their Salah, as well as many other purposes. So let's look at Surah Al feel, which is

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you know, the 10th last one from the, in the Quran. So I think it's surah number 101 101 101 234 505. That's it. So sort of feel sudonym 105. The significance of this is that it is it's describing a miracle that happened with the Kaaba. When the elephants came, it's very famous story, the elephants came to crush the order abraha came from Yemen with the elephants to crush the Kaaba. And he wasn't able to do so. So what happens here is that an Arab from amongst the Moroccan people, they visit Yemen, in Yemen, Abra had constructed this massive church. And he in he wanted to make this the cover of the whole of Arabia though the cobbles or the he wanted this to become the

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place of all these different, you know, people coming and and you know, doing to walk around this place that he had built. So when one of the Arabs that came on the you know, the journey from from Malcolm carnamah on the trade route, he, unfortunately he dedicated in this in this place of worship. And because of that Abra had gathered his his armies together elephants and he marched towards the north, went all the way to Mecca karma and he tried to destroy the Kaaba, on Route what he sees that this is a miracle. And this gives a lot of significance for us. Because what happens is when the news comes to karma, the Prophet sallallaahu grandfather now noticed the problem is getting

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born this very year. The big significance of this because the whole of knowing the significance of the first lesson starts with this miracle. That Rasulullah sallallahu is about to come to the to the that year. That's how they remembered which year he was born otherwise, most of the Arabs even today in the Laurel, Laurel, rural parts of the earth, people don't even know where people are, you know what year they were born. So, the Prophet sallallaahu grandfather who's one of the leaders or not the chieftains of Makkah, he tells the people, you know, we're gonna have to leave this to Allah because how are they going to take on an army of elephants? He takes the cloth of the Kaaba in his

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hands, he beseeches allows ritual, and then he comes out of the harem. And that's when he meets Abra Abra sees the proposals for grandfather and he, you know, I believe and he is very much taken back by his appearance and all that and then he then gets off of his of his conveyance. And he's expecting now the chief to to beg mercy and say, Please, you know, we're going to do whatever you want and just let us let us off of this chance don't destroy the Kaaba but Abdulmutallab says, I heard you taken 200 camels on Route when you came down here is the DSR said Well, those are my camels.

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Why you don't want to ask me. He said, I've lost respect for you. You're not going to ask me to stop in my mission of destroying the cabin. You just gonna ask me about your personal

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Seriously, I had respect for you. So that McCallum says, Look, I am the one who is the owner of the cameras and the house has got its own owner that will protect it. And with this, I'd rather moves ahead forward try and destroy the car batteries is not able to do so. Each time he comes, each time he tells the elements to do so it does not they just don't do it. And then we know that the, the the birds above the whole flock of birds are lazily created

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to come to come above, I've got moment above this army of elephants, and they and they just dropped the pellets. And these pallets came in London put so much force in these in these small little rocks or small little stones, that Allah put so much force that they went right to the skulls of the elephants and came out of the of the you know, the bottom of the of the chins. And the whole army was not only pelted but they were swallowed into the ground and they were just just calm. So if you listen to the to the versatile sort of feeling, says Alam Thoreau cave of Iraq because Harvey field Have you not seen how your Lord has dealt with the people of the elephants and Amir al Qaeda who

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probably has an alarm that made their whole plan go to nothing, go go completely off track will also lay him on a beat and Allah sent a whole flock of birds taught me him behavior, it means again, that they were they were picking them and throwing upon them. These little little stones that were in the in the clothes, and further along costume makhoul and a lot of Disney just left them like in you would see a whole field of hobbies that have been cut down to its stubble. So Allah had just completely wiped them out. Now the whole suitor holds the significance of Rasulullah sallallahu, asylums, you know, birth coming back very because after that the respect for the process of

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grandfather went sky high. And he was given a special place to sit in the shade of the Kaaba. And that's exactly where rasulillah Larson would come and sit he would sit next to his grandfather, when his mother had passed away a long before that his father had passed away but when his mother passed away, and then he was taking the care of his grandfather, that's where he would be an MCC and looked at the professionalism as one of those especially that treated children or this child that are the special place. We want the highest chieftains of Makkah, because of whom we had our Kaaba rescue.

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So anyway, this is Surah alfi because the next Surah Surah pradesh now these two series are quite linked. Because what happens is Allah, Allah talks about first the miracle of the, of the Kaaba, a miracle of how he saved the covenant straightaway. He tells the Polish, what are you doing? You know, you're in Croatia, we're denying Allah the grace that we're worshipping many gods and lastly, Elijah Pradesh, Allah says, I swear by the fact that you're going up the trade without the trade with the trade route is from they used to go from Makkah all the way to Shang to Syria and trade them bring goods all the way back down to Makkah all laid under type and all the way down then to

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Yemen. They and they used to have this trade route going. Allah says he left him with leather ship that you're safe. You know, you travel up by you know me, you have the safety, the safety that I provided you in traveling through this trade route. And by Winston bourbon by summer and winter, you you go up and down, and you have the safety of traveling. No one, no one attacks you for your buddhu rock battle bait. Because of that, these people who are the machines of Makkah the policies of Mecca they should just worship the one and only Lord the lord of discover.

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And levy upon whom endured and Allah mentions two specific things are these two things. They are at the core of any civilization they are the core of anyone who's actually enjoying your home. That the core of this one is the last lesson Allah said a lady abominable mean you are the one that is is feeding them and saving them from hunger. While I'm in a home in home, and the one who is

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giving them safety from from from fear that if you're in a place wherever you are right now if you go to safety, people first look at the first thing they look at is is to get the hunger away. This is from even in Abraham Maslow who made this the whole hierarchy structure of what people look at in terms of where they want to settle and so on. Is First they look at getting through this basic necessity. The next thing they look at is they look at trying to find safety and alignment and both these things. So handle are two great gifts that a lot of people have a lot of us

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But we take it for granted. So Allah saying that look here you've got this karma, while you should be worshipping the one and only Lord. Now we go to the next surah which is Surah my own. Okay, so this is now soon but 107 and we find that Allah talks about the people of the Kaaba, okay, they run the Kaaba, what are they doing? So this is all about them and Rasulullah sallallahu So what they did is, for example, he took the wealth of an orphan and he just consumed it

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and he wouldn't give it back and a lot of the market people would do that they would take the wealth of some poor person and just consuming in the in your in the name of trying to look after this person and so on before the person before the often grows up that consumed on one of these orphans came to the Prophet sallallahu sallam, and complained about what you know, the average child is not giving the wealth that is that has been kept in his trust. That's when Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam came out with a shawl towards towards our job. Now the surah says what he says our eternal lady you can see within Have you not seen the one that is denying that religion? For Valley can lady adore

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your team? The one who is shunning the orphans? Well, I heard Allah Tommy scheme. He's not even encouraging people to

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people to feed them those who are needy, for why he will need more saline. Allah says there is punishment for those who are who pray but they're neglectful of the prayers alladhina Lancelot himself so what is this talking about is talking about those people who have who okay pray, but then there's like a mismatch.

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Mr. Father, Mr. Mr. Salah, Mr Saranda, and neglectful of their Salah one Salah is going to cover another surprise out of timezone. Allah says, Because Because if people were to pray then they wouldn't go towards sin. So to link those things together as a people wouldn't people would actually encourage giving other southern feeding the poor and looking after orphans, if they actually had the Salah in their life. And if it was intact, and they were not neglecting their Salah

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under the Nakamura rune, those who are just showing off where I am now and Marilyn and they they sort of tell that they prevent others from the little things like you know, somebody comes to you for sold some words from sea for water, something very simple. And they even say now, I'm not going to give that to you. So stinkiness is that. So one of the features Allah says is those Arabs in Michigan who are around the cup at a time like others, they were there to try and see if they can make themselves you know, famous by others seeing them, you know, the showing off, they're not taking care of those that need to be taken care of. But yet they're just self centered. And I just

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want to give a message out to everyone right now this is the day and age we living in where people are so self centered with the telephone with the smartphones and so on. And, you know, what is this all about themselves, it's not nothing about to helping others guys, if you want to get a big, big fulfillment in your lifetime that just help others you're gonna feel very good about this. So this surah encourages us not to be stingy the surah encourages us to be careful of those who need our help and do not those who have a right over us and for us to for us to be very specific with our salah and not to neglect the timing of our Salah guys, the biggest satisfaction you will find is to

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praise Allah in its time inshallah, especially if you can, if you can do it within the beginning time, inshallah. So now let's move on to the next surah.

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So next right now is sort of a 108. And this is sort of close up. And this is the shortest tour in the Quran. But again, it is one of the miracles of the Quran. Do you know that when this surah was revealed, this surah was revealed because

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it is a test against time to see if anybody can come and produce the same like the Surah Surah Kosar was there's only three is when it was revealed. The Muslims, they took the surah and they they hammered it, you know, as a piece, they wrote it on a piece. And then they put it onto the Kaaba, though, and they hammered it onto there. And they and they waited to see if any of the best of the poets of the whole of Arabia could come with anything similar to this, and nobody could until today people haven't. And if you ever come across these cheap attempts to try and replicate, replicate, replicate the opera. Now all they're doing is trying trying to replicate the exact words of the

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product. Nobody can bring the similar sort of the similar grand Joe effect that they put on has nobody can come up with anything similar to that. Anyway, what's this? This is one of the enemies of the Proxima Tulum and he he not only insulted the profit loss, but he said something really bad. He said that the person loves him doesn't even have any project.

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That are going to live on this earth. He said his his tail is like an animal who has a tail cut off. He called our props awesome that he said it's like his turn is cut off line and like hurt the props on him so much. But then Allah said to him Schrader Allah said, inner, outer, inner kalkaska I've given you in return of that insult of giving you a curse of the fountain, the dead gentleman, where you will come up and you will find this fountain and they will be so many people that will come to just to be with the process, he will be the most famous person on the dead without a doubt hands down. He is the most famous person on the whole of the Day of Judgment. Without him that no shafa

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are not intercession. Without him. The reckoning doesn't even stop because I will perhaps Allah is the only individual that will go bow down to Allah azza wa jal in Mocambo, that very specific place only he will dare to go there because every other person, including prophets have mistakes. prophets have no sins but they have six little mistakes, very little mistakes that they made, and they will be investigated. And the process will go there and it will stay in suit for a very long time. And then Allah azza wa jal will ask him to come up, and then the intercession song will take place in the recommended place take place, Allah will take people's accounts. So now come back to this thing,

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what is the law giving to the process of law, Allah has given him the best fountain on the day that the best pool of a drink on the Day of Judgment, whoever will drink from this will never become thirsty again. And the problem is in charge of our culture, he gives it to whoever he wants, whoever's made, whoever makes it to him, he gives them the string is whiter than milk, sweetened and honey, whoever drinks it will never even thirsty ever again. Even if they were under the sun of the day judgment, even if they pass by john, they would never be thirsty again. This is special bring Allah will get anyway, Allah says, I will giving you that in return of the insult that this this

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ending of us is given I know what happened the enemy that insulted the person, that enemy had 10 sons and he made this insult because the personal lesson doesn't have any substantive every single one of those Sun's gone and that person became the one who has no project on the earth. And Allah said okay in return of me giving you this and this is one of the ways to get to consider as well this apostle Lily Robic pray for Allah sake for your for your Lord Do you Salah Do you Salah this Salah is is is so crucial to our religion anyone who's listening to this make an intention that you never going to miss another Salah another prayer again because missing those prayers is not going to

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get anyone anywhere safe in the next world it's a very very dark world in the next world it's a very lonely world and if you want to have any light round have any rescue or have a madness to all the things that been promised the keys of gender is Allah so for Sunday Rob bigger one has an offer you're sacrificing these the sacrifice that we make in in the sec at the secondary analysis inertia aka Who are your enemy is the one who wouldn't have no project and we move to the next to the next euro per year in your capital this euro was again this euro is is is smart like it's a very it has a lot of deep meaning Why? Because when the Quraysh they saw that the proximal awesome is not

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accepting anything you know he's just going on. He keeps on talking about this one and only load one and only Allah pradesh believed in Allah. They all believed in a lot but they believed in an app 360 Gods plus Allah or including Allah that's what they have. And also lots of a lot of other insulinoma saying one and only God is Allah no other idols no other deity nothing at all. And this is what the hell problem. So eventually when they couldn't take it anymore, they came with the props last summer last month they said look, we were gonna have a deal. The deal is, one day you can you will come you will come with us and we'll worship all the gods that we worship when you worship and you can

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worship your love that day but all our gods as well. And the next day we will live with our gods but we will worship with the one or only Allah and the next day What you do is you come and you worship all the gods plus Allah and we'll do the same as well and the next day just Allah no other gods you ready for that? Allah revealed this who I said Korea you will calculate say, Oh, you are disbelievers let our will do I'm never gonna worship the gods that you worship well and to my hubby do an AMA output and you're never going to worship what I was who I worship because I worship the one and only mean one and only forever not one and only one day and another day something else no

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well I wanna and I will do my best but I'm never worship your your your gods, whatever you worship when I'm doing them. You're never going, going to worship what I was was I'm on to hate. I'm on the the oneness of all

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And you're not doing that because once you worship other gods you spoil the toilet Lakhan Dino kumala Dean for you is your religion. That's your religion. Well Idina, for me is my religion. I'm not going to mix the two together. Now Subhanallah this surah if you understood it, this this is what the surah was about. A lot of people think that this law convenor kumagaya do is to say, Oh,

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you know, there's there's kind of Islam is there in any Islam is there in a way that it it will never, ever even have any kind of

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conversation with other religions? That's not true. The Quran has spoken that the other we should have conversation with other religions and try to give them doubt of our own religion. But in no way it shuns others away, it tries to engage with others to seek the truth. That's what we do anyway, move to the next. The next surah, surah, Nussle, so Han Allah again another miracle. That is that is revealed here because what happens is this surah was revealed at a time when Islam hadn't spread that far wide. This surah was revealed at a time when the whole of Arabia hadn't accepted Islam. Yet Allah said this, this we this was to happen. In the last year of the Prophet sallallahu addisons

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life, he kept on giving our kids when in doubt, and Allah gave him good news from beforehand, he said this, he said he did

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not lie.

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When the help of Allah and victory comes to you, meaning in the last year you will see the whole of Islam how it spreads and he stands going to be dominant area, what are eternals and you will see people yet the hollow that he didn't lay off why they will come in the religion of enlightened Islam, in the troops in the large numbers kosambi Hammurabi, killer stuff, fiddle, when that happens, then glorify the hymn of your Lord and seek forgiveness in northern Canada whereby he's the one who's off forgiving. This was a delicate indication to the person la sallallahu Sallam that when you see Islam spread far and wide, in Arabia, your time is up, and only a few Sahaba like Abu Bakar

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with the alarm,

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the alarm, they understood this many of the Sahaba never understood this delicate indication the partial loss and that his time is going to be up when this happens. Let's move to the next. The next surah is Surah Bella.

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Now this again is another miracle we look at that miracle after miracle was the miracle about this, this surah the miracle about this surah is that their uncle Abdullah and his wife Mummy, both of them were arch enemies of the proximal markers. They they did anything to do to do what is opposite to the prompts lol isn't the process when say towhead essentially, the processes if he says black they will say especially I will I will say white if rationalism said it's gonna happen like this, he said

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and he became a total 180 degrees wherever the personal influences

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allows you they'll reveal this surah the beginning of Islam nine more years I will I will still live on this earth even though I will I was always going against everything the personal on Islam said he never for one moment. Not for one moment. Did he ever think ah

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the Quran here in the surah has told me that I'm going to hellfire. This word says nine years prior to Abdullah hubbs demise, it says I will have an his wife are both doomed to hell fire, they're not going to die. It's clear that they're not going to believe what what are Abdullah could have done is he could have pulled the quickie. And he could have said you know what? To the whole bridge, guess what I'm believing just to show that the Quran is not true. Even if he did it as far as hypocrisy, even if it was to do that he could have done that. But No, he didn't. pseudo said this pseudo September. I've been having water.

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Allah said that everything that the hands of Abu lahab have earned.

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That time top everything that the hands of Allah says are doomed, and he is doomed. And tada to that level, the Magna anhu Maluku Mikasa whatever Abdullah has earned this arch enemy of the person, Lahore, Islam, whatever he has earned, it's not going to benefit him. No benefit. It's going to come out with salsola and now he will be thrown into the fire that I have that is you know that is giving off sparks and flames

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on Radu Hamilton Hubbard and his wife will be made to make to wear this wooden piece where hands will be cuffed inside and it'll be around her neck. Fiji, the hablo remastered

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She will have around her a rope of fire. Now both of them would do, yet they did not think of trying to prove the process wrong, even though they tried to do everything 180 degrees to what he said. And this surah if you look at it, it's very clear that look, the enemies of the ruthless Allah has allies in Africa. You know, we as Muslims don't need to

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be very, in any way, we don't need to be horrible to those who are horrible to Allah and His messenger. I see a lot of the times on the internet, people are blogging and people are, you know, writing messages. And if anyone comes, there are people who will come they'll always swear to Allah and His Messenger as a loved one, they'll say horrible things. You know what to stay quiet. If you got something good to say something good. But don't feel the internet with messages that are showing that we're also going to drop down to that level. Please don't do that. All the Muslims out there, just don't do that because it makes us look bad. Just keep up your flat, keep up your good

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character, if they're not going to believe it's their last. Let's move to the next Surah Surah f class. Now this class is a very short surah but it's full of us, believing in the oneness of Allah azza wa jal with nothing coming before him or offering from Allah. So the surah is very clear in his message called who Allah who I'd say Allah is just one and only God is different from wide ripening to one, but after why it comes his name which is to an thalassa, three and so on. I had means one and only on his own nothing now no one else.

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Allah Subhan Allah is is independent of his creation, his creation need him he doesn't need his creation.

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Let me read what I'm you let me the hat does he beget? No has he been? We got none, neither does he have mother and father, nor does he have any children? Oh, he will ever have children, nor will that ever happen.

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Well, then Nicola, who had nothing is similar to Allah, no one is going to be ever similar to Allah. So this surah could they say, in various ahadith he says if you research for over three times, you can get the reward of the Quran. Whether it means the actual reward of the Quran, or its meaning reward, whatever it is, there's a lot of reward in doing that. Let's move on to the last two sutras before before we end, sort of follow up consider NASS, they will reveal to break a spell that was done on the Prophet sallallahu wasallam by Libby

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Libby awesome, who was one of the Jewish members of the Medina community, he said to himself, you know what, I'm gonna make this big sort of, you know, black magic on the process, and see what happens. And the Prophet was directed by debris on a slab to go to a certain well, and to dig out that, that not order the 11 knots that he blew on to on a string, and the prompts and alarms and then recited the 11 verses of surah, Falak. And so on that sort of Allah has six verses, five verses, so the nurse has six verses, he whoever recites these, these, these will help you against black magic against evil against Shelton against the devils against devilish things, these these

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sewers have been revealed for that.

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And that and if you read the sutras, you'll see the meaning of that, and Subhanallah on the first lesson, read that read that on those on that string. And on those knots, those not became done automatically, and the whole spells broke. So here we have looked the last 10 sutras. And next time you go through the sutras in your Salah, are you reading them know that each one has a great significance, and one of the things you must have noticed is without the knowledge of the Syrah, you can't even know what the sewers are saying. So Subhanallah, the Syrah or the sooner the proselyting. Without the study of that, we wouldn't know what the sewers are. So May Allah bless all of you, just

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