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brothers and sisters,

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this question Why does Allah creators when he knows that some of us are going to go to help file? To answer that question?

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First let's look at the problem. The problem is people think that if I had been created by Allah, and I am going to do certain bad actions, and those bad actions Alon knows, he knew before I was even born, he knew I was going to do them. And then after that I carry on doing the bad actions, and then I die, then I get resurrected, then I get sent to hellfire. Now, people question they say, how fair is that? How fair is that, that Allah knew this was going to happen? And he still allowed it. And he did it. The seven did it. And in the end, the seven ends have been how far How is it fair? The first and foremost thing, brothers and sisters is that there's a difference between Alan knowing

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something and Allah decreeing something. When Allah knows something's going to happen, he knows it's going to happen. He knows everything that's going to happen, that's fine. But if he decrees something, that means he made it happen, that means there was no choice except that that was going to happen. So for example, when I'm in this world, and I am,

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I am going along my life, when I'm doing this, then Allah azza wa jal has given me some free will, and he hasn't given me some free will. Some things Allah has absolutely fixed, and I've got no choice, but those things are going to happen and other things, Allah has given me a choice, and I'm going to free will, those things that are going to free will in and I decide to do something or not to do something, I'm going to be questioned on the Day of Judgment for those things.

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But the things that Allah made me do, and it was going to happen no matter what, then, of course, in our minds right now, it's unfair that those things Allah made me do and then he's going to question me and say, why did you do it? Okay. Which are, which are the things in our lives that we got free will, when we have free will? And which other things we don't have free? Will? We don't know? You will only find out on the day of judgment about those things. There are certain things that we got no, no say in, there are certain things we have got to say. And we've got a way to change things. So for example, somebody came to say that it would be alarming. And he said,

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how much free will have you got compared to how much Allah has determined for us? And he said, stand up on one leg. So the man stood up on one leg. He said, Now while that one leg is in the air, lift the other one. He said I can't. He said, that's your answer.

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Allah has given you free will to lift one leg up, while the one leg up in the air without any support for that one leg, of course, there's another leg that's supporting your body. But you can't lift both of your legs up at the same time. That's the decreeing part. Allah hasn't given you free will in that the first part of law is giving you free will in that. Now, what I want to say to you brothers is yes, there is a thing between freewill and what allows decreed. Let's look at another way this insha Allah should answer the question. What most people do is most people think from a rational world from this world here right now. And they say, Look, I'm a human being. I was made to

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come in this world. Allah made me Allah knew everything that's going to happen. Allah made me do certain things. And then I get upon the Day of Judgment, and then I'm thrown into hellfire. It's not fair. Okay, that wasn't fair. or certain people, they ended up on the Day of Judgment. They didn't accept whatever has happened. And then they go to hell fire for a very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very long time. That's not fair. That's what people say. Yes. Oh, guys. That's what people say. Now.

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Let's look at it backwards. To understand this, to get this, to get this to make sense. Yeah, look backwards. We're saying from this world, we're projecting to the next world we're saying things don't look fair.

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Allah says to us projected from the aspect to the dunya how do you do that? Allah said in the Quran, LAU 1 million, there is no oppression today. About the day gentlemen, Allah has said about the dangers. A Yo man lab to Lhamo Neff soon shake up. Today, no soul shall be oppressed by even the least in any matter.

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Allah said there's no pressure on the day that diamonds are everything on the Day of Judgment is going to be fair, it's going to be absolutely fair. Everyone who ends up on the day of judgment will say everything Allah did was fair.

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That's how you look backwards.

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So now something's gone wrong in the way we've seen it from this world to the next world, instead of seeing what law says on the Day of Judgment. So let's look at a quotation of somebody on the dead. On the day of judgment, certain people will say, who will go to Hellfire they will say robina or alowed up sadhana, we've seen everything Samana, we've heard everything.

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novena, we've, we've admitted that we were at fault for Giana just send us back normal solid honey namaki. No, we will do good actions, we are absolutely convinced that everything was fine. And here they would last telling us the words of the people under a judgement. In fact, people in Hellfire will say that they won't say nobody on the Day of Judgment. Nobody in Hellfire, even the people at the time of death. Don't say a lot. It wasn't fair. It was unfair. You made us do it in the 90s telling us that we're gonna go to hell for it wasn't fair. You knew we were going to do this. And now now, you're going to do this is not fair.

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My friends, this is not how it works. Yes, Allah knew the action that we're going to do. But he didn't make us to every single action where we've got no free will. He Yes, we did actions. I'm Allison Holocron bhamashah una de la hora de mean, that whatever you will, Allah has got a will as well, for that action. What does that mean? That means that you cannot do any action without Allah giving the permission for that action to actually happen. So an example of that is you want to eat some food. You're trying to eat the food.

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There is an angel here that asks, should I allow the food to go inside? You can't swallow the food unless Allah gives you permission to swallow the food. That's fine, but you wanted to eat it. So you made the intention to eat it, you ate it. Just because Allah gave permission to the angel to open the right pipe so that your food goes inside your stomach doesn't mean that it was his fault that you ate her wrong. Whether you chose haram food or halal food was your business. It was you that made that choice. You ate that? Yes, allows will was whenever you want to eat, if he wants to stop you, he can stop you. If you want to stop you from eating. Or if you want to stop you from from

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going in your in your through your throat he can do that. But Allah azza wa jal is not going to just stop anyone because we're in we are in an examination. Hold on. Let me give you one last scenario to understand this question.

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If I say to you guys, if I say what's two plus two, what's the answer?

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What's two plus two? For? Now, if I say to you, what? Two plus blank

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equals four? What's in the blank

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to yoga? If I say two,

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blank plus blank equals four? What's, what's the answer?

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Is it two plus two?

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It could be two plus two. It could be three plus one. It could be one plus three. And it could be four plus zero. Or it could be zero plus flow, or it could be minus one plus five, or five plus minus one. Or it could be minus two plus six or six plus minus. Do you understand that? Yeah. It gets a bit. Yeah, you got blanks there? Yes, you got a four just because you got a four, you making an absolute conclusion? That was two plus two, just because you always saw two plus two. And now you've seen two plus blank? Well, we know there's two that we're seeing blank plus blank equals four. You just can't say two, two plus two, you can't anyone has done that you can any one of them

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must know that. You can't do that. So what's happening here is that we say we've been born here. I'm here. I'm a human being. Allah gave me You know, he made me do certain things. He knew everything that's going to happen. I'll end up on the Day of Judgment. And then I'll go to health is not fair. That's like saying blank plus blank equals four. It's not fair.

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How will our life whatever you're saying is not fair by saying it's for imagine for means it's not fair.

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And five means it is fair. Allah saying to us, right now, I've already declared to you on the dead has been everything's going to work out to be fair. Everybody, everyone the dead and all the human beings all the general say everything was fair. Now, what's happening is we are assuming things with our blanks. And we're filling them in what does that mean? That means some people would have a genuine excuse for the Day of Judgment. We don't even know about that. We just basically saying that. It's not fair. Some people might tell about the day of judgment and they'll say, you know, I wasn't given. I wasn't even I wasn't even told about Islam. And if Allah decides that he wants to

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take them to Jenna, we know from our records that Allah could send them to Jenna.

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If somebody will turn up on the Day of Judgment, Allah wants to have mercy on them Just Mercy and bounty on that. That's another thing. We haven't taken equation for. He just wants to let them off. Just say quote unquote, agenda, hundreds, hundreds of verses and a hadith that tell us about Allah's mercy, that there's no there is no limit to Allah's mercy. We haven't taken that into account. We haven't taken into account the fact that you had strong genes of a certain type and alarm I believe in because those strong genes whether alarm might not believe it, we don't know. The thing is, we don't know. We are assuming we are assuming. So the thing is, you got to work backwards. How you

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work backwards is if you say,

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if you say we're absolutely certain that is going to be the answer is equal to after the equals means eight is going to be fair. So there's a five there is fair five, and then before that, we see we saying two plus two, we say no, it's got to be two plus two, there was a blank plus blank, and it was a equals five. And we said now it's gonna be two plus two, it's gonna be two plus two equals five looks not fair.

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What's wrong with you? What's wrong with you? Allah could have so many different so many different paths there. And he could fill those blanks in a we don't even know what is going to be the case on the Day of Judgment how many blanks and be the last hour jelly now what there are so many things to fill in, where he was born, how he was brought up, who's who are your friends, your genes inside you your DNA, you know, where you know how, how Allah created you with your emotions, how strong your emotions were, how you weak your emotions were, you know, who you met, what you did, what kind of things you went through in life, all these things are numbers is like a two plus one plus three plus

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two plus one plus five. And there's so many blanks that we haven't even taken any of that. And then there's Allah's mercy. Allah bounty allows you to analyze the Avenger he can take, he can take you to task, all these things we don't know. And the equal sign after that we say is not fair, my friend to stop it. Okay? You haven't even seen the Dev, Jasmine. You haven't even gone to the Dev, Jasmine. And you're sitting here taking a shakedowns was was that an injection inside you? And you're saying it's not fair. Everything is fair, Allah said that you work backwards. Something you don't know in your equation in your little head, you're limited head you don't know you can't work out, I can't

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work out. And because of that we reaching conclusions. And I'm saying to you, brother and sister, forget it, leave it just have your email and have your faith. That it is all fair. When Allah has said in the Quran, there is no rule, no pressure. That means there is fairness, absolute fairness on the day of jasmine, how Allah will reach that we don't know there could be non Muslims on the day of jasmine who get up and Allah may forgive some of them because of the because of them not having Islam come to them all because of a distorted Islam. Who knows? I don't know. You don't know? We don't know. Yes, we do say in our books of aqidah that they should have gone and find out about

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Islam. But how do you know what Allah might do or might not do with some of them? Yes, some of them will go towards hellfire. Some Muslims will go towards Hellfire, but when they get there, every person Hellfire says I admit to my wrongs as described in the Quran.

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So that's fine. May Allah azzawajal save us from this wasa? May Allah azzawajal make us of those people who have are facing this and we know everything's going to be fair. So why did Allah creators and how do we end up in Hellfire we leave that to Allah. All we know we've got to do good actions until inshallah beenleigh will reach the day of judgment and everything will be fair than

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