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AI: Summary © The transcript describes a mixed message on a video and discusses various topics, including religion, acceptance of death, and the importance of death in their belief system. The speakers express frustration with the acceptance of death and the negative image it brings. They also discuss the importance of death in their belief system and how it is recognized as a "people's piece of life." The transcript describes a scene where a man was killed by a Muslim in a battle, and the speaker is frustrated with the acceptance of death as a recognized part of life. The conversation is difficult to follow and appears to be a mixed message.
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My daughter early he also he's a drummer in a band. And as I'm finding that

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time available to go through some of these verses is very short. And I'm not getting a chance to talk about what I want to talk about and share with you some of the verses that I think will help be helpful for you to follow along. When you're, you're listening to the citation. Throw it out, oh, yeah, I'm going to talk a little bit earlier, the minute or two before 830, by the end of the month I shot is going to be 945 or something. So I won't be starting at 830. By then I'll be at home at 830 at that point, but still, it will try to make it maybe a little bit more than than 30.

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Yes. And before I start that, I've been reminded, please

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just make sure that you put your shoes in their shoe rack if you came in, especially the younger brothers and sisters, if you've forgotten, just put it up, just make it easier for the brothers who are working out there to keep it organized and for the brothers and sisters will come in late and want to pray. Sometimes they're forced to pray in the hallway and it's not nice for them to have shoes and all that. Yeah, inshallah we're going to get into Portillo here.

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So I talked a little bit about certain things that yesterday today, the bulk of Tarawa certain visa will just be a little bit a little murky, then maybe just a few verses, tomorrow will be more sort of the night just I'll talk about a little bit more than but the but the the continuation or the the continuum that we have within the sub lpwa is pretty, pretty straightforward. So it's about right tells you your job and what methodology you're going to use to achieve your goal. So I'm Ron tells you how to protect it. So within this gives you the values, the background, that what what generates the practices, the principles that everything is built upon. So it gives you the rulings, the

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covenants, the outcome that come with it Hudlin and we'll talk about something different than Isha we'll have a little bit of a an each one will add something to your understanding of Islam and your experience with the deen that bringing you at the end of October to almost a full completion is all you need really hear this about throughout the long seven have almost everything that you need the verse, the Surah, after that are going to be more focused, meaning each

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cluster of sutras after this long seven are going to have a very specific niche, they're gonna be talking about something very

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specialized let's let's put it that way, or is that are specialized. But there's long seven, just go you go through the all the necessities, all the requirements for us to have a dean that we can practice appropriately in everything that needs to keep it going. So certainly that talks about the values, talks about the principles, which is why it has so many it's called me set because one of the main problems that the Arab had at the time was how they treated women and how they viewed women, it was an issue of values not an issue of practice. So this you have an understanding of how your perspective your your principles, we can give rulings of what you should do regarding how you

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see or treat women. But if your value

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if your value set is not appropriate, then you're not going to change anything you're going to find ways even through the existing rulings or are the new rulings to oppress them to mistreat is not gonna get anywhere. So that's why the certain Maggid are very important. They come one after the other and it's like brings the the values and then in

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in 1616 our 16 commands gives the covenants and all the rulings that you're going to need and you understand them that way. And you recite them they're really straightforward like both tours are quite easy to understand. So we'll start in shallow Italian number first eye number 56 months with me so if you don't mind

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I will do him in a shape on your regime in the cuff that'll be yeah Tina so funnels Lee him now on coo llama nobly jet julu Whom but they'll now whom Judo then ye la Halle do.

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In La haka, Anna Aziz and Hakima.

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This is only set is by far one of the most

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descriptive verses that talk about punishments on the day of judgment in the Lavina kuffaar will be a Tina, so final see him not indeed those who disbelieve in what we have sent to them, signs that we have granted and shared with them. So when Asli him not all we are going to have them enter unwillingly in a humiliating fashion. A fire kulana nelder ujet Yulu him every time their skins become crisp from the fire itself, but they'll know whom Giroud and ye Raha to replace their skins that are are now

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burnt with other skins with new skin, Leah Xu cola either so that they may continue to be punished for what they do. In Allah, Ghana, Aziz and Hakima indeed Allah has always been and will forever be the unfathomable and in the most wise

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Out of all the verses that talk about punishment, I find this one to be the heaviest, because it speaks of continuity and speaks of of extreme measures that are taking when Jahannam when they will love for those who have deserved to be there, which puts us at that point as Muslims to remind ourselves that Ramadan is the is the ultimate chance for us to make sure that we are not subjected to this, Allah subhanaw taala did not create you

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with the destiny of being punished, he doesn't want you to go back to where you belong, to go back to Jannetty nine.

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But if you fail to fulfill that destiny for whatever reason, if we fail to do so, and we don't follow the teachings that Allah subhanaw taala has given us and we fail to respect and adhere to the commands and to the red lines that Allah subhanaw taala has drawn for us,

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then this outcome is very possible. And it's very scary.

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Indeed, those who disbelieve in our signs will be forced into a fire. Every time their skins are crisp. We replaced those skins with new ones, so that they may continue to be punished for them to continue to feel the pain of punishment. Indeed, Allah has the unfathomable and he is the most wise. So he listened to these verses, we take them to ourselves, remind ourselves that Allah subhanaw taala those warnings are true. And they are the truth they are they are righteous, these warnings are real. You cannot look at the warnings of Allah subhanaw taala and brush them aside and focus on what we want to focus on. You must read these verses with the reverence and respect that they

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deserve and hold ourselves to that to that accountability. Because there's no there's no guarantee for anyone sitting here. May Allah subhanaw taala grant us all eskwela no say I mean, but there's no guarantee for any of us that this is not. It's there. The possibility is there. Listen, we read the stories of the Sahaba he destroyed the the salah hain, this will keep them up at night, these verses would get them out of their beds in the middle of the night. So they would pray these verses would hold them back from falling into sin. And these are the people who saw those Prophet alayhi salatu salam were told by him on different occasions and different ways that I know that inshallah they're

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going to be from a halal agenda. Imagine being given that guarantee or given some hint from the prophet at a slaughterhouse and they're going to be you're going to be rewarded the normal piano and they still have the fear of versus like these they couldn't have a bucket could not go through this area when he recited he couldn't finish it. It wasn't able to actually recite it you have to do that could be an end goal for record before he could do it or the other one that's just something to think about. Is Number 64. Whoever has the

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all of a sudden you're soon in learn you will lobby in

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whatever room Ivana

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was at home

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still thought all along I was still thought I know whom or raw soon

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No, I just doing long term were about Rahi

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versus sorted in the search

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for Allah subhanho wa Taala talks about the Prophet ideal Salatu was Salam ala or send me a Assouline in earlier pa the Eid nila, we never sent a prophet except that they were going to be obeyed by the will of Allah subhana wa Tada. Well under whom Ebola mu m pousser home and had they when they when they oppress themselves or fell into sin or made mistakes or fell short. Had they come to you know unknown Ebola Musa Hamza who came to you we are rasool Allah, so Allah Allah Azza wa sallam first still the thought Allah and the end it was in front of you in your hands.

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They ask Allah Subhana Allah for forgiveness was still felt I know whom or Rasul and the Prophet Allah you saw to send himself asked Allah subhanaw taala for their forgiveness. Now Raja doula had to worry about Rahim they would have found Allah subhanaw taala, the one who grants repentance and the one that was most merciful gentleness. But in this first is the status of the prophets that Allah Allah musandam being established for us again.

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They made a mistake, what they should have done, when they make a mistake. They go to the Prophet alayhi salatu salam, they come to Him, they sit in front of him in front of his head, between his hands out of his thoughts with him and allow him to make still fodder for them and they make his stuff out in front of him I use salatu salam and Allah because of that will forgive them.

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So whenever you go and perform Ramadan, you go and you visit the Prophet alayhi salaatu wa salaam, his grave, remember this verse, with no Ebola Musa home when we have

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oppressed ourselves. We have mistreated, we've fallen into sin by mistreating ourselves by doing so. When you go when you go to him out of your salatu salam for

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was Yara remember this verse is what

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they came to you, but still follow Allah and they asked Allah for to forgive them. And the prot was dealt with Allah whom will Rasul Allah, the Prophet would have done the same for them. Or you still have to assume that Allah would have forgiven everything for them. So the next time, the next time you go and you visit him, either you still have to remember this. If you come to Himalaya, salatu salam and then you ask Allah for forgiveness there and he will do the same for you and he has taught to Islam and you will find the forgiveness of Allah subhanaw taala he will guarantee you the full repentance and he will show you the full mercy that you're looking for. And I love this verse

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because it reminds us of who he is. Allah has salatu salam in the eyes of Allah subhanho wa Taala let's do number 78 of Surah Nisa we jumped to 78

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and you took whoa you did it go to 102 V Bucha. Oh Jim, Moshe here the one and twos slip out. Hassan atta we all know the mean. And in

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what you

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say yeah, we know he mean?

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For Horner Hardy is

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subhanaw taala. Wherever you may be you direct cool note, this will find you who did it come, it rock is to catch up with someone,

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someone who's running away or is outside of your eyesight you, Rick DRock is to actually catch up with them and catch them in an article or wherever you may be. In this world, death will find you and catch up with you. When a quantum fee Guruji macheda Even if you surround yourself with full security and high towers where there's no possibility of getting killed by anything, there's no you're not going to run into an accident you're fully you're fully protected and save.

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That doesn't need a reason. That just happens. Because the moment we are born, right on your every Oregon that you've got, there's a step that is stamped an expiry date, all everything that is me will work only for a specific period of time, then it'll stop. You live long enough and nothing, nothing functions anymore. You live long enough and that one aspect of you will work, which is what Allah subhanaw taala calls out of

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the the worst part of life, the worst part of life when you're living, but you can't hear properly, you can't see properly you can't think straight, you can barely move, you can't take care of your basic needs. So wherever you may be, death will catch up to you. Even if you surround yourself with all the means to live forever.

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And that's just the fact. Knowing that as human beings knowing as Muslims, let's not even go down the road of human beings, we must be in continuous preparation mode for what's coming. I have an issue with how Muslims deal with death.

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I almost feel that because we're Muslim, because you you have an explanation of it. We don't spend spend enough time thinking about it. So we almost ended up numb, or we ended up unprepared. Because Islam talked about this explained it well in the Quran. So we already have an explanation that exists. So a shell fits, and that we don't actually take time to accept our own mortality. And I see this too often not to Yanni ring a little bit of a sound the alarm a little bit on it, I find Well, I find people who have no faith at all, to be much more accepting of death than people who are religious.

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I don't have documented data on this. But I deal with this on a daily basis. I tell people, they're going to die every day, I have to sit in front of them and tell them this is how much we think you're you have. So get your affairs in order and make sure and I find and the reason is, is Mike this is my understanding is why I think it is because people who don't have faith have to have some understanding of death, like they're forced to think about it. They don't don't believe in anything, but they know they're gonna die. So they have to wrap their heads around their own mortality. So they spent a significant amount of time figuring out how they're going to accept death.

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And Muslims on the other hand, because it's all explained in the dean, we shelve it, like we just put it aside, it turns into a little bit of a, of a morphine shot or something. You use the Dean just not to think about what we have to think about because Allah explained it all. So it's already there. We know what's coming next. No, no, as a Muslim, you have to spend the equal amount of time wrapping your head around death. Every human being has to do that. That is the one piece of life that we don't accept.

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Our neffs doesn't accept it. Not acceptable. Anything is acceptable, but death isn't because death is turning the lights off. This thing you're not around anymore. You're not participating. You're not even sitting in a chair watching somewhere. You're just not there anymore. And the human being doesn't let

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exam doesn't want to think about that's very scary. It's actually a very, it's a very annoying and difficult concept.

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Because Allah subhanaw taala explains to you in detail exactly what's going to happen next, doesn't mean that your neffs has accepted that. It just means that the explanation is there. But you have to go and wrap your head around your own mortality and accept it and understand it by engaging, embracing diversity that Allah subhanaw taala has been there and thinking about the long and hard until you're okay, with the fact that you're mortal, you're going to die. At some point you're going to move on, it may happen for some cases, in some cases, may Allah subhanahu gradu long lives with good health. In some cases, it happens earlier than you hope. Honestly, speaking, wherever it

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happens is earlier than you hope. But you have to be able to accept it.

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And this is just

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a warning for everyone. Just because we're because we're Muslim, we're supposed to have a better approach to death. I'm not finding it. I am not finding it at all. In my experience, I'm seeing none of it. And I'm scared this worries me a bit. That maybe we're not really contemplating what Allah subhanaw Will explaining. It's there it's in front of us we know you know the basics. If I ask any Muslim you understand what happens? Yes, you'll they'll walk me through this. What happens after you die is what's going to go on. But how do you accept it? Are you okay with it? When you're told the end is near you're okay? Or you're not you haven't prepared yourself for that moment.

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Take some time and wrap your head around it. It's very important,

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when to single them has entered during your pool to have him and Allah when to go and say during your call to hire the human and Dick Alcala Mandela, good things happen they say it from Allah when the bad things happened they accused the Prophet Allah He has to let us go for the machine then did the verse say coulomb Mandela is all from Allah they accept that you like and they don't like all comes from God.

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Have you always talked about the good stuff from Allah subhanaw taala the bad stuff you look at yourself and you wonder if maybe you could do better family will call me do and if so who and how do you know what's what's wrong? What's wrong with these peoples? Like they have no comprehension it's like they don't understand what's being said they're playing around they don't see it they don't accept death. They don't understand where things are coming from in life they're they're accusing they they used to treat the private audience also in the Muslims as if they were bad luck and any bad things happen to them they would they would blame them

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Muslims without to

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every time think something bad happens we have to look for something to blame. To blame to blame something must have been hustled I must have been it made me sad maybe Jin maybe

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maybe maybe just opened my eyes about that. How about maybe it just that's what Allah subhanaw taala decreed for you? Is there any possibility that this is just a part of your of your of your testing? No. It has to be someone else who caused it some other some evil intentions and evil person Yes, yes.

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Sometimes things just occur because Allah subhanaw taala decreed that they were going to occur and they did. And then your job is just to accept them. Moussa come in hostility in the verse after it I mean Allah Ma Ma Saba can see it in time enough see sick the good that comes to us from Allah purely and the bad that comes to you is something remind yourself it's you go go back and take a look and see maybe where your Cy Allah subhanaw taala is purifying you by something like this? Where all the sudden good in Sierra Sudha waka Fabula he Shahida Okay, let's see if we can do it number 94 194.

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just do this myself now moving forward

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Yeah, are you nerdy in

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either Wi Fi savvy in in he thought to have a you know what? Oh no. Lehmann aka equal mas sobre la nina. That is a homeowner all bought in hayati. Dooney for I don't want him alcohol anymore. Kathy.

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Gather Ernie CareCo to

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call the new firm and now law who aren't a conservator they know you in her can V mat una hobby all all those who believe it or not optimum visa vie de la if you are

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on a journey in jihad for the sake of Allah subhana wa Bucha is affected by union. Then be very cautious and be calm and take it easy and take and give it time. Why not a coulomb and Alka aleikum wa salam ala stomach mean I don't say there's someone who gives their shahada who says La Ilaha illa Allah, you're not a believer. Who who now out of all hayati dunya you're hoping to get the loot or the bounty from this person. How things happened before is that if you if you were fighting and you took someone out, then the person will bounce

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It was yours meaning the the the sword and the shield that was yours. And that was an incentive for people to hold their their ground.

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So what happened was some did happen a few times where the Muslims were fighting. And then in the midst of the battle in the midst of the battle, Jack says the person with this the Muslim with the story he's about to take the person out like after maybe a duel that went on for 15 minutes. When the person is on their back, they say now you know in Allah, and the guy is like Nah,

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bro, like, he just didn't know I did. We're not doing this and he just chopped his head off. And then it's happened once and twice and the Prophet Alayhi Salatu was Salam got very upset because we saw him or the low wind who actually came in talked about it because it happened to him. He was like, it was like a half an hour fight and then just be eyes. I was just as I was about to end it. He said it I didn't believe him. Because Bethesda who were conspiring, you killed him and he said, It's so jealous to Allah. He was a photographer who worked at Canada, he said it and you did it. Go to Salma, Fatima Nieto Islam to Omaha. I wish that I had accepted Islam that day. Because as long as

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you boom a couple of good Islam forgives everything before I wish that I had except this time then because I I could see in the eyes of the Prophet alayhi salatu salam I wasn't being forgiven for this.

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That's not why I'm telling you this verse. The reason I wanted to read this verse is the last piece of the verse. This is what he says. Because there are Lika couldn't you can take this verse, you could write it down and put it hanging on your wall somewhere because that he couldn't do min Cobble. Temen Allahu Alikum Fatima you know, you see you were just like them one day before. But Allah granted you the gift of guidance, whatever you know, so take it easy. Be calm.

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Be merciful. Be gentle. You were once like them Cadet Lika contou macabre, you are just like them. The only difference between you and them is that Allah min Alikum Allah subhanaw taala grip He bestowed His blessing of guidance upon you before he did bestowed it upon them. That's it.

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Every person you look at and you don't like the way they're behaving, every person that you every every sinner, every person who's far away from Allah Subhan to everyone who's behaving in ways that you have problem with that you take issue with

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recite this verse to yourself Gallica contentment club when you were just like them one day, you're telling me you were never like that ever. Your trajectory of your faith has been on an uphill from the moment you were born. It's just been getting better every day you've done nothing but adhere to the rulings of Allah subhanaw taala all throughout your life with very few mistakes that's kept on getting better or has it been a roller coaster of up and down and the graph is a big mess if you were to go back and zoom out and look at it. And if it is because that ICA contentment bubble is what Allah is saying. You will just like them before commending Allahu Allah but Allah subhanaw

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taala bestowed His bounty upon you and He granted you guidance and now your heart is connected to him and now you know what is right and what is wrong. You found your way back to Allah subhanho wa Taala to be you know, so just take it easy. Take it easy, why are you why are you so quick to take someone out? Why are you so quick to judge someone? Why are you so quick to call someone this and call someone that what you're not like were you not like them just a while ago? If we just rewind back, go back a little bit. You're like that?

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Would you want people to cheat? How did you like that when you were when you're in that position? Before ALLAH SubhanA granted you them granted you the blessing of Dawa of hidayah

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this verse

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is beautiful. What makes it more beautiful that exists like this, this this phrase that I explain to you what makes it more beautiful is that it's an inverse talking about combat. In combat Allah is telling them this not in day to day to day dealings no no in combat, in the middle of war, war. When your life is on Gotti any moment you can die, I found moments you have to remember this verse Karateka containment Pavan, the person you're fighting your enemy in battle your Muslim your enemy in battle. You were like that one day. You were just as lost as they were

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from an Allahu alikhan But you're Muslim because Allah subhanaw taala granted you this blessing to you be the patient be calm, take it easy, tender, you don't know maybe you never know when Allah subhanaw taala decides to grant someone guidance it happens like that. So what happened in the middle of war so what what happened just before you you you push the distorted and God all the boundaries so what happened then so what?

00:24:22--> 00:24:27

Who's to say what Allah Subhan Allah grant someone guiding, but it seems like it's I don't give it it seems like to you.

00:24:28--> 00:24:41

They're saying La ilaha illa Allah, then what difference is there between you and them? The timing just that Allah just because Allah subhanaw taala was generous with you and allow you say before and you said a little a little bit earlier, suddenly you're gonna judge the person who hasn't said that. So

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in war in war, telling me Give me a faith I dare you. Give me a book of give me a scripture that says something like that. I go look for it. I dare you find me a book that has a value in it like that, to tell the person in war, in war, because that is

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contentment Kabul feminine Allahu Allah comfortable you know you were like that before take it easy what you have is the gift of Allah there's nothing you did nothing to deserve this None of us did imagine outside of war imagine outside of war

00:25:14--> 00:25:21

oh how we have treated one another oh how we judge people how we mistreat each other yellow yellow tissue nothing

00:25:22--> 00:25:25

just retract that burst of yourself can barely could consume Kabul.

00:25:26--> 00:25:58

I was like that you were all the only reason we sit here today is because Allah subhanaw taala has saved us time after time. bailed us out time after time for moments where we were going to get completely lost. All it takes is one bad decision and you'd be in a completely different place and every time it came close to it he bailed you out supine or whatever. So now that you're here now that you're where you are where you want to be. What are you going to do towards those who aren't you just recite this area? The liquor control problem by man Allahu Alikum but to begin okay um

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yeah, Call Me MISTER I've 10 minutes you have 10 minutes I can't tell the okay let's do it number 135 Because I don't have enough time anyone you want 35

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Yeah, are you Hello the man who called wanting to speak to her the lien

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to her the lien in Walla Walla, forsaking all fusi come awaiting Wiley the new one Aqua Rabin, e con Vani Jan Oh 31 for law hula hula beam

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alloted viola

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da de dou y et al whoo Oh do you do for in now la haka and aemet Luna Fabi Euro Oh, those who believe in this this verse has a very similar has a sister verse and sort of ADA that just one word difference that one we're different explains actually the theme of both sutras yoga, Lena Armand recorded with Olga Amina Bill pistol, shahada, Allah, the advocates of justice the people who are who advocate for justice will stand by Justice will represent righteousness should a woman shahada Lilla bearing witness for the sake of Allah, whatever either and physical even if that means you bear witness against yourself, even if it means you incriminate yourself because you're being asked

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to do something and you have to say yes, if you did it you have to be honest. Whenever either unphysical or will validate or against your parents, well being and your

00:27:34--> 00:27:43

relatives. He couldn't have any yen over Quran Allah who will be Hema, don't worry about whether the person that you love yourself or your parents or your relatives are

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rich or poor, Allah subhanaw That takes care of everybody if hola hola hola be Hema by now it's a Teddy, olha and tardi do, don't follow your whims and desires and then move away and then move away from justice and move away from righteousness. We're in total Whoo, Oh, totally. You do? And if you do your turn your head away and you walk in the direction that is wrong for in Allah, how can I be mad Jama Luna hubiera. He knows the panels that exactly what you did.

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This is the value and sort of this. So tomorrow, they will have a similar verse that will talk about the practice, he was talking about the value, what is the value, you are an advocate for justice, you stand by righteousness, even if that means you're going to it's going to harm you, or your parents, or your loved ones, it doesn't matter.

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I give you I'll give you this example, as well. It's horrific. I hate giving it a good but I'm gonna give it anyways.

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Imagine this is your law, something none of us will ever ever experienced. Allahumma means you'll never never experienced this. But just imagine this. Imagine you're standing at a traffic light.

00:28:49--> 00:28:52

And a car that's over the speed limit

00:28:53--> 00:28:55

goes to a red light and it hits someone

00:28:57--> 00:29:06

harming them or killing them. And the car keeps on going. The only witness no cameras only misses you. What you notice is the card belongs

00:29:07--> 00:29:13

to one of your parents or one of your siblings. And you see them behind the wheel.

00:29:14--> 00:29:16

And then you're asked to testify.

00:29:17--> 00:29:18

What do you do?

00:29:19--> 00:29:24

I mean, Allah subhanaw taala never put you in a situation like this. What do you do?

00:29:25--> 00:29:29

You saw it with your own eyes. They ran the red light, they hit the person they kept on going, what do you do?

00:29:31--> 00:29:59

If there's any doubt in your heart that you will say the truth, then you have not fully embraced the values of Islam yet. If there's any hesitation inside of you, I will do the right thing, obviously, obviously, I'm going to do the right thing, obviously because I'm an advocate of justice for all for myself and for others. It's not just an advocate for justice for myself. And if it's affecting someone else that I'm going to then I'll then I'll do the wrong thing. Kulu Awami, Nabil Bispo Shuhada al

00:30:00--> 00:30:12

Now he will fly down fusi calm or will validate any one accord rbwm he specifies subhanaw taala in this verse, not even requiring me to give you this horrible example, that if you have to bear witness against your parents, then you will do it.

00:30:15--> 00:30:38

They did studies on this outside of this verse Not not necessarily about this first, but they do studies about these things all the time in the world of psychology means very few people are willing to say yes to any of these questions, very few. Very few are willing to say, yeah, no, I totally do it. Everyone will start to squirm. Well, maybe, maybe I can just plead the fifth. Or maybe, maybe they weren't, I can say I was doing it. And then I'll go to look at what happened.

00:30:39--> 00:31:06

Your loved one hit someone you saw it. It's very simple. Why are we going down this route of why are you playing around? Why are you playing? You wouldn't be okay. If that happened to you? Like if the person who was if you just switch around, just switch the scenario, just put the person who was it and behind the wheel and put your loved one on the ground? And tell me, how would you respond then? Would you be would you be waiting for someone to come and ask you for your testimony or you go over it yourself?

00:31:07--> 00:31:23

If there's a big difference in how you react in both situations, then you're not really an advocate of justice, are you and we don't really believe in justice, we just believe in self interest. For as long as we believe in justice for as long as it serves our self interest. And when it doesn't, I don't know let the someone else.

00:31:24--> 00:31:34

But at the 10 year old, our entire dealu we're Intel Whoo, Oh, totally Lou, for in Allah Kennedy matter and maluna hubiera. This verse

00:31:35--> 00:31:38

is one of the most amazing

00:31:40--> 00:32:16

pieces of literature that exists within Holy Scripture. I do not believe that there's an is similar to this anywhere that looks like the human being looks down, looks down onto the into the eyes of the human but down into the soul of the human being, and tells them you are required to be an advocate of justice of this. I didn't have you have to stand by it. If that means that you have to bear witness against all that is valuable to you. At the end, all we care about is protecting ourselves, our family, our children, our loved ones. That's what we care about. Those are the people we worry about. Those are the work, and

00:32:21--> 00:33:01

then we're stuck. We're stuck with this dilemma, this value based dilemma that shouldn't exist. It shouldn't be there. Remember what he said to him salatu salam, when they came asking him how about you give this guy a pass, he stole but he didn't mean it. And he said a faulty man, the daughter of Mohammed store, I would have taken her hand off. My daughter did it. She would lose her hand from Allah, Allah CIBJO Salam is not willing to look for ways out he's not willing to look for shortcuts for himself and his family out of his talk to us. Because the the clarity, the clarity of this value is beyond is beyond discussion or conversation or disagreement or dispute doesn't dispute this

00:33:02--> 00:33:24

uninstall truism is obvious. We stand by what is right. Sometimes, if we always stand by what is right, it serves everybody well, if you only stand by what is right when it serves you, then that's basically that is the definition of corruption. I'm sorry, that is what corruption is when he says for stuck anymore, is what the incorruptible pass, if you're not able to embrace this value, then you haven't done it yet.

00:33:25--> 00:33:53

Just because Allah subhanaw taala was graceful and gracious enough not to put you in a position where you had to do it doesn't mean that you've embraced the value. That's why you have to think about this. Again, may Allah subhanaw taala never put you in a position where you have to testify against anyone you love. But the value has to be crystal clear. The value has to be non debatable. Of course, of course I'll say what is right of course. Cool new Oh Romina Bill Shuhada Linda, whatever other info SQL

00:33:54--> 00:34:06

do not follow the whims and desires and then go off from what righteousness and justice is. And if you do Allah subhanaw taala I find the scariest verses are the ones that don't have a punishment where he just says I saw it.

00:34:08--> 00:34:32

We just said I saw that. It doesn't say anything. The ones that have punishment. At least it's calculable. It's tangible. He thought this was gonna happen. Okay. Well, he doesn't he say I watched it. And who knows what's coming next? Who knows? I hope that was a benefit for Tagalog English. Hola. Hola. Hola. untestable if it were too late, so Allah who was telling them about like Allah and Muhammad want earlier Socrates man is like malachite and Baraka Lo Fi. So now I'm only gonna hold out a bucket.

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