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The transcript describes a group of people discussing their plans for the day. They talk about wearing masks, drinking water, and going to work. They also mention a law club and a woman who is seen as a "igrantee."

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What my servant remembers me than I am with my servant when not in the grave my brother You can't just suddenly start remembering a lot in the grave and not everyone can be crying in the grave for a lot of time. Everyone's going to be saying yada yada No, no, no. You remember a line this world Lola will remember you in the next world. What do you say to our Rafi llama?

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Er if

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you remember Allah in your good times, Allah will remember you in your difficult time. Had this activity you remember online your good times in your times of pleasure in your time when you've had no worries in the times when you are relaxing in your times when you've got nothing to worry about. Then when the worry comes when the difficulty comes and under law we'll be with you. Well, Anna Mara, who is the curonian I'm with my seven one my seven remembers me. Allah says in the Holy Quran would you serve Biddle na, na Dena Ave, Morocco this vt Villa hyah dounia orfila euro? Us you said La ilaha illa Allah in the world and you state firm that I will keep you firm in the grave. I will

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keep you firm in the next world just as I kept you firm in this world. This is an ayah in Surah to rod Surah Surah Ibrahim and I answered a Brahim where Allah azza wa jal tells us tells us he will keep us firm because of a lie in the law. The life of Laila in the law as a home brother you've got to go to that home that home you got to there's there's many journals you thinking I've got to get to Jana Jana, the real the original, you know, the big agenda, who the ina who Raina, about this.

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Start to talk about Hold on a sec. I'm sorry. No, that's what you want to talk about. But before I talk about that,

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let me talk about another Jenna. There's plenty of other genders before that. plenty of other God is before that. What are those gardens Allah azza wa jal says, Now the Quran, Wali man hoffa Na Na de Jun

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Europe bukhoma

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whosoever will fear his Lord, whosoever will have fear in his heart for his Lord, whosoever will fear Allah from the unseen, whosoever will remember Allah from the unseen though they haven't seen him. Jonathan, I will give them two gardens. Allah says, Well, I love the heavenly gardens, to Jen to Jen and Alison to my friend. When you go to Jenna, you've only got one gender, how can you get to gender wide gala say two genders? Look in the tuxedo and the move asselin have said in there, the two genders are what? What are the two genders? one gender is the real gender you're going to go to the the agenda is Allah will make this S for you, Jan.

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Allah will make the cells for you, Jen, how is this as Jennifer Murphy? How, huh? How get up in the morning. You know, cold freezing out there. enough to do buzu brother, who's

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fudger early in the morning, you know, and we'll do his cold water get up there.

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We should I

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bet, Dad Nananana that's the one See, that's the one who hasn't made this world journey. This This world is dunia for him. The one who has made this world Jenna, he will get up and he will get up with happiness in his heart. He will get up and he will say each and every limb that I'm watching right now they're going to shine on the Day of Judgment. Each and every limb that I'm washing, I'm going to have no coming out of my face on the day of jasmine. I'm going to have a white folder because my messenger sallallahu wasallam said on the day of jasmine, I'm going to get up but I'm going to look forward to seeing my messenger my Habib's Allah Allah wa sallam. Each and every step I

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take to the masjid is going to be what my messenger Salallahu alaihe salam said rashidun Masha he good news to those who start walking again and again to the masjid give good news to them but no Rita Meeow Matsuyama Tell them not only their face, tell them not only their nose, their mouth is Tell them not only their foreheads and tell them not only their necks, but their entire bodies are going to be giving light out on the Day of Judgment. A law club, you walk to the masjid allow make your whole body full of light. Why? And what is this when I go to

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Woods my when I start doing my work when I finished my boo boo I will put my index finger up. I will say Shadwell

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Allahu la sharika

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Mohamed Abu Sulu, all eight of those will open for me every door will call and say to me on the day of judgment will say

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Jen Natoma will say coming to me then Jenna dragon say coming to me, Jen nathula Jana to say coming to me, Jana and many different gardens are coming to me Furman Can I mean Dobby Sala whosoever used to from uncannily Salah whosoever used to pray for him the door of Jenna that is for prayer, we'll call him and say coming to me, woman can i mean i had the song whosoever used to fasten this well there will be a door of Jana who will call all the people who used to fasten as well but this person what all eight doors will call him and say please come into me, including gentlemen to fit those. For him his gender dysphoria how his gender when he stands for fe says Allahu Akbar Allah please

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with happiness with happiness with from his heart feeling nice early in the morning rasa is Babu Alberto. He said Voodoo over Voodoo and he said lol mcherry when you don't like to do do you want to do will do because my Allah is watching my Allah is watching. I'm doing it for my Allah Allahu Akbar, Allah you are greater. What is a lot greater than our law you agree to the nice the power law you are greater than my comfortable law you are greater than the one that I have in my body. Our law you are greater than my wife or law you are greater than my house or law you are greater than my business or law. You agree to that my friends, our law, you are greater than my wealth or ally do

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not need to have the wealth if I don't get you why the poet if not Allah is contrary. What did he say? He said, Mother were German falcoda.

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What has he what has he found the one who found everything but in finding everything. He has lost you. Oh Allah.