The Inked Remedy #05 – Nothing is freeing me from my pain

Ali Hammuda


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The speakers discuss the difficulty of patientism and the importance of staying patient to achieve goals. They share stories about a woman named Anna Dalek Allah who testifies in a trial and a woman named Anna who testifies in a hunting trial. The segment also touches on a woman named Anna who was punished for doing so and was caught and punished for doing so by the king. The segment encourages viewers to benefit from a complete series on online platforms.

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haven't talked to anyone in so long

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they will never pray that

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we will fail fade into the.

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Temp, February, it's been some time since I sat down, I wrote something.

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In truth, I was feeling hopeless. Until I came across a quote, My auntie sent it on our family Whatsapp group, you know those ones where they say food at the very top.

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Anyway, the quote was like,

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it is difficult to be patient, but to waste the rewards for patients is worse.

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This whole time.

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I've been thinking about me,

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Neal, my family, my my finances, my worries and my stresses.

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And I've just relegated that.

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My dad

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to a mere footnote.

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I'm not sure if I will ever come back to these pages. But if I do, let this be a reminder of them to make dua for that, that Allah forgives his sins, raises his rank, and unites you with him in the highest of paradise.

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I still can't help but think that me going through this shows my level, or states in the eyes of Allah.

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Like all these trials I'm facing now.

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You'd expect the bad person to go through them. Someone who wouldn't be in a highest level of paradise.

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I mean, think about it.

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It's always happening to finally break me complete, where I lose hope and submit my place in a low station in the hereafter.

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Edinburgh let me be perfectly honest with you, you know, nine times out of 10 these WhatsApp messages are completely nonsense, and not worth the time of day. On this occasion, however, I think you've received a gem.

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Because it's true. Being patient is difficult, but to waste the rewards of patients is far worse. That is because sometimes Allah subhanaw taala may want for a person a particular lofty grade in paradise. But Allah knows that this person's deeds, do not qualify him for it and will never qualify him for it. So what does Allah do? He helps him out through a trial that he sends his way to boost his place in paradise and that's why the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said that in the lambda either sobre la hoomin Allah HeMan Zilla let me know how to be Hamid is you If Allah has decreed a specific grade in paradise for a person, although he hasn't got the deeds for it, what happens? If

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that Allah Who for you just said to him, oh family, if you already so no sabara who Anna Dalek Allah will then test him in his body in his wealth in his or her children and then inspires this person to be patient had died. You believer who ailment zealot and Letty Saba Katya homina, Allah, so Allah therefore qualifies him for the great in paradise that he had decreed for him.

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So Adam trying your best to align your mindset in accordance to this hadith, that my anxieties, my challenging circumstance, these are in fact, my elevators in the Hereafter, and watch Subhanallah how this anxiety becomes so much more easy to deal with. But this is the nature of royalty trials, they don't always reveal to you their wisdom at face value.

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And the hope is that when you see how this trial of yours, brother Adam, had in fact protected you from a potential low return on the Day of Judgment, you know, what you would have wished that your whole life was one continuous long episode of suffering with no relief in between. to doubt this is to doubt the Prophet Muhammad sal Allahu Allah He was in them because he he said that on the Day of Judgment, when the people who lived a life of wellbeing and trouble free hassle free lives, when they see the rewards that that is given

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to the people of suffering and patience. Do you know what they will wish for? Though Anna do the home cat at Korea lotfy Dooney having Maha they would wish that their skins had been clipped with scissors. They would

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Stupid people have patience and suffering on the Day of Judgment when they see the rewards given out Edinboro a question, how grateful you would you be for someone who has a control over your savings, and then one day chooses to make an investment on your behalf without your consent? You shout you well, you protest you dislike it. He says to you, one day, you will thank me 10 years down the line, the market crashes, you have ever become a millionaire. You never need to worry about your finances, nor do your children by virtue of your friend who made those decisions on your behalf those 10 years ago. How grateful would you be to Him? How ashamed would you be of yourself for having ever doubted

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him? See the trials of life in the exact same light that decisions are being made for you in order to get you to a place that Allah knows that our deeds may not qualify as for trustee him.

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On that note, I'm going to share with you a quick story which I think you can personally relate to.

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The scholars narrate a story of a king and his minister

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and the minister Masha Allah was a righteous man, whenever a disaster would happen, he would say this same phrase of fear or too few mascara hula, he would say, Allah only chooses what is best. That was his motto in life.

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They were once eating together. And then the king accidentally cut his hand quite badly. And so the minister said, Your Highness, Allah only chooses what is best. Now the king he saw this as an insult, like as if the minister was gloating, his suffering, suffering, so he imprisoned the minister.

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The minister was handcuffed. And he said on his way to the cell, Allah only chooses what is best. Now the King used to spend most of his time hunting recreationally. And he would usually do this with the minister. But now that the minister was behind bars, the king went out by himself.

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On one of those evenings, he was pursuing this animal that he was hunting. And he'd failed to realize that he'd actually accidentally crossed the borders of his land and entered into the territory of idol worshipers. So they caught him, chained him, dragged him to the greatest idol with the intention of slaughtering him as a sacrifice for their idols.

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They lowered him to the ground, they put the knife to his neck, they're about to swipe, but then they noticed his hand was wounded. So with this flaw, they said, He's unworthy of being offered as a sacrifice is deficient. So they set him free.

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Subhan Allah, the king returned to his palace, and he now realizes practically speaking, that Allah truly chooses what is best.

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So he made his way to the minister and he freed him and he told him what had happened. And he apologized. He said to him, you know, I really now see the good that came from my wound. But you know what, I imprison you. I heard you say, Allah only chooses what is best. So what was the best in that circumstance? You go to the cell? The minister said Your Highness who is it that usually comes with you hunting? The King said you? He said Yeah, So had I not been imprisoned? They would have looked my looked at my hand. There's no wound in it, and I would have been sacrificed instead of you.

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Allah chooses only that which is best when I sat and took crochet and wah wah you know, Lego is Allah says, why certain to have Bucha and will have a shallow lack of Allah who you want to go to honeymoon. Perhaps you may hate something. It's a good for you. Perhaps you may love something, it's bad for you. And Allah knows and you do not know. These are the words of my little brother. In the face of every disaster that befalls you net your slogan in life be. Allah only chooses what is best.

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And that your slogan be, Allah knows and I don't know. Let your slogan be, Oh Allah meet this calamity be my much needed elevator in the hereafter.

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When I realized how much my article had impacted Adam, and how many are suffering just like him. It inspired us to start the series and help many more like Adam. I invite you to benefit from the complete series available on online Masjid dot Islam 21